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[Provocation] training provoke

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by haladrigis, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    k i have been following the disco/voke guide at the top i just dont understand how i am suppose to voke these creatures and not allow them to attack one another? say i do find a way to keep them from attacking one another is it possible to gain voke off the same 2 animals?? or do i need say 10 of the same animals seperated so they can not attack one another? i was thinking of getting 3 boats lining them up next to one another ill stay ont he middle boat and have a blue beetle on the boat to my right and one on the boat to my left, will this work with just the same two blue beetles? any info on how to train would be appreciated!!
  2. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    I believe you can gain off the same 2 beasts but it will be very slow because after a successful Provo, you need to move far enough away for that Provo to time-out so you can Provo again. Or you could train Peace at the same time and use Peace to break the Provo...rinse and repeat.
  3. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    One of my favorite ways was to go to humility gate in ishtar and use the double rotten corpes that spawn in an undead hut there. I got massive gains past gm that way. just have to have a plan for the paras! Also in the rock dungeon (south of chaos) in ishtar, all the way at the end of the "maze" there is a double lich lord spawn. This one is kool since the door to this room is a gate type and can be barded through. Using the wall stubs on the left or right make your LoS break. Thats important because since you can bard through the door they can teleport through as well. Hard to get used to but its the old school method that i used to legendary. There are ways to keep pets separate with custom housing but i think its been looked down on by the devs. Not sure but it might be against the UELA or RoC thingys so use discretion. Another nice spawn is the shadow wyrms. Ring up for this place and Id suggest felucia since theres less verimen there. In tram its fine but youll have draks and wyvren to deal with and the shadows themselves are a challenge. And the leather Oooh the barbed leather nets a good profit if ya can get it out of their. Not many Pks in that room. Mostly up top in the chap area and maybe floating the twinkys between the champ regions on the 3rd(rare). So once your on the 2nd floor your pretty safe(except for the wyrms of course)

    GL Legendary provoker since 02
  4. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    nice! ill have to use these tips when my voke gets highers i should of stated that my coke is only 80 any tip on raising up so i can start the wyrm strategy?
  5. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Well if ya can dance...

    The ophidian fort northern paupa desert has some great gains in the 80s. Has to be about the best place I know of. I think in a recent patch they made it even harder to get LoS and the lost lands might be completely unusable. Check it out if you get the "cant be seen" thing or the target goes off but since they didnt see each other nothing happened you might try terathon keep inisde down the ladder. A lot of great gains here and its much flatter. Released tamed cus will take you from 80-120 easy! The lesser hyurs forest is quite nice too. Youl have some trouble here they are just a bit over your lvl but you will gain good there. Thats north east of the tokono gate umm ishikmo?!?!? not the town and not homeras. its the jima gate. Watch the nijia they are not to be barded. Now this is kind of funny but on the 3rd floor of destard there is an anteint wyrm. He spawns with 3-4 wevryn. Now I know your going to say thata an AW and my skill isnt high enough but when ya do out the barding difficulty its pretty much on par. The trick is to use the AW as the 1st target. If your having an argo problem use the wevryn as the 1st but the best gains will be barding around the AW!

    breath whoo

    Ok here we go Hytholthi(fire island) on the 3rd floor ther lies a ballron. Hes too tough for you but if you lead him into the southern room there are 2 demons living in there. Now as opposed to the AW room you will be useing the demons as the 1st target and sticking them on the balron. Once ya hit 95 or so switch it around and bard the bally around. This place will make the gains FLY! Alternatively there are quite a few double demon spawns in this dungeon and just barding them on each other will yeild gains in the 80s but slower then using the bally. Although alot safer!

    GL and dont forget to ring up to 120 once ya hit 90 and just hit the dark father in doom to get your groove on.

    Its all about the dance so the music will never stop!
  6. haladrigis

    haladrigis Guest

    hahahah 5% i like it!!! you guys a very helpful thx for all the input now to test it out!!!