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Transcript from the last Royal meeting.

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by QMSoar, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. QMSoar

    QMSoar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 12, 2008
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    Would someone be kind enough to post a complete transcript of last night's meeting with the King?

    I'm told it was very exciting. :D

    I really prefer to see things with my eyes than through hersay.

    Also if you can manage it, could the transcript include the post meeting amble? There were some post meeting announcements I think.

    Many thanks in advance!

    #1 QMSoar, Sep 30, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
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  2. Lady Khaleesi

    Lady Khaleesi Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran [BLAK]

    Jun 27, 2013
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    I second this request.. I apologize for my absence from meeting.. Real Life Anniversary plans took precedence.....
  3. EM_Bennu

    EM_Bennu UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
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    I will have it posted later today, give me a couple hours.
  4. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
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    I took many screenshots and will add to EM Bennu's text.
  5. EM_Bennu

    EM_Bennu UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
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    This is an unedited log for the sake of posterity, all I did was clean it up a bit. It may not be Politically Correct, In Character or Safe For Work.


    Alexander: *sounds the trumpet*
    Alexander: *sounds the trumpet*
    Alexander: *sounds the trumpet*
    Alexander: All Hail and welcome his magesty
    Alexander: King Blackthorn!!
    Dewey: hail King Blackthorn!
    The Inquisitor: Move yourself
    King Blackthorn: Good evening everyone.
    Sage: Hail King BlackThorn
    King Blackthorn: Forgive my tardiness.
    SirJohn: hail
    Sinful Obsession: Good Evening
    Lioness Heart: Hail
    Captn Norrington: greeting king blackthorn :)
    The Inquisitor: I repeat, move away
    Angell: hail
    King Blackthorn: Remember, pauper or prince...
    Sr William: Hail my Lord
    King Blackthorn: Everybody pees.
    King Blackthorn: *laughs*
    Arcanis: Hail
    King Blackthorn: *takes his seat*
    King Blackthorn: First, I would like to welcome our new sitting Governors.
    Alexander: *nods*
    Sinful Obsession: *claps*
    Sr William: claps
    King Blackthorn: Some fresh blood is certainly welcomed.
    Alward: 8claps8
    Sr William: you spelt that wrong Alward
    Celestia: shhhh
    King Blackthorn: At the same time it is grand to see so many of our successful Governors retain their seats for
    Celestia: quiet
    Alward: *claps*, better
    King Blackthorn: This term.
    Andrasta: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: Before we go down the line this evening, I have several things.
    King Blackthorn: First order of business.
    Lew: *ears perk up*
    King Blackthorn: The annexing of all townships with a banner under the flag of Britannia.
    King Blackthorn: This means, if you are a member of a township with a Banner.
    King Blackthorn: You are now also a member of Britannia and subject, as well as protected by the crown.
    Yosef: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: More details will be forthcoming.
    Alexander: *nods*
    Sr William: smiles
    King Blackthorn: Secondly, I wish to remind all Governors.
    King Blackthorn: Should I feel you are unsucessful at your post, I will have you replaced.
    Quacklebush: arrp
    King Blackthorn: Thirdly, and most importantly...
    King Blackthorn: Outside influence on the Governors, Elections or as such upon the crown...
    King Blackthorn: Will not be accepted, and will be met with War.
    King Blackthorn: I do not use the word lightly.
    King Blackthorn: And I am serious on this point.
    Lew: i think I need clarificatoin on that one sire
    King Blackthorn: Should any group, seek to undermine the sanctity of the election process...
    King Blackthorn: I will bring upon them a wave of violence not seen before since the destruction of Exodus.
    Celestia: shhhh
    Sofia Elias: *purses her lips a moment*
    Celestia: be honest
    Lew: *glances at the empty seat*
    King Blackthorn: I am sorry to bring such a damper of blight upon our walls this evening.
    The Inquisitor: *laughs* It was quite amusing
    King Blackthorn: But it needed to be said.
    King Blackthorn: Actually Governor Lew...
    King Blackthorn: I was not speaking of Britain.
    Lightning Rod: can i have your robe?
    King Blackthorn: *looks down the line toward the Governor of Yew*
    King Blackthorn: Governor Norrington.
    Captn Norrington: yes king blackthorn
    King Blackthorn: Perhapse you can fill in the omissions of my eyes and ears...
    Perhapse you can fill in the omissions of my eyes and ears...
    Perhapse you can fill in the omissions of my eyes and ears...
    King Blackthorn: And explain to me why the first meeting in Yew seemed to concentrate less on Yew...
    King Blackthorn: And the people of Yew...
    Yosef: *takes a bite of apple*
    King Blackthorn: and more on how influence could be pressed upon the other Governors.
    Selling Items: *shakes head*
    King Blackthorn: By cercumventing the election processes?
    Captn Norrington: which meeting do you mean my lord? there were 2 in the same week
    King Blackthorn: Your job as Governor is to represent your people, of Yew.
    King Blackthorn: Not to expand your influence beyond the chair you sit in.
    King Blackthorn: Either one.
    Captn Norrington: everything i do, i do for yew my lord was not intending to give other cities power over yew
    Lew: *leans back from the cold glare of the king*
    King Blackthorn: Norrington, just let me be clear.
    King Blackthorn: Your position is to represent your people, the people of Yew.
    King Blackthorn: You are to keep yourself clean of outside influences...
    King Blackthorn: Prior loyalties.
    Lightning Rod: seems like only the rich get gov.
    King Blackthorn: Or Other lusts for power.
    Captn Norrington: i understand my lord, and i believe i have been doing this thus far
    King Blackthorn: Very well.
    Sofia Elias: *coughs*
    John Cabral: cut his head off
    King Blackthorn: Then I shall give you the benefit of the doubt as I have given to Governor Solus.
    Sofia Elias: Get off of me. Please.
    The Inquisitor: With pleasure
    The Inquisitor: .
    King Blackthorn: For now.
    Captn Norrington: thank you, and i can assure you no voted were purchased in the election
    Thellaren: *shivvers*
    The Inquisitor: Hail our glorious leader Solus
    Captn Norrington: votes*
    Captn Norrington: at least not from me
    Lightning Rod: onl rich in game gets special things
    King Blackthorn: Speaking of Governor Solus...
    Sofia Elias: *purses her lips*
    Lew: hold you tounge inquisitor, or king is our leader
    King Blackthorn: Where is he, and who are you?
    King Blackthorn: *looks to the man in red*
    Zhuge: I am sure his slaves rebeled and executed him.
    The Inquisitor: He has business in Nujel'm
    Alexander: lololol
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: I wish...
    The Inquisitor: Glorious Leader regrets not being here
    Celestia: shhh shhh
    The Inquisitor: I will be serving in his place
    King Blackthorn: Very well, have you anything for us in the stead of Lord Solus this evening?
    The Inquisitor: Yes
    Raina Cold Eyes: Lightning please move back away from the King.
    The Inquisitor: Glorious Leader has worked an arrangment with Nujel'm
    Raina Cold Eyes: Thank you
    Sofia Elias: *clears her throat slightly*
    Zhuge: prolly trying to buy another cities loyalty.
    The Inquisitor: Britain will be sending all its prisoners to Nujel'm for trial and exec....
    The Inquisitor: *cough*
    The Inquisitor: verdict
    Lew: is it not the knigs job to rule his citizens
    King Blackthorn: Britain seeks to sircumvent the Court of Justice in Yew?
    King Blackthorn: Circumvent I mean.
    The Inquisitor: Britain simply wishes to not tie down the court
    The Inquisitor: Nujel'm has proved to be trustworthy
    Lioness Heart: *coughs*
    The Inquisitor: The Sultan and Lord Solus are meeting as I speak
    King Blackthorn: I can see that, the courts can be quite full at times.
    Sofia Elias: *clears her throat slightly*
    Celestia: full...full aye....
    The Inquisitor: Britain is also requesting an office for the Glorious Leader
    Alward: *skulldugery*
    The Inquisitor: and a statue in his likeness
    Dewey: *cough* found stolen documents of kings *cough*
    King Blackthorn: I do demand that any prisoners to be Executed, who are Britannian citizens...
    The Inquisitor: For all to worship
    Zhuge: *coughs*
    The Inquisitor: *cough* pay respect to
    King Blackthorn: Be cleared through myself.
    The Inquisitor: I assure you....no executions are planned
    King Blackthorn: Ill not allow executions without the concent of the crown.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: Very well.
    Very well.
    Very well.
    The Inquisitor: *coughs*
    King Blackthorn: Anything else from Britain this evening?
    SunWolf: *hand*
    Alexander: *looks over to Danica*
    The Inquisitor: Nothing else besides the request for office and worship statue
    Lightning Rod: "poot"
    Lioness Heart: omg
    King Blackthorn: Worship statue?
    The Inquisitor: I mean
    The Inquisitor: A statue of Lord Solus to pay our respects
    King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
    Dewey: its not a joke lightning. there are forces amongst us. pay attention to the meeting.
    Zhuge: *pinches self to see if this is reality*
    King Blackthorn: Thank you for reminding me.
    The Inquisitor: It is good for morale of the troops
    The Inquisitor: I mean guards
    King Blackthorn: As part of the Banner expansion project I spoke of...
    Lew: *drops head to table*
    Tazar: so we rub it's belly for luck?
    Celestia: *mutters incoherantly under her breath*
    Celestia: shhh
    Lioness Heart: lol
    Flair: *snickers*
    King Blackthorn: My surveyors have zoned out a section in each represented town.
    King Blackthorn: For an official office for the Governor.
    Alward: respect for the King or lord Solus?
    King Blackthorn: More details will come, and I expect the paltry requirements of materials...
    King Blackthorn: will be quickly overcome by our cities.
    King Blackthorn: If there is nothing else from Britain...
    King Blackthorn: Governor Zhuge, it is good to see you in the seat you stood over last term.
    King Blackthorn: Anything from Minoc?
    Celestia: *hunches her shoulders, tucks her arms in close and squeezes past*
    Zhuge: currently citizens have requested some things be put in near the bank and smithshops
    Zhuge: if we could get some help on getting them built up, would be very helpful
    Celestia: shhh
    Tenkara Bushi: *wanna sit on my lap[ darling*
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Celestia: shhh shhh
    Zhuge: as you know we are a small town and trying to get a better and bigger community going
    King Blackthorn: Larger issues should be addressed here, any small requests have their own channels.
    King Blackthorn: But I catch your meaning.
    Zhuge: I would consider this a big issue, for a small town and community
    King Blackthorn: Understood.
    Zhuge: making our town less desired compared to others
    You see: Governor of New Magincia
    Tenkara Bushi: *i should kick her down*
    You see: Governor of New Magincia
    Yosef: *shakes head*
    King Blackthorn: anything else this evening from Minoc?
    Zhuge: nope.
    King Blackthorn: Very well.
    Tenkara Bushi: *right*
    You see: Governor of New Magincia
    Lioness Heart: we all have been waiting for city improvemnets
    Zhuge: Oh I dont think so.
    Alward: are you holding a gagger celestia?
    Zhuge: I have seen your town. ;)
    The Inquisitor: *laughs* Britain needs no such improvements
    King Blackthorn: Our Lady from New Magincia is absent this evening.
    Alward: dagger?
    Andrasta: no?
    King Blackthorn: Is there anyone who wishes to speak for New Magincia?
    Celestia: *attempts to hide it*
    Celestia: no no
    Lew: huh
    Yosef: I believe i see her
    Celestia: no not
    Andrasta: i would
    Celestia: shhh
    The Inquisitor: I think the King is losing his sight
    Yosef: *points*
    Lew: Andrasta is here sire
    Alexander: *chuckles*
    King Blackthorn: *blinks*
    Tazar: Andrasta is here from New Magincia My Liege
    Lioness Heart: she is under the chair
    Shachar: and whom is she wishing to poison
    King Blackthorn: Thour't clouded from mine eyes!
    King Blackthorn: But I see you now.
    Shachar: the King?
    King Blackthorn: *laughs*
    Alexander: *chuckles*
    King Blackthorn: There you are.
    There you are.
    There you are.
    Andrasta: i am glad my King
    Celestia: *mutters to herself*
    Celestia: shhh
    Andrasta: *smiles*
    Celestia: quietly
    Ardwinna: it was the sherry she had before the meeting
    King Blackthorn: What does the Island of Humility have for us this evening?
    Shachar: not I
    Sr William: what was she doing under the table hehehe
    Andrasta: i will be surprisingly brief
    Celestia: have to be honest
    Celestia: very honest
    Andrasta: *clears throat*
    Tenkara Bushi: *zips * nothing
    Sr William: heheh
    Andrasta: Good Evening My Liege, Lords & Ladies, Governors & Citizens,
    Shachar: the King may wish to call his guard
    Andrasta: I am pleased to report for a 2nd term as New Magincia's Governor.
    Dewey: I almost sneezed
    Celestia: *rocks back and forth from one foot to the other*
    Andrasta: I would like to thank all those who voted in New Magincia.
    Celestia: *nods*
    Celestia: aye
    Celestia: shhh...
    Celestia: *puts a finger to her lips*
    Celestia: shhh
    Andrasta: My election was hard fought against an honorable opponent named Horizon.
    Andrasta: It was his wish to bring you the voice of the Feluccians.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Celestia: *hunches her shoulders, tucks her arms in close and squeezes past*
    Andrasta: I sincerely hope that he does not give up his vision & returns next election.
    Raina Cold Eyes: leave
    Celestia: no touching,.. no touching
    Andrasta: I hope in my 2nd term to accomplish some items in my Grandiose Plan
    Rilien Reinhardt: Celestia... come to me
    Raina Cold Eyes: leave
    Celestia: *smiles*
    Celestia: leave...aye aye
    Andrasta: which most urgently needs a Stablemaster near the remaining Town buildings.
    Celestia: leave
    Sofia Elias: *glances at Celestia, pursing her lips*
    Celestia: in the fall the leaves fall
    Celestia: aye?
    Rilien Reinhardt: You don't have to leave Cel.. just come stand by me alright?
    Andrasta: My Stablemaster design is ready to go and only awaits your word.
    Dewey: Dispiro Malas
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Andrasta: A Stablemaster is vital to the continued prosperity of the Market Stalls.
    Andrasta: I will also be focussing on improving Trade with other Cities & Towns
    Celestia: *looks over her shoulder at Rilien*
    King Blackthorn: I will have the proposal looked at, and I agree with your assessment.
    Rilien Reinhardt: Now...
    Celestia: have to be honest
    Andrasta: by featuring its vendor houses & petitioning more advertising for all.
    Raina Cold Eyes: Please go child.
    King Blackthorn: nods
    Celestia: *nods several times*
    Andrasta: And of course New Magincia will be involved in the upcoming festivities
    Celestia: aye...aye
    Celestia: *hunches her shoulders, tucks her arms in close and squeezes past*
    Andrasta: of the season being All Soul's Eve and Thanksgiving.
    Andrasta: I look forward to another term serving Your Majesty
    Dewey: *Notes Celestia outer darkness problem*
    Andrasta: Fortune Favors The Brave! Long Live the King!
    Alexander: Long Live The King!
    King Blackthorn: It is good to have you return to your seat Lady Andrasta.
    Celestia: *taps the side of her head with her fingertips*
    Celestia: *nods*
    Andrasta: my thanks
    Celestia: aye
    Dewey: Dium Prostra
    Dewey: Dium Prostra
  6. EM_Bennu

    EM_Bennu UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Continued... (same disclaimer applies)


    King Blackthorn: Our new Governor from Jhelom, Lord Alexander.
    King Blackthorn: Have you anything for us this evening?
    Alexander: Hey, your Highness.
    John Cabral: HAIL JHELOM!
    Celestia: can't can't have to be honest
    Alexander: I bring fortunate and solemn news.
    King Blackthorn: Hay is for horses Governor.
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: *sighs*
    Bad JuJu: oh my
    John Cabral: Jesus
    King Blackthorn: But, continue...
    ETM: wow
    Bad JuJu: *laughs*
    Tazar: *couhs* Highness is a prince... Your Majesty is appropriate for a King.
    John Cabral: eheheh
    Sr William: lol
    Celestia: *attempts to push past Raina*
    Alexander: I bring forth unto you this evening two to three items.
    Alexander: My apologies.
    Alexander: Starting with the least important, Governor Office.
    Raina Cold Eyes: Please go to Rilien .
    Celestia: *blinks*
    Celestia: Rilien?
    Celestia: *shakes her head*
    Alexander: I understand you said you had plans for every city, just wanted to say that..
    Celestia: can't ...have to be honest...
    Celestia: *nods*
    Alexander: the City of Jhelom would like to request one of those offices.
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: *quietly*
    Celestia: *shifts the dagger in her hand*
    Alexander: Secondly, the citizens of Jhelom..
    Raina Cold Eyes: She has a dagger
    King Blackthorn: *glances behind him a moment and makes a sign over his chest*
    Raina Cold Eyes: thisis true
    Alexander: Request there be new..
    Sr William: banher
    Alexander: Decoratons placed.
    Alexander: The city is home to war and death.
    Raina Cold Eyes: You must leave.
    Celestia: *attempts to push past Raina*
    Raina Cold Eyes: Now.
    Bad JuJu: *eats popcorn*
    Alexander: Some ideas that were requested were:
    Celestia: but....but
    Celestia: i have to....
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: Celestia. Come with me. Now.
    Alexander: Medical Supply Units for our warriors
    Celestia: *looks confused*
    Alexander: Fountains of life in every immidiate corner.
    Raina Cold Eyes: Go .
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: Come here.
    Alexander: We are training hard for the future.
    Dewey: ptsch
    Alexander: I will discuss that furthur in a moment.
    Celestia: but...
    Raina Cold Eyes: go.
    King Blackthorn: A few interesting ideas, might I also suggest an Arcane Circle?
    Celestia: but..
    Alexander: Aye
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: Celestia. Now.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Alexander: That was also an idea pro posed by a citizen.
    Lightning Rod: BLA BLA BLA
    Alexander: Then last would be a Stable
    King Blackthorn: I will have the proposal looked at and have word sent to you as to what is possible.
    Alexander: Our Calvary are in desperate need for a stable master.
    Alexander: The reason we propose these ideas
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Lightning Rod: no i like cods better
    Alexander: The Bank of Jhelom..
    Alexander: Was Bombed... by an outlining Town.
    Alexander: I do no know which town.
    King Blackthorn: Wait... what?
    Wait... what?
    Wait... what?
    Alexander: This is an open investigation.
    Captn Norrington: *is shocked*
    Alexander: The Bank of Jhelom was bombed the night of the election.
    Alexander: I came to redeem my title as Governor and found the bank in pieces.
    Andrasta: the evildoers!
    King Blackthorn: So I hear the words from inside a building in the middle of the woods of Yew...
    King Blackthorn: But hear nothing from the streetsof Jhelom?
    Alexander: I immediately requested our best carpenters to build it.
    Alexander: back together.
    Alexander: We didn't want word getting out so quickly.
    King Blackthorn: Governor Alexander, you must send word to the Crown for urgent matters.
    Alexander: Aye.
    Alexander: My Lord.
    King Blackthorn: So that assistance can be provided.
    Rilien Reinhardt: I'm going to go deal with that... Faeryl doesn't need to be absent for this..
    Alexander: This is why Jhelom is preparing our Malitia
    King Blackthorn: I could have dispatched healers, carpenters, emergency supplies.
    Alexander: Incase of an attack.
    Solus: I see I havent missed anything of note
    Alexander: This is an open investigation with Jhelom.
    King Blackthorn: *nods to Solus*
    Alexander: I will send a full report to your desk
    Alexander: My Lord.
    Ardwinna: *copycats*
    King Blackthorn: Nice of your to Join us Governor.
    Solus: The Sultan sends his regards
    King Blackthorn: Thank you Alexander.
    Thank you Alexander.
    Thank you Alexander.
    Sofia Elias: *purses her ilps*
    Sofia Elias: *lips*
    King Blackthorn: Have you anything else from Jhelom?
    Alexander: Other than that, there is nothing else for Jhelom, My Lord.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: *quietly*
    King Blackthorn: Lord Lew of Trinsic.
    King Blackthorn: The floor is yours.
    Lew: My Liege *nods head*
    Lew: *looks around* Congratulations to all the Governors who were elected and or re-elected to office, I look forward to working with
    Lew: each of you this term, to help rebuild the cities and communites of our fair land.
    Lew: It is my hope that we can put the past behind us and work together for the betterment of all of Sosaria.
    Lew: I would like to thank the citizens of Trinsic for once again giving me the privilige to serve them. I will do so in Honor and
    Lew: Truth, as a leader of the City of Honor should.
    Lew: I have several announcements for the city, but will defer them to later this meeting if need be.
    King Blackthorn: Do them now.
    Lew: I will begin this term by asking your permission my liege to create two new organizations with the city.
    King Blackthorn: It would be the most convenient.
    Lew: Trinsic has a court that we will be expanding upon this term by adding several new seats.
    Lew: However we would like to formally ask your permission to add an Honor Guard, and Artisans Union to the City of Trinsic.
    Lew: The Honor Guard will be a military force to provide security in and around Trinsic, as well as to be utilized by the King
    Lew: whenever and wherever the need might arise.
    Lew: The Artisans Union will be a non guilded group of craftsman, focused on bringing the once vibrant economy to life again.
    Lew: *pauses*
    Lew: Secondly I would like to invite you my liege and all the sitting Governors to Trinsic after the next council meeting.
    Lightning Rod: nods off for a nap
    King Blackthorn: You have my blessing for both Governor, I hope that activity in the walled city of Trinsic...
    Lew: Trinsic will be hosting a Trick or Treat, and all are invited to attend, King Governor and common folk, all will be equals on
    King Blackthorn: Booms to life quickly.
    Lew: this Festive night.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Lew: Lastly, Trinsic will yet again be hosting another Fishing Competition. It will begin sometime in the month of November, so keep
    Lew: your eyes open for flyers that will give you the details.
    King Blackthorn: Our next Council meeting we will try and make a short one for exactly this task.
    Lew: also
    Lew: Soar is hosting a Fish market
    SunWolf: buttons....
    Lew: on Friday from 10pm to 12am
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Cadfael Gwynedd: *looks around nervously*
    Lew: details to come later this week
    Lew: Thank you for allowing me to serve yet again on this council. Call on me for any need you have sire.
    Lew: NO BUTTONS!!!
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Lew: that is all sire
    King Blackthorn: Lord Tazar. You have the floor.
    Tazar: Your Majesty.
    Tazar: Thank you once again for hosting this forum
    Raina Cold Eyes: Britannic please move back.
    Ardwinna: *Ouch*
    Tazar: It is to be respected that you continually reach out to the people
    ETM: Jwow
    Ardwinna: toes
    Tazar: for new ideas, information and unity.
    Tazar: The town of Moonglow is a quiet town with few problems currently.
    Britannic: Sorry, Raina, I can't seem to seeing the conversation.
    Raina Cold Eyes: Can you now?
    Tazar: We have contracted with a landscape architect to redesign the teleporter gardens in the center of town
    Britannic: Yes
    Raina Cold Eyes: Then stay.
    Tazar: to celebrate the peace and prosperity your reign has brought.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Tazar: We are looking forward to his plans and I will update you as we progress.
    Tazar: Thank you my liege.
    King Blackthorn: As for Moonglow, I have a request of my own.
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: Lightening Rod, please put the costume away
    Tazar: We are ever at your Service my liege.
    King Blackthorn: I would ask Lord Tazar to do something about the instances of Graverobbing in his city.
    Lightning Rod: no fun
    Faeryl Tyr'athem: Thank you
    King Blackthorn: The events of this past month have been most troubling.
    Tazar: I shall look into it most diligently my lord.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: Lord Sage of Skara Brae. The floor is yours.
    Bad JuJu: *cheers*
    Sage: Thank you my King
    Tenkara Bushi: Claps*
    Sage: The town of skara Brae has been busy with activity
    Sage: The town has hosted hunts to champ spawns as well a doom
    Sage: We have hosted a craft day with a great turn out
    Ardwinna: *would be nice if there werent so many fountains*
    Sage: We again will be hosting more hunts and crafting days in the near future
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Sage: We have scheduled a Halloween festival on October 26th
    Ardwinna: *then we need lifeguards at fountains*
    Sage: from 9-12 midnight
    Sage: The towns people have enjoyed all the improvements of the town
    Sage: we have numerous pending request
    King Blackthorn: If I am not mistaken, Skara Brae has goings on every Tuesday of October?
    Sage: the lessor channels
    Sage: must be gone amiss fishing
    Sage: Aye we have town meetings every Tuesday
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Sage: at 7:30 ETS
    Sage: I have my skara country house
    Sage: converted
    Sage: to my office
    Sage: as well as the mayors office
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Sage: We resently took a poll
    Lilith: Adsum
    Sage: the majority of the towns people
    Sage: was in favor of a garbage can
    Sage: and would like to have a royal
    Sage: Clean up officer assigned to the town '
    Bad JuJu: aye !!!
    Bad JuJu: *cheers*
    Sage: The only options people have
    Sage: is to visit other towns
    Sage: I am finished
    King Blackthorn: I am afraid things like garbage cans and trash collection are local matters.
    Tenkara Bushi: agreed
    Sage: Your Royal highness
    Sage: ?
    King Blackthorn: I am very excited to see the city of Skara so active.
    Tenkara Bushi: im a skara citizen dont want to go to brit just for a trash can
    Sage: So The towns folk
    King Blackthorn: And her citizens so loyal and patriotic toward their city.
    Sage: will do without
    Bad JuJu: yes I have to go to Moonglow to throw my waste away
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Bad JuJu: we want trash cans !!!
    King Blackthorn: Ill mention it.
    Sage: *sighs*
    Lew: we ship Trinsics to Solus, for a fee of course
    Dewey: I starve for adventure
    GodFather: And get harrassed by the Guards... agreed Tenkara
    Tenkara Bushi: King may i say something
    King Blackthorn: Moving on to Vesper.
    Sinful Obsession: Your Royal Majesty
    Sinful Obsession: Khaleesi sends her deepest regrets that she is unable to join the Council this eve,
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: She informed me that she may be absent this evneing.
    Thellaren: *pokes*
    Sr William: *nods* to my lady Sinful
    King Blackthorn: We wish her the best this evening.
    Sofia Elias: *coughs*
    King Blackthorn: What can the council do for Vesper?
    Sinful Obsession: He left me a note if you dont mind me reading it off
    King Blackthorn: Please.
    Sinful Obsession: She*
    Sinful Obsession: The city of Vesper petitions the King for a Virtue. We , the citizens have voted and feel the
    Alexander: thanks
    Sinful Obsession: the Virtue of Balance best represents Vesper.
    Sr William: :_)
    Sinful Obsession: Balance is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.
    Tazar: I recommend the Virtue of Patience.
    Sinful Obsession: They characterize impartiality, fair-mindness, social equality and neutrality
    Dewey: your mama
    Alward: some need such
    Sinful Obsession: Vesper truly characterizes this virtue requests the
    Sinful Obsession: color of grey with gold accents represent this fair city.
    Sr William: :_)
    Sinful Obsession: *waits for answer*
    Cadfael Gwynedd: *looks nervous*
    King Blackthorn: An interesting proposal, I would also mention that the ideals of Chaos do not have a home.
    King Blackthorn: Other than within this castle.
    Sinful Obsession: *Snickers*
    King Blackthorn: We will have to consider it.
    Sinful Obsession: I do wish to remind the King of his promise of a stablemaster.
    King Blackthorn: Such a dramatic thing requires much study.
    King Blackthorn: Nods
    Thellaren: *pokes sinful*
    King Blackthorn: The stablemaster is coming.
    King Blackthorn: I fear his drunkedness has delayed his arrival.
    Sr William: smiles
    Bad JuJu: *rolls eyes*
    King Blackthorn: But he comes.
    Bad JuJu: they get a stable and we cant get a trash can
    Sinful Obsession: I shall let her know
    John Cabral: lol
    Bad JuJu: !!
    Flair: *snickers*
    Tenkara Bushi: King may i Please speak with u after everyone speaks?
    Quacklebush: dont u have a stable?
    Sr William: we wantted a trash can to
    Sinful Obsession: "Takes a deep breath and goes on
    Quacklebush: and we dont have trash can either
    Quacklebush: so shut it
    Sinful Obsession: We understand that you have many cities with various requests
    King Blackthorn: *looks down the table at Norrington*
    Ardwinna: *oh dear, hope he doesnt know kung fu as well*
    King Blackthorn: Have you anything to add?
    Captn Norrington: yes i do king blackthorn
    Captn Norrington: although my initial plan has changed
    Captn Norrington: to start with, the citizens request
    Captn Norrington: the ankh in empath abbey
    Captn Norrington: be empowered to allow
    Captn Norrington: citizens and monks to tithe gold
    Captn Norrington: ressurect
    Captn Norrington: and lock karma
    Captn Norrington: like other ankhs allow
    King Blackthorn: Hmm.
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Captn Norrington: is this something that is possible?
    King Blackthorn: Shouldn't be a problem.
    Captn Norrington: great :)
    Captn Norrington: in addition
    King Blackthorn: Anything else this evening?
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Cadfael Gwynedd: yes Sire
    Captn Norrington: many citizens of yew
    Ardwinna: *Thank you my king would have been more appropriate*
    Tenkara Bushi: yes if i may
    Captn Norrington: are reluctant to accept me as governor
    Thellaren: we citizens ask to speak with the king
    Cadfael Gwynedd: may we speak?
    Captn Norrington: up until now i have been patient and lenient
    Captn Norrington: watching false accusation about myself
    Tazar: *rolls eyes*
    King Blackthorn: *looks across the table*
    Captn Norrington: be spammed onto the city bulletin board
    King Blackthorn: One moment, let me finish with Yew.
    Tenkara Bushi: *nods*
    Captn Norrington: i am out of patience for childish name calling
    Captn Norrington: i am the governor
    Captn Norrington: as elected by the people
    King Blackthorn: Norrington, sometimes things done for our benefit even done without our permission or blessing...
    Captn Norrington: and they should not be questioning everything i attempt to do
    King Blackthorn: Can tarnish our reputation.
    Captn Norrington: very true
    King Blackthorn: I was there that night, and I saw what was done.
    King Blackthorn: My concern personally is less for the elections...
    John Cabral: i love this fights lol
    King Blackthorn: Even though I have my concerns about that as well...
    King Blackthorn: But more for the discussions that happened at the meetings of Yew after your election.
    King Blackthorn: I am the King, I have ears and eyes everywhere.
    King Blackthorn: *looks across the table*
    Captn Norrington: you made it clear at the beginning of this meeting, you did not disagree with them though my lord
    Captn Norrington: my accusers that is
    Cadfael Gwynedd: *raises hand*
    King Blackthorn: *motions to Cadfael*
    King Blackthorn: You have waited patiently.
    Arcanis: ....
    Cadfael Gwynedd: Greetings Great King,
    King Blackthorn: I will accept a few petitioners...
    Cadfael Gwynedd: I am Cadfael Gwynedd, one of your Vassals from the City of Delucia.
    King Blackthorn: But be mindful of our time.
    Cadfael Gwynedd: I have been in the service of the Royal Council for many years.
    Arcanis: i do believe you were just ignored...again
    Cadfael Gwynedd: I have travelled far through dangerous roads to speak to you.
    Captn Norrington: yes i was arcanis
    Cadfael Gwynedd: My lovely daughters have turned the appropriate age to consider marriage.
    Cadfael Gwynedd: I humbly seek the King's consent to marry them to suitable candidates
    Shachar: WOW unbelievable
    King Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
    Cadfael Gwynedd: with your approval of course.
    Cadfael Gwynedd: This was the custom in the old King's Council.
    Cadfael Gwynedd: Do you give your consent Sire?
    King Blackthorn: Are the men you seek to join them with honorable and trustworthy?
    John Cabral: never mention old kings...
    John Cabral: life dange
    John Cabral: danger*
    Cadfael Gwynedd: i certainly hope so Sire
    Shachar: A Governor is blown off for a marriage proposal
    Sinful Obsession: Please get off me
    Shachar: that is just disrespectful
    King Blackthorn: Then as long as my concent, couples with the concent of your own daughters to marry who they...
    Cadfael Gwynedd: They are lovely flowers
    King Blackthorn: Choose.
    King Blackthorn: Then my concent is given.
    Cadfael Gwynedd: My gratitude Leige...my daughters will add to the Glory of your Council.
    Cadfael Gwynedd: *bows and backs into the crowd*
    King Blackthorn: *looks to Tenkara*
    Tenkara Bushi: Thx king
    King Blackthorn: *raises an eyebrow*
    Shachar: It is very obvious that favoritism runs deep in this court
    Tenkara Bushi: all do respect king and fellow governers
    Tenkara Bushi: sage
    Captn Norrington: that it does
    Tenkara Bushi: but i have a concern
    Tenkara Bushi: u said eearlier in the meeting that u will look ingto a stablemaster and a statue for solus
    Tenkara Bushi: but skara cant get a trash can
    Tenkara Bushi: why is that
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    John Cabral: people are going to die tonight...
    Zhuge: so is this meeting done?
    BellaLuna: lol
    Captn Norrington: rilien, it is a public meeting, the citizens may say what they wish
    John Cabral: ill just see that
    King Blackthorn: I mean only to say that matter of Trash Collection are better left to local levels.
    Shachar: Well first off I am not a Role plyer
    King Blackthorn: And do not require the attention of the King.
    Lew: *lays head on table*
    Tenkara Bushi: so what makes brit better then skara?
    X Jay X: *Coughs* *deceitfulness*
    King Blackthorn: *sighs*
    Zhuge: these shouldnt even be matters of the King but the govenors..
    Captn Norrington: yep
    King Blackthorn: *nods to Zhuge*
    Tenkara Bushi: either should a statue
    Yosef: *bites apple*
    Corinthian: It has a king, for one
    X Jay X: *Agrees with ZHuge*
    Sage: Good solus transfer yours to my town
    Zhuge: I dont care if he gets a statue or not, long as every town gets treated equally..
    King Blackthorn: *motions to Thellaren*
    Zhuge: gives me something to walk my dogs by anyhow.
    X Jay X: *Agrees with ZHuge* *Again*
    King Blackthorn: *laughs at Zhuge's statement*
    Shachar: Which all towns are not treated equally
    Dewey: *Smile*
    Solus: Some requests are easier than others
    Tenkara Bushi: wish i had duped gold to pay u off
    Thellaren: my liege my speach is a bit longer maybe young dewey here should go first
    Shachar: that is very obvious
    John Cabral: wow
    King Blackthorn: As I said, lets be mindful of our time, our evening has already grown long.
    John Cabral: thats really exciting
    King Blackthorn: Please, you have the floor.
    Please, you have the floor.
    Please, you have the floor.
    Dewey: My word is not of dire import I leave with words
    Thellaren: might i suggest a royal regatta in his highnesses honor
    King Blackthorn: Someone... talk.
    Someone... talk.
    Someone... talk.
    King Blackthorn: *crosses his arms*
    Tenkara Bushi: we tried
    King Blackthorn: A regatta eh?
    Tenkara Bushi: and was ignored
    King Blackthorn: Hmm.
    Thellaren: in the spirit of cooperation between towns
    X Jay X: I have something to add that would benifit EACH and every town!
    Thellaren: as what ive seen here is a bunch of bickering
    X Jay X: that would be of ease to place
    Thellaren: maybe a simple act can bring towns together for one day
    Thellaren: all i ask is that i might go thru with it and the chance to speak to each mayor
    Britannic: Me thinks the King ought to teach his citizens proper English spelling and grammar. But, what would I know?
    King Blackthorn: I like the idea of a Regatta.
    Thellaren: scuse me good sir
    King Blackthorn: Please explore the ideas with the Governors, and see what support you can gain.
    Ardwinna: *charm school?*
    Thellaren: i would speak with each mayor
    Thellaren: please
    Solus: Please, get my title right first
    Solus: Thank you
    Dewey: As an explorer you have my support Thellaren
    Lew: i would happily meet with you after council
    Thellaren: govenor solus my appologies
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: Good Thellaren, for the sake of time, speak with each Governor after the Council.
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: *motions to Dewey*
    King Blackthorn: Dewey is it?
    Dewey: Thank you Royal one
    Lochmor-DemonBow: Start Tracker
    Thellaren: dewey be careful how you speak with the king
    Dewey: I simply come before you today to express my loyalty an gratitude of your position
    Dewey: An deem that I am glad to be living under your control
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Lilith: *an amused smile crosses her lips*
    Dewey: I am a man of many talents but my love for philosophy an grasping knowledge is a fav
    John Cabral: everyone wants the kings favor
    King Blackthorn: Hearing from the people and to be so lauded is a blessing and a pleasure Dewey.
    John Cabral: thats disgusting
    King Blackthorn: *looks to Lady Elias*
    King Blackthorn: We are blessed ourselves this evening with the Beautiful Lady Elias of Nujelm.
    Dewey: I am new, but I hope i can bring much fortune an deemness under your reign.
    King Blackthorn: Did you wish to speak miss?
    Sofia Elias: Yes, My Lord
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: the Floor is yours.
    Sofia Elias: It is on the latest. Decree from the Govenor of Solus regarding my home of Nujel'm.
    King Blackthorn: So...
    King Blackthorn: You have decided to represent your home after all?
    King Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
    Sofia Elias: *purses her lips a moment*
    King Blackthorn: My appologies...
    King Blackthorn: Continue.
    Sofia Elias: *nods once*
    King Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
    Sofia Elias: I merely wanted to bring to light that this. Decree has not been heard of on the Isle itself.
    Sofia Elias: We are a quiet, peaceful people and tend to. Stay apart from outside influence My Lord.
    BellaLuna: All Kill
    Solus: Why would peasents be included in matters above them?
    King Blackthorn: Mind your tongue Solus.
    Sofia Elias: It is hard to. Contend that the Sultan would now change his views and potentially risk matters with the people of Britannia.
    King Blackthorn: Respect the lady or Ill have you all wet again.
    Flair: *snickers*
    King Blackthorn: *glares*
    Bad JuJu: harhar
    Sofia Elias: *claps her hands in front of herself*
    Solus: He saw my way after lengthy negotiations
    Rilien Reinhardt: I hear the sixth time he gets thrown in he gets a prize..
    Solus: There is nothing to worry yourself with
    Sofia Elias: *continues to look at the King*
    Yosef: *flips page in note book*
    Solus: Perhaps you can speak at length with my second in command
    King Blackthorn: This situation in Nujelm will need to be respolved.
    Lochmor-DemonBow: Start Tracker
    Lochmor-DemonBow: Hail Thellaren
    Solus: There is nothing to resolve my King
    King Blackthorn: I will send a missive to the Sultan and discuss with him.
    Solus: They will take our prisoners, that is all
    Solus: There is nothing more to it
    King Blackthorn: I do wish that Nujelm had representation at this Council Lady Elias.
    Solus: Dont read more into it than you should
    King Blackthorn: Official Representation.
    Sage: Maybe you can appoint a governor there
    Sofia Elias: *shifts slightly and nods*
    Thellaren: hail lochmor *the king speaks shhh*
    Sage: oust the sultan
    Lioness Heart: lol
    King Blackthorn: If there is nothing else M'Lady?
    Sofia Elias: *looks at Safe*
    Sofia Elias: *Sage*
    Solus: The Governor of Skara suggets a motion of war
    Solus: Shameful
    Sofia Elias: *looks back to the King.*
    Sage: simple replacement
    King Blackthorn: The Sultain of Nujelm is a personal friend.
    Lioness Heart: solus any suggestion to u is war
    Sofia Elias: No My Lord. That was all.
    Sage: he looks old
    Sofia Elias: Thank you for your time.
    Sofia Elias: *bows her head as she curtsies*
    Bad JuJu: well can you ask your personal friend to get me a trash can !
    Solus: Sorry, perhaps instead of solving our prisoner population problems
    King Blackthorn: Does the Goblin represenative have anything?
    Lioness Heart: rofl
    Solus: Maybe we can build a park for Skara Brae?
    Solus: Will that make you happier?
    Tenkara Bushi: king
    King Blackthorn: Our Goblin friend is not here this evening.
    Sage: nah you can just send me your clean up officer and trash cans
    Solus: Some of the country folk in here do not understand the business of real cities
    King Blackthorn: Very Well.
    Very Well.
    Very Well.
    Tenkara Bushi: whats the chain of command after the governer?
    ETM: A park will alwas be better then WAR
    King Blackthorn: Let me know when you all are finished.
    Solus: Extermo Vomica
    Lioness Heart: solus
    King Blackthorn: I can wait.
    Solus: Extermo Vomica
    Lioness Heart: this is uo
    Lioness Heart: u dont have a real city
    Solus: I didnt realize your citizens were uncapable of throwing away garbage
    Solus: Perhaps intensive training is in order?
    King Blackthorn: May I speak now?
    GodFather: LOL.. the ghost town of Britain... what a city
    Lew: *picks head up and looks around*
    Lioness Heart: ur an idiot solus
    King Blackthorn: Oh wait...
    Alexander: *smurks*
    Solus: Look at Skara Brae, how rude
    Tenkara Bushi: how about dupe me some gold solus
    Solus: Is that how you conduct yourself in the presence of the King?
    Selling Items: *coughs*
    Zhuge: Skara has more love, then 60% of the other towns.
    Sage: Look in a mirror solus
    King Blackthorn: I have three things.
    John Cabral: eheheeh solus is funny
    Lew: *yawns*
    Arcanis: cant YEW too get along
    King Blackthorn: Then we shall close for the evening.
    Solus: *shakes head*
    Solus: Shameful
    X Jay X: Sorry to say but the favoritisum and childish acts, make the game inexplicable and disgusting!
    Lew: *lays head back down*
    Alexander: Don't mind Governor Solus, he has had a rough day dealing with Nujelm.
    King Blackthorn: First, I seek a report from anyone and everyone on theories and information...
    Alexander: I'm his intentions are not what they present to be.
    Lioness Heart: no whats shameful is u are governor again
    Lioness Heart: of Brit
    King Blackthorn: On the White Hart and it's mate.
    Solus: Sorry, I should spend my time complaining to the King instead
    Tenkara Bushi: where is lord brit maybe we can get stuff done
    Captn Norrington: *longs for the days lord british Ruled, when honor and integrity actually meant something*
    Lew: *perks up*
    Yosef: *writes in note book*
    Sofia Elias: *purses her lips a moment*
    Solus: The Governor of Yew has something to say about its King?
    Solus: Speak up down there
    John Cabral: itll end in a blood bath i know
    Rilien Reinhardt: Interesting.... they're all bickering like children and not letting The King Speak...
    Tenkara Bushi: adam ant would make a better king
    X Jay X: Don't you wish integrity would actually exsit?
    Captn Norrington: im sorry, did i say that out loud solus :/
    King Blackthorn: Secondly, we will be having a day of Harvest Celebrations...
    Dewey: I dont believe i know anyhting of a white hart..
    Lew: woo hoo
    King Blackthorn: Next month, and a day of hunting will be planned.
    Lew: harbest beer
    Tenkara Bushi: btw where is the em of the shard shouldnt they be here
    King Blackthorn: I will open up the Royal Forests for hunting, for a single day.
    Lioness Heart: Skara has events planned for October already my King
    King Blackthorn: Should be a fun and interesting day.
    Zhuge: ....
    SunWolf: Hunting what?
    Lew: can I hunt the white heart?
    Solus: Skara Brae has events planned!
    X Jay X: "PREDICT THE FUTRUE* favoritism causes more curruption!
    Solus: Let us not let the King grace us with his favors
    Alexander: As does Jhelom.
    Tenkara Bushi: solus what do u have planed besides duping gold
    Andrasta: sounds wonderful
    Solus: Skara Brae has it covered!
    Captn Norrington: powa to da peopel jay!
    Sofia Elias: *slight sigh*
    Lioness Heart: We have our city covered Solus
    Solus: The Governor of Skara Brae, might want to get his subordinates in check
    Lioness Heart: more than u do in Brit
    King Blackthorn: Thirdly... I forget the third thing as my patience is at an end this evening.
    Rilien Reinhardt: Can we please just start hurling them into the moat? I'll make a donation for it
    Bad JuJu: if you say one more thing I will cut thy throat !
    Britannic: You speak of disrespect, Governor Solus. Please, demonstrate what that is for the rest of us that we might follow your example.
    Lioness Heart: So is ious
    Dewey: The people have power
    Sage: My people have a voice
    Solus: Doesnt your city need to cry some more tonight?
    Dewey: the the king is the voice of the people
    Dewey: respect for oneself own will.
    Solus: *laughs*
    Carrero: you've done that enough solus
    Lew: *hands the king a beer*
    Yosef: *shakes head*
    Sage: i dont pay my people hush money
    Thellaren: in the drink in the drink
    X Jay X: *Laughs*
    Lioness Heart: oh wait
    Lilith: *chuckles*
    King Blackthorn: We are finished.
    Lioness Heart: souls is trying to take over more cities
    King Blackthorn: Or at least I am.
    Tenkara Bushi: hey noone speak for me solus
    Lioness Heart: he cant handle his own
    Sr William: night my Lord :_)
    King Blackthorn: *walks out angry*

    Solus: Please pronounce my name correctly whelp
    Lioness Heart: thats ur name
    Sinful Obsession: Yes?
    Tenkara Bushi: ok duoer how is that that is ur name right
    Sage: lol
    Sr William: i shall gate you out outside
    X Jay X: the favoritism is disgusting
    Sr William: :_)
    Solus: Shall you complain some more?
    Lew: you infuriated the Jung'
    Lew: King
    Sinful Obsession: *Smiles*
    Sr William: :_)
    Arcanis: disrespected
    Captn Norrington: if anyone has anything to say to me this evening, please say it to my face this time :)
    X Jay X: the lack of integrity is a SHAME!
    Sr William: lead the way pls
    Yosef: *looks around*
    Lilith: most amusing
    Zhuge: Yosef, you want a title?
    Lioness Heart: U pancake all the time
    Yosef: I do say so myself
    Tenkara Bushi: that king is a joke anyway
    Lilith: *claps quietly*
    Lew: Thallaren
    Lew: tell us your ideas
    Solus: *shakes head* What a mockery of a council this has become
    Yosef: Hello there
    Tazar: You reap what you sow Jay.
    Gauis Gracchus: Order Now!!! Gauis Agrippa's Tiny Penis Deliveries!!! Schedule for October and recieve the Weiner and Wine special!!!
    Lioness Heart: yeah when u became gov
    Captn Norrington: were you talking to me lioness?
    Arcanis: as you
    Zhuge: greetings, obviously as you seen our town needs more help.
    Lioness Heart: that was a mockery
    Yosef: *nods*
    Zhuge: since statues are more important on the agendas.
    Bad JuJu: you need to shut it no one wants to listen to your ********
    Lioness Heart: no ass
    Lew: please be quiet, i would hear Thallaren speak
    Sage: Welcome aboard Captain Nor
    Lioness Heart: from brit
    Thellaren: firstly i did have to ask the king or i wouldnt have gotten anywhere from some of you
    Lioness Heart: that thinks hes a gov
    Captn Norrington: ah ok :)
    X Jay X: *Hail Exodus*
    Tenkara Bushi: *pisses on Solus*
    Sage: lol
    Solus: *laughs*
    Yosef: We shall bring the people to minoc
    X Jay X: LMFAO!
    Solus: As if
    Yosef: *smiles*
    X Jay X: *Hail Exodus* *Snickers*
    Zhuge: More the better
    Lew: Thalleran, go ahaid
    Lew: im all ears
    Thellaren: number 1 i have marked a spot in each town


    My log stops there.
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    you missed it Soar. I found it quite interesting even if Lew forgot about me and I didn't get to thank the king for posting my fish...
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    I did not forget, it was a calculated omission ;) I still have plans to eat that fish, stuffed or not :)
    in all actuality, I had more than I usually have to say, and it totally slipped my mind to thank the King for putting that fish up.

    Thank you for posting that transcript Bennu I missed a lot of the dialogue as I was trying to focus on the person who was speaking at the moment.. It was good to re-read, opened my eyes to a few things..
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    Aug 10, 2010
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  10. Promathia

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    Last night made me really consider not continuing with this.

    Wish some people understood I'm in character, and the things I ask for aren't actual things I expect to get, but just props in my story to show the type of person my character is.
  11. Yosef

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    Sep 12, 2013
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    The only problem with the chat, is you don't see who they are talking to like my,
    "Lilith: most amusing
    Lioness Heart: U b#$#% all the time
    Yosef: I do say so myself"
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  12. Lord Lew

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    aye there is that danger, but I do not think anyone matched those two together Yosef..

    Solus, please do not leave the council, most of us realize that you are staying spot on with your character, and appreciate your role-play of that character.. I know I have been critical in the past but have grown to understand it. I do not think some of us realize that it is a Role-play driven system, and not as much a gimmie this or that for my city system. If utilized in the correct fashion, Bennu will add stuff to facilitate player driven story lines.. within reason of course.. And to liberally throw around the favoritism word is detrimental, and very dangerous, I don't think people grasp fully the ramifications of this path..

    the asking for stuff and then getting upset when it is not instantly granted is out of line. Take for instance the trash cans and cleanup officer.. these items I would assume are a bit out of his reach, and all he can do is send the request up the line so to speak. To compare them with Brit is ridiculous as Bit and new haven have had them from the start of the system, and Luna has a trashcan as well.. To assume they are there simply because Solus is Governor of Brit is ludicrous, because they have been in Brit for far longer than the current election system.

    I'm not sure if most of the new faces realize it or not, but sometimes the King has to push meetings forward, he has a set time limit, and cannot listen to our concerns for hours on end. What may seem like an ignore to you may be a need to hasten the council forward to fit in a time constraint. It should not be taken personally..

  13. EM_Bennu

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    ^This, all day long.

    I would also like to add, that Governors asking for trash cans has specifically been mentioned by Mesanna as not the business of the King. I'd like to come up with a better analogy... but there is no better one than, "Asking a King for a Trash Can." :p

    Everything else was addressed on the Atlantic EM Forum side and is now stickied at the top as previously linked.
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  14. Queen Arya

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    Solus you cant leave the council-you have become um how do I say this-like a fixture-your role play is why I attend- a bowl of popcorn and the story line at the council- it doesnt get any better than that

    I do have to add tho after Bennu posting the text like that, seems to me theres alot of disrespect? Tons of talking in the back ground

    I believe if the King has the floor, then it should be quiet, maybe a gasp or a sigh would work until its your turn to talk. Unless the story arcs has been pre arranged for a ruckus

    FYI I hate missing the meeting but its going to take a week for my graphics card :{
    #14 Queen Arya, Sep 30, 2013
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  15. Andrasta

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    The Meeting started out well enough with some very good ideas coming forth and some new rp.




  16. whiterabbit

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    Tenkara Bushi: *pisses on Solus* HEY DAT MEES JOB
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  17. Andrasta

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    Unfortunately it only got worse after the King left.




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  18. Faeryl

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    Wow... That kind of behaviour makes ME ashamed...
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  19. QMSoar

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    Thank you for posting those logs. It cleared up a lot of confusion.

    I think everything useful thing I could add to this discussion has already been said, with the exception of a couple of points I feel are very important.

    There were several new particpants at this meeting, it was the first of a new term after all. It appears that a lot of things may have been unknown to these new members. The focus on roleplay, the time restraints that require the King to cut short discussions that are more argumentive than productive, and the particular difficulties connected with trash can placement. These are familiar if you've been following the system, but may not be so obvious to first timers. Reading the logs I can see most fires of frustration were started by this problem, and then fanned by knee-jerk reactions and our human tendancy to assume the worst in people.

    The document posted by Bennu certainly clears things up, but in fairness to those who felt wronged by this meeting, it was posted after the fact. It would really help if we could put that document somewhere much more visible, both in game at the meeting and elsewhere on these forums. The EM forum is not as well visited. Those guidelines really are required reading for anyone attending, governors and citizens alike, and we can't really fault new comers for not knowning them if we don't make them cearly visible.

    Finally, I'd like to stress the point Lew posted about making accusations of favoritism.

    Please, please, never do this lightly. In our history, we have had three game enhancement programs, similar to the current EMs, that have been severly damaged and even destroyed due to claims of favoritism. This round of EMs has been amazingly careful to avoid the same fate and have done an excellent job.
    As you can see in this instance, the claims stemmed from something as simple as not understanding all factors of the issue. It would have been a great shame to see either the election system or the EMs themselves tarnished by this. So please, use the old wisdom and take a day or two before making strong accusations of foul play.

    #19 QMSoar, Sep 30, 2013
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  20. Andrasta

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    Thank you for posting the entire text of the meeting EM Bennu and for the Guide on the EM Forum. It helps us greatly understand what we can or cannot expect.

    Solus, I sincerely hope that you continue with the Council. It has been fun and interesting to have you on it.

    I don't usually post full journal shots but I thought it was important to let everyone see who was a positive force and who was a negative force.

    I hope everyone realizes we have been given a really great opportunity to enrich our world. It will stand or fail on our behaviour which was at a terrible shameful low point last night.

    If you have no intention of respecting the King or the process, a lot of people's hard work is going to be for nothing and this opportunity is going be wasted.

    Being a Governor is not an easy task and we are trying our best to figure out ways to keep people interested and have fun. Judging a Governor based solely on how many events they have or haven't had doesn't account for other things they may be involved in. ie RP stories, pitching in at other events etc. Also, this opportunity cannot rest solely on the Governor's shoulders because if you as citizens do not show up or get involved, its very hard to have a successful & fun council.

    I saw very positive things in the mention of Player towns finally being included as well as the Harvest Day hunt with the King. Those are things I am very excited about. I invite all Citizens of Atlantic to get involved with the Cities & the Governors and lets have some fun with this.

    Just please remember to show some respect everyone involved.

    Goodman's Rune Library
    Governor of New Magincia
  21. EM_Bennu

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    This pretty much sums up my feelings about the meeting last night...


    ...I am sure we will do better next month. :)
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  22. Faeryl

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    Well, I don't think we could really do much worse. We can only go up from here. Especially with the primer you posted.
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  23. EM_Bennu

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    I have been thinking about posting it for about a month, but we had been doing so well. But in reality its my fault, I should have typed something up from the very beginning.

    Lets just move on with no hard feelings, and have some fun... which is the whole point :)