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Treasure Hunting Expedition - Thursday 8 PM

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. greetings everyone!

    I will be at the Red Wolf Cafe this Thursday evening at 8 PM EST outfitted for an evening of treasure hunting. I will have several Ingenious-level(level 6) treasure maps on hand. One of the popular items right now to obtain is Phillip's Wooden Steed, a minor artifact, which as a chance of being found from those maps and is used to construct the new Hitching Post.

    If one of the steeds is uncovered during the evening, a roll of the dice will determine who gets to keep it(highest roll wins)! In the case of a tie, the two or more people who tied will re-roll dice.

    Of course, with any level 6 treasure map there will be lots of powerful guardians to defeat as well as piles of gold, gems and magic items to share.

    After a few trips out, we may switch to having people provide their own maps for me to dig up for them. As my treasure hunter is still a bard in training(90 Provo), be sure to come ready for some heavy action!

    After completing each treasure map, we will be returning to the Red Wolf Cafe for people to unload and reprovision, but also to meet up with anyone who can't make it at 8 PM but wants to come along later.

    Additionally, if you are a newer player and don't feel quite up to the challenge of confronting a balron or other such higher-level creatures, please send me a private message and, if there is sufficient interest, I can host another treasure hunting evening geared toward newer players sometime soon.

    The Red Wolf Cafe is located in the town of Gyldenfeld in Trammel. To get there, just head west from Britain, through the mountains, til you arrive at the Crossroads. The cafe is just to the north on the left side of the road.
  2. Just a reminder - this is tonight!!
  3. After a bit of a late start, being on treasure hunter time, the party of six set out to unearth the first chest as described on an Ingeniously drawn treasure map. It led us to the forsaken island which is home to Bucaneer's Den, just south of the pirate town actually. Things went well with few casualties and a Heart of the Lion to show for our efforts.

    As we regrouped at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld, we were joined by some latecomers, increasing our ranks to 9 before setting out for the dreaded Fire Isle. No sooner had we emerged from the shimmering gate than we encountered a wandering ghost. Upon returning to the realm of the living, he indicated that he, too, was treasure hunting and asked our assistance. We were only too happy to lend a hand and helped him defeat the vile creatures from his unearthed chest.

    We soon set to work excavating our chest from the dark, loamy soil of that island and were suddenly beset by several ancient wyrms. The great beasts made quick work of us, nearly slaughtering the entire party save a few. This merely portended what was to come as we removed each item we were continually confronted by more ancient wyrms over and over. This chest yielded a Candelabra of Souls for our labors.

    We undertook one more map for the evening, this one pointing to an island in the south seas, some ways from the coast of Trinsic. I remarked as we set out about the steamy jungles of those seas teeming with giant, venomous reptiles. No sooner had we exited the gate than we were surrounded by the scaly menaces, as if we had happened upon a veritable den of them. Their forebears must have been alerted to their plight for as soon as we dug up the chest we were swamed by a triple-spawn of ancient wyrms! The chanced item to be recovered from this chest was a Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow.

    And so the evening concluded, with no wooden steed to show for our labors, yet a fine time had by all, and especially the insurance underwriters who were thoroughly indebted to the brave Nanoc for his heroic efforts and his many deathrobes as proof of his gallantry.

    Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, as we had a number of people who arrived late or left early, but over a dozen in all. I was glad to see there is still interest in the treasure hunting profession, that the allure of the tattered parchment and dreams of buried riches just waiting to be unearthed in some steamy jungle or forsaken land still brings a twinkle to the eyes of adventurers across the realm!

    Special thanks to Lissa Eldi who could not attend but lent me her treasure hunting runebook set, I promise I wiped all of Nanoc's blood off them!
  4. FatMagic

    FatMagic Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 3, 2004
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    Wow that sounded like a blast! I've been looking into to starting some Treasure Hunting, but have never done it before. I just got a Cartographer up to 91 skill, and am trying now to located a few Level 1, 2 and 3 maps...

    If you run another one on some lower difficulty maps, let me know (or just post the event up here again) so I can get a little experience running these!
  5. The event had a great turnout, more than I expected, and everyone had a great time so I'm pretty sure we'll be doing this again sometime soon. I will def post an announcement here and let you know :)