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(RP) Transcript: Meeting with Capt. Jack Passer 02:22:12

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Zurhet Pebblethief, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Zurhet Pebblethief

    Zurhet Pebblethief Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2010
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    Captain Jack Passer: She is working on a substance that will try make the ooze less toxic.
    Emma: Gee it is busy Ash
    Captain Jack Passer: Try giving them to her one at a time and not in a bag Sindee.
    Rand: less toxic..or a cure?
    SinDee: I shall thank you sir
    Captain Jack Passer: I havent had a good chat with the Alchemist so I'm not sure what she is possibly able to do.
    Hazel: I found the plans in the sinkhole under Counselor's Guild
    Hazel: there is a potion to make you immune
    Rand: hmm
    Captain Jack Passer: We havent confirmed it yet but Im thinking long exposure to the ooze is what makes you sick.
    Captain Jack Passer: We have a couple things to work out before we meet again in Trinsic with the larger forces.
    SinDee: So the Rum is safe to drink agin?
    Captain Jack Passer: When was the Rum ever unsafe?
    Callista: Your gonna drunk Rum?
    Thom: Our rum was never unsafe.
    Captain Jack Passer: For those who were here on Sunday
    Captain Jack Passer: We have placed the Mayor in a secure facility.
    SinDee: just saying If I wanted to spread the Ooze I use rum
    Hazel: You found him?
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes we found the Mayor
    Captain Jack Passer: He was hiding in the city, behind a wall.
    Captain Jack Passer: He is in a secure location
    Hazel: Ohhh... I was in game but missed that
    Rand: Whats this I heard about his involvement?
    Captain Jack Passer: It is suspected he is involved.
    Thrawn: Thrawn begins to menacingly swing a bola...
    Hazel: Is he being interrogated?
    Captain Jack Passer: Not yet
    Thom: Why not?
    Hazel: Is he sane?
    Rand: Why is he suspected?
    SinDee: We have top men working on it...top men
    Captain Jack Passer: I have been letting him stew for a bt.
    Captain Jack Passer: bit.
    Thrawn: Thrawn begins to menacingly swing a bola...
    Thom: If he has information we need then it'd be best to get it
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes I agree
    Thom: before too many more people get sick or die from this.
    Captain Jack Passer: And we will
    Captain Jack Passer: Onto the sick people.
    Captain Jack Passer: I want to capture one of the sick
    Captain Jack Passer: And place them in a cell perhaps.
    Captain Jack Passer: And monitor what happens.
    Callista: And in doing so, are we going to become sick?
    Captain Jack Passer: Well I wouldnt risk anyone being near them too long.
    Captain Jack Passer: But I think it may be a good plan to see long term if they recover.
    Dayton: think he
    SinDee: But you would risk for a short wile?
    Captain Jack Passer: Well we have been there for a few hours, Atleast I have.
    Captain Jack Passer: And I have no signs of sickness.
    Callista: yet?
    Captain Jack Passer: Well yes
    Captain Jack Passer: Unless anyone else has an idea where we can keep a sick citizen?
    Hazel: Have you checked out Malabelle's Cell?
    a rat: prizon
    Thom: Where are you planning to put them once you have them
    Captain Jack Passer: I did Hazel
    Hazel: do you think it would take much to fix it?
    Captain Jack Passer: Its in dangerous lands
    Rand: perhaps outside of a populated area would be wise...
    Captain Jack Passer: Absolutely Rand
    Reacher: Did any contract illness from our encounter with them last week?
    Captain Jack Passer: I tried not step in the ooze.
    SinDee: that would risk the curse outsde the city
    a rat: shakel him to luna bank wall haha that would be fun
    Captain Jack Passer: One thing that may be causing the citizens to become sick
    Captain Jack Passer: Is the water supply in the city.
    SinDee: Aye look what it did to the sea life
    Captain Jack Passer: The ooze is in the water, and in the rivers that flow in the city.
    Captain Jack Passer: I think it would help if we could, If we can afford to, Send a shipment of water to the city.
    Captain Jack Passer: And move people away from the river edge
    Hazel: might help to pour refresh potion in the rivers too
    SinDee: Maybe station the guards by the water ways
    Callista: Maybe just filter them?
    Captain Jack Passer: Ill wait for the alchemists full report.
    Thom: Probably not a good idea to pour anything else in the water until we know how it'll interact
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes, I would like to wait for the alchemists full report.
    Thom: When do you expect it?
    SinDee: Any more reports of infected sea life?
    Captain Jack Passer: We need to get some crimson hearts.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: some?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: more than one?
    SinDee: By the gods
    Captain Jack Passer: Well theres a lot of sick citizens out there.
    Captain Jack Passer: and a lot of water if this potion cures the water too!
    Irulia D'Arkaith: How many of these rare dragons exist?
    SinDee: I heard tales they turn tamed dragons wild.
    Reacher: Where are these found..
    Captain Jack Passer: I have heard they are found in regions of Ilshenar.
    Captain Jack Passer: But Im not too familiar with the area.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Hmm...
    Captain Jack Passer: Im going to gather as many people as possible in the next few days to gather some harts.
    Captain Jack Passer: Hearts also.
    Captain Jack Passer: As far as further sea monsters.
    Captain Jack Passer: Nothing stood out when I checked Trinsic earlier
    Thom: We didn't find anything on our patrols this afternoon either.
    Reacher: I saw nothing unusual a couple of hours ago myself
    Hazel: Do you have a plan on how to kill the crimson dragons?
    Captain Jack Passer: Im hoping sheer numbers Hazel.
    Ash: fresh unbonded tames i would say
    Thom: Archers did the best against them the last time I saw one brought down.
    Hazel: if we can't use dragons - we'll need a squad of healers
    Captain Jack Passer: Archers
    Captain Jack Passer: Ill make a note
    Captain Jack Passer: And yes I have heard pets are not so useful.
    Captain Jack Passer: the crimson dragon is rather hungry when it comes to other animals.
    Thom: Indeed.
    Captain Jack Passer: I think in the next day or so
    Reacher: Tis a shame to kill such a magnificent creature...but...alas..
    Captain Jack Passer: We should start questioning the Mayor
    Captain Jack Passer: If he has no information, we can let him go and use that secure cell for some citizens.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Just like that?
    SinDee: No trail?
    Captain Jack Passer: Im not saying we will release him.
    Captain Jack Passer: But if he doesnt say anything in the next few days, what are we to do?
    SinDee: Send him to the courts
    Rand: About the mayor..Jack, why is he suspected?
    Captain Jack Passer: He chose to banish the Royal Guard from the city before the ooze spread.
    Captain Jack Passer: That in itself is an act in which he should no longer be Mayor for.
    Reacher: I dont know if he committed any more of a crime than stupidity
    Captain Jack Passer: We shouldnt be fighting against each other in this situation
    Captain Jack Passer: It is possible we may be dealing with a very stupid man.
    Rand: I hope that is so.
    Thom: I don't think it's just possible, seems to be pretty well proven at this point.
    SinDee: But captian people have died due to hsi actions
    Captain Jack Passer: Of course if he does refuse to talk.
    Captain Jack Passer: We could use other measures.
    Captain Jack Passer: Like we did with the pirates.
    Katera: yes
    Katera: lets go use other measures
    Hazel: if he is insane, would those measures be effective?
    Rand: measures?
    Katera: lol
    Captain Jack Passer: The only way the pirate captured spoke was with a knife to his throat.
    Reacher: you mean .....torture?
    Thom: The problem with those measures is that you usually hear what you want to hear.
    Thom: Not necessarily the truth.
    Captain Jack Passer: That is a fair point
    Captain Jack Passer: Perhaps we can move the Captain to another location.
    SinDee: i have a idea
    Reacher: Is there not a wizard tahe can concoct a potion of truth ?
    Captain Jack Passer: He is taking up a location with over 15 cells. We could be using those for citizens.
    Captain Jack Passer: What is your idea Sindee?
    Brylee: aye
    spanky: i have a place in fel
    SinDee: Release him if he says nothing
    Katera: i also have an idea
    SinDee: But have one of your men follow him
    SinDee: Keep tabs on him
    Katera: how about we kill something lol
    Rand: Aye, Sindee has the right idea!
    Callista: What about a Bracelet of binding?
    Hazel: send a stealther to accompany him wherever he goes
    Captain Jack Passer: Well if he is stupid, then he may lead us to something that shows his involvement.
    SinDee: Aye does the Royal guard have spys?
    Katera: good lets go
    Captain Jack Passer: There have always been very good spies in the Royal Guard.
    SinDee: There is are awanser
    Thom: Give him a chance to talk and if he doesn't then we should use that idea.
    Captain Jack Passer: We should question him first before just letting him go yes
    Hazel: aye
    Rand: A
    spanky: yea
    Rand: Aye
    spanky: yes
    Callista: What if you just give him someone to talk to?
    SinDee: Aye
    Captain Jack Passer: Well he has only been in the cell a few days.
    Callista: He may talk more willingly, someone he considers a friend
    SinDee: Not like its a bad cell at that
    Hazel: He was in hiding before that
    Captain Jack Passer: No its one of the best cells I've seen.
    SinDee: He may not want to leave
    Hazel: Where is his girlfriend?
    Thom: Much more comfortable then the cells we usually supply our prisoners.
    spanky: put him in solitary confinement for a few days
    Reacher: The alchemist must have some..er...concoction..that might loosen his tongue
    Captain Jack Passer: I dont know much about the Mayor or his friends.
    Captain Jack Passer: No there will be no fighting tonight.
    Rand: Question him...then banish him for his derelict actions. Then as SinDee sugests...follow him.
    Callista: I mean perhaps someone he will feel at ease with
    SinDee: there's cake later
    Katera: how bout a click drop
    Callista: someone that can become his friend
    Captain Jack Passer: Read the notices better next time
    Captain Jack Passer: if we can find a friend of his we may be into something.
    Captain Jack Passer: But.. We'd then need to trust that friend
    Callista: You don't quite understand me
    Captain Jack Passer: Then explain please
    Reacher: He has friends?..*rolls his eyes a bit surprised*
    Callista: Put someone in there to earn his trust
    Callista: Someone to talk to that is on our side
    SinDee: A inside man?
    Callista: Or woman
    Captain Jack Passer: Its an empty cell, someone just wonders in?
    Brylee: yes
    SinDee: Oooo I see
    Captain Jack Passer: I have a feeling he would feel its a setup.
    SinDee: Wait!
    Captain Jack Passer: Im waiting!
    Reacher: not a bad suggestion..it has merit
    Hazel: Turn them green and put them in the cell next to him.
    SinDee: What if he was infected?
    Rand: ohhhh
    Captain Jack Passer: ohh
    a rat: sherry the mouse!
    Laeldril Do'ghym: I think she means you could make it look like the person had also been arrested
    Captain Jack Passer: Paint him green?
    SinDee: Aye!
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Put him in a cell with some ooze and see if it makes him more eager to talk
    Hazel: or get the alchemist to come up with something to turn the spy green
    Reacher: or made to look like he was infected
    Captain Jack Passer: I like that idea.
    Reacher: yes
    Wang: Vas Rel Por
    SinDee: He might even spill the beans about a cure?
    Athena: Consecrus Arma
    Athena: sec
    Reacher: maybe get him drunk
    SinDee: to save himself
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Have we discerned yet if he might have had some motive other than curiosity for digging up
    Hazel: aye
    Irulia D'Arkaith: the bones
    Rand: hmm
    Athena: all kill
    Captain Jack Passer: All the cities are poor.
    Hazel: Have we figured out who's bones? Was it Juon'ars?
    Captain Jack Passer: I want to say its money related.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Aye, but who provided the money?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Some collector?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Or some great evil?
    Captain Jack Passer: And yes whoever the bones were that are now missing are worth something..
    spanky: a luna vendor
    Hazel: That monster made the dead walk in Trinsic before.
    Captain Jack Passer: Either they are vaulables or they perform a function.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: I remember it well
    Thom: i'd say probably both.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Well if money is his motive, perhaps that would loosen his tongue
    Captain Jack Passer: I have very little money myself to give him!
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Bribe him. Offer him freedom and gold for information
    Captain Jack Passer: And we have no queen or king to ask money from.
    Rand: the carrot could work.
    Hazel: How much gold are you thinking of offering him?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Offer him money and freedom or a cell filled with ooze
    Captain Jack Passer: Well he is a Mayor.
    Captain Jack Passer: He must already be quite wealthy..
    Callista: Or a woman friend for the evening
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Apparently you don't know humans
    Captain Jack Passer: So we will need quite a lot to make him notice.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: There is never enough money
    SinDee: I have five gold pices....
    Callista: That must be one thing he is lacking in his cell
    spanky: offer him your surcoat
    Thom: Name the price and the Guardians will help come up with it.
    Hazel: lol - five gold pieces
    Captain Jack Passer: Im not going to scoop up some Ooze and place it in his cell.
    Hazel: I have a bottle
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Fine, chain him to the gravestone he helped dig
    Captain Jack Passer: We'll go there the next day and find one of those killing machines waiting for us.
    Captain Jack Passer: I want to paint someone green and have them jailed.
    Hazel: so - lets start with a green skinned spy in the cell next to him
    SinDee: I offer myself for the task
    Captain Jack Passer: Make it clear by yelling, they are infected are are being put there to stop it spreading.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Or that
    Captain Jack Passer: You would need to wear something..
    Captain Jack Passer: A little less.
    Captain Jack Passer: He may not see your face clearly.
    SinDee: Eh?
    SinDee: Such as?
    Captain Jack Passer: Perhaps some short pants?
    Callista: A white shirt?
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes and a shirt
    SinDee: ....Does anyone have such atire?
    Captain Jack Passer: Oh we don't need it now!
    Callista: I'm sure Alexia does
    Lyra Darkstar: Callista
    SinDee: Phew
    Captain Jack Passer: Please think of the children.
    Callista: What...
    Brylee: yes
    Thom: No clothes from Alexia.
    Reacher: might want to dirty it up a bit
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes we may have to roll you in the mud outside.
    Captain Jack Passer: So it looks like you've been living outside for a week.
    SinDee: Hold on there
    Callista: That could be fun!
    Hazel: do the infected babble?
    Captain Jack Passer: What?
    Rand: Har!
    SinDee: Trinisc is not a muddy place
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Is this to get the mayor to talk or fulfilling some fantasy of yours Captain?
    Captain Jack Passer: It is near the grave!
    Callista: We could make a mud puddle
    SinDee: lets not over do it
    Captain Jack Passer: Can it be both?
    SinDee: Lets just keep it simple
    Captain Jack Passer: I agree.
    Callista: I'll help make sure your hair gets good and muddy
    Thom: With one of my Knights?
    SinDee: Perhaps a old robe?
    Thom: Not unless she wants it to be.
    Captain Jack Passer: Back to the task in hand please.
    Captain Jack Passer: Old clothes.
    Thom: At...
    Thom: Task at hand please.
    Captain Jack Passer: Im sorry? Oh I see.
    Hazel: A week outdoors doesn't mean old - means dirty.
    Captain Jack Passer: So yes if your up for it Sindee.
    Captain Jack Passer: Ill write that down.
    a horse: a horse appears to have decided that it is better off without a master!
    SinDee: Aye
    Captain Jack Passer: Good.
    Hazel: probably hungry as well
    Katera: lol can i have ur talisman
    SinDee: To help the city anyway I can
    Irulia D'Arkaith: smart horse
    Captain Jack Passer: No.
    Captain Jack Passer: Im using it.
    Katera: o
    Captain Jack Passer: Sindee you will need to act ill also.
    Captain Jack Passer: So scream out random words.
    Captain Jack Passer: You know.
    Captain Jack Passer: Play the part.
    Doddz: Don't worry, I'm here.
    SinDee: Good?
    Captain Jack Passer: Nice to have you
    Callista: Calli is my BEST friend
    Captain Jack Passer: The Mayor must think you are pure poisonous.
    Callista: oh wait.... that parts true.
    Captain Jack Passer: And that way he will want to leave his cell quickly.
    Katera: how bout ur surcoat
    Captain Jack Passer: And then we may have some information.
    Reacher: cough and drool some as well
    Dayton: Blood, i need blood
    Captain Jack Passer: Blood for what?!
    SinDee: blood for the blood god?
    Dayton: just talking insane like
    Captain Jack Passer: Oh I see. That was very good.
    Captain Jack Passer: Are there any other questions?
    Doddz: Hmmm, I'm not keen on purple.
    Callista: SinDee will be safe
    Hazel: When is the Crimson dragon hunt?
    Brylee: aye
    Captain Jack Passer: I think we have come up with a plan that'll keep us busy.
    Thom: You said something about sending a shipment of water to the city earlier.
    Captain Jack Passer: I want to do the Sindee thing before that.
    Captain Jack Passer: So the Crimson hunt may be Monday?
    SinDee: Sindee thing?
    Captain Jack Passer: I dont know.
    SinDee: i'm a thing now?
    Captain Jack Passer: And yes water.
    Captain Jack Passer: I will speak to any cities wishing to offer up water.
    Captain Jack Passer: And have it packed into a shipment.
    Hazel: Sindee and water, then crimson hunt
    Thom: We were already planning a shipment of bread and other things to take to the city in the
    Thom: next few days
    Captain Jack Passer: I will do the water tomorrow. That is the upmost important thing.
    Thom: You can have some space on that ship if you'd like.
    Reacher: A side note...the fishing captains are getting a bit nervous delivering to trinsic...But so far they have voted to continue
    Dayton: Can use my ship if need be...
    Captain Jack Passer: That is fantastic.
    Captain Jack Passer: Just let me know when your ship is setting sail.
    Captain Jack Passer: Thank you Dayton also.
    Katera: sir have you been drinking tonight?
    Captain Jack Passer: And so far the docks are clear.
    Captain Jack Passer: I am keeping an eye on those.
    Thom: Nothing but a few raiders we cleared out earlier today.
    Brylee: okie
    Reacher: ..thus they continue
    Captain Jack Passer: I never drink on duty.
    Adrian Monk: almost died last night on the dock
    Captain Jack Passer: Died? From what?
    Adrian Monk: taking a quest in
    Captain Jack Passer: Nasty
    Adrian Monk: almost i run fast
    Reacher: such is the reports from other ship captains
    Katera: alright well im tired of waising my time on this conversation laiter
    Captain Jack Passer: Not a Trinsic citizen clearly
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay so I think we have a plan.
    Callista: Good riddance?
    SinDee: wasting my time
    Captain Jack Passer: Water, Then Sindee, Then Hearts.
    Captain Jack Passer: I look forward to hearing about your shipment so we can start.
    Captain Jack Passer: I will gather up as much water as I can.
    Thom: I'll gather a few more ships as well then.
    Captain Jack Passer: So thank you for coming.
    Captain Jack Passer: Keep an eye on the normal places for news from me.
    SinDee: Aye captian
    Captain Jack Passer: I shall see you later.
    Hazel: Thank you
  2. EM Adris

    EM Adris Journeyman

    Jun 8, 2011
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    Thanks for posting! I understand sitting talking for an hour isn't everyones cup of tea, So atleast they can stay up to date via these if they wish!
  3. Phaen Grey

    Phaen Grey Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Then there are some of us who do little else; I know you can't please everyone all the time, thank you for trying to balance the fighting with story and roleplay.
  4. Hunters' Moon

    Hunters' Moon Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 19, 2004
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    After reading the post here,I went exploring Trinsic and found a tub of the ooze. It is beyond me why it was gathered but not disposed of promptly. I gathered a small vial of it and placed it into a pouch for safe keeping.