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Trial Log: Day 5

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
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    From Court Reporter, Court of Truth
    Defense calls Witness, The Widow
    Prosecution is unavailable for cross-examination

    Judge Erlington: Since Mr McCarthy is not present..he will be allowed to cross exam on the next court date
    Judge Erlington: any witnesses you bring forth tonight
    Judge Erlington: Is that agreed?
    Taliesin: Sure.
    Cymidei Fier: Yes your honor
    Judge Erlington: Very well..if you are ready..
    Judge Erlington: You may proceed
    Taliesin: Very well, your Honor.
    Taliesin: The Defense calls the Widow to the stand.
    Judge Erlington: Widow..please approach the stand
    Judge Erlington: and be seated
    Judge Erlington: Do you take oath, that what you are about to say is the truth
    Judge Erlington: as you know it and it shall be held as valid testimony in this court?
    The Widow: By Jaana's Staff.
    Judge Erlington: I take that as a yes Widow?
    The Widow: Aye.
    Taliesin: Very well.
    Judge Erlington: Very well..defense
    Judge Erlington: you may proceed
    Taliesin: G'evening Widow.
    The Widow: Good evening.
    Taliesin: Would you please tell the court about yourself?
    The Widow: My name is Fazhnjell.
    The Widow: I am a housekeeper emerita of the Castle.
    Taliesin: Is that your full name?
    The Widow: I am also known as Fazhnjell British, Nell, the Widow, Mother, and Grandmother.
    The Widow: I am a housekeeper to the Castle.
    The Widow: I am a streetsweeper.
    Taliesin: Under whose employ, if you don't mind me asking?
    The Widow: And I am a fortune teller.
    Taliesin: As pertains to your housekeeper position
    The Widow: As I stated, I am housekeeper emerita,
    The Widow: meaning that I was employed by the House of British
    The Widow: and that on account of my long service
    The Widow: I was never officially let go
    Taliesin: Ah, I see.
    The Widow: by subsequent holders of the Thone.
    Taliesin: Thank you for explaining that to us.
    The Widow: My position as housekeeper
    The Widow: was acknowledged
    The Widow: by one of the former gods of this realm,
    The Widow: Archimedes by name.
    Judge Erlington: *takes notes*
    Taliesin: Would you please state your age, for the court?
    The Widow: That is not quite possible.
    Taliesin: Could you please explain why that is?
    Judge Erlington: Taliesin..what relevance does the age have to this case?
    Taliesin: Your honor, her appearance is that of someone older.
    Taliesin: The defense would like to know if that would affect her judgment, or eyesight.
    Judge Erlington: Proceed with questioning..
    Taliesin: May I call you the Widow?
    The Widow: Thou mayest.
    Taliesin: Please, Widow, could you explain why you cannot state your age?
    The Widow: I am only half Sosarian.
    The Widow: As half of my heritage is not of this World,
    Taliesin: Interesting.
    The Widow: I do not age as normal Sosarians.
    Taliesin: Does this mean that you do not age in other facilities as well?
    Taliesin: Your senses are ageless as well?
    The Widow: Not ageless, but slowly aging by Sosarian standards.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Judge Erlington: *peers at the Widow*
    Taliesin: Widow, do you know the defendants here in this court?
    The Widow: I do know the two persons sitting before me.
    Taliesin: Could you describe any past experiences with the defendants?
    The Widow: Aldagar Morr is a personage I recognize from the streets of Britain.
    The Widow: I have had closer dealings with Cymidei Fier.
    Taliesin: Could you describe those dealings?
    The Widow: We have been introduced, and we have spoken.
    Taliesin: Is that all?
    The Widow: She has reacted to me in many ways.
    Taliesin: Would you say that those ways were negative?
    The Widow: Some have been negative.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: And what about Mr. Morr? Isn't it true that you once slapped him and cursed at him?
    Taliesin: In public, no less.
    The Widow: No. I cannot recall cursing anyone.
    Judge Erlington: *makes note of Widows reply*
    Aldagar Morr: She lies!
    Judge Erlington: Order!
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: *bangs staff*
    Taliesin: Sorry about that, your Honor.
    Aldagar Morr: She slapped me in the face by the Main Gate!
    Aldagar Morr: *looks unsettled*
    Judge Erlington: Mr Morr
    Taliesin: My client feels that she did indeed slap him in public and cursed at him.
    Judge Erlington: You will have your chance for rebuttal
    Aldagar Morr: *stews*
    Taliesin: Let's continue on.
    Taliesin: Widow, isn't it also true that Cymidei publicy decried you once by an Inn when you made
    Taliesin: your bid to be the Queen?
    The Widow: Cymidei has decried me on several occasions.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Taliesin: Your Honor, and ladies and gentlemen of the Court, I believe that the Widow has had
    Taliesin: some negative dealings with my clients in the past.
    Taliesin: And I would like to point out that there may be a bias to her testimony, which we will
    Taliesin: hear now.
    Taliesin: Widow, could you please describe the claims you made against my clients
    Aldagar Morr: *rubs his face as if reacting to yet another slap from the Widow*
    Taliesin: about an alleged theft of gold?
    Taliesin: If possible, I would like to hear in your words the details of that night.
    The Widow: It was early in Firstmonth.
    The Widow: It was a particularly quiet night at the Castle.
    The Widow: The nobles were for the most part on holiday, making a tour of the towns and cities of the Realm
    The Widow: Pepta was laid up with a sour stomach.
    Taliesin: I'm sorry, Pepta?
    Judge Erlington: *listens intently and jots down notes*
    The Widow: The tastetester emrita at the Castle.
    Taliesin: Pepta the Royal Food Taster, correct?
    Taliesin: Understood.
    The Widow: That is correct.
    Taliesin: Sorry for the interruption, please continue.
    The Widow: I was sweeping the halls, when I heard some commotion from the Study.
    The Widow: When I went into the Study,
    The Widow: there was no one there.
    The Widow: But I could tell that the noise was coming from the Royal Treasury
    The Widow: which is accessed through the Study.
    The Widow: Sound carries from the Study into the Treasury and vice versa.
    Taliesin: That's a very far distance.
    Taliesin: The study is quite some way from the Treasury.
    Taliesin: Surely a castle of that size has many noises, no?
    The Widow: But physical distance does not matter when magic is in play.
    Taliesin: Do you quite frequently hear odd noises at night?
    Judge Erlington: No leading the witness Mr Taliesin
    Taliesin: I see, but how did you know it was a magical noise?
    Taliesin: My apologies, your Honor.
    The Widow: No. It was not a magical noise.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Taliesin: So you don't frequently hear magical noises.
    Taliesin: Just regular noises, correct?
    The Widow: The access from the Study to the Treasury is magical.
    Taliesin: Ah, thank you for the clarification.
    The Widow: As for hearing magical noises,
    The Widow: I hear them quite often in Britain, as does anyone who hears
    The Widow: folks recalling in and out.
    The Widow: It is quite a distinctive noise.
    Taliesin: Aye, it's quite a high traffic area, I imagine.
    The Widow: So from the Study, I was able to hear noises in the Treasury.
    Taliesin: So you heard a noise from the study, through the magical access between the areas.
    The Widow: Indeed.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: Please continue.
    The Widow: I used the magical access to enter the Treasury.
    Taliesin: How does one use this magical access?
    Taliesin: I believe I speak for more than myself when I state that perhaps some do not know how this
    Taliesin: appartus works.
    The Widow: I am wondering if revealing this mechanism in so public a forum might be tantamount to treason
    The Widow: against the Throne.
    Taliesin: Ah, a very astute observation.
    Taliesin: It's a shame the Prosecution is not here to object to that.
    Taliesin: Your Honor, what do you think?
    The Widow: Might I tell His Honor privately?
    Judge Erlington: you may
    Taliesin: *waits patiently*
    The Widow: I have explained the mechanism to the Judge.
    Taliesin: Very well.
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: The widow has explained
    Taliesin: You believe it to be possibly treasonous to reveal said mechanism's working, correct?
    Taliesin: I wonder...why would a housekeeper know of this, and is she allowed to use this magical
    Taliesin: access at will?
    Judge Erlington: If it is known to the public..then yes..It could surmont to such..
    Judge Erlington: It shall remain as is..
    Judge Erlington: and not spoken by the widow
    The Widow: Do I answer thy question about my access?
    Taliesin: If your Honor has no objections?
    Judge Erlington: You may answer Widow..
    The Widow: As a member of the House of British, and as head housekeeper, the location was not
    The Widow: off limits to me.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Taliesin: Do you think that access might be off limits to others?
    The Widow: Certainly not to all others.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: My apologies for the frequent questions.
    Taliesin: Shall we continue with your testimony?
    The Widow: Certainly.
    The Widow: When I enetered the Treasury,
    The Widow: I beheld Aldagar Morr, Cymidei Fier and Hilda and another person
    The Widow: looting the Treasury.
    Aldagar Morr: She lies!
    Judge Erlington: Order!
    Taliesin: *looks toward Morr*
    Judge Erlington: *bangs staff*
    Aldagar Morr: *closes mouth quickly*
    Taliesin: That's quite an accusation, Widow.
    Taliesin: May I ask how you knew who they were?
    Taliesin: You stated earlier that the nobles were out.
    Taliesin: Was there sufficient light in the area to reveal their personages to you?
    The Widow: I do know a bit of magic myself.
    The Widow: Is there not a night sight spell?
    Taliesin: I believe there is, yes.
    Taliesin: Sometimes, though, in my haste, I forget to apply it myself.
    Taliesin: And age certainly does fade the eyesight...
    The Widow: I do not forget the night sight spell when entering treasuries, cellars or basements.
    Judge Erlington: Jury strike that last remark about age
    Taliesin: Sometimes I wonder if vision altering spells might affect the eyesight as well.
    Taliesin: You certainly are quite efficient at your position.
    Taliesin: Very commendable.
    The Widow: I have had the praise of the King.
    Taliesin: And now, you have mine as well, good lady.
    The Widow: Thank thee.
    Taliesin: You stated that you saw a fourth person.
    The Widow: I did.
    Taliesin: Could you describe that person to us?
    The Widow: This personage was hooded. Of what I could see, I did not recognize that person.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Taliesin: You did, of course, recognize Morr, Cymidei, and Hilda.
    The Widow: I did.
    Taliesin: Perhaps due to your past grievances with them?
    The Widow: No, On account of their voices and appearances.
    Taliesin: Ah.
    Taliesin: *shakes head*
    Taliesin: Alleged greivances.
    Taliesin: Ah, so you heard them speak as well.
    The Widow: I did.
    Taliesin: Can you please tell the Court what you heard that night?
    The Widow: I was threatened and insulted. I was told to "keep my mouth shut" for the sake of my
    The Widow: children -- a term of endearment which I bestow upon the citizens of Britannia and Sosaria at
    The Widow: large.
    Taliesin: Oh my.
    Taliesin: So they discovered you and threatened you as well.
    The Widow: Indeed.
    Taliesin: And you believe that the threats were from the defendants here?
    The Widow: That is correct.
    Taliesin: Ladies and gentlemen, let me point out that if I were a criminal.
    Taliesin: And I assuredly am not...
    Taliesin: But IF I were, I would cease any criminal activity
    Taliesin: upon discovery.
    Judge Erlington: Mr Taliesin...You are not on trial..please refrain from leading the jury..
    Taliesin: But that is perhaps a tangent for our scholars to debate.
    Taliesin: Very well, your Honor.
    The Widow: But thou were not there. I am certain.
    Judge Erlington: and save your comments as such
    Judge Erlington: for your closing debate.
    Taliesin: Oh, I certainly hope I wasn't.
    Taliesin: Widow, would you mind continuing with your testimony?
    Taliesin: What happened after the threats to stay silent?
    Taliesin: Ahem
    Taliesin: Alleged threats.
    The Widow: I left the Treasury in an attempt to
    The Widow: fetch the Royal Guard.
    Taliesin: A wise move.
    The Widow: For some reason, there were no guards about that night.
    Taliesin: How odd.
    Taliesin: Did you seek any further assistance?
    The Widow: I thought it odd, too, and did seek further assistance.
    Taliesin: Could you please tell the Court about that?
    The Widow: I ran as fast as I could to the fetch a Town Guard, as none of the Royal Guard were around.
    The Widow: Unfortunately, there were no Town Guards on duty, either.
    Taliesin: Widow, please help me understand something.
    Taliesin: There were four of them in the Treasury, as you claim.
    Judge Erlington: *makes notes*
    Taliesin: They just let you go after making threats?
    The Widow: I did wonder about that as well.
    Taliesin: Wouldn't alledged criminals be wary of you rushing off to inform the local guards about that.
    Taliesin: Ah, perhaps the guards were all caught up in bacon traps.
    Taliesin: I suppose we not know for sure about that.
    The Widow: Perhaps they are not the brightest torches in the Castle, so to speak.
    The Widow: Or,
    Taliesin: *nods*
    The Widow: perhaps they
    Taliesin: Or?
    Judge Erlington: *eyes Mr Taliesin**
    The Widow: rely on magic, and as thou knowest,
    The Widow: the Castle is a place where many dangerous spells
    The Widow: do not function.
    Taliesin: Is that right?
    Taliesin: Does that include the nightsight spell?
    The Widow: Nightsight is not dangerous.
    Taliesin: Ah, it certainly isn't.
    Taliesin: *mumbles*
    Taliesin: Unless it's horribly vision altering...
    Taliesin: *coughs*
    Judge Erlington: Mr Taliesin...
    Judge Erlington: hrump
    Judge Erlington: jury disregard that last statement
    Taliesin: Widow, last week, Brackus the guard told us that you filed a report with him
    The Widow: I did.
    Taliesin: Could you please tell us what was in that report?
    The Widow: I can tell thee what I told Brackus, but I cannot say what he wrote for I was not
    The Widow: looking over his shoulder.
    Taliesin: I see, that's very true.
    Taliesin: Do you know if Brackus made any investigation himself?
    The Widow: I do not know what he did or didn't,
    The Widow: but I do know
    The Widow: that he said
    The Widow: it was technically out of his
    The Widow: jurisdiction,
    Taliesin: And nary a Royal Guard to be found that night!
    Taliesin: How odd indeed.
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    The Widow: Indeed.
    The Widow: I did see one guard that night.
    Taliesin: How about yourself, Widow? Did you return to the scene of the crime to see if the four had left
    Taliesin: or not?
    Taliesin: *coughs*
    Taliesin: Ahem.
    Taliesin: Allegedly.
    The Widow: I did. On the way back to the Castle, I encountered the guard named Calyndrell.
    The Widow: I told him the Castle was being plundered, and that I required his help.
    The Widow: He looked at me and ran the other way.
    The Widow: He said nothing.
    Taliesin: Increasingly odd.
    Taliesin: So Calyndrell did not believe you?
    The Widow: I cannot speak for someone who did not even address me.
    The Widow: Nor do I think
    The Widow: that it is typical for a guard to make
    Taliesin: I believe Calyndrell recieved honors from the throne and a commendation for his duty.
    Taliesin: Surely he would be more than a capable guard, nay, person, to handle such a crime.
    The Widow: As I recieved commendation from the King and thee.
    Taliesin: You are assuredly deserving of such, Widow.
    The Widow: Thank thee.
    Aldagar Morr: *rolls eyes*
    Taliesin: Ladies and Gentlemen, I find it odd that Pepta the Royal Food Taster was poisoned on that same day
    Taliesin: And yet, despite such a grave crime being committed, there were no guards on site.
    The Widow: I did not say anything about poisoning.
    Taliesin: No, you did not.
    The Widow: I said she had a sour stomach.
    Taliesin: I believe it was something more like a sick tummyache.
    Judge Erlington: *looks back over notes*
    Taliesin: And there was no one to look after Pepta?
    The Widow: I do not know if she had called for a healer.
    Taliesin: Ah, how true.
    Taliesin: It is not within your job of a housekeeper to care for upset stomaches.
    Taliesin: Well, Widow, thank you for being so cooperative.
    The Widow: I did check in on her, though. As a colleague and friend.
    Taliesin: You must make a good friend.
    The Widow: Thank thee.
    Taliesin: The defense has no further questions, Your Honor.
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Taliesin: Maybe just a closing comment or two, that should suffice.
    Taliesin: The Widow may be seated, Your Honor.
    Judge Erlington: Widow..you may step down if no further questions
    Taliesin: *looks over at prosecution's table*
    Judge Erlington: Mr Taliesin..
    Judge Erlington: I will remind you
    Taliesin: Yes, your Honor?
    Judge Erlington: any comments should be saved for closing statements
    Taliesin: Ah, at the very end of the trial?
    Judge Erlington: since prosecution is not present
    Taliesin: This is more like comments to the jury about our latest witness' testimony.
    Judge Erlington: At the end of the trial
    Taliesin: I do get confused sometimes.
    Taliesin: And it would serve us all some good to recount the story, no?
    Taliesin: Maybe make it a little easier for the court reporter?
    Taliesin: What do you think, your Honor?
    Juror Handalf says: your honor...
    Judge Erlington: Yes Mr Handalf
    Juror Handalf says: closing arguments are just that...
    Judge Erlington: Agreed
    Juror Handalf says: thank you, your honor
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Taliesin: We surely have some great jurors with us.
    Taliesin: It's quite a pleasure to be in this court.
    Taliesin: Just thought I might overextend my stay a bit.
    Taliesin: *smiles innocently*
    Judge Erlington: As stated before..you will have your chance for comments at the closing argument
    Taliesin: Well, your Honor, I'll certainly make some notes and prepare for that time.
    Taliesin: Thank you for your graciousness.
    Judge Erlington: Any further witness Defense?
    Taliesin: *looks around*
    Taliesin: Hmm, not that I can see...
    Taliesin: No, your Honor.
    Judge Erlington: Very Well..Then this court is Adjourned until
    Judge Erlington: April 17th at 3pm
    Taliesin: *makes a note of it*
    Judge Erlington: Members of the jury
    Judge Erlington: thank you for you time
    Judge Erlington: you are excused.