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Transcript From Informal Meet & Greet with EM Seppo, Sunday, January 10

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Sara Of Baja, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Sunday, January 10, EM Seppo called an unannounced, informal meet and greet at the EM hall, Britain, Trammel. (EM Seppo did mutter something about he was avoiding the reality that his team was playing poorly.)


    A question and answer/open discussion session was opened.

    Question: What is the state of the gargoyles vs humans event?
    EM Seppo: Okay, An-Buci is still in the Lycaeum. Unfortunately, due to a bug, we have not been able to play her.

    The anti-gargoyle side had a secret meeting, and they managed to discover Lord Casca's secret horde of gold and some important items that might or might not play a role later on. They will probably do some nasty things with the loot . The pro-side, I guess, is waiting for the nasty things.
    I'm hoping to get some sort of an event involving some type of mythical creature in seeing how many tamers are on Baja. Probably something like the Ancient Wyrm (Flamizen) that sits in the Lycaeum from Archimedes.

    Question: An attack in Moonglow again?
    EM Seppo: I am not a fan of town attacks.

    Question: Could an event be planned that makes owning the faction towns worth it?
    EM Seppo: I don't know. Maybe in the future, but what you ask for requires something more sustainable that I have the ability to muster!

    Question: Where are the books from the Gargoyle writing contest?
    EM Seppo: * hides * I have not locked them down yet.

    Question: What about occasional old school event. IE: daemons taking over Fire Island.
    EM Seppo: The good news is that we are *hopefully* getting some new interesting powers soon which will let us do some new types of things. I don't know about daemons attacking Fire Island; what do you mean exactly?

    Player response: Just an example I remember from years ago ... once undead took over the area just outside Britain. It was announced on the system line that something was going on. We'd all run to the castle where it was announced our help was need in X place. We would all run from there and kill stuff for an hour or two. The fun was everyone coming together to do it.
    EM Seppo: Well, these things can be a bit boorish because for consistent spawn I can just use normal monsters which are not that much of a challenge. The interesting town attacks are generally from a server patch in a global event. Also, town invasions can't be done as that requires turning off guard zone, so it has to be a global event ... can't turn off guard zone on one shard.

    Player response: Faction Fel towns don't have guard zones.
    EM Seppo: We generally are not allowed to interfere in faction towns much.

    Player response: Dungeon runs ... just anything to break up the monotony.

    Question: What's the chance of seeing dread war horse spawn again?
    EM Seppo: No idea, not up to me that part.

    Comment: Sorry, Seppo, it seems that a lack of ability to communicate with game devs results in you being the only link.

    EM Seppo: We will have more large invasions like the Luna invasion last year ... that was fun to prepare for.
    Seppo in reference to the Baja Clean Up Britannia scenario: There are still a lot of large guilds who have not registered for either side.

    Question: Will those players be ignored in the arc because they are not registered?
    EM Seppo: Nope, but it makes it a lot easier for us if we knew xyz are registered as side A. We certainly don't know where everyone lives, and despite the popular myth I am not ALWAYS spying on people.

    Let's see if I can summarize this: Guilds (preferably) or individual players were invited to register themselves and express their opinion in terms of Curious (neutral), Friendly, or Dislike of Gargoyles becoming part of the scenery. Also, a secret group around the same time started putting up posters asking Gargoyles to go back. This group is trying to intimidate the players/groups who registered themselves as friendly, manipulate/influence the views of the ones who are neutral, and working with or recruiting the help of players who registered as gargoyle haters. The registration is open any time, and groups can switch their opinions.

    Also we have An-Buci who is a gargish representative visiting Lycaeum. There was an assassination attempt made against her, likely by the backers of the anti-gargish group. Also, there were little things left outside the houses of gargoyle backs to try to intimidate them ... scarecrows and such. There were some other attempts in terms of some ninja attacks against the gargoyle backers. Then as I mentioned in start, the anti-gargoyle group has been meeting in secret to plan their activities. Out of character this means one of our RPC (role playing character) arranged a meeting with the players who registered as anti-gargoyle. The thiefmaster seems to be able to get hold of the messages though .. at least the summons ... and if you break the encrypting you can find out about the next meeting.

    At meetings they generally discuss how to send gargoyles packing! The last thing they did was uncover Casca's secret treasure and loot it.
    That is pretty much all that has happened so far.

    Question: Will there be clandestine meetings for the pro-gargoyle group so they can plan counter attacks and defensive measures?
    EM Seppo: Well, first of all it has only been one meeting. Also, not everything will be exactly the same on both sides ... that would make no sense. Pro-gargoyles are backed by the state, they don't need to have a secret meeting, they are not breaking the law. There might be something closed doors in the future ... or hidden plans ... but it is not the same on both sides, it would be a bit dry if it was.

    Comment: If there are open meetings to discuss the anti-gargish group, then anti group knows what's been planned against them.

    EM Seppo: Yes, that is going to be a disadvantage for the pros. The anti side is so large that keeping things secret will not be an easy task, but they will have more resources and probably a giant share of killing, speaking out of character that is. There will be a lot of events where anti will be helping the boss monsters, not killing them. As I said, it's two different factions with different ethos; if one suits you better then you should switch! Spies are always welcome! And it's probably something that will last for some time, so there will be events on both sides, and with them together .. but can't be everything at the same time cuz it's only 2 of us. Obviously, you can have your own secret meetings and interactions! If we know about such things and can work it in, we won't hesitate to do so.

    I also forgot something! There are things boiling on the Ter-Mur side. There are gargoyles who are not too happy with humans.
    Speaking out of character, as a pro you will have the opportunity to spy on the other side. If you guys had sent a spy to the meeting after breaking the encryption, you would have had the knowledge about the treasure and might have been able to prevent the anti side.

    Question: What treasure?
    EM Seppo: The anti-Gargoyle side found out that Casca was hoarding gold on the side, they found out where it was and stole it. They were intercepted by two players, but most of it was cleaned out. Queen Dawn got the report that a certain resident of Ravenshire was identified, so a search warrant has been issued. But Ravenshire is also an independent kingdom, so we will see how that works out.
  2. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    Nice recap; exactly what I needed.
  3. RawHeadRex

    RawHeadRex Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 6, 2010
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    SPY ! keeel him ! :stir: lol jk
  4. I was there for this one (little guy in black on the end). Too many garg lovers there for my liking, a couple of the stinky buggers even showed up towards the end ... *phew*