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Transcripts for first day of trial

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by EMSeppo, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. EMSeppo

    EMSeppo Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    The transcripts were supplied by Cymidei Fier - they might be incomplete as I understand that they were unable to hear things said on the jury side of the courtroom and also some of the things said by the prosecution.

    You see: Judge Erlington
    Nicholas the Old: *curls his lip into a hint of sardonic amusement*
    Nicholas the Old: They're here. I can smell them.
    Count of Berg: sit
    Judge Erlingon: mmm
    Judge Erlingon: *moves forward*
    Judge Erlingon: Hail!
    Count of Berg: Greetings MiLord Magistrate
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Judge Erlingon: The court bailiff seems to be sick
    Judge Erlingon: You may take your seats
    Judge Erlingon: *eyes the two defendants*
    Count of Berg: If it please MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: Ahem?
    Count of Berg: I am present as Representative for the accussed
    Claudia Drusilla: *smiles at Amber*
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Judge Erlingon: You may stand for now, as you can see we are lacking in seating space!
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: On with the business then!
    Judge Erlingon: Does my voice carry on to the back of the court room?
    Amber Witch: aye
    Judge Erlingon: Excellent!
    You see: cobblestones
    Amber Witch: likewise
    Judge Erlingon: No one is talking yet
    Judge Erlingon: As you very well know..
    Judge Erlingon: we are here to consider some serious charges brought against
    Judge Erlingon: Lady Cymidei Fier of Dark Tower
    Judge Erlingon: and Aldagar Morr, resident of Ravenshire
    Judge Erlingon: *eyes the prosecution side of the table*
    Nicholas the Old: With your permission, Your Honor...
    Judge Erlingon: You will be presenting the case against the defendants?
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Nicholas the Old: Yes, we will.
    Judge Erlingon: You were saying something..?
    Count of Berg: Defense will concede they represent the Crown
    Count of Berg: so that Her Majesty need not be bothered by these procedings
    Judge Erlingon: Wait your turn for now
    Judge Erlingon: Continue
    You see: Baron The Bandit
    Judge Erlingon: *nods looking into his notes*
    Judge Erlingon: Would that be all?
    Nicholas the Old: Yes, Your Honor.
    Sid Vicious: yes your honor
    Judge Erlingon: You may be seated then
    Judge Erlingon: *looks at man in front of him*
    Nicholas the Old: *folds arms*
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: Who are you?
    Sid Vicious: *scratches some notes down*
    Count of Berg: Count of Berg miLord
    Judge Erlingon: You are representing the defendants?
    Count of Berg: Represnting the defendants herein
    Judge Erlingon: I do not see your name in the list
    Count of Berg: An owner of property and learned man of the realm
    Count of Berg: An Errant scribe
    Count of Berg: mark the wrong name MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: Just am oment
    Count of Berg: Your records may have the name Pete
    Judge Erlingon: Aha, aye!
    Judge Erlingon: Well, very well
    Count of Berg: I will see to it the scribe is beaten
    Judge Erlingon: Then mayhaps we might have a trial against you
    Judge Erlingon: But,
    Nicholas the Old: (The Jury cannot see what the Count of Berg is saying.)
    Judge Erlingon: Take your seat for now
    Judge Erlingon: Will the defendants arise
    Judge Erlingon: and walk in front of the jury
    Judge Erlingon: Please face towards me
    Aldagar Morr: *smiles*
    Judge Erlingon: Have you heard the charges brought against you?
    Aldagar Morr: Yes, your honor.
    Cymidei Fier: Yes.
    Judge Erlingon: Have you taken counsel regarding these charges
    Aldagar Morr: I have, your honor.
    Judge Erlingon: Very well
    Judge Erlingon: How do you plea?
    Count of Berg: On behald of the victim, the retired merchant Lord Morr a plea of not guilty for all counts
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Count of Berg: Lady Cymidei wishes
    Count of Berg: to enter her plea in her own words
    Judge Erlingon: *raises his eyebrow*
    Count of Berg: against my advice
    Judge Erlingon: Very well, lets get on with it!
    Cymidei Fier: I plead not guilty
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Judge Erlingon: And the few words?
    Cymidei Fier: *smiles sternly*
    Cymidei Fier: I have appeared willingly in response to the summons of the Crown
    Cymidei Fier: Therefore Under the 5th Rule of Britannian Criminal Law section (d)
    Cymidei Fier: I request a preliminary hearing to determine if there probable cause
    Cymidei Fier: connecting us to the crimes of which we stand accused.
    Cymidei Fier: Upon close examination, the charges will be shown to be contrivances of
    Cymidei Fier: persecution and oppression rather than lawful prosecution.
    Nicholas the Old: *studies her with a sardonic smirk*
    Judge Erlingon: Do you have evidence that you can present right now to support your statement without doubt?
    Claudia Drusilla: *pets the kitty*
    Cymidei Fier: Your honor
    Cymidei Fier: The prosecution has premised its case on the testimony of two witnesses.
    Cymidei Fier: Under Britanian Criminal Law Section 3144 I ask you to order the Widow
    Cymidei Fier: to be immediately arrested and detained pending deposition and trial.
    Judge Erlingon: On what grounds?
    Claudia Drusilla: *blinks*
    Cymidei Fier: Without adequate security the testimony of this witness cannot be adequately
    Cymidei Fier: preserved because it is well known that the Widow suffers from insanity and
    Cymidei Fier: delusions! The widow is also known to wander aimlessly and disappear for
    Count of Berg: Morr come stand by me
    Sid Vicious: 8rises*.... your honor, due to the nature of this new and undisclosed defense represetiopn, I would like to request a reccess for myself
    Cymidei Fier: long periods of time and is a danger to herself and others warranting the
    Cymidei Fier: protective custody of the Yew Prison.
    Judge Erlingon: Request for recess is denied
    Judge Erlingon: I do not believe that
    Claudia Drusilla: *gapes at the Cymidei*
    Amber Witch: *wonders what grounds*
    Judge Erlingon: imprisonment in Yew jail
    Judge Erlingon: will help with any cases of delusion
    Amber Witch: *How would the judge know?*
    Judge Erlingon: Yew prison does not have proper facilities, even if what you say is true
    Claudia Drusilla: *giggles softly*
    Nicholas the Old : joined the party.
    Judge Erlingon: It will be upto the jury to decide
    Judge Erlingon: if any and all witness presented by the prosecution
    Judge Erlingon: are legible or not
    Judge Erlingon: You have not provided me anything substantial to make that decision
    a war horse
    Judge Erlingon: Your plea is noted, and your other requests are denied!
    Cymidei Fier: I have not stated those yet
    Judge Erlingon: There is more?
    Cymidei Fier: *nods*
    Claudia Drusilla: *chuckles softly*
    Judge Erlingon: *sighs*
    Judge Erlingon: continue
    Count of Berg: 'roles eyes"
    Cymidei Fier: I also requests the register of items stolen from the royal treasury
    Cymidei Fier: and the blue prints of the royal treasury room, royal guard reports and relevant
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Cymidei Fier: documents from the Kingdom of Britannia regarding all charges against the defendants.
    Count of Berg: 'eyes his poor manipulated client'
    Cymidei Fier: In conclusion, I also request that your honor issue a Subpoena Ad Testificandum
    Claudia Drusilla: *pets the kitty*
    Cymidei Fier: to compel Nicholas the Old, Sleath Von Darkmor and Sid vicious to reveal
    Cymidei Fier: their relationships with the witnesses, accused and conflicts of interest
    You see: Ptah [K!T]
    Cymidei Fier: which may prejudice the proceedings against the defendants.
    Count of Berg: Subpenoa Personum Tachem
    Judge Erlingon: Very well
    Claudia Drusilla: *whispers* I knew that was coming
    Judge Erlingon: How long would it take the prosecution to meet these requests?
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Nicholas the Old: It depends on the Office of Her Royal Majesty, Your Honor.
    Nicholas the Old: But...
    Ptah: Kal Ort Por - Recall
    Nicholas the Old: All documents pertaining to the trial will be delivered to Mistress Fiers lawyer.
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Baron The Bandit: Divinum Furis - Divine Fury
    Nicholas the Old: Blueprints, Lists, and so fourth...
    Baron The Bandit: Divinum Furis - Divine Fury
    Judge Erlingon: and regarding this subpoena business
    Nicholas the Old: As for questioning relations to the witnesses, I question the relevance but have no objections.
    Count of Berg: With all due respect MiLord, may the Defense how the full authority of this Court to call witness
    Baron The Bandit: Forul Solum - Enemy of One
    Count of Berg: in order to prepare our defense?
    Judge Erlingon: The information provided will be closed
    Judge Erlingon: and will only be revealed to the jury if I deem it neccessary
    Nicholas the Old: So be it.
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Sid Vicious: *scribbles some notes down*
    Judge Erlingon: Prosecution and the defense will exchange a list of their witnesses
    You see: cobblestones
    Judge Erlingon: before the proceedings begin
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Nicholas the Old: *nods*
    Judge Erlingon: Will that suffice?
    Count of Berg: One item MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: *looks over*
    Count of Berg: Since charges have been made concerning Kingdom of Dawn
    Count of Berg: I would ask that no member of Dawn be on the jury
    Count of Berg: For fariness sake
    Count of Berg: My Brother Sid and I are on oppossing sides of the issue
    Count of Berg: but we do not sit in judgment of it
    Judge Erlingon: I do not recollect seeing any jury names from Dawn
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: Defense may be seated
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Count of Berg: Come please
    Judge Erlingon: *walks over to the jury*
    Judge Erlingon: Hail
    Judge Erlingon: Thank you for agreeing to the court summons
    Judge Erlingon: There is a matter of oath to be taken
    Judge Erlingon: Are you prepared to taken an oath regarding the trial?
    Judge Erlingon: Very well
    Judge Erlingon: Do you, and each of you, understand and agree that you will well and truly try the cause now
    Judge Erlingon: pending before this court, and a true verdict render according only to the evidence presented to
    Judge Erlingon: you and to the instructions of the court?
    Judge Erlingon: There will be another chance to take an oath for any who could not today
    Judge Erlingon: when we meet again in few days
    Judge Erlingon: The prosecution will meet the demands raised by the defense
    Sid Vicious: *looks over the list of names of jurers*
    Judge Erlingon: before the case begins a week from now
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Nicholas the Old: *nods*
    Judge Erlingon: We will meet again this coming Thursday at 7:00 PM
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: May my clients be allowed the freedom to go about their business and aid in their defense
    Judge Erlingon: *nods*
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: Both sides may use resources available to them
    Judge Erlingon: to interview any potential witnesses
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlingon: and gather evidence
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Judge Erlingon: You may employ the aid of the Royal guards or the town guards
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord most generous
    Judge Erlingon: Very well!
    Judge Erlingon: Case is adjourned for today
    Nicholas the Old: *rises*
    Count of Berg: 'whispers"
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Judge Erlingon: The jury is excused
    Nicholas the Old: Yes?
    Count of Berg: shh
    Count of Berg: quieter
    Kat: Thank you, Your Honor.
    Sid Vicious: Vas Rel Por - Gate Travel
    Count of Berg: 'hushed whispers'
    Nicholas the Old: *studies him with a flat look, listening*
    You see: cobblestones
    Judge Erlingon: We may leave now, daughter!
    Nicholas the Old: A word, Master Sid?
    Alice: Alright I'm off to find the hatter again.
    Judge Erlingon: *shakes his head*
    Sid Vicious: of course quickly though
    Nicholas the Old: I'll see you soon, Claudia.
  2. EMSeppo

    EMSeppo Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Furthermore, jury members that were present undertook the following oath,

    "Do you, and each of you, understand and agree that you will well and truly try the cause now pending before this court, and a true verdict render according only to the evidence presented to you and to the instructions of the court?"

    At the moment, I am missing the list of jury members that took the oath. I believe it was the following:

    NiCo, Sir Underpants Gnome, Halo In Reverse, Krystal Olivaw, Grey Eagle, Cebo, Lady Kat