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Travelers (part one)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The ground shook and rocked, as the blasts of magic roared like circles on a pond, across the forest valley floor.

    "This is no good." muttered Elros. "I fear we are lost."

    Again the violent crack and vibration of magic and sorcery enveloped the woodland below.

    Elros, First Thane of Cirrelia looked at the forest that he had called home. For twelve-hundred years he had happily lived among the boughs and branches of this Elven kingdom. Now, the Juka were smashing it to pieces.

    It had been two weeks since the battle had begun. The Jukan forces were being marshalled by something greater than themselves. Thier power was different than anything Elros had seen before. They seemed to have more concentration in their sorcery. A more focused attack in thier infantry. And a new brigade of Lords that had mastered the arts of Archery.

    "Father?" questioned Sidiele, Elros' youngest daughter "I don't understand, doesn't everyone love trees? Don't they want to live in harmony and peace? When can we go back to the meadows?"

    Elros' heart was heavy. Poor Sidiele. She was so young. All she knew was innocent cantrips and musical notes. She didn't understand that there would be no home. There would be no Spring dance in the Meadow of Purity. No more turning leaves in Fall. No more City of Windwood. Nothing. Everything was turning to pain.

    Elros struggled to speak "Sidiele my dearest heart, things have to change now." Again another puff of smoke curled up from the valley floor as a ripple of magic swept East across the crumpled forest, the sound of it echoed in the valley. Elros flinched.

    "I want you and Legand to go on a journey." he stated.

    "Hurrah!!" Sidiele shouted. "And where are we going?"

    Sidiele was young by Ilshen Elven standards. At only two-hundred and eighty years of age, she had yet to know the ugly side of battle. In fact, her father had forebode her to leave the forests at all.

    The sudden sound of horse hoves racing to thier view point, on the rocky hills above the forest, caused Elros to draw his blade. He force Sidiele behind him,
    crouched low and spoke. "Sidiele, take this necklace, if these creatures are Juka, you put that on, and run South. Do you understand?"

    Sidiele nodded. Elros could see something in her eyes. She didn't understand, but he knew she would obey him.

    Out of a clearing to his left, rode four riders. Among them was Gelidor, Chief War Warden of Windwood. His flowing cape of green and deep emerald leather armor designated his rank. His white hair was tangled and caked, with dirt and dust from the battle below.

    Behind him was Celindra, Elros' wife. She too had dust in her hair and face. Her reagent bag on her hip was near empty, he noted. She had a leather backpack over one shoulder and she seemed to have a peculiar staff resting against her back.

    Celindra. She was a sight to behold every morning. Her golden hair and grey eyes were always a warm welcome to a new day. She was his strength and his salvation. Her arms reminded him of the trees. Oh how they craddled him when he needed warmth. Oh how he needed that now.

    Elros thought of how much her loved her and his eight children. She was so generous and peaceful, but she had the extreme power of the forest at her command. And he knew that today, her power and calm rage had been used. She looked tired.

    Behind her was Legand, the youngest of his six sons. Almost a man in his own right, he was a skilled Archer. Legand also loved to use his strange blades.
    The Axes. What elf used axes? Legand had to be different, much to the consternation of his father. He seemed to wield the bulky axes like an elf used a light blade.

    It was said Legand could parry a foe with his axe, and was swift enough to counter the attack before his enemy could ever bring thier weapon back to bare.
    Legand was proud that he was different.

    Elros' youngest son was a credit to his mothers visage. He had her blond hair and grey eyes. They seemed to flare when he was angry, and calm like a pre-storm sea when he was at peace. He was a good elf. And Elros trusted him to watch over his younger daughters.

    To Legands right was Gwendelas. The first daughter of Elros. She was the complete opposite of everything that Sidiele was. She was loud and bold. She had her mothers power and rage. But Gwendelas had none of Celindra's control or concentration. When she was stirred into action, Gwendelas was something that even Elros feared. If she was not his daughter, he may have shunned her long ago, but she had compassion in her heart, and that reminded him of Celindra.

    Gwendelas had darker features than either of her parents or siblings. Her dark blond hair was always kept in a ponytail, much like her younger sister. But Gwendelas hair always had a knot tied with a twig or a small flow pebble. She wore leather armor all the time, prefering lighter shades of green and blue. Her beauty masked her hidden power well, another gift from Celindra.

    Gwendelas had garnered the gift of sorcery from birth. Elros was constantly frustrated by the childs teleportation to higher limbs in the trees. More than once, it had taken Celindra's magery to rescue the young elf from her own untamed force. Several times Water Elementals had caused a stir in the Windwood City. And more than once had an untamed Alligator or Giant Scorpion been sighted following Gwendolas in the meadows of Cirrelia.

    Behind Gwendelas rode one of the Woodhafts. Woodhafts were guards that were sworn to protect the Queen, the Elder Council, and thier families. Elros was happy that he and Celindra were Elder Council at this moment, that afforded them the luxury of this much needed Woodhaft.

    Woodhafts were fierce warriors and brave elves. Their loyalty to the Order of the Shendar was displayed in the runic symbols of ancient honor that adorned thier shaved heads. Only a single top-knot of hair was ever allowed to grow from thier crowns. The length, color and adornments in the top-knots denoted rank, and battle honors. This Woodhaft had a black top-knot that ran down the length of his back. Many colored flow pebbles and beads decorated the length of hair. He was a great Woodhaft indeed. And Elros was relieved that one so gifted would accompany his wife and children.

    "Hail, Elros, First Thane of Cerrelia, Lord of Mythdoss." spoke Gelidor. "I am afraid I have come at a dire time indeed. I have brought your wife, youngest son and daughter as you requested. I have also brought a Woodhaft for your protection, his name is Delingal."

    The forest below echoed with the explosion of entire ancient trees. The blasts forced all to turn and look. Woodwind was under siege.

    "So my city has fallen then?" asked Elros, knowing the answer.

    "The people and warriors of Mythdoss fought bravely my lord," the War Warden replied "but in the end, this new power that the Jukan forces are using was too much. The city is gone my friend, I am sorry."

    Elros sighed. "Very well, thank you for your service, I can see the capitol of Woodwind has still not fallen. You may take your leave to command your troops as you should. Live always in Virtue good Gelidor." Elros then bowed.

    Gelidor looked as if he wished to say something. A slight relection in Gelidors eyes let Elros know that he would never see his dear friend again. This was the end.

    "I know Gelidor, I know. You have been a blessing to the forest. Go, claim your legend as you deserve." Elros stated, a stern look in his eyes, a lump developing in his throat.

    "I will travel on, when Woodwind falls, and not a moment before. My sons will be part of my legacy, and my deathcry will be heard around the world of Ilshenar. I was honored to serve a legend named Elros once, and I know our paths will cross again, in a perfect glade. Somewhere where Elven Lords dance, and children are never afraid. Live always in Virtue." Elros said.

    With that, Gelidor, Chief War Warden of Woodwind rode away. In times to come, people would speak of a howling wind from the East. And Gelidors cry would be heard and remembered.

    Elros turned to his wife who had remained silent. "I am sending Legand and Sidiele to the new lights in the South. Something of us must continue on, and the newlanders, these Britainians, must be warned of the Juka."

    Celindra spoke, her voice was calm and peaceful "I know my love. I have brought Legand and Gwendolas with me. The battle down below is too much for them now. I want you to know that your other sons are still standing, and doing your name justice."

    Elros was never more proud of his mate than at that moment. She was so powerful in her determination. And so strong in her heart. He loved her more each day.

    "Alright, here is what must happen," Elros started "there is not much time, please hear my words. This is the only way now."

    "To the South is a new light. The humans call it a Moongate." Elros explained

    "Legand, you will take your sister Sidiele there, with the protection of this Woodhaft." Delingal bowed his head.

    "Once on the other side, in the world that is new, you will be surrounded by humans. Few elves live there, and even fewer elves from Ilshenar. There you must find help for this world. Find spirits of light and gather them. Protect your sister at all cost as well." Elros continued.

    "I know you can do this Legand. You are my youngest son, but you are the most able to protect Sidiele. If ever there is a place that we can settle in peace here in Ilshenar, I will send someone to get you. Do you understand?" Elros finished, his eyes were sore with the pain of this task. He fought the need to show his fear.

    Legand did his best to show bravery. "I will do as you ask father. I will succeed. But I know we can still win this battle at hand. The forest is not lost."

    "Maybe if we can make a stand in the hills," started Gwendolas "we could, ya know, gather the mages. I could try some spells. I know I could do this!! Mother, let me try!!"

    "No, Gwendolas, no." Celindra cut her oldest daughter short. "The forests are wounded beyond repair. Your place is with your father and I. Be still now. It is time to wish your brother and sister well in thier journey."

    "Weeeeee!! An adventure!! Let's go Legand, comeon!!!" exclaimed Sidiele, still not fathoming the depths of the moment.

    Elros and Celindra watched as thier two children rode down the wooded mountainside, and off to the south. In thier hearts, they both knew that the road would be difficult. There was a resounding echo and reverberation from the valley below. A giant tower in the South of Woodwind collapsed. The city was falling fast. The power. The pure power of the Juka and thier new master was astounding.

    Elros shook his head. "I pray the oracles were right. I pray we did the right thing here my love." he said to Celindra.

    "I know we did my husband." replied Celindra "The visions were true. I just pray that the people of Britannia will listen. I pray they are brave enough to answer this call. Or thier world shall suffer the same fate...."

    To Be Continued
  2. Bravo, Priam! Bravo!

    Well done, my friend. :)
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah, a grand story.
    I do hope the next part comes soon
  4. A! Diola lle Priam. Lle ume quel.