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Tree Chopping

Discussion in 'UHall' started by greatpumpkinator, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. So...I sat at a specific tree for about 2 weeks chopping...chopping...chopping...
    I am a GM Lumberjack...and I don't know about you...but out of the over 100K logs I got...I was amazed that I did NOT get a SINGLE Bloodwood! Here is what I did get:

    Normal 66,040
    Oak 19,620
    Ash 10,540
    Yew 4,210
    Heartwood 1,050
    Bloodwood 0
    Frostwood 2,670

    Switch 266
    Fungi 416
    Plant 133
    Bark 1,292
    Amber 11

    Total Wood: 104,140

    Something seems amiss with the RGN...I'd figure that 2 WEEKS of chopping would give PLENTY of RGN variation...yet no Bloodwood?

    I'm starting a new tree today...gimme 2 weeks, and we'll see what I come up with...

    And yes...I did email Jeremy.
  2. You got 2670 Frostwood and you're complaining that you didn't get Bloodwood? LOL

    Some people haven't even seen any Frostwood since the change. Just sell off a few hundred Frostwood and you can buy double that amount in Bloodwood.

  3. Yes...yes, I am. I could use some bloodwood for crafting. I am pointing out that the random resources thing could use some balancing.