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Trading Guidelines

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Ryna, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Ryna

    Ryna Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Last updated: 10-12-07

    <center>Trading Guidelines for Siege Perilous</center>

    All of these rules are are in addition to our Rules of Conduct.

    If you have any questions about the rules or allowed items, please PM one of the moderators and ask.

    <center> kelmo

    <center>UO Trade Forum Guidelines</center>

    <ul>[*]C. Scammer Accusations - When you get scammed, often your first reaction is to warn others so that it doesn't happen to them too. Although you have good intentions, we ask that you do not post anything about who scammed you as these accusations are really just one posters word against another. UO allows for many chars on the same shard to have the same name, so you could inadvertently spoil an honest persons reputation. Or someone could post that someone they disliked was a scammer and ruin their reputation when it is not true.

    [*]D. Unallowed/Illegal Items - Please do <u>not</u> sell any of the following items on our forums:
    <ul>[*]Duped Items (past or present)[*]Items from any Current Exploit[*]Any item listed currently on this article on uo.com</center>[/list]
    If you have any questions regarding the legality of an item or whether it is accepted on our forums, please inquire on the UO Trader's Hall Forum

    [*]E. Linking to Other Trade Forums - Please do not create posts strictly for the purpose of linking or advertising any other trading websites or forums. The exception to this is auction themed websites such as ebay, uo-auction, etc.

    [*]Cross-Shard Posting - When applicable, please post your cross shard items on UO Trade - Cross-Shard Trading. However, if you are asking your buyer to x-shard it themselves, please only post the item on the shard it is physically on.

    [*]Information on Bugs/Exploiting - Please do not post and describe, hint, give clues, suggest or in any way aid in information on creating items from bugs, exploits or other illegal methods. If you are concerned about a current exploit, please email to EA at [email protected]
    Please include the following details in your email:

    <ul>[*]Server Name
    [*]Detailed Bug Description (step-by-step, tell us what you did and what happened)
    [*]Date/Time of Occurrence
    [*]Location (Sextant coordinates, facet, and city location)[/list]

    If someone is selling an illegal/unallowed item or an item you feel is being misrepresented as a rare, please use the notify moderator feature. You can find the icon at the bottom of every post.

    If you have any questions regarding the legality of an item or whether it is accepted on our forums, please inquire on the UO Trader's Hall Forum

    [*]Advertising Malls, In-Game Auctions or Merchant Events - Events hosted by a mall, auction or that are crafter-related may be posted on the trade forums. All other events should be posted on the respective shard forums. I encourage all event coordinators to contact the associated shard news reporters to have their events posted publically as well as the shard calendar.

    [*]Price Checks and Discussion Posts - Please post these on the UOSS Trader's Hall, or your home shard's trade board. [/list]

    <center>Tips to help your sell/trade your item</center>

    <ul>[*]Make sure you include valid contact information such as ICQ, MSN, Etc so that other users may contact you in regards to your post.

    [*]Don't forget to include images! If the item is one that is prized for its unique appearance or is not well known, including an image can increase its chance of selling dramatically. If you are selling a home or advertising a mall, auction house, etc make sure to include a map that has at least one well known landmark such as a city, moongate, dungeon, etc to help players in finding the location. Some free websites for hosting these pictures include:
    <ul>[*]Photo Bucket
    [*]The Image Hosting
    [*]File Xoom[/list]

    [*]Make sure to double check your spelling, especially on artifacts and items. Many users will use the search feature to scan the entire shard trade forum and having proper spelling on your post will give your post the best chance at being seen by as many searching users as possible.

    [*]Make sure you include all attributes of a weapon or piece of armor. Although an attribute might not be worth a lot to you, to the right player it could mean the difference in buying and selling.

    [*]Share the forum with friends and guildmates. The more people checking and using the trade forums, the more chance you have to sell your item or find what you are looking for.[/list]

    <center>Commonly Asked Questions about Trading</center>
    [*]Q: What is an exploit?
    A: An exploit is any item obtained in a method not intended through normal game mechanics.
    EA has made the statement:<blockquote><hr>

    It is hard to describe every incident which might be considered an exploit. Because the game changes, and systems change, new exploits appear as old ones go away. Basically, an exploit is the ability to do anything in the game which you should not normally be able to do. For instance, if you aren't able to walk into a house with your character, but you discover a way for an animal to break in for you, you are obviously taking advantage of an exploit. It is obvious that thieving animals are not part of the game. It is obvious you should not be able to get into houses which have the door locked. If you find a loop hole which allows you to duplicate items or create more gold, this is also considered an exploit. Are you able to kill someone in a town who is not in a warring guild? This is an exploit as well. In each instance, the rules have obviously been broken and unusual gains have been made. Knowing what is an exploit is really a matter of knowing how the game works. Ignorance that you were using an exploit will not prevent removal from the game for committing such an exploit.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Also EA has made a statement here, regarding the legality of items:


    In the long history of Ultima Online, there have been certain items that have entered the game due to bugs or exploits. We have been hesitant to post a list of such items, for some unscrupulous players might see such a list and attempt to recreate such illegal items. However, to help players discern the differences between these illegal exploit/bug items and legal rare items, we now feel that there are certain exploit-based items that can be listed publicly.

    The illegal items listed below were created or obtained through the use of an exploit or bug, and are not able to be obtained or acquired through any legitimate means. Players who are found to have, use, trade, or sell them may have action taken against their account.

    These listed items continue to exist in the world even though they are not re-creatable, but please do not consider them the only items that are unacceptable within UO. Just because an item may not be on this list does not necessarily mean it is legal. We reserve the right to change &amp; update this list at any time.

    <ul>[*]Portable forges
    [*]Belt pouches
    [*]Metal ranger armor (ranger armor should be leather-based, not metal)
    [*]Water tiles
    [*]Silver steeds (except for Siege Perilous, Mugen, and Baekdu)
    [*]Tame ancient wyrms [/list]

    It is critical for all players to understand the following information about this list of exploit-created items:

    There may be exploit-created items within the world that are not on this list-but just because items are not on this list, does not necessarily mean they are legal.
    We reserve the right to change this list at any time.

    This list will only note items that were created with bugs or exploit that can no longer be created.

    Please also note that we continue to look extremely unfavorably against any player who attempts to use a bug or exploit in order to create an item that should not normally exist within the game, and players who violate the rules of UO at any time may have action taken against their UO game accounts.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    [*]Q: How do I know what is rare and what isn't?

    A: The best way to find out is to ask. Ask in the UOSS Rares Collector Forum or the UOSS UO Trader's Hall.

    If someone tries to pressure you to buying without some information, than it could be a scam.

    <center>Glossary of Trade Terminology
    Aof - an abbreviation for the Armor of Fortune artifact
    Arties or Artys - a slang term for artifacts
    BoD - an abbreviation for Bulk Order Deeds
    CBD - an abbreviation for Clothing Bless Deeds
    Ethy - an abbreviation for an Ethereal Mount
    Eval - an abbreviation for the skill Evaluating Intelligence
    Fel - an abbreviation for the Felucca facet
    HotM - an abbreviation for the Hat of the Magi artifact
    K - Denotes 1000's of gold. 400k = 400,000 gold pieces
    Mil or M - an abbreviation for millions (in gold)
    Martie - a slang term for minor artifact
    Medi - an abbreviation for the skill Meditation
    Orny - an abbreviation for the Ornament of the Magician artifact
    PS - an abbreviation for a powerscroll
    Reg - an abbreviation for Reagent
    S-Bod or SBods - an abbreviation for Smithing Bulk Order Deeds
    SPS - an abbreviation for a stat powerscroll
    T-Bod or TBods - an abbreviation for Tailoring Bulk Order Deeds
    Tok - an abbreviation for Tokuno
    Tram - an abbreviation for the Trammel facet
    Vet - veteran, usually in regards to veteran rewards
    WTB - an abbreviation for "Want to Buy"
    WTS - an abbreviation for "Want to Sell"
    XFER - an abbreviation for Transfer
    X-Shard - a slang term for cross-sharding

    <center>Magical Properties Abbreviations</center>

    1/1, 1/2, ?/? - Usually represents the fast casting/faster cast recovery attribute
    DMG or DI - Damage Increase
    DCI - Defense Chance Increase
    EHP - Enhance Potions
    FC - Fast Cast
    FCR - Fast Cast Recovery
    HCI - Hit Chance Increase
    HLD -Hit Lower Defence
    HPR - Hit Point Regeneration
    LMC - Lower Mana Cost
    LRC - Lower Reagent Cost
    MR - Mana Regeneration
    No - or No Neg - Stands for no negative fast cast, usually advertised with spell channeling
    PP - stands for pre-patch, usually with different mods than a current spawning version.
    Regen - Reneration, usually preceded by M (Mana), S(Stamina) or HP (Hit Points)
    SC - Spell Channeling
    SDI - Spell Damage Increase
    SR - Stamina Regeneration
    SSI - Swing Speed Increase
    UBWS - Use Best Weapon Skill
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I see here in Siege Perilous, more than any other Shard, the Selling of Accounts. This is mostly due to the restriction of 1 character per account rule for Siege Perilous Rule Set Shards.

    Because of this, I would like to post up the following reminders here about Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Accounts.

    - - - - -

    (Source Link)

    Question: What is Electronic Arts' stance on buying and selling pre-owned accounts for our Online games?

    "Electronic Arts does not encourage players to transfer or trade access to pre-owned accounts for our Online games. If you received access to an account this way in the past, we have no record or proof that the account may legitimately be used by you, or that the player who created the account has given you permission to use the account name and password. We've created the Account Access Transfer Program as a service to our players to help combat this issue. By going through this transfer process, Electronic Arts can verify that the account is in your name (i.e. you have the former player's permission to use it). Electronic Arts does not get involved in any transaction or agreement between you and another player, nor are we responsible for any dispute that may arise.

    <font color="red">If you choose not to use the official Account Access Transfer Program created by Electronic Arts, and a dispute over the use of the account ever comes up, we may not be able to determine who rightfully has access to an account, and the account could be terminated as a result.</font></font color=red>

    Account Access Transfer Program information."

    - - - - -

    (Source Link)

    Question: What is the Account Access Transfer program?

    "The Account Access Transfer program is a Premium Account Service that allows players to safely transfer or trade accounts for our Online Games.

    When an account is transferred or traded using the Account Access Transfer Program:

    • All previous billing information is removed from the account
    • Any warning or other misconduct recorded on the account is deleted
    • New billing information is placed on the account to help ensure that the account can be legitimately used by the new owner

    If you’ve acquired access to an account without using the Account Access Transfer Program, we have no record or proof that the account can be legitimately used by you, or that the player who created the account has given you permission to use the account name and password.

    By going through this transfer process, you make certain that EA can verify that the account is in your name. This ensures that the new owner can continue to enjoy the new account for years to come.

    For more information and instructions for transferring your account, click here."

    - - - - -

    Question: How do I transfer my EA Online account to another user?

    "Electronic Arts now offers customers the opportunity to transfer their EA Online accounts to other users for a small fee of $30. When you transfer an EA Online account, you are transferring all subscriptions tied to that account. For example, if you subscribe to The Sims Online and Club Pogo, both of those subscriptions will be transferred along with your EA Online account.

    Please take a look at the official Account Access Transfer Program document attached at the bottom of this page. It will answer all your questions and provide links to the forms necessary to complete the transfer. The form can be downloaded below in the file attachments section."

    File Attachments
    • AATP.doc (see original article to Download - or read below)

    - - - - -

    AATP.doc as of 04/05/2008:


    EA.Com Account Access Transfer Program: Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need to have a credit card to be able to have a EA.Com account officially transferred?

    While the credit card given may not be what is used to pay for the recurring subscription related to the account, a credit card will be used to both pay for the transfer fee as well as verify that the new account user is over the age of 18. The current account user will have to verify the credit card being used or the last game time code applied to the account (should game time codes be applicable).

    I have a subscription to more than one EA.Com title and wish to only transfer use to one of my subscriptions. Can this be done?

    No. When you choose to transfer a account to another user, you will give them authorized user status to any title that is subscribed under that EA.Com account.

    Why should I get Electronic Arts to officially transfer access to a previously used account I just acquired?

    EA.Com does not encourage players to transfer or trade access to accounts. If you obtained access to an account this way in the past, we have no record or proof that the account may legitimately be used by you, or that the player who created the account has given you permission to use the account name and password. So, we've created this process as a service to our players. By going through our transfer program, EA.Com can verify that the account is in your name (i.e. you have the former player's permission to use it), and you are the new authorized user.

    If I acquire access to an account from a player that has been reprimanded in the game and I get Electronic Arts to officially transfer the account, does the official transfer take off the reprimands that the other player acquired on the account?

    Yes, if you use the Account Access Transfer program Electronic Arts has provided, any and all comments and infractions on the account will not affect your standing in the game once the Account Access Transfer process is completed. What this means is any comments on an account prior to the transfer will not affect your standing with Electronic Arts.

    Will I be able to play on the account while waiting for the transfer document and payment to clear Electronic Arts?

    No. For privacy issues regarding our customers, any account that is undergoing the EA.Com Account Access Transfer Program process will be placed into a suspended state.

    What if I want to transfer access to multiple accounts from the same person? Will I be charged for each account?

    If you acquire access to multiple accounts from the same person you can get all accounts officially transferred as one transaction (up to 3 accounts per transfer). There will be only one transfer fee charged to you.

    Let's say I just acquired access to an account and used Electronic Art’s Account Transfer Program. Will I be able to transfer access to the account through Electronic Arts to someone else?

    We do not control how many times access to an account is transferred or who can play on an account (it is up to you to control your own password), but you cannot use the Account Access Transfer Program to transfer access to the account back to a previous Player of that same account. The Account access will be marked as being officially transferred in our database system.

    Can I transfer my account access to a player who has been banned from Electronic Arts?

    No. Both the former player and the new player must be considered “in good standing” by Electronic Arts. This means that neither player involved in the transaction may have been banned from Electronic Arts. Additionally, you should keep in mind that allowing a member whose account has been terminated (or “banned”) to access the service through your account is a direct violation of the Terms of Service Agreement.

    What are the Steps I need to take to get an account officially transferred by Electronic Arts?

    1. Before acquiring access to an account, the new intended user should inform the current user that they wish to use Electronic Art’s Official Account Access Transfer Program. The intended user must send the current user the Account transfer form (see the bottom of this document to get forms) . Ask them to print and fill out the document and mail/fax it to them.

    2. The current user will then print the Current Player Account Access Transfer form, fill it out (In Full) and send it to Electronic Arts. The document may be faxed or mailed Electronic Arts. Once faxed or mailed, it is the responsibility of the current user to inform the new user that the form has been sent.

    3. The new user will then print the New Player Account Access Transfer form, fill it out (In Full) and send it to Electronic Arts. In doing so, the new user agrees to the Terms of Service and the Rules of Conduct of any game being transferred that is related to that account. (Whenever you play a Electronic Arts game, you must agree to the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct for the game.) The documents must be mailed or faxed to Electronic Arts.

    Electronic Arts
    Attn: Account Support
    209 Redwood Shores
    Redwood City. CA 94065
    Fax# (650) 628-1360

    4. Once the Current Player Account Access Transfer document is received by Electronic Arts, the account will be placed in a suspended state until the New Player Account Access Transfer document is received and the new user contacts Electronic Arts. EA.Com will also contact the new Player to verify the transfer information and assist the new Player in changing the billing and account information into their name. At this time the new Player will be charged a $30 fee for the official transfer on the credit card that will be placed on the account. (If there are any issues of any kind raised by either party the Official transfer will not take place until the parties resolve the issues. EA.Com will not intervene in any manner in such disputes)

    5. Both parties will be sent an E-mail stating that the official Account Access Transfer is now complete and documented in Electronic Arts’ database and the account now officially may be accessed by the new Player.

    The official Account Access Transfer forms can be located at the bottom of this document.

    Will I have to pay to have the official transfer handled by Electronic Arts?

    Yes, there will be a fee of $30.00. The new Player will be charged this fee at the time you (the new Player) is contacted by Electronic Arts to verify the transfer. The official transfer forms are available at the bottom of this page. This charge will be applied to the credit card that is placed on the account.

    - - - - - -

    Current Player Account Access Transfer Form

    For the sake of making sure you use an up-to-date form, please go here and download this document yourself for the form at the end.

    [/ QUOTE ]
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Starting now, any bumps made within 5 hours of a previous bump will either:

    A) Get your bump removed.
    B) Get your thread locked.
    C) Get your thread locked and a warning/ban issued if you have violated this previously.

    Be happy in that this is the only forum where Bumps have been openly allowed.

    Please keep in mind, "bumping" is only for Trading Threads!

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