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Transcript and Highlights of the 28 January 2008 High Council meeting

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by imported_GalenKnighthawke, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Highlights:

    A short meeting, not terribly eventful....But certainly contentious.

    -The results of a recent rescue mission to the Dungeon Doom were briefly mentioned;

    -The situation in Trinsic (refugees from Magincia living in the barracks there) was discussed;

    -The ongoing search for a Grand Marshal of Virtue was touched upon;

    -The Keg & Anchor tavern in Trinsic continues to be staffed every Thursday at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.


    Buzz Aldridge: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby call to order this, the 223rd Assembly of the 7th High Council.
    Buzz Aldridge: *taps the halberd on the flagstones three times*
    Buzz Aldridge: The first announcement is to let y'all know that the time frame
    Buzz Aldridge: for applying for the Grand Marshal position has expired
    Buzz Aldridge: as of this announement.
    Buzz Aldridge: *smiles*
    Buzz Aldridge: We do have applicants and are getting their application materials together.
    Buzz Aldridge: Then we'll set up interviews.
    Buzz Aldridge: We hope to have a new Grand Marshal to introduce soon.
    Buzz Aldridge: The next item is from Lady Leeda.
    Buzz Aldridge: M'Lady, the floor is yours.

    Leeda: Good Evening

    Joylah: Hullo, Leeda
    Leeda: As you know, Trinsic has taken in the refugees from Magincia.
    Leeda: We are making every effort to provide the basic needs for them.
    Leeda: The winter brings bitter cold weather.
    Leeda: We are in need of blankets and etc.
    Leeda: We would also like to invite you to join us at the Keg & Anchor in Trinsic
    Leeda: Thursday nights at 8 PM Central time.
    Leeda: For a bit of fun and relaxation.
    Leeda: Thank You

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you, M'Lady.

    Galen: Is Bert Ramsey here?

    Buzz Aldridge: And thank you for your efforts

    IronHorse: i've not seen Bert this day

    Galen: *nods*

    Buzz Aldridge: Galen?

    Galen: Jhelom offered to buy the Magincians blankets and a few other things...
    Galen: Waiting for, for want of a better term, an order from Ramsey.

    Buzz Aldridge: Ah
    Buzz Aldridge: Perhaps he's running late

    Galen: Actually could I say something quick?

    Buzz Aldridge: Certainly

    Galen: *kisses the top of Joy's head, while walking to the front of the table*

    Joylah: *dimples*

    Galen: We had five come out for the rescue mission in Doom.
    Galen: Thank you.
    Galen: and I think that's 'bout all from me.
    Galen: *top of the head kiss again*

    Joylah: *dimples warmly*

    Buzz Aldridge: Do any of the other councilors have any additional items for tonight's meeting?

    Thrand Graywolf: I'd like to ask a question

    Buzz Aldridge: Thrand?

    Thrand Graywolf: How many councilors have actually been to Trinsic
    Thrand Graywold: to see and speak with the Magincian refugees?

    Galen: *raises hand*
    Galen: Though curiously how I couldn't actually talk to any of the actual refugees...

    Thrand Graywolf: Yes, I think that's the point.
    Thrand Graywolf: Do any of you know that most of the refugees are
    Thrand Graywold: working in mines west of Trinsic instead of
    Thrand Graywolf: here, clearing the rubble?

    IronHorse: huh?

    Merlynna: What?

    Joylah: I had heard rumors to that affect.

    Buzz Aldridge: What?

    Thrand Graywolf: Or that the governor of Trinsic is building a new mansion

    Galen: *a disguised expression*

    Leeda: They are earning a living

    Thrand Graywolf: While people constantly say Magincia is too expensive to rebuild at this time.

    Joylah: They dont' have blankets, it must be a very mean lliving.

    Leeda: not all work the mines

    Joylah: Or perhaps they're just not very good miners?

    Jackson: *listens carefully*

    Thrand Graywolf: I strongly suggest that the Councilors go to Trinsic and see things for themselves.
    Thrand Graywolf: Among my people, what is taking place there would not be considered...proper.
    Thrand Graywolf: Thank you

    Leeda: perhaps thurs night

    IronHorse: hmm

    Joylah: Is that their night off?

    Merlynna: *raises hand*

    Thrand Graywolf: They have no night off that I am aware of

    Thrand Graywolf: Though one of them does work at the Keg.

    Merlynna: Where in Trinsic is this being built?

    Buzz Aldridge: Very well...

    Leeda: .that issue was cleared right away

    Buzz Aldridge: Any other issues from the councilors?
    Buzz Aldridge: IronHorse, perhaps you should speak then...

    IronHorse: certainly
    IronHorse: good evening
    IronHorse: first of all
    IronHorse: I do not know from where the 9th seat gets his intel

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    IronHorse: but i can assure the council that very few refugees work in any mines
    IronHorse: in fact the only ones who have worked in any mines that come to mind
    IronHorse: is one who was jailed
    IronHorse: his time has since been served
    IronHorse: any of this council is welcome to come to Trinsic and speak
    IronHorse: directly with the refugees
    IronHorse: they are being treated quite decently
    IronHorse: and generously by the city of Trinsic

    Galen: Then why was Ramsey asking if the Magincians were going to be paid?

    IronHorse: as for the building of the new Governors mansion

    Galen: *his expression nearly blank*

    IronHorse: well that is at my personal expense
    IronHorse: he did not ask if
    IronHorse: he asked how they would be paid
    IronHorse: i think you only heard a part of a conversation
    IronHorse: i had offered jobs to some on the building of the mansion

    Galen: *not saying anything, face still blank....*

    IronHorse: as for the clearing of the rubble from magincia
    IronHorse: all has been done that can be done
    IronHorse: until the proper skills and eqiupment are in place
    IronHorse: I encourage all to stay away from this city for now
    IronHorse: due to the crumbling ruins
    IronHorse: don't want any casualties
    IronHorse: any other questions that need to be cleared up?

    Jackson: and it also serves to stabilize your reputation with in the Kingdom as well.

    IronHorse: my reputation needs no stablizing

    Joylah: Yes, where are the refugees being held.. er.. housed?

    IronHorse: not that I know of anyway

    Jackson: *half shrugs*
    Jackson: true enough

    IronHorse: they are being housed in the trinsic barracks

    Jackson: however this crisis does serve to improve your standing to be sure.

    IronHorse: I had to personally move most of my guard to their new quaters

    Joylah: On Palidin Isle?

    IronHorse: located directly outside the main gate

    Galen: ...Ain't that the jail, just inside the main gate?

    IronHorse: well as of present it has been by my personal actions that these refugees were helped at all
    IronHorse: i did not see any other city jump up and offer aid

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    IronHorse: and if i can give them jobs
    IronHorse: then all the beter

    Galen: If any of them wish to leave I'll do it now....

    IronHorse: most need to learn skills they don't have

    Galen: *staring right at Iron, expresson still nearly blank*

    IronHorse: I hold no magincians against their will
    IronHorse: they are free to leave at any time

    Airmid: surely Magincia was not devoid of skills?

    IronHorse: but while in Trinsic
    IronHorse: of course they are required to obey the laws that are in place
    IronHorse: as does any citizen of the realm

    Thrand Graywolf: Quite the list of laws that is, too.

    Buzz Aldridge: This is obviously a very tense time for the realm...

    IronHorse: the laws are clear i believe

    Thrand Graywolf: Quite

    Joylah: Indeed.

    IronHorse: and none unreasonable
    IronHorse: we have had very few violations
    IronHorse: so i am pleased

    Buzz Aldridge: I'd certainly like to thank the city of Trinsic for their care of the refugees

    Joylah: Martial law has a way of keeping the populace well in its place.

    IronHorse: thank you Buzz

    Joylah: *a sardonic twist to her lips*

    Galen: In case no one heard me....Any Magincians who wish to leave Trinsic....Jhelom has space.
    IronHorse: and Martial Law shall remain in place
    IronHorse: until such time that i feel it is no longer needed

    Locus Ceruleus: lol

    IronHorse: perhaps when there is a High Guard in place
    IronHorse: we can discuss it

    Thrand Graywolf: If there has been such little crime...how is it needed?

    Buzz Aldridge: I think it's very normal for people to be concerned during times such as these

    IronHorse: due to the law

    Buzz Aldridge: Communication between teh parties involved will help quell

    IronHorse: no laws and then there is lawlessness

    Galen: *tapping fingers together, expression still blank*

    Thrand Graywolf: I find laws have little to do with stopping crime.

    Buzz Aldridge: any problems from misunderstandings...

    Thrand Graywolf: *smilese at Buzz*

    Buzz Aldridge: Please, let's all keep the channels of communication open
    Buzz Aldridge: *smiles*

    IronHorse: that is your opinion councilor Thrand
    IronHorse: and your entitled to it
    IronHorse: Mine differ

    Rick: Fear stops more then just word of law. Is that what you mean Lord Thrand?

    Thrand Graywolf: Again, I strongly suggest the Councilors journey to
    Thrand Graywolf: Trinsic and investigate things for yourselves.

    Locus Ceruleus: *mumbles something about appeasement*

    Thrand Graywolf: Take no ones word on anything.

    Buzz Aldridge: I would agree...

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you, Lord IronHorse [​IMG]

    IronHorse: I believe councilor leeda just invited you all to do just that

    Thrand Graywolf: *nods to Rick*

    Leeda: Yes I did

    Buzz Aldridge: In fact...

    IronHorse: I would encourage you all to take her up on that invite
    IronHorse: and come visit our fair city
    IronHorse: just obey the law

    Buzz Aldridge: I think that's perfect idea!

    Buzz Aldridge: Again, we all need to remember

    Galen: *winks to Joy at Ironhorse's last remark*

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*
    Joylah: *dimples at Galen*

    Buzz Aldridge: These are not "usual" times
    Buzz Aldridge: Allright...
    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to speak tonight?
    Buzz Aldridge: Very well
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby bring this, the 223rd Assembly of the 7th High Council to a close.
    Buzz Aldridge: Long Live Britannia!