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Transfering Toons?

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by VioletPetalhoper, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Need to know if its possible to move one toon from one account to another. I gave my nephew a toon to play while he visited me, it kept him occupied while I babysat for him but now he has a computer of his own. He loves the game so much and he does play well so I opened him his own account but all he wants to do is play the toon that is on my account. Now I have to wait for him to go to bed before I can start playing and I wake up early in the morning for work so that doesn't leave me much time.

    Is there any way to transfer the toon he made on my account to his own account?
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Last I knew, toon transferring was turned off temporarily. This is something you have to call customer service for. I suppose trying won't hurt anything.
  3. If it works please post so the rest of us know. I am also trying to transfer a toon.
  4. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    This has been a while back but instead of emailing Disney to transfer a toon and waiting to hear back from them you can live chat with a support tech. If you go and click under the FAQ scroll down to the bottom of the screen you will see a link to chat with a support member. I think between like 12pm est and 4pms est they have live support. Has anyone tried that and ask if they are able to transfer toons again.
  5. I have tried transfering toons both ways. I emailed them and the toons never did get transfered. If you do it thru the live chat it is done in about 5 mins. Just make sure you have the account name, parent password, and the date the account was created for both accounts. I used to shuffle toons alot before we found which grouping works. I have not attempted though for quite a while.
  6. I called up this afternoon at work and not happy with the answer. I was told that this option is on hold indefinetely and "When" or "If" it comes back we will see an announcment. Will try the live chat and see if I have better luck with that.
  7. I prefer the answer Steve was given!!! LOL I really hope they bring it back!!
  8. I agree. I would hate for my wife to work this hard and have to start over. It is a terrible thought
  9. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I tried the live chat route last week. I wanted Sadie moved to my other account. It was a no go. They told me it was temporarily disabled and didn't know when it was going to be reinstated. I had transferred toons through live chat before all this and it was just a 5 minute deal. Between this and no XD, it is really ticking me off!
  10. My husband just opened another account and I decided to try to transfer a toon from the old account to the new one. I spoke with live chat and he tried to do it for me but was unable. I was told that they WILL allow toon transfers through email if you meet certain requirements. When asked what these requirements are, he told me that basically if you opened a new account or cancelled one and want to consolidate toons from that one to the open one, it will probably be approved. He offered no gaurantees and I have not tried yet. He said it is decided on an individual basis. He also said that you have to give them the usual info (account name, password, billing date, etc) but now you have to tell them the reason why you want the transfer. I am thinking it is to stop the shuffling between accounts for the new emotions. I will let you know the results of my email!!

    I also asked him about how toon names are approved. He said it is indeed a group of people who have the decision to approve or reject. He said they try to be consistent but it really does depend on who gets your name!!! Good to know! I told him about the "Willow" incident with me trying 3 times and Terri getting it approved right away and he said it was different people who looked at it. So.......keep trying!!:thumbup1:
  11. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    You have always had to tell them the reason for transferring. At least that was what I was told when I transferred Sadie. I was told they aren't allowing any transfers anymore. Let us know if emailing works. I'd love to tranfer Feline to a my other account.
  12. Ok, here is what I received back from Disney. I have little hope because I gave them all this info, in the exact order they requested it, in the email I sent them!!! I have transferred toons many times in the past and never had to give them a reason. I guess it is like anything else with Disney...depends on who you talk to!! I will email them again with the requested info but I am expecting the same form letter back!

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding a Toon transfer.

    At this time, we are unable to process any Toon transfers between
    accounts at this time due to maintenance being done to the Toon transfer
    system. This feature should be available again in the future. However,
    if there are extenuating circumstances behind your request, such as if
    you recently purchased a second account for another member of your
    household, you are welcome to reply with all of the information
    requested below. We will then escalate your request for consideration,
    although we cannot guarantee that the move will take place.

    - Reason for the transfer (opening a new account, etc.)
    - Account name where the Toon in question resides
    - The name of the Toon to be moved
    - Account name where the Toon will be moved to
    - Does the Toon have any True Friends (Yes/No)

    We will also need at least three of the four verification questions
    below answered for each account:
    - Date of birth registered under
    - Last payment date
    - Payment type (Visa, American Express, PayPal, etc.)
    - Billing address

    If the Toon(s) that you would like transferred have True Friends, please
    ensure that True Friend Chat is turned on in the account the Toon is
    being transferred to. If this is not done prior to the Toon being
    transferred, you will lose your True Friends and they cannot be

    Please be aware that you will lose your Gardening Kit, as well as
    flowers and trees you have planted when your Toon is moved. However, you
    will keep all gardening experience points and Laff boosts. You will also
    have to re-purchase the Gardening kit after your Toon is moved. The
    jellybeans you use to re-purchase the kit cannot be refunded.

    We look forward to seeing you in Disney's Toontown Online soon!

    Thank You,

    Disney's Toontown Online Member Services
  13. thanks for posting this info susan..it's really helpful. I was going to open a new account just to xfer some toons (and for those all too frequent suspensions - - they are still picking on me @ Disney).

    You're the bomb diggity Susan!​
  14. Well, I should tell you that I sent this email on Thursday. I know of someone who did the same thing on Friday and her toon was transfered over night. I STILL havent received anything from them. I am going to call them if I get a chance tomorrow.

    But ya know, Pink, I dont believe suspension has been an issue since we started skyping!!! You dont get in trouble with Disney anymore, just with Josh cuz we keep stopping him from working!! Good thing he likes us!!
  15. I just sent another Email to them and going to call this afternoon because I need to transfer these toons to stop the fighting between the kids that want to play on the same account. I also need this to solve a worse problem, I cant play until these kids are asleep.
  16. Poor Josh....I don't feel sorry for him, he needs to budget his time to allow for us pestering him and definitely needs to set aside time for TT.

    Yeah Skype has saved me from suspension on more than one occaision. I have such a colorful vocabulary...LOL

    Let me know what happens with the transferring. I wonder if I should go ahead and set up the new account so that I have it available.

    I like Violet's reason, think I might use that with some embellishments like there's been bloodshed in my house over playing TT.
  17. Well, I called Disney this afternoon and read the email I sent to them about transferring a toon. She said she doesnt understand why the transfer didnt go through. She said that the big key was a new account. That should really have sealed the deal. I resubmitted the email earlier today but she said that their email system was down but would be back up in 1/2 hour. I was told to call them back in the morning if I havent heard back from the email. The toon I am trying to transfer is one of the cats waiting for holloween and she thought maybe that might have something to do with it but I dont see why. The name is all approved and I can click and play on her....I just cant finish the tootorial. I was told to do the live chat thing and ask them if that could be the problem but that wasnt working either!!

    Yeah Pink, Josh does need to schedule time for us!! BUT I do know he wants to play as badly as we want him to! Just too many irons in the fire right now. I dont bug him unless I'm with you!!! You 2 are a VERY bad influence!!

    A second account really does come in handy to help with smaller toons. You can put your laptop right next to your PC and play that way. I am also planning on doing that for Skype too because of the lag and the battle noises esp in the CJ. I will play on one computer and have skype running on the other so lag and noise wont be an issue. I read that the account had to be opened within 30 days for them to do the transfer though which would leave you out of luck to transfer Dina to Kaela's account. You could try though!!
  18. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Rats. I have two accounts already. I don't need a 3rd. LOL! I just want to transfer one of my big toons to the one account that doesn't get used as much. Since it isn't a new accout it doesn't look like I have hope. I might just make my black cat on the unused account so my bigger toons can help it. What a pain TT!
  19. Try it Terri. One told me that it had to be opened in the last 30 days, one told me that they didnt think that was the case. It certainly wouldnt hurt to try. It is a choice made by a programmer so if you give a good reason they might do it!! I would certainly give it a shot!!
  20. My toon transfer was approved tonight. I called yesterday afternoon and I was given the same exact information that Sally was given but was also told to include that the toons on my account belonged to the kid I opened the account for and both were transfered tonight.
  21. Violet, how old was the account that you opened for your nephew? Was it within the last 30 days? If not, Terri and Judy have hope!!
  22. I think I opened it August 10th give or take a day or two so the account is older than 30 days but not by much.
  23. Well, I just got an email back from Disney. They tried to transfer my toon but couldnt find her!!! I resubmitted the info and they will try again but I am afraid it is because she hasnt been through the toontorial. She will be a black cat but has all the emotions, doodle tricks, and some furniture and wallpaper in her mailbox. See, all my houses look almost exactly the same and these things are no longer in my cattlelog!!! Hey, at least I know what I like!! Looks like I will have to make her again, fight the naming process, and spend another 10,000 beans!!!

    I asked them if I could get her transfered AFTER the 30 days because I cant take her thru the toontorial until holloween if it isnt possible to transfer her now. I will let you know what they say.
  24. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Well, for now I just made another black cat but on the unused account. Now I will have two more black cats. Still don't have names for the new ones. At least this way one of the newbies will be on different acct then my big toons. I can still help them that way. Actually it's probably better this way as I have all big toons on my main account. I'm going to need that unused account anyway for new toons. Can't have too many toons!