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Trial log - Day 3

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by EMSeppo, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. EMSeppo

    EMSeppo Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    The proceedings begin slowly as we wait for minimum jury members

    Judge Erlington: *takes seat studies papers in hand*
    William McCarthy: Hail!
    Judge Erlington: Hail Sir
    Count of Berg: Evening MiLords
    Mama Faith: ok......*deep breath* Here we go
    William McCarthy: Evening
    William McCarthy: Erm..
    Judge Erlington: Mr McCarthy
    Judge Erlington: Are you the prosceutor for this trial?
    William McCarthy: The comm crystals seem to be not picking your voice, sire
    Judge Erlington: *looks flustered*
    Fern Goodfellow: Hiyers hon!
    Judge Erlington: I will step closer
    William McCarthy: Hmmm
    Mama Faith: Judge......the crystal isn't picking it up
    Mama Faith: BUT, we can read it from here
    William McCarthy: It seems to be filtering out just your voice, sire
    Judge Erlington: It would be the one in the courtroom perhaps?
    Judge Erlington: Very odd
    Mama Faith: Poor judge gets no respect from the comm crystal
    William McCarthy: Perhaps, another ploy by the members of Britannian Purity League
    William McCarthy: *glares sideways*
    Judge Erlington: Sir ..No leading the jury please
    William McCarthy: Erm.. my apologies
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    William McCarthy: *smiles*
    William McCarthy: Can the audience hear the esteemed judge?
    Girl Scout Edith: Yes
    Mama Faith: Yes
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Yes, judge.
    William McCarthy: Ahh well, then all is well
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Shall we begin, your lordship?
    Judge Erlington: We will wait a few moments
    Judge Erlington: to see if any more of the jury members arrive
    William McCarthy: Aha
    William McCarthy: *looks at the jury seatings*
    Count of Berg: If it Please MiLord, we anticipate co-counsel may be running late by we are prepared without him
    William McCarthy: Perhaps, the rest of the jury has been kidnapped.. like your daughter m'lord!!
    William McCarthy: *whispers*
    Judge Erlington: Alice.. yes Alice!

    Judge Erlington: I am Happy to say
    Judge Erlington: Alice has been found!
    WildStar: Wonderful news
    William McCarthy: Good tidings, that!
    Judge Erlington: Very much so!
    William McCarthy: Not enough jury yet, your honor!
    Judge Erlington: She has decided to stay and help hand out
    Judge Erlington: some sort of baskets
    Judge Erlington: and will be home soon
    William McCarthy: erm, I see

    A pending motion from Day 2 regarding additional charges related to Kingdom of Dawn vs. Dark Tower and Ravenshire is ruled

    Count of Berg: There is a pending motion MiLord that does not require the jury, if it please the Court
    Judge Erlington: *glances at empty jury seats*
    William McCarthy: mmm
    Judge Erlington: What is said motion Count
    William McCarthy: I believe he is referring to the additional charges
    Count of Berg: If the additional charges brought by the previous proxecutor can stand on
    William McCarthy: *refers to his notes*
    Count of Berg: jurisdictional grounds
    Judge Erlington: ahh yes
    Judge Erlington: *shuffles papers*
    Judge Erlington: I have seeked other council on this matter
    William McCarthy: *steps back*
    Judge Erlington: and after long hours of study
    Mama Faith: hahahaha
    Judge Erlington: *reads from papers*
    Judge Erlington: The court has deemed that the charges Kingdom of Dawn vs The Dark tower and Ravenshire
    Judge Erlington: be henceforth dropped
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Kat: *She frowns at the man next to her.*
    William McCarthy: The prosecution will not contest the decision
    Aldagar Morr: *smirks*
    Judge Erlington: The charges of Britannia vs The Dark Tower and Ravenshire..shall be continued in this court
    WildStar: Not a concern your Honor
    Judge Erlington: So shall it be then
    Underpants Gnome: *sighs at the obvious discontent*
    WildStar: The Kingdom of Dawn can handle its own judical matters
    Judge Erlington: *looks towards jury*
    Judge Erlington: ahh We may now proceed
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    Underpants Gnome: my apologies...ill here :<
    Judge Erlington: Proscecutor McCarthy
    William McCarthy: Sire

    Prosecution makes an opening statement

    Judge Erlington: Do you have a opening statement?
    Judge Erlington: If so proceed
    William McCarthy: As you wish, sire!
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    William McCarthy: *glances at his notes*
    William McCarthy: *walks towards the jury*
    William McCarthy: Members of Jury
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Britannia stands at a crucial time
    William McCarthy: *sweeps his arms towards the defendants*
    William McCarthy: There are those who would spread a campaign of hatred and intimidation
    William McCarthy: to enforce their point of view on how the political landscape should shape
    William McCarthy: In the coming days, I will present to you
    William McCarthy: evidence of such a campaign of terror
    William McCarthy: you will hear how the defendants have not only aided in this
    William McCarthy: but have been active participants
    William McCarthy: You will hear about how they have stolen from the royal treasury
    Judge Erlington: *takes quill in hand and makes notes*
    William McCarthy: I am satisfied that by end of this trial
    William McCarthy: you will have enough information to send them in the darkest dungeon
    William McCarthy: and strip them of all their lands and titles!
    William McCarthy: *bows*
    Judge Erlington: Noted Sir McCarthy
    William McCarthy: Your Sire
    Judge Erlington: Yes?
    Underpants Gnome: *scratches chin*
    William McCarthy: The prosecution is ready to call its witnesses
    Judge Erlington: Proceed sir

    Defense makes an opening statement

    Count of Berg: Um MiLord?
    Judge Erlington: Yes Count?
    Count of Berg: Shall the defense be allowed its opening?
    Judge Erlington: Very well
    Judge Erlington: proceed
    Count of Berg: Thank You Mi Lord
    William McCarthy: *sits down*
    Count of Berg: Members of the jury
    Judge Erlington: *sits*
    Count of Berg: I will be brief
    Count of Berg: I ask you a question
    Judge Erlington: *writes more notes*
    Count of Berg: Have any of you killed a gargoyle? Now don't answer, just think
    Count of Berg: For those of us who have lived in these lands
    Count of Berg: from early days
    Count of Berg: when random murders where around every turn
    Count of Berg: in those days
    Count of Berg: gargoyles roamed and attacked humans at their pleasure
    Count of Berg: Even today some still do
    Count of Berg: the present changes in this realm
    Count of Berg: have uncovered related races
    Count of Berg: not the same breed of gargoyle
    Count of Berg: but gargoyle still
    Count of Berg: for those of us
    Count of Berg: like the defendants
    Count of Berg: who lost property
    Count of Berg: family
    Count of Berg: and friends
    Count of Berg: at the hands of gargoyle kind
    Count of Berg: these feelings
    Count of Berg: are hard to purge
    Count of Berg: to ask us to give up these feelings
    Judge Erlington: *Bangs staff!*
    Count of Berg: they will remain until our deaths
    Count of Berg: please keep this in mind
    Judge Erlington: Order in this courtroom!
    Kat: *She clicks her tongue musingly, mulling over his words.*
    William McCarthy: *wonders if defense counsel is pleading guilty with his speech*
    Count of Berg: when you hear about leagues and wanting gargoyle to not live next door
    Count of Berg: and understand my cleints concerns
    Count of Berg: the facts will bear out
    Judge Erlington: *eyes the prosecutor*
    Count of Berg: and Truth in the City of Justice
    Count of Berg: will out
    Count of Berg: Thank You
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: Prosceutor..are you ready to call your witness?
    William McCarthy: Will Lady.. *sarcastic tone*.. Fier be making her own opening statement?
    Count of Berg: um
    William McCarthy: If the defense is done, surely
    Cymidei Fier: No I am not.
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Judge Erlington: Yes Count?
    Count of Berg: The Lady may at some opt not to be represented
    Count of Berg: but at present she is
    Judge Erlington: Noted Count
    William McCarthy: Very well!

    Prosecution calls first witness: Lady WildStar

    Judge Erlington: Call your first witness Prosceutor
    William McCarthy: The prosecution would like to ask Lady WildStar of Kingdom of Dawn to come forward
    William McCarthy: *motions Lady Wildstar to take a seat*
    Judge Erlington: Lady Wildstar
    WildStar: Here?
    Judge Erlington: you may be seated
    Judge Erlington: yes
    William McCarthy: erm
    Judge Erlington: Lady Wildstar
    Judge Erlington: Do you take oath
    Judge Erlington: that what you are about to say
    Judge Erlington: is the truth as you know it
    WildStar: I do
    Judge Erlington: an it shall be held as vaild testimony in this court?
    Judge Erlington: Proceed sir
    William McCarthy: Thank you, sire
    William McCarthy: Lady WildStar, thank you for coming forward!
    WildStar: Your're welcome, Mr. McCarthy
    William McCarthy: Will you, for the matter of record, tell the court about your standing in the realm
    WildStar: I am the Grand Duchess of the Kingdom of Dawn
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    WildStar: and Regent until Prince Riain comes of age
    William McCarthy: Thank you, m'lady!
    William McCarthy: *points his finger at Aldagar Morr in a dramatic manner*
    William McCarthy: Have you ever seen this man before, m'lady?
    WildStar: Yes, I have
    William McCarthy: Can you tell the court
    William McCarthy: about him?
    Judge Erlington: *looks toward defendant*
    William McCarthy: specifically..
    William McCarthy: regarding a certain rally that was held in Britain
    William McCarthy: It is my understanding you were present
    WildStar: That is correct
    William McCarthy: *nods and smiles*
    WildStar: Mr. Morr was giving a speech about Queen Dawn's policy toward the Gargoyles of Ter Mur
    WildStar: and how it was in error
    William McCarthy: Aha!
    William McCarthy: *uses a high toned voice*
    William McCarthy: Could you give us some more details!?
    Judge Erlington: *listens intently*
    WildStar: He was stating his beliefs about the harm the Gargoyles of Ter Mur would cause humans and elfs
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: Let me ask you, m'lady
    William McCarthy: Does it surprise you that the defendant has been charged as a member of the dread
    William McCarthy: Britannian Purity League?
    WildStar: No.
    William McCarthy: dreaded*
    Taliesin: Objection.
    Taliesin: What makes it dreaded?
    William McCarthy: *glares*
    Taliesin: That's personal opinion and has no place in court.
    William McCarthy: I will retract my comment, your sire!
    William McCarthy: *smirks*
    Taliesin: Hmph.
    Judge Erlington: Strike the comment from the court notes
    William McCarthy: M'lady, let me change the topic slightly
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: Is it true that Kingdom of Dawn has been supportive of Queen Dawn's policy of cultivating
    William McCarthy: friendship with Queen Zhah?
    WildStar: The Kingdom of Dawn is friendly to the Gargoyles
    WildStar: of Ter Mur
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: And, m'lady, has this caused problems for your kingdom?
    WildStar: Yes
    William McCarthy: Is that so?
    WildStar: Vandals have left dead animals
    William McCarthy: *shakes his head*
    WildStar: and made a threat against the Prince
    Judge Erlington: *frowns*
    William McCarthy: Any letters or warnings suggesting who these vandals might be?
    WildStar: Yes
    Taliesin: *leans forward in interest*
    William McCarthy: Please, continue - m'lady!
    Judge Erlington: *waits for reply*
    WildStar: The Britannia Purity League
    William McCarthy: *smiles*
    William McCarthy: And did these threats begin soon after the rally by the defendant?
    WildStar: Just before, if I recall correctly
    William McCarthy: In the same time frame?
    WildStar: Yes
    William McCarthy: *nods satisfied*
    William McCarthy: *steps back*
    William McCarthy: Sire, I am done with this witness
    Judge Erlington: Very well Sir
    William McCarthy: Will the prosecution like to corss examine now
    William McCarthy: or on a later date?
    Count of Berg: Aye
    William McCarthy: *sits down*
    Judge Erlington: Defense you may cross exam
    Count of Berg: Good EVening my Duchess
    Judge Erlington: the witness
    WildStar: Hail

    Defense cross-examines witness Lady WildStar
    Count of Berg: Just to get this in the open, I am a member of Dawn am I not?
    WildStar: You are
    Count of Berg: I say this so no one may later questuon anything of Dawn
    William McCarthy: *shrugs*
    Count of Berg: That aside I have a role to conduct
    Count of Berg: My Duchess,
    Count of Berg: you mentioned a note left by vandels
    Count of Berg: Was it signed with the name of Morr?
    WildStar: No, it wasn't
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Count of Berg: Was it signed by the name of Cymedei
    WildStar: No, it wasn't
    Count of Berg: And you said it appearred before my client's speech against relations with gargoyles?
    WildStar: About that time
    Count of Berg: Do you know one way or the other if Morr might have ben spurred to his opinions because of tha
    Count of Berg: the note?
    WildStar: Mr. Morr had spoken of his anti-gargoyles views before his rallt
    WildStar: rally
    William McCarthy: *smiles*
    Count of Berg: And the answer to my question is?
    WildStar: I do not know Mr. Morr well enough to say
    Count of Berg: Thank you
    Count of Berg: almost done
    Count of Berg: Morr over here in my opinion
    William McCarthy: Objection
    Count of Berg: is an old crabby retired merchant
    William McCarthy: We do not care about defense counsel's opinion!
    Count of Berg: Do you not agree?
    WildStar: I would not
    Judge Erlington: Your leading the witness sir
    Count of Berg: Thank you for your time today
    Count of Berg: oh
    Count of Berg: a couple more
    Count of Berg: I nearly forgot
    William McCarthy: *sighs*
    Judge Erlington: *looks at Count sternly*
    Count of Berg: Is Dawn a kingdom of brittania?
    WildStar: No it is not
    William McCarthy: Objection, how is that relevant?
    Count of Berg: So Dawn and its Citizens are not subject of Brittania?
    WildStar: We have our own King and Queen
    Judge Erlington: How is this relevant Count?
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Count of Berg: Cymidei is not a citizen of this realm
    Count of Berg: and by the testimony of this witness is not subject to its laws
    William McCarthy: The noble Queen Dawn is aware of Lady Fier's status
    William McCarthy: *stands up*
    Count of Berg: I Thank the Grand Duchess for her voluntary appearance tonight
    Count of Berg: Co-counsel
    Count of Berg: questions?
    Taliesin: Yes, just a few.
    Taliesin: G'evening Duchess.
    WildStar: Hail
    Taliesin: I just wanted to clear something up.
    Taliesin: You claim to know the defendant sitting there.
    Taliesin: And you also further state that he's connected to the Purity League.
    Taliesin: How did you come about such information?
    WildStar: I have spoken to him when he was recruting members for that league around West Britain Bank
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: Now, earlier, you said that there have been recent attacks, and you claim that the Purity League
    Taliesin: are behind them.
    Taliesin: How did you come about this particular information?
    WildStar: Given the nature of the vandalism and threats
    WildStar: it could of only been them
    Taliesin: As I was saying, there appears to be no conclusive evidence that the recent attacks on Dawn
    Kat: *Shakes her head, focusing her attention back on the witness.*
    Taliesin: As unfortunate as they may be, are directly linked to this so called Purity League..
    Taliesin: Another question for you, Duchess.
    WildStar: I would say the evidence was circumstanial
    Taliesin: What evidence do you have to show that it is the Defendant, Mr. Aldagar Morr, who has
    Taliesin: any connection to these attacks?
    WildStar: I have no way of "knowing" for sure, that Mr. Morr actually did the vandalism
    Taliesin: *nods*
    WildStar: However, I can say it was acts of the Purity Leage
    Taliesin: I feel it's only fair that if there is a suggestion of attacks, they not be unfairly tied to my
    Taliesin: client in particular, even though he may or may not be in the Purity League.
    Taliesin: I do hope you understand, Duchess.
    WildStar: *nods*
    William McCarthy: *glares*
    Taliesin: One last question, Duchess.
    Taliesin: Do all of the citizens of Dawn oppose the Purity League?
    WildStar: The official stance of the Kingdom of Dawn is friendly/neutral to the Gargoyles of Ter Mur
    WildStar: We do not control or tell our citizens what they may believe privately
    Taliesin: Ah, how true.
    Taliesin: To your knowledge, however, do you know if they all oppose the Purity League?
    Taliesin: Or are there some exceptions?
    WildStar: In a group as diversve as we are, I am sure not all agree with the offical stance
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: You're a wise ruler, Duchess.
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Taliesin: No further questions from me.
    Taliesin: Thank you for your time, Duchess.
    Count of Berg: May we get some oil foor the doors?
    Judge Erlington: Hrump
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: The prosecution is ready to call the next witness, sire
    Judge Erlington: Any further questions for this witness?
    William McCarthy: Not at this time
    William McCarthy: Well.. just one quick question
    Judge Erlington: Lady Wildstar
    William McCarthy: if the court will allow
    WildStar: Yes, Your Honor
    Judge Erlington: Proceed
    William McCarthy: Lady WildStar, are you aware of the whereabouts of Sid Vicious?
    Taliesin: *smirks*
    WildStar: He hasn't been seen in some time
    William McCarthy: Thank you, m'lady
    Judge Erlington: If no more questions..you may step down Lady Wildstar
    WildStar: Thank you, Your Honor
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: Prosecution may call thier next witness
    Clayton Brega: ummph

    Prosecution calls 2nd witness: Corporal Brackus

    William McCarthy: The prosecution would like to call Corporal Brackus for its next witness
    William McCarthy: Please step forward, corporal
    Judge Erlington: Please be seated
    William McCarthy: *takes a seat while the oath is administered*
    Judge Erlington: Do you take oath that what you are about to say is the truth as you know it and it shall be
    Judge Erlington: held as testimony in this court?
    Judge Erlington: *nots*
    Judge Erlington: nods*
    Judge Erlington: Proceed with questioning
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Hail!
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Hail and well met.
    William McCarthy: Would you kindly state your name and status for the matter of record?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: My name is Brackus. Corporal Brackus with the western garrison of Britain's town guards.
    William McCarthy: Thank you, corporal!
    William McCarthy: Corporal, as the person in charge of the Britain's town guards
    William McCarthy: would it be a fair assesment that you tend to know about things
    William McCarthy: that occur in the town?
    Count of Berg: *hopes he will speak only of what he directly knows*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I see and hear many things that occur in Britian, yes. Some first-hand, some from word of mouth.
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: *dramatically points at the defendants again*
    William McCarthy: Have you dealt with the defendants in the past?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Yes, unfortunately.
    William McCarthy: *raises his eyebrows*
    William McCarthy: Unfortunately, corporal?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Would you please elaborate?
    Judge Erlington: *listens to response*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I have had more than my share of incidents with the defendent Cymidei Fier, and have had
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: the displeasure of meeting Mr. Morr on several occassions.
    Count of Berg: Relavence MiLord?
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: I am establishing the character of the witnesses, sire
    Judge Erlington: He is answering a posed question
    William McCarthy: er
    William McCarthy: defendants
    Judge Erlington: as to the character of said defendant
    Count of Berg: of the witness or the defendans?
    William McCarthy: *grumbles*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I find Mr. Morr to be naught but a rabble rouser, and Cymidei something out of a nightmare.
    Count of Berg: Character can't be explored unless defense makes it an issue
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Judge Erlington: *frowns*
    Count of Berg: only as rebuttly may prosecution ask these questions
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *rubs back of neck*
    Judge Erlington: So noted sir..
    William McCarthy: Very well
    William McCarthy: Corporal
    William McCarthy: has anyone made a report against the defendants
    William McCarthy: regarding the theft of the royal treasury?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Yes. The citizen commonly known as The Widow made such a report.
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Was this report made soon after the event?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: If memory serves, the report was made, in person, a few days after the event took place.
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Did it surprise you that the defendants might have been involved?
    Count of Berg: Objection <iLord
    William McCarthy: *glares*
    Count of Berg: the record of the guard
    Count of Berg: and report
    Count of Berg: is kept in log books
    Count of Berg: those books were reviewed by
    Count of Berg: my investigator
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *looks to the judge wondering if he should answer the question*
    Count of Berg: a retored investigator
    Count of Berg: of the crown
    Count of Berg: and no mention was made of suspects
    Count of Berg: My investigator
    Count of Berg: pointed out the log books to the prosecutor
    William McCarthy: Are you implying that the corporal is lying
    Count of Berg: I state
    Count of Berg: that the
    Count of Berg: official record of the guards
    Count of Berg: is their log books
    Count of Berg: and nothing else
    William McCarthy: Perhaps, the log books were incomplete
    Count of Berg: the the guards would have been deirlicted
    Count of Berg: in their duty
    William McCarthy: The testimony of the corporal is more valid than the log books!
    Count of Berg: are you saying they are?
    Judge Erlington: objection over ruled
    William McCarthy: The log books can be tampered with
    Judge Erlington: continue
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I can assure the Court, I filed a report in my daily logbooks. They are likely still in the tower.
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    William McCarthy: as they often are
    Judge Erlington: and you may answer as you are under oath
    Judge Erlington: to speak the truth
    William McCarthy: Let me repeat my question, corporal
    William McCarthy: Did it surprise you that the defendants might have been involved?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: To answer your question... Was I surprised? I am never surprised anymore when mischief is
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: reported and the name Cymidei Fier is involved.
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Surprised about Mr. Morr? Yes. But only in that I hardly believe an idiot and milksop such
    Taliesin: !
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: as he could have done such a thing.
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *chuckles quietly*
    William McCarthy: Has the defendant Aldagar Morr, like Lady WildStar stated, been involved with recruitment
    William McCarthy: and propoganda related to Britannian Purity League
    William McCarthy: in the premises of West Britain Bank?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Most definitely. He often sat in town with a table and chair asking citizens to sign a petition
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: that would outright ban the existance of gargoyles from Britannia.
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Thank you, corporal!
    William McCarthy: Your honor, the prosecution is done with the witness
    Judge Erlington: Any further questions from Prosecution?
    Judge Erlington: Very well
    Judge Erlington: Defense..you may cross examine the witness

    Defense cross-examines Corporal Brackus

    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Count of Berg: Evening guard
    Judge Erlington: *notes*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Hail once again, Count of Berg.
    Count of Berg: I thank you first for coming
    Count of Berg: and your notable service to the Crown of Brittainia
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *nods*
    Count of Berg: AT no time will that service be suspect in my questions
    Count of Berg: You see before you the book of viryues
    William McCarthy: Objection, may the counsel carry on with the relevant questions instead of apologising?
    Count of Berg: left to us by Lord Brittish do you not?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *looks down and flips book open*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I do.
    Judge Erlington: Please proceed with valid questioning Count
    Count of Berg: Do you beleive you have no higher oath than to follow those teachings?
    William McCarthy: Objection, the witness has already taken an oath of truth
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I feel my highest oath is that of protecting the citizens of Britain, in accordance with my duty.
    Count of Berg: The Virtures are the basis
    Count of Berg: for all law in Brittania
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: But the virtues do play a part in such a role, yes.
    Count of Berg: Thank you
    Count of Berg: now you are a good guard are you not?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I suppose that depends on who you might ask that question of, Count of Berg.
    Count of Berg: I am asking you
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I would like to believe I am diligent in my duties and perform them as expected, yes.
    Count of Berg: I understand that, I too am a soldier one that oppossed Lord Casca and fought along side Lady Da
    Count of Berg: wn during the revolvt
    William McCarthy: Objection, relevance?
    Count of Berg: Tell me Guard
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: were you a guard during Lord Casca's term?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I was with the garrison of Britain's town guard during Lord Casca's reign, yes.
    Judge Erlington: Count
    Judge Erlington: what is the relvance of this?
    Count of Berg: Establishing his length of service miLord
    Count of Berg: Now guard tell me
    Count of Berg: when goblins first appearred in Britain
    William McCarthy: Objection, Corporal Brackus may be referred to as Corporal not guard
    Count of Berg: did you and your guards fight them off
    Taliesin: Semantics.
    Count of Berg: ?
    Count of Berg: rank is that
    Judge Erlington: Please refer to the Coporal in the correct manor Count
    Count of Berg: his name is Gurad
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: Very Well
    Count of Berg: Corporal
    Count of Berg: answer please
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Fight them off? Not directly, no. Except for the one known as The Yattering, it is true the
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: guards engaged The Yattering on several occasions... But, the newer goblins? Not directly.
    William McCarthy: *looks flustered*
    Count of Berg: and when monsters of all unspeakable sorts fell upon the town in defense of
    Count of Berg: goblins
    Count of Berg: did you not fight then?
    Judge Erlington: Count. Your questions are not revelant ..the goblins are not part of this trial
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: We took up arms against said creatures, yes.
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Judge Erlington: nor are any monsters
    Count of Berg: the town guard fought creatures they had not seen before
    Count of Berg: after they committed vile acts
    You see: stone wall
    Count of Berg: upon the guards and brittain
    Count of Berg: it is relevance to the defense
    Count of Berg: as Morr did not same thing over gargoyles
    Count of Berg: only using non=violen tmeans
    William McCarthy: Objection!
    Count of Berg: When did you stop fighting goblins?
    William McCarthy: The Gargoyles of Ter Mur are deemed as friends by Queen Dawn
    William McCarthy: The town guards follow the laws of the land
    Judge Erlington: Sustained..
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: Did you follow the law of the land prior to the royal edit on goblins?
    Count of Berg: Did you follow the law of the land prior to the royal edit on goblins?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I am not sure I understand your question.
    William McCarthy: Objection, neither does the prosecution!
    Judge Erlington: Please rephrase your question Count
    Count of Berg: Did you fight a goblin and chase others prior to the royal edict friending goblins
    Count of Berg: ?
    William McCarthy: Objection, I am sure the guards chased any that broke the peace of the town
    William McCarthy: relevance?
    Judge Erlington: Please give relevance Count
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Only those goblins that caused trouble and broke the laws of the town.
    Count of Berg: the guards were embarrassed
    Count of Berg: their belongs urinated upon
    Count of Berg: paints splattered on their dwellings
    Count of Berg: they were wronged
    Count of Berg: and they fought back under the law
    Count of Berg: but the Queen called them off
    Count of Berg: told them to no longer pursue them
    William McCarthy: Objection, Queen Dawn is not on trial
    Count of Berg: and allowed them to be guards
    Count of Berg: the relevance
    Count of Berg: is that the guards have feelingsd too
    Count of Berg: emotions
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: and even though
    Count of Berg: they loyally follow the law
    Count of Berg: they may not agree with it
    Count of Berg: but they follow it
    William McCarthy: Objection, speaking for the witness
    Count of Berg: they are trained to do that
    Count of Berg: they are good at it
    Count of Berg: but citizens like Mor
    Count of Berg: are not so trained
    Judge Erlington: Sustained.. Count...
    Count of Berg: not sdo disciplined
    William McCarthy: *stands up*
    William McCarthy: Is the counsel pleading a case of insanity?
    Count of Berg: Corporal
    William McCarthy: and accepting the charges?
    Count of Berg: you were asked opinion questions by the prosecution
    Count of Berg: I have a few for you
    Judge Erlington: Please keep questions
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: is it your opinion you must defend citizens when they peacefully express their own opinions?
    Judge Erlington: relvant with the trial at hand
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I do.
    Count of Berg: because you are enforcing the law of the land?
    William McCarthy: Objection, the town guards enforce the law and mantain peace.. that has been established!
    Count of Berg: If you will stipulate to that we may continue
    William McCarthy: continue!
    William McCarthy: *hrmpfs*
    William McCarthy: *sits down*
    Judge Erlington: Proceed Count
    Count of Berg: In your duty, which we have established is good and complete, did you obtain definate evidence that
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: Morr stole anything from anyone at any time
    Count of Berg: ?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: In all due respect, Count of Berg, the town guards jurisdiction does not lie in investigating criminal
    Count of Berg: Thank you, now answer
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: matters that pertain to the Crown and the Kingdom. The Royal Guards handle such investigation,
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: unless we are given direct orders from a superior officer to assist in said investigation.
    Count of Berg: then do you or do you not have definative evidence?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Do I? No. I do not have definitive evidence.
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Count of Berg: of Cymidei either?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *glares towards Cymidei Fier*
    You see: stone wall
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: No, I have no direct evidence of Cymidei's involved either. Regretably.
    Count of Berg: Thank You Corporal, co-counsel?
    You see: Solo [LoI]
    Judge Erlington: Any furter Questions for the witness?
    Taliesin: A second, Your Honor.
    Taliesin: Yes, Your Honor.
    Taliesin: Just a question or two.
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Taliesin: G'evening, Corporal Brackus.
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Hail and well met.
    Taliesin: As was just established, there is no direct evidence that ties Morr or Cymidei with the crimes
    William McCarthy: Objection, we have an eyewitness
    Taliesin: we are gathered here today to hear about.
    Judge Erlington: sustained..
    Taliesin: Furthermore, you state that yourself did no such investigation.
    Judge Erlington: all witness' have not been called as of yet
    Taliesin: Is that correct?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: That is correct.
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: However.
    Taliesin: Yes?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I did pass along the information to Sergeant Raynier in the castle and left him an offical report.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: Did you ever verify its accuracy?
    Taliesin: Surely someone cannot just come up and file a report with no evidence, correct?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: The accuracy of the report given to me? No, I merely passed it along the proper channels.
    Taliesin: Very well.
    Taliesin: And did you suspect the accuracy of this report?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I cannot fathom a reason The Widow would have made up such a grandoise lie.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: And what about the Widow herself?
    William McCarthy: *smiles*
    Taliesin: What are your thoughts on the Widow?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Thoughts? She is a kind and sincere lady from my prior dealings with her.
    William McCarthy: *smiles*
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Taliesin: And what of her claims to be the Queen Heiress?
    Judge Erlington: *jots down notes*
    William McCarthy: Objection, relevance?
    Taliesin: Do you not already serve one Queen, Corporal Brackus?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: In my line of work...
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: *closes his mouth at the objection*
    Count of Berg: we are losing witnesses because of the late hour
    Judge Erlington: Wha bearing does this have?
    Count of Berg: might we recess until the next session?
    Taliesin: Your honor, I'm trying to establish that the report filed may not have been from someone:
    Count of Berg: might we recess until the next session?
    Taliesin: who is in her rightful place.
    Taliesin: But I do agree with my co-counsel.
    Taliesin: Perhaps we could pick this up another time?
    William McCarthy: M'lord, if the jury and defense can stay
    William McCarthy: the prosecution would like to call one more witness
    Count of Berg: Recess MiLord due to the late hour?
    William McCarthy: otherwise, we can recess
    Judge Erlington: Defense?
    Count of Berg: Recess MiLord due to the late hour?
    Count of Berg: We would agree
    Count of Berg: to any delay needed
    Mama Faith: I won't be able to attend Saturday....but my testimony is useless
    Count of Berg: to call witnesses later
    Taliesin: Please, let's at least let the good Corporal speak first.
    Judge Erlington: agreed..continue Coporal
    William McCarthy: *grumbles at being overruled*
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: What was the question again? Sorry.
    Taliesin: Ahem
    Taliesin: And what of her claims to be the Queen Heiress?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: In my line of work as a town guard, I often hear many claims by various citizens that sometimes
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: cannot be substantiated. Otis the Drunk often claimed that Mikie was King of Britainnia,
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: of all things...
    Taliesin: *laughs*
    Taliesin: Then surely Aldagar Morr's claims of being in the Purity League may also be inconclusive?
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I know not what to make of her claims of being married to Lord British, but by my nature,
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: I am often doubtful of such things... However, I find the Widow, in my experience, to be a good
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: woman and I believe her report she has given about the theft of the Crown.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: That is all.
    Judge Erlington: Any further questions?
    Count of Berg: Ni MiLord
    Taliesin: Thank you for your time, Corporal.
    William McCarthy: Prosecution is satisfied with the testimony
    Judge Erlington: Corporal you may step down
    A Town Guard [Rank Corporal]: Thank you, your Honor.
    Count of Berg: Recess MiLord?
    Judge Erlington: One moment..*checks books*
    William McCarthy: Sire, since the defense is cross examining
    William McCarthy: at the same time
    William McCarthy: we will have to rework the schedule and make all the days
    William McCarthy: open for the prosecution to call witnesses
    William McCarthy: err I mean the day when the defense
    William McCarthy: is scheduled to cross-examine
    Count of Berg: Agreed MiLord
    Judge Erlington: So noted and agreed
    William McCarthy: Then the prosecution agrees to a recess
    Ric Flair [Rank Guard]: Sanctum Viatas
    Judge Erlington: This court is now recessed
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlington: until Saturday April 10th
    William McCarthy: Thank you, sire!
    Kat: *Leather creaks as she stretches her arms.*
    Count of Berg: Might I have a private word somewhere?
    Judge Erlington: Jury..Thnk you for you time
    Claudia Drusilla: *stretches*
    William McCarthy: in a moment
    Kat: Good eve, Your Honor.
    Judge Erlington: You are free to go
    Kat: *Rises.*
    Kat: Thank you
    Judge Erlington: *nods*