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Transcript of the 10 March 2008 High Council Meeting

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by imported_GalenKnighthawke, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Buzz Aldridge: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Joylah: *tucks away her staff*

    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby call to order this, the 226th Assembly of the 7th High Council.
    Buzz Aldridge: *taps the halberd on the flagstones three times*

    Buzz Aldridge: Lady Leeda will be presenting the first few announcents.
    Buzz Aldridge: M'Lady, the floor is yours.

    IronHorse: to much coffee?

    Leeda: Good Evening

    WickedJuggalette: Evening Leeda

    Locus Ceruleus: Goodeveing!

    Leeda: *Smiles*

    Piper: Evening

    Leeda: Come Ye Come All
    Leeda: To: Spring Open House Celebrating the completion of the Trinsic Governors Mansion.
    Leeda: Date: March 20
    Leeda: Time: 8PM Central Time
    Leeda: Please ask for a rune from Leeda or IronHorse.

    Buzz Aldridge: Nice :)

    Leeda: There will be a gate leaving from Keg & Anchor from 7:30 to 7:45.
    Leeda: *Shuffling Papers*
    Leeda: Report from the 2nd Seat of Honor per our charter.
    Leeda: The reports to my office indicate that things are beginning to settle.
    Leeda: Trinsic in conjunction with Dragon Edge and Dakota
    Leeda: Are making a shipment on Tues to begin rebuilding.
    Leeda: A petition did come across my desk from Governor IronHorse.
    Leeda: I am looking into the matter I expect to have a full written report to file.
    Leeda: Thank You

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you Leeda.
    Buzz Aldridge: Next is an announcement by Lady Maggie Stweart.
    Buzz Aldridge: Maggie, the floor is yours

    Maggie Stweart: Thank You

    Maggie Stweart: Good Eve to the Council
    Maggie Stweart: And A good eve to the ladies and gents.

    Joylah: Hullo Maggiie

    Merlynna: *smiles*

    Maggie Stweart: As most of you know there has been talk

    IronHorse: evening Maggie

    Maggie Stweart: ABout the new Trinsic Library.
    Maggie Stweart: And as mentioned by Lady Leeda,
    Maggie Stweart: There will be the Grand Opening.
    Maggie Stweart: I have always been one to collect and
    Maggie Stweart: write pieces ofhistory of Lake Superior.
    Maggie Stweart: I have copied some of my collections
    Maggie Stweart: I have regarding Trinsic history.
    Maggie Stweart: Which I will be donating to the new Library
    Maggie Stweart: There are some events
    Maggie Stweart: that are dated back 5 Years,

    IronHorse: *smiles*

    Maggie Stweart: The story of Lions & Hyneas, plus
    Maggie Stweart: acouple of other pieces.
    Maggie Stweart: And in the future I will be adding more pieces.
    Maggie Stweart: Thank you

    Leeda: Thank You

    Maggie Stweart: th! Good Eve to the Council

    Buzz Aldridge: [​IMG]

    Maggie Stweart: e books to Iorn*

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you.

    Maggie Stweart: *smiles*

    IronHorse: thank you kindly

    Buzz Aldridge: Do any Councilors have additional items for tonight's meeting?

    Maggie Stweart: Your very welcomed

    Buzz Aldridge: Very well

    Buzz Aldridge: Do any citizens of the realm wish to address this assembly?
    Buzz Aldridge: Ooops

    IronHorse: of course

    Buzz Aldridge: Hang on....

    Thrand Graywolf: *chuckles*

    Buzz Aldridge: Lady Piper... Do you have any news from the High Guard tonight?

    Piper: Nah I have filed my reports

    [Various incidents occurred, but Piper's public reports are available.]

    Buzz Aldridge: Very well [​IMG]
    Buzz Aldridge: Lord IronHorse?

    IronHorse: thank you Buzz

    IronHorse: evening Councilors
    IronHorse: I would like to make a formal request of Grand marshal Piper
    IronHorse: for the release of the person known as Cresida
    IronHorse: into the hands of Trinsic authorities
    IronHorse: to be held for trial
    IronHorse: for crimes against the Terrirtory of Trinsic

    Rick: Should that not be addressed to the HC, Lord IronHorse?

    IronHorse: I would also like to ask
    IronHorse: has there been any news about the 8th seat of this council?

    Joylah: Was there an outstanding warrant from the courts for her?

    [Meaning Cressida, of the Vesper Trading Company.]

    Thrand Graywolf: There was

    IronHorse: i see it still remains vacant

    Galen: Yep.

    Joylah: Then.. no.
    Joylah: But we appreciate your request.

    Thrand Graywolf: That would actually be a matter for the Justicar, not the Grand Marshall.

    IronHorse: I do believe that the Hct issues a warrant

    Joylah: It does, but you didn't ask them.
    Joylah: Did you?

    IronHorse: but Trinsic also has a Warant for this person

    Joylah: Then when the court is done with her..

    Galen: *smiles, neaerly a smirk, listening to Joy*

    Joylah: perhaps they will consider your request.

    IronHorse: but trinsic shall wait her turn at this Criminal

    Joylah: *dimples lightly*
    Joylah: Yes.

    IronHorse: undor protest of course

    Thrand Graywolf: We'll make sure the Court is aware of your request

    IronHorse: now

    Merlynna: Protest all ye want...

    Dragon Edge: Excuse Me Iron

    IronHorse: back to the empty 8th seat?
    IronHorse: i didn't hear
    IronHorse: something in the works there?

    Joylah: Oh, undoubtedly there is.

    IronHorse: that is all I have at this time

    Dragon Edge: We are on process concerning the 8th seat

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you Iron

    Dragon Edge: As far as your request Iron
    Dragon Edge: I have talked with the Legal department
    Dragon Edge: It is gonna depend on what charges are brought forth
    Dragon Edge: The HCt Will make a ruling
    Dragon Edge: and Which one gets her first

    IronHorse: fair enough

    Dragon Edge: *nods*

    IronHorse: hope she is being guarded well

    Dragon Edge: I like Pie

    Piper: aye

    IronHorse: we all know how holey Yew Prison is

    [I actually plugged the holes in the Yew Prison some years ago, when I was Field Marshal of the Royal Guard under Grand Marshal “Witfhcinder General,” but for all I know they may have opened up again. The measures I took basically consisted of using the escape tunnels to our advantage, treating them as second entrances to the Prison, and as office space and the like. Whether my measures have been kept over the years I have no idea.]

    Joylah: *giggles*

    Lissla Lissar: *grins*

    Dakota Moonstar: *chuckles*

    Buzz Aldridge: *grins*

    Joylah: How else would the rats get out?

    Buzz Aldridge: Indeed

    IronHorse: its the big rats i am concerned with

    Piper: The rats give her someone to talk too

    IronHorse: the small ones just keep the floors clean

    Locus Ceruleus: .

    Buzz Aldridge: Would anyone else care to speak tonight?

    Marc Anthony: Aye

    WildFox: *nods*

    Buzz Aldridge: Marc

    Marc Anthony: High coucil members

    Joylah: Yes, we're back here.

    Marc Anthony: Lord Ironhorse

    Joylah: *waves*

    Merlynna: Hehe
    Merlynna: *winks*

    Marc Anthony: I ahve been hearing of some rumors
    Marc Anthony: as of late
    Marc Anthony: that tomorrow night
    Marc Anthony: there is going to be a shipment
    Marc Anthony: of Blackrock off the shores of
    Marc Anthony: Trisnic

    IronHorse: oh?

    Locus Ceruleus: *perks up*

    [One of the Guardsmen had one of those odd pets that can be found imprisoned on certain monsters, the ones that periodically take on the form of people around it. In this case, it had taken on Joylah's form, which appeared to greatly arouse Locus's interest.]

    Joylah: No Galen, and Locus, just stop with the twin fantasies.

    Marc Anthony: I wanted to adress the on this

    Joylah: and stop touching her, Locus.

    Galen: *blushing*

    Locus Ceruleus: *heh*

    Marc Anthony: That is all

    Galen: One of you is enough for me, Alasse.

    Joylah: Indeed.

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you Marc

    Joylah: Marc..

    Marc Anthony: Aye

    Joylah: I had a question or so..

    Marc Anthony: Yes

    Joylah: Mm.. was that it? I mean.. who's involved, quanties, by boat, land, little piglets with ore carts?
    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    Marc Anthony: The rumors is by boat
    Marc Anthony: I heard it from drunanken sailors in Skara Bre
    Marc Anthony: Dont know who the where

    Joylah: Oh, I need to visit Skara more often, obviously.

    Locus Ceruleus: *and the spell is broken*

    [The changeling animal changed form, and Locus lost interest.]

    Joylah: Well thank you very much for the information.

    Marc Anthony: Aye

    Buzz Aldridge: Indeed

    Galen: *blushing at Joy's remark*
    [My wife does so enjoy making me blush.]

    Buzz Aldridge: Anyone else?

    Dragon Edge: Buzz

    Buzz Aldridge: Yes?

    Dragon Edge: I need to make a annoucnmet

    Buzz Aldridge: By all means [​IMG]

    Dragon Edge: Thank you
    Dragon Edge: This Is concerning The Cressida issue
    Dragon Edge: Primarly Concerning Piper and Iron
    Dragon Edge: There will Be a hearing Thursday

    Piper: *raises eyeborw*

    Dragon Edge: Iron and Piper, you both must present your Final charges

    Galen: *glances to Athenat*

    Athenat: *nods*

    [Confirming Dragon Edge's news about the Court's hearing.]

    Rick: What time, M'lord?

    Dragon Edge: Then The Judge *looks at Athenat* Will make the ruling

    IronHorse: location?

    Dragon Edge: This will be held in Trinsic

    Piper: What time if I may ask?

    Joylah: *lifts a slender brow mildly*

    Dragon Edge: Time
    Dragon Edge: 8 CST if possible

    Galen: Athenat....As a representative of the Court, can you confirm this for the record?

    [I hadn't caught her earlier nod, and/or I wanted a more official-sounding confirmation on the record? I forget honestly.]

    Piper: aye i will be there

    Rick: *tilts head and looks at Dragon Edge* Shouldn't it be at a nuetral site?

    Athenat: *nods*
    Athenat: I figure it would be best to do this in public
    Athenat: And with all formality

    Dragon Edge: Your saying we should do it at the shadowlands?

    Rick: I thought it would be at the Yew Courts

    Dragon Edge: thats the only neutral area

    Athenat: We don't need the accused for this since this is about jurisdiction

    Jackson: *listens*

    Joylah: Is it common for the High court to conduct business outside of the Court of Truth?

    Dragon Edge: Well if a new place is chosen, it will be announced

    Athenat: If you read our charter
    Athenat: We are supposed to foster local courts

    Athenat: And what better way than by showing them directly how it is done?

    Dragon Edge: yeah. what she said

    Joylah: *dimples slowly, a twinkle in her eye*
    Joylah: Have fun with that.

    Dragon Edge: Alright. Thats all

    IronHorse: I offer the trinsic Twon Hall

    Dragon Edge: Go Magincia

    IronHorse: Twon
    IronHorse: town

    Buzz Aldridge: I'd like to say that we're aware people are concerned about the 8th seat...

    [At this point, the changeling pet transformed into me. Joylah noticed.]

    Joylah: *looks over her shoulder, purring as she glances at her two Galens*
    Joylah: Oh, this should be -fun-.

    Galen: *turning beet red*

    Locus Ceruleus: Creepy, huh

    Buzz Aldridge: We've been conducting an internal investigation for about 3 months

    [Basically looking for Wysteria.]

    Dragon Edge: Dear God

    Dakota Moonstar: *chuckles*

    Piper: *rolls eyes*

    Joylah: The possibilities are nearly endless.

    Merlynna: *shakes head*

    Locus Ceruleus: *shivers*

    Father Moon: *snickers*

    Galen: *turning redder*

    Buzz Aldridge: And having multiple concurrent discussions about different things apparently

    Dragon Edge: I think this is what hell is

    Buzz Aldridge: *Chuckles*

    Merlynna: *chuckles*

    WickedJuggalette: *glances down at fang*

    [The owner of the pet, and its name, apparently.]

    Piper: *giggles*

    WickedJuggalette: hurmmm

    Dakota Moonstar: * giggles *

    Buzz Aldridge: I hope to have an announcement about the seat at the next meeting

    Buzz Aldridge: Now, would anyone else care to speak?

    Rick: Lord Buzz I think Wildfox wanted to speak

    WildFox: aye

    Buzz Aldridge: Lord Wildfox [​IMG]

    WickedJuggalette: Fangs being a copycat..

    WildFox: Lords and Ladies of the HCt
    WildFox: I have tried and tried
    WildFox: but have tried in vain
    WildFox: to find the location of the Lady Wysteria
    WildFox: I apologize for my failure

    Galen: Thank you very much for trying.

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you indeed Wildfox [​IMG]

    Joylah: And please, if you do hear from her, let us know.

    WildFox: It was my duty...she was my friend

    WickedJuggalette: *raises eyebrow to fang*

    Buzz Aldridge: *nods*

    Merlynna: We did hear from her what a couple months ago?

    Buzz Aldridge: *nods*

    WildFox: I fear the worst

    Merlynna: We thought she planned to return.

    eric the red: *whispers* piper are magical pups always permitted at such proceedings
    Piper: *giggles*

    Buzz Aldridge: Anyone else?

    Euell Bremer: I would like to address the assembled citizens if I may...
    Buzz Aldridge: Euell

    Merlynna: OH?

    Euell Bremer: I had not planned to speak tonite...
    Euell Bremer: But I feel that I must...

    Euell Bremer: I fear that I must extemporize somewhat, due to my lack of prepartion so bear with me...
    Euell Bremer: We see in this city...
    Euell Bremer: A GREAT lesson
    Euell Bremer: and a DIRE warning...

    Dragon Edge: Don't let Demons redecorate?

    Piper: *giggles*
    Rick: *nods* The price of Pride and Greed

    Euell Bremer: The pitfalls of letting our attention to Virtues
    Euell Bremer: be distracted
    Euell Bremer: Pride yes
    Euell Bremer: Pride befell this city

    Jackson: *sits back*

    Euell Bremer: And we have seen the terrible price we pay for our lack of diligence...
    Euell Bremer: Lives lost
    Euell Bremer: Lives destroyed
    Euell Bremer: Disrupted

    Locus Ceruleus: Amen

    Euell Bremer: But while we look upon the price this city has paid...
    Euell Bremer: Let us not forget that other Virtues must also be adhered too...
    Euell Bremer: Compassion for those left homeless here....

    Merlynna: *nods*

    Dragon Edge: Iron has that covered
    Dragon Edge: Taking in the homeless as refugees

    Euell Bremer: Justice for those poor souls that wander from the path of Honesty
    Euell Bremer: Humility and Sacrifice to make those right decisions upon the trials that await us.
    Euell Bremer: Valor to face those dangers that are as terrible as the demons that came here
    Euell Bremer: Even though the dangers we face may be less physical and more a matter of moral.
    Euell Bremer: Spirituality, to remind us
    Euell Bremer: that the Virtues are what kept us safe
    Euell Bremer: Even if some may have strayed from the path.
    Euell Bremer: We face the day with Honesty so that the Truth may stand out...
    Euell Bremer: And with Courage find a way to Love even those that wrong us...
    Euell Bremer: I thank you all for listening

    IronHorse: Applauds

    Buzz Aldridge: Thank you

    Joylah: Thank you...

    Merlynna: Love? Maybe toleration.
    Merlynna: *smiles*

    Buzz Aldridge: I think that should do it for tonight
    Buzz Aldridge: I hereby bring this, the 226th Assembly of the 7th High Council to a close.
    Buzz Aldridge: Long Live Britannia!