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Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Bob_the_fart_guy, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Bob_the_fart_guy

    Bob_the_fart_guy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 26, 2005
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    ****Rolling over in the bed of the small Hostel (check post #5) it would be difficult for someone to oversleep with the sound of Milo clanging a small shovel against the metal bucket as he emptied the ash from the fireplace. It was a roaring fire the night before...however it still didn't seem to fully heat the whole inn. The cold was bone chilling the previous night and filled with memories that would confuse and bewilder Hagrid for years. Sitting up there was a throbbing pain in his left rib as he was reminded of the blow he received from a ninja that had been hiding in the shadows.****

    I really hadn't had any plans to do much for the evening, other than to work on further training up my greater dragon. But I did manage to team up with a few well organized companions. Raistlin, {name removed} and even an adventurer that went by the name of {name removed} seemed to head the party with great precision. They were able to guide myself, Crew Chief, Lawrence and Malcontent rather well. With a small amount of our help we found a small yellow key on the body of a ninja that was fighting under the gang found to be known as "The Black Order" many of which carried a badge.


    Further investigating of the building, which turned out more to be a citadel rather than a hidden dojo, led us to find even more ninjas that went under the name "Black Order". Upon defeating another band of them, that were hidden away in a room only accessible by flipping a small switch, we found a small blue key on one of the "master ninjas".


    While studying some of the badges Raistlin informed me that he had located a red key. Small engravings on the keys in archaic letter and symbols roughly translated into one name...Travesty.


    With the three keys collected, they allowed us entry to an otherwise unreachable area of the citadel, where we found the creature, that could only go by the name of Travesty. She put up a violent battle, but with the guidance of some of the more experienced adventurers we didn't receive much damage from Travesty herself, but in her dying moments she seemed to call upon several of her Black Order ninjas to save her from death. They did put up a fight, but ultimately the ninjas fell, as did Travesty.


    ****Rubbing his side Hagrid indeed remembers the blow that the ninja dealt him, just as his dragon ripped the ninja to shreds. "Hagrid"! Yelled Brenda as she pounded on the door to the small room. "Hagrid, I mean to have a word with ye' about what thou seems to have put this dragon of yours through"! Pulling his clothes on, the smell of the musty citadel is still present on the bear mask that Hagrid wears.

    Trying to forget the confinement of the horrid dungeon, Hagrid recalls the open countryside where (only days before) the memory of the creature found at the end of the battle surrounding the alter with large wings was still present in Hagrids mind...defeating the large winged warrior didn't leave him with a feeling of chivalry, but rather as though he had been a part of slaying a being of good. This chilling feeling seemed to rob him of the victorious sense he was able to feel only the night before. "Hagrid! I'm still quite cross with ye' for the scars that Meraktus left on your lovely dragon!"****