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Rares Fest Trader's House Auction Results!

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by BrianFreud, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. BrianFreud

    BrianFreud Lead Wiki Mod & Doer of Crazy Things
    Professional Wiki Editor Wiki Moderator Campaign Supporter

    Oct 2, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Please ICQ or find me at the fest area to pick up your items. Thanks all!


    FLOOR 1:
    Lot 1: Bamboo Grass For The Star Festival 2014 - Pandora 51m
    Lot 2: The Most Knowledge Person 1st (Arirang) - Kiss 125m
    Lot 3: Hay - NO SALE
    Lot 4: A Root From A Severely Diseased Plant - Brian 50m
    Lot 5: Brazier - Brian 125m
    Lot 6: Enormous Barnacles Remains - NO SALE
    Lot 7: Mesanna's Jack O' Lantern - Zandor 25m
    Lot 8: A Shepards's Crook Which Was Discovered From Mysterious Place - NO SALE
    Lot 9: Dark Father Statuette - Minion 30m
    Lot 10: A Brightly Colored Egg (hue 31) + A Easter Egg (hue 313) - Kolka 10m
    Lot 11: Complete set of Meer and Juka items - Angel Dust OFFER DECLINED, NO SALE
    Lot 12: Complete set of Stuffy animals, all hues including white - NO SALE
    Lot 13: Deed To Davies' Locker (with 231 Maps) - Mariah 85m
    Lot 14: A Certificate Of Capture - Summer 5m
    Lot 15: A Miniature Coffin For The Boy's Festival 2015 (Hokuto hued) - NO SALE

    FLOOR 2:
    Lot 16: Golden Turkey Feather - NO SALE
    Lot 17: Tears Of General Frost - NO SALE
    Lot 18: Mysterious Buried Treasure - Pampa DH 200m
    Lot 19: A Weathered Book - Zandor 150m
    Lot 20: Happy Halloween: It's Full. (pumpkin) - OFFER ACCEPTED: Jelly Bean 10m
    Lot 21: The Immortals Godly Tiger Zodiac Statue Or Leather - Lady Ivy 150m
    Lot 22: Royal Beehive - Manticore 100m
    Lot 23: Set: red and green Reindeer Hat - NO SALE
    Lot 24: Mask Of Drunken Orcish Kin - Meadhbh OFFER DECLINED, NO SALE
    Lot 25: Shattered Eye Of The Being Tomasha, Born In Time Immemorial - Pixel Crack 100m
    Lot 26: Iron Worker's Ringmail Tunic - Meadhbh 195m
    Lot 27: Set of 4 different Forged Artwork From King Blackthorn's Collection - Minion 15m
    Lot 28: Set of 68 1-use Pigments Of Tokuno, assorted colors - Coleostro 10m
    Lot 29: Complete set of Holiday Toy Guards, including both Hokuto versions - Supertramp 26m
    Lot 30: A Personally Engraved Broadsword From Mesanna To Cupid + A Personally Engraved Broadsword From Mesanna To Easter Bunny - NO SALE
    Lot 31: 2 EM books: A Plea For Help + Laboratory Procedure - NO SALE
    Lot 33: A Puddle Of Corrosive Pack Llama Spit (do Not Step In) - Pixel Crack 200m
    Lot 34: Complete suit, sigil hued ranger armor - Coleostro 1.25m
    Lot 35: Complete suit, double exceptional barbed studded armor - Coleostro 2.5m

    FLOOR 3:
    Lot 36: Lavaliere - Minion 41m
    Lot 37: Kravins Camouflage Shroud Of Invisibility - Ducan IronWeaver 60m
    Lot 38: 3 x Masks Hand Painted By Mesanna (hue 2070) - NO SALE
    Lot 39: Rubble orfleur flower (hue 985) - NO SALE
    Lot 40: Happy Holidays 2013 (abyssal, rectangle) - NO SALE
    Lot 41: AOS Fancy Dress, Full Happy Valentine's Day! Bag, deeds, and whispering rose, all the same name - a mongbat 5m
    Lot 42: Happy Holidays 2013 (abyssal, square) - NO SALE
    Lot 43: Happy Holidays 2013 (abyssal, round) - NO SALE
    Lot 44: Ruined Painting - NO SALE
    Lot 45: “Captain Goblin” Work of Backpack Art by [anonymous] - Queen Arya 10m
    Lot 46: Special Beard Dye - Wild Thing 2m
    Lot 47: Lantern Of Discovery - Longtooths 275m
    Lot 48: Ringmail Sleeves Of The Phoenix - OFFER ACCEPTED: Slick Rick 90m
    Lot 49: Pewter Mug Crafted By King Of The Throne Brawl - Brian 85m
    Lot 50: A Huge Raw Valorite Stone - Smoot 150m
    Lot 51: The Complete Book Of Dragons - LoneWolf 350m
    Lot 52: Woolie's Knitting Needles - Teosou OFFER DECLINED, NO SALE
    Lot 53: Slim The Fence's Little Black Book - Angel Dust 11m
    Lot 54: Green Acres Moonshine Belonging To EM's Drosselmeyer & Dramnar - Cheers Chesapeake! - Summer 65m
    Lot 55: Candy - Flutter 70m
    Lot 56: Eggnog - NO SALE
    Lot 57: I Got Killed By Mesanna But All I Got Was This Cake! - NO SALE
    Lot 58: Pure Fire Fish "Formosa" - Flutter 25m
    Lot 59: Pure White Fish "Formosa" - Shumer 77m
    Lot 60: Pear (white) + Apple (white) - Queen Arya 15m

    FLOOR 4:
    Lot 61: Banana Tree - Naitch 6m
    Lot 62: 20 Rubble full height sandstone walls; 10 South and 10 East - Scribbles 100m
    Lot 63: 6 x yellow Crystallized Essence - Zandor 65m
    Lot 64: I Got My Bell Rung By Mesanna Playing Roulette - Temptation 25m
    Lot 65: Cupid's Carapace - Kolka 25m
    Lot 66: Happy Halloween Atlantic 2009 - Meadhbh 6m
    Lot 67: AOS tunic: Noble Paladin Phuckoff - Tess 750k
    Lot 68: Tunic Crafted By Orion The Haunted - Jason 15m
    Lot 69: A Statue Of Martoo Saul - Deaol 8m
    Lot 70: Slightly Chipped Bust Of Lord Kendal - NO SALE
    Lot 71: A Corpse Of A Man Killed By His Purity - Smoot 200m
    Lot 72: Robe Crafted By Graduation Gown, Diploma book, Mortar And Pestle Crafted By The Healer Of Vesper, Bag (hue 551) - Jelly Bean 2m
    Lot 73: Bane Chosen's Targeted Cities Mapbook - LoneWolf 150m
    Lot 74: Cursed Swords : Muramasa & Masamune [Replica] - NO SALE
    Lot 75: Strawberry Ice Shards - Anan 600m
    Lot 76: Melon Ice Shards - Anan 700m
    Lot 77: New Magincia Portable Detox Tub - NO SALE
    Lot 78: Please Love Only Me - Buddha 400m
    Lot 79: Trapped Souls - Nails Warstein 310m
    Lot 80: A Chesapeak Rose From EM Dramnar - Pandora 56m
    Lot 81: EM book set: Part I: The Revival + Part II: The Revival + Part III: The Corruption - Zandor 15m
    Lot 82: Dusty Tower Carved Of Jade And Holding One Third Of A Secret Word - NO SALE
    Lot 83: Fenestram Illusio - Restless 300m
    Lot 84: An Antique Vase Filled With The Wine Of Compassion - Escaflowne 175m
    Lot 85: A Creature From A World Unknown Frozen In The Arctic Britannia Ice - Neireid 275m
    Lot 86: 2 x Twisted Gargoyle Statue From Sunken Ambrosia - Summer 306m
    Lot 87: Wooden Bench Of Saltiness - Buddha OFFER DECLINED, NO SALE
    Lot 88: A Wolfgang Ruby Twisted By Minax's Magic In An Attempt To Remake The Gem Of Immortality - Buddha 525m
    #1 BrianFreud, Sep 21, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015