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Township Updates - Post Em Here!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by EM Dudley, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. EM Dudley

    EM Dudley Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
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    As part of our survey of the active townships I've asked townships to stand up and be recognized. You can either do this via email ([email protected]) or post below. Remember to include a good "peak playtime" for your township so we know when to look for you!

    Here's an example of what I'm looking for courtesy of Nidaros. Doesn't have to be as detailed, but it'll give you all an idea...

    Greetings from Lord Maedhros, Assistant Mayor of Nidaros! Below is the information on Nidaros as requested. Best game time would be early to late evening.

    Mayor: Lord Zanku
    Assistant Mayor: Lord Maedhros
    Hunter Master: Bart Gruff
    Town Reporter: Eyes of Sosaria
    The Protectors of Nidaros GM: Lord Zanku
    Nidaros Trading Company GM: Lord Maedhros
    Keepers of Lore GM: Lord Elias of Arundel
    Past Events 2011-present
    Horse Races
    Anniversary Race Nidaros to Minoc to Nidaros
    Ilsh Run Shrine of Compassion to Shrine of Valor
    Boat Races
    Blood Regatta
    Anniversary Race Jhelom to Britain Beach
    Classic Ship Race Jhelom to Fire Isle
    Find that rune! Riddles to locations found in the Nidaros Rune Library
    Costumed Archery Contest
    Three horse races and one boat race is currently in planing
    Town Structures
    Townhall & Black Dagger saloon 40.36's 29.40'w
    Zanku (Town Hall and Saloon)
    Nidaros Library 59.56's 24.32'w
    Maedhros (Rune and Reading Library)
    Cathedral and Market 56.30's 31.51'w
    Bart Gruff (Store and Recreation of RL Nidaros Cathedral)
    Venger's Nidaros Outpost/Museum 35.4's 30.22'w
    Venger (Museum and Fortification)
    Nidaros East Tower 46.40's 23.54'w
    The Royal Armory (fortification)
    Nidaros West Tower 54.8's 33.23'w
    Aris Tahl (fortification)
    Southern Outpost 85.36's 25.18'w
    Nidaros (fortification)
    Crafter's Outpost- Hall of Corvus 59.51's 33.23'w
    Alianin (workshop)
    Cottage Crafters & Resource Hub 50.53's 30.22'w
    Frost (workshop)
    Nidaros Public Workshop 49.2's 23.50'w
    Venger (workshop)
    Eystein Of Nidaros 65.7's 27.8'w
    Vela (private residence)
    Castle Grimskull 63.1's 27.21'w
    Grimlar Mithrax (private residence)
    Will O' The Wisp 44.38's 27.50'w
    Garun Tahl (private residence)
    Arundel Hall 40.15's 28.32'w
    Elias of Arundel (private residence)
    Nidaros Storage Tower 34.58's 32.3'w
    BlackHeart (private residence)
    Consulate Building 21.54'n 35.26'w (Malas)
    Nidaros (government offices)
    Nidaros Borders
    The Borders of Nidaros stretch from the Gyldenfeld Border to the Skara Brae coast and from the Fortune Bay coast to to the Southern Outpost near the mountains. Traditionally, the southern border of Nidaros was the southern most fields. It was not until recently that Nidaros has started to expand further south.
    Nidaros History
    Nidaros is a player-run town between Britain and Skara Brae, along the road. It is located near the Hedge maze, on the Chesapeake shard. This text covers it's founding, the key people behind it, its characteristic features and the current situation of the town.
    Nidaros was founded on opening day of Trammel, during the renaissance year. Legend says that a friend of Lord British, a Viking names Leif Wonswar helped fight to conquer the lands of Trammel. He fell mortally wounded on the mound of compassion in Nidaros. To this day, flowers or grass do not grow on that spot.
    Key people in founding and development: Nidaros was founded originally by Valguard the Grey, his wife Jess and someone named Da Fishman. As well as other people who settled in the area, Lothar, the guild master of the Knights of Chivalrous Heart (KCH), and marlene, who founded the Knights of Nidaros (KfN). Also the Ranger Traders of Nidaros (RTN), founded by Mystic Warrior. There were also a few noteworthy private citizens over the years, who contributed to town, by helping buy back buildings. And at its peak Nidaros had five guilds, including an order guild. A town citizen even wrote a real song about it.
    The most characteristic feature of Nidaros is its fighting arena, made with water barrels and situated next to the tavern, called the Dew Drop Inn. It is there that the guilds in town had weekly tournaments or sparring nights. And sometimes Shard wide open tournaments, as well as other events. Both main town guilds catered to a different clientele, for either the casual player or the role-players. And they coexisted for awhile.
    None of the original founders remain on this day, yet the name still lives on. The original guild master of KfN having left, that guild was caught in a loop of electing new guild masters every month; after a while, those disputes tore it apart. Dissidents also tried to exert influence over KCH which caused a change of name and leadership where many were excused from the guild. It became Keepers of the Crimson Rose (KCR). The marked the collapse of town politics and of town guilds. KCR still stands strong in town to this day, but is the only guild in town, aside from a handful of citizens, those not enough to officially have a town council or government. It is our hope for the future that we would find new people and guilds that would like to establish themselves in the area and take part in the town.
    -Anton, Scribe of the Keepers of the Crimson Rose, Nidaros
    (editors note, this was written in about 2004)
    As time passed Nidaros fell silent once again. Then came the coming of Queen Dawn, and her decree that the old townships be recognized. Cymbria Devereaux and Tesla Radcliff rebuilt Nidaros and petitioned the Queen for a Town Banner. In an effort to continue to rebuild the city, Governor Winfield of PaxLair announced that Nidaros was now a member of the PaxLair Statehood and Appointed the Lord Zanku as its new Mayor and Blackheart was appointed Assistant mayor. During the reign of Mayor Zanku, new people moved to the area. A new Lighthouse was built, the Black Dagger Saloon was added to the town hall (which is on the Dart League circuit) and a treaty was signed with the neighbors in Gyldenfeld. Also During this time was the first of many Nidaros Boat Races. Nidaros is also the home of the Notorious "BLOOD REGATTA", a bring back tradition of the old races Nidaros used to have. During the troubles of Kendrick Morrow and the ensuing charges of insanity towards the mayor, The Maedhros Rune Library was moved to Nidaros and stands there still. Nidaros is still an important stopping point on the Skara Brae to Britain road.
    Nidaros at one time recently was rumored to have a "SMUGGLING" operation going on and some dealings with Notorious Pirates, but investigators could not put a finger on any evidence.... Rumors still have it that an underground smuggling operation is still on going....
    When rebellion formented in the lands Mayor Zanku ordered the fleet of Nidaros first to Skara, to defend against raiders, and then to Trinsic to defend against aggression from Britain.
    Nidaros has a growing reputation for fine beverages that are hand brewed by Lord Maedhros or imported from Ilshenar my the Nidaros Trading Company. In 2012 The Nidaros Cathedral was built by Bart Gruff. This Cathedral is a reconstruction of the Cathedral built in the home town of Leif Wonswar.
    -Nidaros Librarian and Assistant Mayor, The Honorable Lord Maedhros, proprietor of the Nidaros Rune Library, warrior and scholar.
    (editors note, this was written in about 2011)
  2. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Stratics Legend
    Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2003
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    dis bees froms PITMUCK. WEE ALIVE. we gots new deli/falfer gerden house on norft side of island. all buts 2 house on island beee usins. sooos dat means 6 cabes
    . mee usually around different times ob day. weees have event for whole shard ebery few months.
    dat all
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  3. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:



    Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands


    89o 34′N, 69o 57′W



    *Part of the Ethereal Void Imperium*

    Kijustsu Anei Village, Zedland Village, Cimmerians Pass, Port Ethereal Keys, and Moria Village

    Established on August 20, 2007.
    Kijustsu Anei Village is a place for Savages, Orcs, Undead, Drow and all walks of life.


    Niva the Savage – ICQ#8040775
    Shiela – ICQ#151699391
    Gareth – ICQ#267944224

    Out Of Game Leadership

    Wildstar, Shiela and Gareth
    IC Leadership:
    Tribal Council
    Cheever (Tribal Council Chairman)

    Active RP Groups

    Patrol Guard, Pirates, Thieves, Savages, Necromancers, Orcs, Mages, and Undead

    Guild Association

    Chesapeake Crafters Society, Inhabitants of Kijustsu Anei Village, Tonkaweya Tribe, Youkaiko, Training In Progress, Lost Souls of Kijustsu Anei, Alien Beings, Damage Inc, Knights of Shriad, Skeleton Key Shipping Company, Society of the Honorius, Friends Seeking Halibut, Peanut Butta Jelly, Travelers and Explorers of Britain, The Samsonites, Strangers With Candy


    Nivas Hunting Lodge, Crafters Hall, Community Teleport Hub/ H-J Rune Libray, Savage Fort, Graveyard, Library of Arcane Knowledge, Iron Bandit Inn, Blue Light Tavern, Britannia Mage Tower, EVI Capital Building, Dread Lady Cat’s Manor, Fishing Hall of Fame

    Historic Storyline places

    Well of Souls/Void Gateway

    Village Policy
    Kijustsu Anei maintains an “Open Door Policy” welcoming anyone wishing to be a positive addition to the village and its community. Kijustsu Anei is a place that welcomes all walks of life and gives security and a place to call home for those who have none.

    Rp Guidelines

    The village does not maintain many rules or regulations for roleplay.
    However certain RP groups or guilds may have additional rules or regulations

    Hooded Robe of Shadows/Umbra are recognized as covering up who the character is in RP.
    (Assassins, Privy Tribal Council, Murderers, Thiefs etc etc.)-+


  4. Avo

    Avo Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Port Baldmor
    Town Guild - Red Dagger Pirates
    Allegiance - Nuetral
    Contact info - ICQ 629-637-261
    Leadership - Kerrs Holley
    Hunt Master & 1st mate - Aparro
    Town Reporter - Pirates
    Past Events 2006-present - Tavern Night - Net Tossing - Regattas - Player Run Quests - RP war, Red Dagger Pirates vs United Sosarian Navy - RP hour - Dart Tournament - Fishing Trips - Treasure Hunts - Dungeon Crawls.
    Town buildings
    Red Dagger HQ
    Soggy Barnacle Tavern
    Blue Fish Inn
    Red Dagger Armory
    Location - Bald Island Trammel - a short south-eastern sail from Trinsic dock

    Guild Town History!
    It is said that about a few hundred years ago this pirate island ran red with the blood of fleeing pirates from a contingent of the infamous pirate Kidd Holley. Seeking refuge from the slaughter of the vengeful Royal Navy off the shores of Buccaneers Den the remaining fleet of pirates managed to crash land on Bald Island.
    Tired and worn they thought the worst be over. Sadly mistaken, the Royal Navy tracked this raggedy band of pirates to Bald Island were they finished the last of Holley's famous Crew. The pirates bodies laid mutilated on the beach when the Royal Navy was done. It is rumored that the serpents and alligators grew so big because they drank and ate the remains of the pirates vengeance-filled hearts.
    Then about November of last year a new band of pirates claimed this island... the Red Dagger Pirates.

    One of the first and longest standing structures on the island as far as can be remembered was the Blue Fish Inn. There, any who visited the island could spend a cool pleasant night by the sea shore window listening to the rolling waves in the comfort of a warm bed. The Inn Keeper Milene was one of the first to join the Red Dagger ranks and thus lay a claim to the island that laid so desolate.
    Soon after, Buds constructed our island renowned Tavern the Soggy Barnicles. Here you could find anything from simple to exquisite to rare bottles of drink compliments of our sea-fairing merchants. Not only was the drink good, but the company as well (if you are a pirate enthusiast hehehe), and could find gossip on treasure, incoming shipments and other adventures if you had the ear or stomach for such a thing.
    Many other buildings on the island have come and gone but not many stay too long. This is probably due to the small availability of land. The houses on the island are small in comparison to the main lands and other islands and don't attract too many home owners. To us though its home, its haven, it's a port of our own. Hopefully with the arrival of more pirates these plots of land could be established for good and join the history of the Red Dagger Pirates and Port Baldmor.
    All claimed house property on the island has been and are still in the possession of the Red Daggers and we plan to keep our Port for many years to come no matter how many buildings rise or fall.
    The Port of Baldmor was made official on the 16th of January 2006 as a pirate-run town headed by Kerrs Holley. With gaining appraisal from the community things really started moving forward. Eventually us pirate became good friends with the PaxLair community and joined their umbrella of player ran towns. On the 28th of March the first paxlair-wide meeting was held on the beaches of Port Baldmor in the eve. Many good things have happened since then and will hopefully continue to do so as we push forward looking for new unclaimed waters to conquer.
    The town eventually left the paxlair alliance in late 2007 because the activity in the town and its guild began to falter. The town later went dormant in early 2008 following the leave of Kerrs Holley. Budswoman led the Red Dagger Pirates for a while, but eventually the guild went dormant as well. Now in 2012, Kerrs Holley has returned and is working on restoring the Red Dagger Pirates and Port Baldmor to their former glory days.