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Township Leadership Meeting Transcript 12/2/2010

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by EM Dudley, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. EM Dudley

    EM Dudley Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    The following is a transcript of the Township Leadership meeting. Thanks to Tancred for the copy.

    Rivi Ravenwynd: Is this an in char or out of char meeting?
    Celestial Knight: take it easy Drosse
    EM Drosselmeyer: Out of character.
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ty
    EM Drosselmeyer: Please remain out of character for the duration.
    Elder EM Dudley: Good evening everyone
    Nastia Cross: Evening
    Daria Blackmoore: hiya
    Celestial Knight: Hello
    Darth Oni: good evening
    Elder EM Dudley: Firstly as Dross said
    zanku: evening
    Miss Watson: Hello
    Jane Douleur: good evening
    NANOC: Hail
    Elder EM Dudley: This is completely out of character
    Ozog Giantfart: aarp
    Elder EM Dudley: This is us talking to us as Event Moderators
    Elder EM Dudley: of Chesapeake
    Elder EM Dudley: And what we'd wanted as the leaders of all the townships
    Elder EM Dudley: Is there anyone here who does not have full authority over the township they represent?
    Elder EM Dudley: As in is there someone you answer to?
    Ozog Giantfart: we all report to citizens
    Celestial Knight: ozog remove ur fishing pole like em Dross ask please.show respect
    Elder EM Dudley: That's the other rule
    Elder EM Dudley: Nobody but us speak until we say so
    Elder EM Dudley: So I ask again
    Elder EM Dudley: Is there anyone here who does not have full authority over the township they represent?
    zanku: Jane of Aryslan
    zanku: she is on the phone
    Celestial Knight: okay raises hand
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes?
    Celestial Knight: excuse me sir
    Celestial Knight: but m Dross ask them
    Celestial Knight: to get intoo char
    EM Drosselmeyer: out of character.
    Celestial Knight: i do not need to be reminded of the rules
    Daria Blackmoore: An Corp - Resurrection
    Elder EM Dudley: I'm sorry?
    Celestial Knight: thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: Alright
    Elder EM Dudley: As you are aware the purpose of this is to notify and discuss any questions
    Elder EM Dudley: Regarding our decision in the township series of events
    NANOC: *nods*
    Elder EM Dudley: It was our intention that each township would be represented by the highest authority
    Elder EM Dudley: Of each township
    Elder EM Dudley: I.E. Guildmasters, Administrators
    Elder EM Dudley: Anyone who is the #1 top banana
    Almthu: Governor on his way
    Elder EM Dudley: The point of this is we wanted to talk directly to the people in charge
    Almthu: I will be leaving now
    Elder EM Dudley: Thank you
    Almthu: he will be here in 5 mins
    Almthu: called him
    Elder EM Dudley: Thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: The reason is because we wanted to know who is ultimatley responsible for each township
    Elder EM Dudley: And we want to talk to them
    Elder EM Dudley: Go right to the top
    Elder EM Dudley: Without any intermediary
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    You see: Winfield [Pax]
    Elder EM Dudley: The township series was born out of a concept on Baja
    Miss Watson: KAV and Keys has a group of 4 active OOC Leaders
    NANOC: The Governor has arrived
    NANOC: Over here sir
    NANOC: is your seat
    Elder EM Dudley: Ok
    Elder EM Dudley: I'm going to say it one more time
    Elder EM Dudley: Until we say so, everyone please remain quiet
    Elder EM Dudley: There will be a time for disucssion at the end
    Elder EM Dudley: Please let us get this out
    Elder EM Dudley: As I was saying
    Elder EM Dudley: The Township Series was born out of a concept from Baja
    Elder EM Dudley: That started during an event EM Seppo ran
    Elder EM Dudley: That allowed player run towns to declare allegiance during the Casca Arc
    Elder EM Dudley: That system included a banner that decreed allegiance
    Elder EM Dudley: The concept then went to Catskills
    Elder EM Dudley: And then to here
    Elder EM Dudley: The concept was fostered on the predication that it be a system that enhances community
    Elder EM Dudley: By bringing together people with common goals
    Elder EM Dudley: And common beliefs
    Elder EM Dudley: And allowing a way to identify that group discretely
    Elder EM Dudley: And allow them to interact better with EM storylines
    Elder EM Dudley: My how we have strayed from this
    Elder EM Dudley: There is no one person to blame
    Elder EM Dudley: Everyone is responsible, including us
    Elder EM Dudley: A big part of it is that we were moving into uncharted territory
    Elder EM Dudley: And were dealing with some of the most basic human instincts
    Elder EM Dudley: Especially when it came to the actual construction of the banners themselves
    Elder EM Dudley: Without spending ten minutes reliving the entirity of where it failed
    Elder EM Dudley: Let us simply say that the current state, as it came to a pinhead last month
    Elder EM Dudley: Is not something we are willing to continue with
    Elder EM Dudley: And devote our time to
    Elder EM Dudley: It was our first impulse to simply cancel the series entirely
    Elder EM Dudley: But we decided that would not be fair
    Elder EM Dudley: To the hard work that everyone has put in
    Elder EM Dudley: And it wouldn't be fair to ignore the small amount of good that came out of this
    Elder EM Dudley: Townships have been given an prilege in this system
    Elder EM Dudley: What we have seen is a sense of entitlement that is strangling out any good from this
    Elder EM Dudley: Instead of treating the system and it's gifts as the blessing they were
    Elder EM Dudley: It became an arena for unwanted drama
    Elder EM Dudley: Despite the fact that Townships have been given events cetnered aroun them, somethin no other
    Elder EM Dudley: Portion of the community has, it became a sounding board of
    Elder EM Dudley: Township X got an event before Township Z and Township Y got two events
    Elder EM Dudley: And Township C hasn't gotten any
    Elder EM Dudley: this particular example was very nearly the cause of the entire cessation of all township events in
    Elder EM Dudley: And we are trying to be extremely clear here
    Elder EM Dudley: There are no favorites on Chesapeake
    Elder EM Dudley: When we did the events centered at a township, they were done so on one of two basises
    Elder EM Dudley: The first was on what made sense from a story perspective
    Elder EM Dudley: And the second was, every township was given an equal chance
    Elder EM Dudley: In terms of random spawnings with no warning
    Elder EM Dudley: But yet there is still a sense of distrust
    Elder EM Dudley: THat we, the EMs who are completely unbiased
    Elder EM Dudley: Were some how foster an atmosphere of favoritism and pandering
    Elder EM Dudley: We don't care how old a township is
    Elder EM Dudley: We don't care how big a township is
    Elder EM Dudley: We want to tell a story here, and the townships were meant to be involved with that in a way th
    Elder EM Dudley: Going to be a bit above and beyond the aspects of the events
    Elder EM Dudley: The orcs, the Undead
    Elder EM Dudley: These all started at one township as the story directed
    Elder EM Dudley: And then were moved on to the random spawning categories
    Elder EM Dudley: All of the townships were going to be dealt with in this fashion
    Elder EM Dudley: Until all had been involved
    Elder EM Dudley: As a jumping off point of story related monster
    Elder EM Dudley: But the bickering and finger pointing and general banality we saw as a response
    Elder EM Dudley: Stalled us to the point that instead of trying something that promised to be engaging
    Elder EM Dudley: And inventive, became a great headache to deal with
    Elder EM Dudley: Taking us away from our actual duties as EMs
    Elder EM Dudley: Which is to advance storylines through events
    Elder EM Dudley: And to provide entertainment
    Elder EM Dudley: The only solution was to eliminate it entirely before you all let it tear yourselves apart
    Elder EM Dudley: Quite frankly
    Elder EM Dudley: The point that the series had gotten to was absurd
    Elder EM Dudley: We don't care if you like each other
    Elder EM Dudley: In fact it's more fun if you don't like everyone in Roleplay
    Darth Oni: *raises a brow*
    Elder EM Dudley: It provides conflict, but the point of roleplay is to have fun and that point is being egregiously
    Elder EM Dudley: overlooked
    Elder EM Dudley: You have to channel things into an IC fashion so that they can be productive instead of destructiv
    Elder EM Dudley: I can dislike someone OOC but still tolerate them IC
    Elder EM Dudley: Just like in real life you don't always like people you have to work iwth
    Elder EM Dudley: You still have to work with them
    Elder EM Dudley: The people on the shard may not be people you like, but you are on the shard with them regardles
    Elder EM Dudley: And the BEST and ONLY way to move forward as a shard is to try and let all this petty nonsen
    Elder EM Dudley: Nonsense fall by the wayside
    Elder EM Dudley: And focus on the game
    Elder EM Dudley: Have fun
    Elder EM Dudley: Join the events
    Elder EM Dudley: Every single thing will be centered on you, your group, your township
    Elder EM Dudley: Your friends townships
    Elder EM Dudley: Or even anything you're always interested in
    Elder EM Dudley: So just hang on, and we PROMISE when we do these things we are looking at how the best way t
    Elder EM Dudley: Balanced and unbiased is on all levels
    Elder EM Dudley: We are here for the Shard's benefit
    Elder EM Dudley: And if these township series casue the Shard and its Community to have strife and grief between
    Elder EM Dudley: Each other
    Elder EM Dudley: The answer is very simple
    Elder EM Dudley: And that is to remove the township series entirely and focus on events that everyone can enjoy
    Elder EM Dudley: Without causing this sort of strife
    Elder EM Dudley: That being said...
    Elder EM Dudley: And before we allow you a chance for questions
    Elder EM Dudley: Firstly
    Elder EM Dudley: We will be finishing the livery quest
    Elder EM Dudley: Whether we explore further attempts at township enhancement
    Elder EM Dudley: Through the addition of future structures
    Elder EM Dudley: Will be determined as we move forward
    Elder EM Dudley: And continue to evaluate the series from this point on
    Elder EM Dudley: Secondly
    Elder EM Dudley: We will not be continuing with the Summit meetings as they existed previously
    Elder EM Dudley: We found that nobody was really getting anything out of them
    Elder EM Dudley: And it was becoming an arena for people to foster some of the destructive behaviors
    Elder EM Dudley: I just spoke about
    Elder EM Dudley: Thirdly
    Elder EM Dudley: As far as the EM Staff (Us) is concerned
    Elder EM Dudley: From this point forward
    Elder EM Dudley: We will be dealing with the townships on a completely in character basis
    Elder EM Dudley: This means
    Elder EM Dudley: That every township shall have a defined leader
    Elder EM Dudley: One person
    Elder EM Dudley: Whether you have 30 behind the scenes
    Elder EM Dudley: That are handling that one person
    Elder EM Dudley: Is your business
    Elder EM Dudley: We don't want to know about it
    Elder EM Dudley: The other townships don't need to know about it as far as these events are concerned
    Elder EM Dudley: There needs to be one person
    Elder EM Dudley: Who is accountable for the actions of that township
    Elder EM Dudley: On an In character basis
    Elder EM Dudley: Finally
    Elder EM Dudley: And this is the most important
    Elder EM Dudley: Should we find out that anyone
    Elder EM Dudley: Is propagating any of the behavior we have seen in the past
    Elder EM Dudley: If Mesanna, myself or Dross have to get bogged down in some drama
    Elder EM Dudley: Between any townships
    Elder EM Dudley: On any topic
    Elder EM Dudley: We are cancelling the series permanently
    Elder EM Dudley: If you have problems with people out of character
    Elder EM Dudley: Figure out amongst yourselves
    Elder EM Dudley: We are all adults here
    Elder EM Dudley: And it is not our job, it is certainly not Mesanna's job
    Elder EM Dudley: To mediate between you
    Elder EM Dudley: If you can't figure out a way to determine an outcome In Character
    Elder EM Dudley: Or settel a dispute in character
    Elder EM Dudley: Then we don't want to here about ti
    Elder EM Dudley: Hear even
    Elder EM Dudley: That's all we've got
    Elder EM Dudley: If anyone has any questions
    Celestial Knight: raise hand
    Jane Douleur: Yes
    Tancred RedStar: *raises hand*
    Elder EM Dudley: Now is the time
    Elder EM Dudley: We will go around the room
    Elder EM Dudley: If anyone interjects
    Elder EM Dudley: While another person is talking
    Elder EM Dudley: You will be removed
    Elder EM Dudley: And absolutely no finger pointing
    Elder EM Dudley: Of any sort
    Elder EM Dudley: If it is not a question about how the EMs will deal with YOUR township
    Elder EM Dudley: Do not ask it
    Elder EM Dudley: As far as you should be concerned
    Elder EM Dudley: It's only us in the room
    Elder EM Dudley: Nobody else is here
    Elder EM Dudley: We will begin with Celestial Knight
    Celestial Knight: yes sir
    Celestial Knight: Actions loyalty is to Queen Dawn >if the banner is more trouble
    Celestial Knight: please remove it i been a guidl lkeadernow for 15 years
    Celestial Knight: i do not need it
    Celestial Knight: thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: If you would like the banner removed
    Elder EM Dudley: You can email us
    Celestial Knight: thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: Nastia Cross?
    Nastia Cross: I have no comments at this time sirs
    Elder EM Dudley: Rivi Ravenwynd?
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Rivi Ravenwynd: Are there requirements for my township to remain? like events or mtgs
    Elder EM Dudley: As we move forward
    Elder EM Dudley: We will be provide events for townships to participate in
    Elder EM Dudley: Along those same lines
    Elder EM Dudley: The Banner system was a way to enhance the community
    Elder EM Dudley: You will be expected to do so to some degree
    Elder EM Dudley: It doesn't have to be an event
    Elder EM Dudley: But simply being will not be justification for a banner
    Elder EM Dudley: Or a spot in the hub
    Elder EM Dudley: These aren't decorations
    Elder EM Dudley: It's a symbol of a promise to the community
    Elder EM Dudley: And your committment to it
    Elder EM Dudley: Whatever that may be
    Elder EM Dudley: Anything else?
    Rivi Ravenwynd: will a list of things that will be expected from a township be made available
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes
    Elder EM Dudley: Like we said
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ty
    EM Drosselmeyer: When that is decided, it will be very clearly explained.
    Rivi Ravenwynd: one more
    Elder EM Dudley: We are handling it on an in character basis
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes?
    Rivi Ravenwynd: i understand the need to be vague about behaviors that are destructive
    Rivi Ravenwynd: but I want to make sure that we dont violate them and I am unclear on what is being referred to
    Rivi Ravenwynd: todoay
    Rivi Ravenwynd: today
    Elder EM Dudley: What we are referring to is any action or behavior
    Elder EM Dudley: From one township to another
    Elder EM Dudley: That is not an in character action
    Elder EM Dudley: Or based in some roleplayed scenario
    Elder EM Dudley: If you can't operate along those terms
    Elder EM Dudley: If you can't keep it IN THE GAME
    Elder EM Dudley: Do not speak to each other
    Elder EM Dudley: Because like we said, if it gets back to us again
    Elder EM Dudley: We will no longer continue to support the series
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ty that is all i have in my head right now
    Elder EM Dudley: Nyx?
    Nyx: umm
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Nyx: Speaking in global chat about someone or fighting and calling ppl noobs will or will not be tolerated?
    Daria Blackmoore: :}
    Nyx: An Nox - Cure
    Nyx: I mean I am on nyx alot
    Nyx: and I do not rp per say
    Nyx: I am just me
    EM Drosselmeyer: Alright, the big thing we are talking about here is destructive attitudes and behavoirs
    EM Drosselmeyer: Towards other townships and the like
    EM Drosselmeyer: Like we said
    EM Drosselmeyer: We don't care if you dont like someone
    EM Drosselmeyer: You can hate them
    EM Drosselmeyer: But There's no need to air it out in public for the world to see
    Miss Watson: *raises hand*
    EM Drosselmeyer: And there's especially no reason to air it out to or at us
    EM Drosselmeyer: We aren't your teachers. We aren't here to be group therapists
    EM Drosselmeyer: We're here to run events, and the bottom line is this;
    EM Drosselmeyer: If the township events cause you all to bicker and squabble
    EM Drosselmeyer: we won't do them
    EM Drosselmeyer: I know that things can get heated, and people can have issues
    EM Drosselmeyer: I've had plenty with players before
    EM Drosselmeyer: But I keep it to myself, try to work it out with the other person
    EM Drosselmeyer: If that fails
    EM Drosselmeyer: I just let it go, and do my best not to pay them attention
    EM Drosselmeyer: Only you can let someone else get to you
    EM Drosselmeyer: On the specifics about name calling in general chat
    EM Drosselmeyer: During events, it is never called for.
    Nyx: if we are not at an event
    EM Drosselmeyer: And as townships, people should look to you all as examples
    EM Drosselmeyer: You're being given privileges that no other subsection is given
    EM Drosselmeyer: So we expect you to act accordingly
    EM Drosselmeyer: If you're out in felucca on some random day and fighting
    EM Drosselmeyer: And you tell someone they're a terrible fighter
    EM Drosselmeyer: Are we going to pull the plug on you?
    EM Drosselmeyer: No
    EM Drosselmeyer: If you are at an event and start a big argument for no reason with other townships
    EM Drosselmeyer: and pepper it with biting insults are we going to take you to task for it?
    EM Drosselmeyer: Yes.
    EM Drosselmeyer: If you aren't prepared to take responsibility for your actions, don't commit the actions.
    EM Drosselmeyer: Did that answer your question?
    Nyx: yup fel is fair game
    Nyx: ty
    EM Drosselmeyer: It's not just fel
    EM Drosselmeyer: We don't care what you do on your personal time
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    EM Drosselmeyer: Heck, you can argue and fight in private all you want
    EM Drosselmeyer: But the moment it bleeds over into the game and affects the events and the shard as a whole?
    EM Drosselmeyer: That's when it's our problem.
    Nyx: well if I say something in global I am usually in fel
    EM Drosselmeyer: Did you have any other questions?
    Nyx: no ty
    Elder EM Dudley: Daria?
    Daria Blackmoore: Aye
    Daria Blackmoore: More of a staement really
    Daria Blackmoore: Just wanna ty for the opportunity ya'll given us for one
    Daria Blackmoore: I know it's wearing on ya'll obviusly
    Daria Blackmoore: At one time
    Daria Blackmoore: Everyone oof us
    Daria Blackmoore: supported each others events and township
    Daria Blackmoore: unfortunately
    Daria Blackmoore: that was before this eries began
    Daria Blackmoore: series even
    Daria Blackmoore: I cant say i hold disregard for anyone in this room
    Daria Blackmoore: or thier guilds etc
    Daria Blackmoore: Just hope in time we can get back to that point
    Elder EM Dudley: So do we
    Daria Blackmoore: above the smog we dwell in as of now
    Daria Blackmoore: I am ashamed it has gone this far
    Daria Blackmoore: that is all for me
    Daria Blackmoore: ty
    Elder EM Dudley: Winfield?
    Tancred RedStar: uh
    Elder EM Dudley: Oops
    Elder EM Dudley: I mean Tancred
    Tancred RedStar: I know he looks prettier
    Winfield: *nods*
    Tancred RedStar: anyway
    Elder EM Dudley: Your cape blends in the floor
    Elder EM Dudley: *grins*
    Tancred RedStar: I apologize for any of the negativity I have contributed that led us here tonight
    Tancred RedStar: I apologize to both of you
    Tancred RedStar: and to each member of the community
    Tancred RedStar: I know I've said some stuff that was not stellar
    Tancred RedStar: Ive realized some of it was wrong
    Tancred RedStar: and have tried to change things for the better
    Tancred RedStar: most all the people in this room
    Tancred RedStar: have known each other in some capacity
    Tancred RedStar: for years and years
    Tancred RedStar: surely we can be better than we are now
    Tancred RedStar: I will try to do my best
    Tancred RedStar: I humbly ask the same of all of you
    Tancred RedStar: one more thing
    Elder EM Dudley: Sure
    Tancred RedStar: should a person act on behalf of their town
    Tancred RedStar: and "ruin" it for everyone
    Tancred RedStar: how could that be fair to cancel said events for all?
    Tancred RedStar: why not just sanction either them personally or their town?
    Tancred RedStar: maybe lead to new town election?
    EM Drosselmeyer: Simply put, there's no simple answer here; But in these cases..
    EM Drosselmeyer: It's almost never a single person causing or acting on these feelings and the like
    Darth Oni: *raises a brow*
    EM Drosselmeyer: If some rogue element in your guild or township decides to try and ruin things
    EM Drosselmeyer: Then it's up to you as a guild/township to excise that person
    Tancred RedStar: I see
    EM Drosselmeyer: A guild must take responsibility for those in it's membership
    EM Drosselmeyer: If there is a singular incident, it will be handled on its own on a singular basis
    Elder EM Dudley: The important thing to realize
    EM Drosselmeyer: But if it becomese widespread we will not hesitate to eliminate the series as the source.
    Tancred RedStar: thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: We are here to put on events to better the community, especially in this case
    Elder EM Dudley: If it becomes that we cannot achieve that goal
    Elder EM Dudley: We will take the appropriate action
    Elder EM Dudley: Also do not mistake this for us saying we will get in the middle of any disputes
    Elder EM Dudley: If you can't work it out between yourselves
    Elder EM Dudley: Just stop interacting with each other
    Elder EM Dudley: If that is the only solution to keep the peace do it
    Elder EM Dudley: We simply do not have the time or energy to police everyone
    Elder EM Dudley: And that is not our responsibility to the shard
    Elder EM Dudley: That's your responsibility as township leaders
    Elder EM Dudley: And if it can't be resolved IC and amicably OC
    Elder EM Dudley: If it gets too out of hand
    Elder EM Dudley: Just walk away from one another
    Elder EM Dudley: Anything else Tancred?
    Tancred RedStar: mmm
    Tancred RedStar: that's all for now, thank you again
    Elder EM Dudley: Winfield?
    Winfield: I have a comment and question if I may.
    Elder EM Dudley: Proceed
    Winfield: I applaud your courage to bring these issues to us, as the town leaders here.
    Winfield: To fill us in on your frustrations and your approach to help us.
    Winfield: I thank you for your frankness.
    Winfield: For years we've had towns and major establishments.
    Winfield: As we all know, with or without an EM townships series, our towns and establishments will continue.
    Winfield: We've had towns since early days
    Winfield: and since then there was plenty of OOC jealousy and backstabbing. It is a competitive nature here,
    Winfield: even though it was destructive.
    Winfield: I hope from this day forward, we learn from our faults of recent and past and do better.
    Winfield: I know I learn all the time.
    Winfield: My question is about the RP nature now.
    Elder EM Dudley: Ok
    Winfield: I love the idea of townships being completely inchar as a town.
    Winfield: dealing with each other, the crown, the guard, etc.
    Winfield: This is what I hoped for in the series.
    Winfield: And my question is, will we be able to have a better feeling
    Winfield: of the presense of the Crown, or the Guard in the realm, without having to
    Winfield: even get on messageforums and such? I know it is hard with limited EM staff.
    Elder EM Dudley: That is our hope
    Winfield: But maybe thought can be made for that... drop notes in the Queens box.
    Elder EM Dudley: Our main focus is being in game
    Winfield: I don't see this HOC hall as In Char at all, so I recommend using the Castle Britain or near there.
    Winfield: Thank you, and listens now.
    Elder EM Dudley: And doing stuff in game
    Elder EM Dudley: The mechanics of our world are sometimes limiting
    Elder EM Dudley: And it's just easier to get information out through various resources
    Elder EM Dudley: I also finally decided to become a grownup
    Elder EM Dudley: And by a grownup phone
    NANOC: *chuckles*
    Elder EM Dudley: Buy even
    Elder EM Dudley: With more bells and whistles then my first PC
    Elder EM Dudley: So we are pretty much on top of everything
    Elder EM Dudley: And I always monitor the various modes of communication
    Elder EM Dudley: This allows us more time to do stuff in game
    Elder EM Dudley: And cuts down on teh out of game setup
    Elder EM Dudley: So it is our hope that by taking this entire series
    Elder EM Dudley: Exclusively In Character
    Elder EM Dudley: It will be better all around
    EM Drosselmeyer: Also, don't worry about the fact that many of you have townships that aren't aligned with the cro
    EM Drosselmeyer: crown. One reason we work to make new and compelling characters is for their future usefulness
    EM Drosselmeyer: While those with the crown can expect the Guard and the Crown's ambassadors/envoys
    EM Drosselmeyer: Everyone can expect certain sets of RPC's, such as the Gypsies
    EM Drosselmeyer: Who were and are still going to be a continuing thing here on Chesapeake
    EM Drosselmeyer: And there will be anti crown RPC's as well for those against the crown.
    EM Drosselmeyer: Anything else, Winfield?
    Winfield: Nothing else, thanks.
    EM Drosselmeyer: Nanoc?
    NANOC: No questions at this time I believe the others are doing a fine job *smiles* as well as you
    EM Drosselmeyer: Thank you
    NANOC: Dudley and Dross
    Elder EM Dudley: Thankee
    EM Drosselmeyer: Zanku?
    zanku: yes sir
    EM Drosselmeyer: Any questions or comments you wish to relay?
    zanku: well, I know from our end as a township
    zanku: we enjoy the events alot
    zanku: the only question i have
    zanku: is
    zanku: if we as a township are doing an event
    zanku: and we have one opf our menbers that gets out of line
    zanku: how do we handkle it while the event is going on?
    zanku: I am
    zanku: refering to an instance that occured at the caravan event
    zanku: if that was one of our own, how would we handle that there?
    Elder EM Dudley: That is entirely up to you as the guild leader
    Elder EM Dudley: We aren't going to cancel the series
    Elder EM Dudley: Because one person at an event acted like a donkey
    Elder EM Dudley: Some of your fellow Township Leaders
    Elder EM Dudley: Have years of experience dealing with Guilds
    Elder EM Dudley: So you could always ask some of them for advice
    Elder EM Dudley: I was a pretty cutrhoat guild leader
    zanku: :)
    Elder EM Dudley: Based on the situation
    Elder EM Dudley: I'd likely have them hanged or imprisoned
    Darth Oni: o
    Elder EM Dudley: But that's just me
    zanku: me to
    Elder EM Dudley: Anything else?
    zanku: no sir and thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: Ozog?
    Ozog Giantfart: kins wees still bites and pees on people?
    Elder EM Dudley: So long as it isn't us
    Elder EM Dudley: *grins*
    EM Drosselmeyer: Also
    EM Drosselmeyer: IC actions are okay
    EM Drosselmeyer: Like we said, we expect conflict between people
    EM Drosselmeyer: It's natural
    Ozog Giantfart: okilies
    EM Drosselmeyer: If you're tryikng to tell a story, there need sto be a conflict
    Ozog Giantfart: girkle
    EM Drosselmeyer: But KEEP IT IN CHARACTER.
    EM Drosselmeyer: For example
    EM Drosselmeyer: Gwen will insult and grumble and sigh exasperatedly at people all the time
    EM Drosselmeyer: but it's all in character
    EM Drosselmeyer: If you keep it in character, you can still have these conflicts
    Ozog Giantfart: yerg
    EM Drosselmeyer: And NOT cause a big scene or problem with people
    EM Drosselmeyer: Like we said about the profanity issue with us
    EM Drosselmeyer: It's about respect more than anything
    EM Drosselmeyer: Provided you treat people right ooc, most IC things are fine.
    Ozog Giantfart: meees only cusses in goblin
    EM Drosselmeyer: Some players hate orcs, some hate humans, some hate elves, some hate goblins, etc
    Ozog Giantfart: MEN GHEC AN
    EM Drosselmeyer: That's fine; That's part of roleplaying
    EM Drosselmeyer: Just don't let it bleed over to OOC stuff
    EM Drosselmeyer: Simple as that.
    EM Drosselmeyer: I've been a roleplayer in UO for as long as I can remember
    EM Drosselmeyer: Some of the most fun I've had were big IC fights and arguments, that despite our CHARACTERS
    EM Drosselmeyer: By the end hating each others guts, We as PLAYERS were laughing and having fun.
    Ozog Giantfart: yerg
    EM Drosselmeyer: Did you have anything else?
    Ozog Giantfart: nerg
    Elder EM Dudley: Oni?
    Ozog Giantfart: girkle
    Darth Oni: aye
    Darth Oni: what kind of event we can expect..
    Darth Oni: or allowed to ask yas?
    Darth Oni: for example...
    Darth Oni: i still have the playground that vladimere builded up ffor use
    Darth Oni: for my knight games
    Darth Oni: i'm sadly cant host at momtn trouing
    Darth Oni: short game time...
    Darth Oni: *touring
    Darth Oni: its still for use?
    Elder EM Dudley: If there are events you would like support for
    Elder EM Dudley: You can email us and we will work with you to help
    Elder EM Dudley: That stuff you can still feel free to use
    Elder EM Dudley: As far as our arc events
    Elder EM Dudley: Events that advance the story
    Elder EM Dudley: We will take aspects and fold them into the story
    Elder EM Dudley: You can then take it back to your township and do what you wish with it
    Elder EM Dudley: Our storyline will progress as we already plan
    Elder EM Dudley: What you can do is take it back to your township
    Elder EM Dudley: And do what you'd like to do with it
    Darth Oni: k
    Elder EM Dudley: Anything else?
    Darth Oni: thank you
    Darth Oni: not right now...
    Elder EM Dudley: Miss Watson?
    Darth Oni: most is allrdy answered
    Darth Oni: *smiles*
    Miss Watson: I have no comment or questions at this time
    Elder EM Dudley: Demon Slayer?
    Demon Slayer: so most townships need to complete just 1 more livery quest to get a stablemaster right ?
    Darth Oni: *shakes head*
    Elder EM Dudley: Some do
    Elder EM Dudley: I wouldn't say most
    Demon Slayer: ok
    Elder EM Dudley: They won't be built until late December/January
    Elder EM Dudley: Anything else?
    Demon Slayer: no thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: Jane?
    Jane Douleur: I have a comment and a question
    Elder EM Dudley: Ok
    Jane Douleur: the comment is, it is a shame that the indiscretions of a few led to all to be punished
    Jane Douleur: i am "old school" RP where we had to create everything
    Jane Douleur: perhaps the gifts are too much of a focus, and maybe going back to barebones is the way to go
    Jane Douleur: question is, are we still able to email for assistance with town events?
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes
    Jane Douleur: thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: Please be aware though
    Elder EM Dudley: That we won't be honoring requests for individual fiction event support
    Elder EM Dudley: Instead we will fold those requests
    Elder EM Dudley: Into the township event series
    Jane Douleur: i am refering to the blood regatta
    Elder EM Dudley: For contests and festivals
    Elder EM Dudley: You can email us
    Elder EM Dudley: And we will do our best to accomodate
    Jane Douleur: excellent, thanks
    Elder EM Dudley: Was there anything else?
    Jane Douleur: no thank you for clearing this up for us all
    Elder EM Dudley: Thakria?
    Thakria: not at this time sirs thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: Alright
    Elder EM Dudley: Before you all depart
    Elder EM Dudley: Two things
    Elder EM Dudley: Firstly
    Elder EM Dudley: We need to know the primary leader of each township
    Elder EM Dudley: For most townships it is who sits here tonight
    Elder EM Dudley: But for others who sent representatives
    Elder EM Dudley: We need to know who is in charge
    Elder EM Dudley: Please deposit a book in the mailbox outside
    Jane Douleur: Jamlyn is in charge of Aryslan
    Elder EM Dudley: With that information
    Elder EM Dudley: Secondly, Dross has some books
    Darth Oni: phew...
    Rivi Ravenwynd: one more question please *raises hand*
    Jane Douleur: thanks
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes Rivi?
    Rivi Ravenwynd: Will the HOC mtgs remain OOC
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes
    Elder EM Dudley: The HoC Meetings are always Out of Character
    Elder EM Dudley: And will continue forever
    Rivi Ravenwynd: so that ppl can give feedback freely without consequences to the townhip or the series
    Elder EM Dudley: No matter what
    EM Drosselmeyer: Constructive criticism is always welcome
    Elder EM Dudley: Aye
    Rivi Ravenwynd: great ty
    Nyx: An Nox - Cure
    EM Drosselmeyer: Also
    Elder EM Dudley: Operative word being Constructive
    Elder EM Dudley: The event sucked is not constructive
    Rivi Ravenwynd: yes i know
    EM Drosselmeyer: Exactly
    Elder EM Dudley: Nobody here has an issue with that
    Rivi Ravenwynd: but punisghing a towship or the series fora person stating occc opinion
    Elder EM Dudley: We value feedback from each of you
    Elder EM Dudley: No, that won't be the case
    Rivi Ravenwynd: kk ty
    Rivi Ravenwynd: I am done
    Rivi Ravenwynd: ty
    EM Drosselmeyer: As for the books
    EM Drosselmeyer: The books I meant were the ones that vanished at the collapse of the castle
    EM Drosselmeyer: From the Storming the Gates event
    EM Drosselmeyer: Though I don't always do it, I try to keep a spare copy of most in game fiction for such occasion
    EM Drosselmeyer: So if anyone wanted to make copies, I will leave them here for a short time
    Jane Douleur: thanks
    Elder EM Dudley: We'll set em out at the HoC as well
    Daria Blackmoore: Perhaps a permanant home at the shard reward hall
    Daria Blackmoore: a lil library section be good reading!~
    NANOC: Good idea Daria
    EM Drosselmeyer: That's a good suggestion, and we'll look into it
    EM Drosselmeyer: Any other questions?
    Tancred RedStar: aye
    Elder EM Dudley: Tancred?
    Tancred RedStar: would it possible to have a meeting like this every few months
    Tancred RedStar: so ew can talk straight without distractions
    zanku: :)
    Nastia Cross: *nods*
    Tancred RedStar: leader to leader
    Elder EM Dudley: That's what our plan is
    Tancred RedStar: etc
    Tancred RedStar: ok great
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Elder EM Dudley: The Summit meetings were becoming a bit cumbersome
    Elder EM Dudley: The major difference
    Tancred RedStar: they were turning into a stage
    Elder EM Dudley: Will be that any future meeting will be In Character
    Elder EM Dudley: With an RPC
    Elder EM Dudley: We won't be bringing everyone together
    Elder EM Dudley: To hash out our concerns about OC behavior
    Ozog Giantfart: which mailbox?
    Elder EM Dudley: If we get to that point again
    Elder EM Dudley: The main one outside
    Elder EM Dudley: The series will be cancelled
    Elder EM Dudley: Anyone else?
    EM Drosselmeyer: Intruder!
    Winfield: I have a question.
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes?
    Winfield: For the primary leader for these books,
    Ozog Giantfart: putem in basement
    Winfield: do you mean the leader In Character, or OOC?
    Elder EM Dudley: I ban thee
    You see: Clement the gypsy
    Winfield: Our mayor of PaxLair City is an orc.
    Elder EM Dudley: OOC
    Winfield: He is the leader, but does not go to meetings.
    EM Drosselmeyer: The person who is RESPONSIBLE for the townships actions.
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes
    Winfield: I represent PaxLair City therefore as it's governor.
    Winfield: For OOC actions or in-char actions?
    Winfield: I know, it hurts our heads.
    Elder EM Dudley: If you want to do both that's fine
    EM Drosselmeyer: Actually, if anyone already put theirs in
    EM Drosselmeyer: and they have one person for OOC, one person for IC
    Winfield: Will just be me for PaxLair city for now. But if Ga'kuct shows up, he's the Mayor in character.
    EM Drosselmeyer: Then please put another book in with both; thinking about it , it will assist us with RPC...
    Winfield: I understand. We'll make it work.
    Elder EM Dudley: We are basically trying to get a sense of who administrats your township
    Winfield: Thanks.
    Winfield: That would be me.
    Winfield: Thanks.
    Jane Douleur: question please
    Elder EM Dudley: A good way to put it is...
    Elder EM Dudley: If you look up and there is nobody above you
    Elder EM Dudley: That's the name we'd want
    Elder EM Dudley: yes Jane?
    Jane Douleur: in Aryslans case
    Jane Douleur: Jam could not be here
    Jane Douleur: we do not want to miss out on this information
    Jane Douleur: should you be emailed prior should the leader be absent?
    Darth Oni: *rasies hand*
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Nastia Cross: *raises hand*
    Elder EM Dudley: From here on out
    Elder EM Dudley: These will be in character dealings
    Elder EM Dudley: So we don't care who shows up
    Elder EM Dudley: For the purposes of out of character administration
    Elder EM Dudley: That's what we'd like to know
    Jane Douleur: ok
    Elder EM Dudley: Oni?
    Ozog Giantfart: oh goos da whole mob kin comes
    Darth Oni: was close same asking...
    Darth Oni: cuz since me living
    Darth Oni: in germany
    Darth Oni: i nto always can make it
    Darth Oni: *not
    Elder EM Dudley: I hear there was a bad snowstorm in Germany
    Darth Oni: aye
    NANOC: *laughs*
    NANOC: she has been shoveling for 2 days now
    Darth Oni: and i had to snow shipp!
    Darth Oni: *nods*
    Elder EM Dudley: Two of my coworkers were delayed on a flight to South Africa
    Elder EM Dudley: I do hope everything turns out alright
    Darth Oni: *chuckles*
    Darth Oni: well..
    Elder EM Dudley: But yes, you can send representatives
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Elder EM Dudley: To the In Charcter proceedings in the future
    Elder EM Dudley: Nastia?
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Darth Oni: ok thx
    Nastia Cross: I just wanted to mention
    Nastia Cross: that both IC and OOC we have a council of leaders
    Nastia Cross: so IC the interactions we would include the council
    Nastia Cross: is that within parameters?
    Elder EM Dudley: Yes
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Nastia Cross: Thanks
    Nyx: In Vas Mani Hur
    Elder EM Dudley: Anyone else?
    Elder EM Dudley: Did anyone records this ?
    Elder EM Dudley: Record even?
    Tancred RedStar: I have in journal
    Tancred RedStar: is it ok to post or prefer I dont?
    Daria Blackmoore: tis all in me head!
    Elder EM Dudley: Could you please forward it to both of us
    Daria Blackmoore: lol
    Elder EM Dudley: It's free knowledge
    Elder EM Dudley: We aren't trying to keep secrets here
    Tancred RedStar: ok
    Elder EM Dudley: We just wanted to extend the courtesty to the leadership first
    Tancred RedStar: I will have to edit out all the dirty jokes in alliance chat first
    Elder EM Dudley: Of informing them of our decision
    Elder EM Dudley: Before the general populace
    Jane Douleur: haha
    Elder EM Dudley: *grins*
    Ozog Giantfart: girkle
    Elder EM Dudley: But yes, feel free to post
    Tancred RedStar: ok
    NANOC: Thank you
    Elder EM Dudley: And if you could send to both of us that would be greatly appreciated
    Tancred RedStar: I shall
    Daria Blackmoore: heck send it my way to
    Daria Blackmoore: i will never remember
    Daria Blackmoore: *chuckles*
    Ozog Giantfart: kins meees habe my stool?
    Tancred RedStar: want fries with that?
    Elder EM Dudley: *grins*
    Daria Blackmoore: a lil shake too woot
    Elder EM Dudley: Thank you all for attending
    Tancred RedStar: I will
    Elder EM Dudley: We look forward to the future
    Nastia Cross: No, thank you
    NANOC: Thank you both for the fine job and dedication you give to Chessy
    Winfield: Thanks Dudley and Dross.
    Elder EM Dudley: You are most welcome
    Elder EM Dudley: G'nite everyone
    Nastia Cross: Night
    Jane Douleur: nite
    Ozog Giantfart: *tugs ha ha hat*
    Miss Watson: Good night
    EM Drosselmeyer: Thank you all and take care
    Elder EM Dudley: *jingle jingle*
    zanku: yes , thank you and hope to have these meetings again
    Elder EM Dudley: *jingle*
  2. I'm glad we had this meeting and thankful to both the EM's and the players involved for participating. I think it got some stuff that was on a lot of peoples minds, however it differed in their imaginations, and cleared things up as well as outlined the way things should be from now on. We should all see this as a prime opportunity to improve the nature of community on Chesapeake, reflecting on how things were in the past and how they can be in the future if we're willing to each contribute in a positive and creative fashion.
  3. whiterabbit

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    Dec 18, 2003
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    meees had noos idea wot was being talked to usins. still don'ts
  4. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    To the EMs,

    Thanks for posting this, and I am still digesting this. I offer my apologies for my part in the hooplah. It's sometimes difficult to realize in the midst of event frustrations that you folks are gamers too, and most likely not really compensated by EA proportionately to what you deal with regarding us.
    I'll offer suggestions later as I digest the results of this meeting with my guild leader and mates.
  5. Sean

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    Looks like it was productive and actually overdue. Here's hoping folks can keep the bigger picture in mind and forget the petty BS.