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Trial of "The Great Oceania Keep Scandal" 1/4/2002 8:30pm

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Raptor(Oceania), Mar 26, 2002.

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  1. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    I'm involved in looting and scamming, that's what I meant about BS'ing.
    LOL Coma is in LuT, and so I believe was one of the other jurors, and we all know that LuT don't loot or scam.

    A "little birdy" tells me that one of their higher profile players managed to sell a blank scroll for 3 mill last night, now thats cl"ass".

    Congrats to him, should he decide to share his name with this forum.
  2. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2000
    Likes Received:

    Well thanks for the comments, but personally I'd rather not be brought into this nor used as a comparison to Raptor or anything of the sort.

    I left VKR some months ago and Raptor took up the task of GM after me and how he handles an incredibly tough job that i didnt have the energy or time for is entirely his perogative.

    I should note that I in no way left VKR due to any problems with the guild or anything against VKR nor any members within it including Raptor. And there is no bad blood except for my own feelings of failings and abandonment. I kinda left them all in the lurch a bit but had a few real life issues and just could not handle the responsibility of GMing such a fine guild at that time - its a big and stressful job.

    Edit: Oh i should note, i didnt make it to the trial. Those real life issues again, hehe. Nor have i had time to read the journal log.
  3. Red Wolf

    Red Wolf Guest

    By the way the log of the procedings posted on the VKR forum barely covers the first half hour. The rest of it, including the actual trial, is missing, probably cut short by your messageboard. Please put it up as a text file.
  4. ZoReX

    ZoReX Guest

    I am only using your post as a reply Red Wolf not aimed at your at all.

    I was a juror but had to leave at about 11:30 as I had work the next day.
    I INDEED took it seriously and I listened to both side of the argument the best I could considering all the stuff that was going on.

    But there was one thing of many things that I found not approriate at the start of the trial which was The accused Saying "TRAM KEEP FOR SALE" whilst sitting at the bench (twice) and then the TBD Guildmaster replying with LOL , this didn't help with me thinking that they already thought the trial was a joke and really couldnt be bothered.

    Anyway at the stage I left, my Vote was for Guilty and at this stage I still stand by that .


  5. What about the horse running around with the name Not Guilty and the lama with the name Osama Bin Saiden hehehe

    was funny but unprofesional
  6. two things,

    Well if the law courts offer nothing but a big fat turnip in this rotten burrough, there seems to be no further recourse than to settle this on the fields of battle. Let the two parties assemble their armies and let the last man standing "prove his cause before God". Combat could be anywhere in a predestined area. In houses (Just no banning), among the trees, just once you are killed you must with draw from the field. (Spies, traitors are of course welcome)
    (envisages 40 vs 40 (or more) somewhere in the middle of nowhere like around Trinsic)

    the second thing is ...

  7. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    The comparison was good level headed man, to whiny little snot, was all. I didnt know you left VKR, i still know nothing about the guilds, didnt even know you were GM.

    "Osama Bin Saiden", LOL that was a crackup, no sense of humour some people around here I swear.
  8. Someone seems to be very angry!! Why are you so narcy shredmaster, you came, had your fun, got banned. I would say for someone who wasn't interested in participating in a mature fashion that it would have been a great night of fun.
  9. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    Oh I had fun alright, don't get me wrong there.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    he didn't have ENOGUH fun

    and im STILL waiting on why tokor was banned, Raptor.....

    i dont care if u didn't ban him, just go and find out
  11. Seifer^^

    Seifer^^ Guest

    omg why does everyone care so much.

    It was obviously a up night because there was no organisation and ppl like Red Wolf were going over the top by taking it so seriously.

    It was an okay idea but, if you really wanted it to work you'd need alot more organisation - like know what evidence is allowed and it should of all been shown to judge in advance.

    The Jury was so stupid - Coma is such a wtf was he in the Jury?? It should of been voted on, or at least picked randomly, but i seriously want to know who picked Coma because they must have no idea what is accually going on in the game.

    I cbf'd going but its so stupid people were made to wait to get in and there was like a 2hr delay.

    Basically it might of worked w/ organisation but it was always going to be hard to do 'right'
  12. Red Wolf

    Red Wolf Guest


    ppl like Red Wolf were going over the top by taking it so seriously.


    It was meant to be a serious event. How you could not notice that astounds me.


    It should of been voted on, or at least picked randomly


    Actually it was both.

    Can we please un-sticky this thread now. Bury it and move on.
  13. Seifer the organization was meant to happen over a week or 2, The Jury were to be interviewed by ICQ before hand and everything was to be set up before the actual trial, The reason this didn't happen and that it was done on the night was due to time constraints on getting both parties present. Aqua has gone away now for a little over a month and it would be pointless holding it without either Saidin or Aqua, And pointless waiting for over a month.

    So yes it wasn't really organized too well and I guess that could have prevented a lot of mischief, But if people could have exercised a little patience then it might not have been a total loss.

    If we save at least one person in future from being scammed just because they are more mindfull of scamming due to all this. Then we are a little closer to creating a community of happy gamers, And I feel good to be part of that.

    Good Luck Oceanians!!

    PS: Mod's, as redwolf said, this doesn't really need to be sticky anymore.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Then we are a little closer to creating a community of happy gamers


    <center><font color=blue>Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

  15. I just wanted to butt in and say I never interfered with the trial! The only time I was behaving like a 10 yr old (as my old friend Lockie would put it :p) was on the lower floors.

    Also that I had fun =) But didn't see how it could be serious when you have losers like LuT around. I don't know who did it but i saw a damn lot of firefields and suicides.

    People, there's a difference between being rude,scamming,looting and grief playing, or even having plain fun at other people's expense - I think we can all figured it out ourselves. It's not that hard.

    <font color=8B0000> "You have been tried, you have been wieghed, and you have been found wanton"

    - A Knight's Tale, William Thatcher - in the end when he kicks the badass' butt. (to all you badasses out there) /php-bin/shared/images/icons/guns.gif
    </font color=8B0000>

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kalias Kondor. You have been tried, you have been weighed, and you have been found...


  17. Ha - ha

    you make me laugh


    you make me hungry

    Anyone won som won ton?
    Plenty more where this one came from biaaatch of a LuT loser
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What makes you think I'm in LuT, oh one of small wit?
  19. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    Ok here we go. I can't ebelive you keep this up Kalias.

    a) You are a fustrated 12 y o with no GF.
    b) How would you define losers?
    c) You're asking for more trouble, Shred knows what I'm talking about. You will regret it if you keep running your mouth.
  20. Trouble? What kind of trouble can a group of brat, bigmouthed 15 year olds, try that they haven't tried already? I already killed the 2 dread spiders someone left outside my tower only, cuz i was trying to protect the wee bit newbie players who might wander by.

    Define losers...hmmm let me think

    LuT = Losers

    Now was that so hard?
  21. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    OMG you kidding me, 2 dread spiders! OMg you're so hardcore!

    LuT = Losers? Ok bad definatition, I'll use mine. I currently have 4million gps, a tramm tower. You have a small tower and I guess 4gps in bank. K so by my defination. You = UO loser. Hell you must be a RL Loser cuz you complain so much. I mean omg can't you let it go?

    And beleive me, I've been saving this one for the rigth person. You are that person. Watch your mouth little man.
  22. Look at me! look at me! I have 4 mill and bleh bleh bleh, that makes me a winner

    and hey..i wasn't the one putting the 2 dread spider there thinking i'm hardcore...man arguing with you LuT losers is so fun, their attention span is like that of 4 year olds, jumping from point to point with no backup. It can go around and around in circles. Have to point things out to them over and over because they are too stupid. *sighs* You can flame and mock and threaten all you want from now on *ignore*

    And the question is "can't you let go Jackson?"

    Someone's taking it hard being called a loser considerong all the names you have called me already

    Children that's all you are


  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    aren't you the one jumping from point to point with no backup?
  24. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    The 4mill thing? Let's see, you called us losers so I gave you my defination of a UO winner and showed you why I think it is you who are the loser. You didn't give me a definition so I used that one.

    You are calling us losers and yet you call us children.... OMG you sicken with with yout illogical babble.

    I am jumping from point to point cuz nothing gets thorugh your thick head. If you have any problems with LuT. Settle them in game somehow. Stop wasting people's time by posting this garbage on the board.

    Kalias, I let this go from the other thread. But it seems to me every 3rd post of yours is the same thing "LuT are losers, lol I mean, omg they are losers, I have no point to back it up, no reason, no logic, but I say it anyway to cause trouble. Hahahaha I am funyn jesus christ everyone love me now please".

    Kalias, stop insulting us and I will stop replying to your crap. Let it go, you start this again it will just firther my arguement that you are a sad little 12 year old who gets none so takes out his fustrations on a INTERNER message board.

    "Starting arguments on the Internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win you're still a ******".

    So Kalias, drop it. No more on the forum, every post you make degenerates the board more. Why don't you do something about us in game instead of your lame insults on a message board. It's getting rediculous.
  25. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest


    Shred knows what I'm talking about. You will regret it if you keep running your mouth.


    Eh che'? No abla englese. bad you princess manner la
  26. wow nice essay, didn't read a word of it but damn that was long

    bleh bleh.......bleh bleh bleh?
  27. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest


    But didn't see how it could be serious when you have losers like LuT around. I don't know who did it but i saw a damn lot of firefields and suicides.


    Firefields you may have seen, but the suicides were restricted to the roof, which I'm led to believe that you did not have access to. 3 is hardly a "damn lot".

    LuT can actually be quite fun to have around, so long as you don't die, and can't get back to your corpse in less than 7 minutes, or not use detect hidden before releasing things in your house, or not click on the scroll in the trade window when buying a house, or ...... well the list goes on.

    There's a streak of similarity between being rude/scamming/looting/and griefing, and that is that most people find it objectional, others however do not. Rude people just go on ignore, and if I get outlooted by someone else then kudos to them. Things are always funny until it happens to you. Think of all the Challenger Shuttle jokes that went around years ago, most of them were funny enough, but try saying one to the family or friends of the victims and see what sort of reaction you get.
    Humour depends on your target audience, you cant make everyone laugh, all the time.

    Please try to think up your own funny line, I'm sure Thaqui doesnt need you felching his material.

    William Thatcher is probably gay, (not that theres anything wrong with that), everyone thought Rock Hudson was a badass until it was found out that his ass was used for more than just being bad. I believe Richard Gere is also a surrogate shelter for homeless Gerbils (AKA Little Hamsters), is he a hero of yours too?
  28. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest


    What makes you think I'm in LuT, oh one of small wit?


    I know it wasn't directed at me, but.........

    Hmm Thaqui in LuT? NO surely not.
  29. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    Kalias if you're not going to bother reading the posts then don't start another argument. That is plain lame.

  30. Lady_Magica

    Lady_Magica Guest

    and anyway, LuT just bring balance to the game - there is no other viable way to rp evil anymore
  31. <blockquote> William Thatcher is probably gay, (not that theres anything wrong with that), everyone thought Rock Hudson was a badass until it was found out that his ass was used for more than just being bad. I believe Richard Gere is also a surrogate shelter for homeless Gerbils (AKA Little Hamsters), is he a hero of yours too? Text </blockquote>

    Characters or Actors? - seems you mister Shredmaster have been reading too many soapie magazines and have not paid enough attention in class. Bleh Richard Gere....hmmm
  32. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    Sure there is, but you will spend the vast majority of your time unattended macroing as a ghost in some very remote spot trying to evade stat loss.

    Oh you said viable, sorry, my mistake.
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    What makes you think I'm in LuT, oh one of small wit?


    I know it wasn't directed at me, but.........

    Hmm Thaqui in LuT? NO surely not.

    oh look and it consists of Jackson his 4 other characters
  34. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    For god's sake shut up Kalias. You don't even know my other characters.

    And once again you have proven to me how sad you are, you laugh at yet another of of your lmae posts. Laughing at your own "joke" omg you are sad.
  35. YOU? Prove to you? You do you think you are? King UO?

    Care factor = ZERO

  36. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    I never said I was King UO.... I just said you are the lamest, saddest, more trammy than Blad, tryhard, whining lil who has ever played Ultima...

    You refuse to drop the argument, you refuse to do anything about it, you are all talk little "man". Go back to dropping your pants and awaitng your father come for you.
  37. Oh we gonna start on family insults you little Trammie bank sitting loser?

    I crave the day I find out who you are through a luncheon or something brother,
    because by then your picture is gonna be stamped all over my area as LOSER, and my boyz will know who you are so they can laugh at you when they see you. So you had better STFU soon...

    Of course I never will, because you're never gonna crawl out of your hole, because your too busy rolling you're FAT MAMA in flour to find the wetspot.
    You little smart ass twerp
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=blue>Erm... I know I am guilty of [​IMG] from time to time (ok a lot of the time [​IMG]) but this is getting a little out of hand - perhaps you could move this to its own thread or better yet PM's or hows about let it go.................. [​IMG]
  39. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    Ooo I think I hit a nerve? A sensitive area eh? Daddy a bit abusive? Aww there there, he probably was abused by your grandpappy too.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Of course I'm not. Despite the fact I've made my character details public information, shown my full guild title in public, posted as being a LuT member, I am in no way, or have had any of my characters affiliated or joined with LuT. Ever. I have never had contact with, spoken to or seen any member of the guild name LuT. Neither have my friends, or their friends, to the 7th degree.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <center>[​IMG] [​IMG]
  42. Lol, oooh poor child abused Jackson, talking about Daddys like he needs his Daddy so bad. And no, if you have the guts to come meet us we'll show you how abusive both me and my old man can be.

  43. Lord Jackson

    Lord Jackson Guest

    Is ROFL at the bottom of your post part of your sig now? Noone is laughing with you.... So you have to sub that in by laughing with yourself.

    What you have basically done right there is "I know you are, but what am I?". So really you are twelve right?

    I'm goign to ignore anything else you post now, because ti is the same thing every time. Lame comments, no evdience to back them up, And/or lame insults. I mean omg that mum joke? How many times have I heard that been used? Did you go to mommajokes.com?

    Bye bye Kalias. I'm done wiht you, post what you will. I don't really care. I'm goign to settle this with you in game and no longer waste the badnwidth of other people. This is just really lame.
  44. Lol Cya in there mr essay writer
  45. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    OMG you two, knock this crap off, right now.
  46. Teheehee I was starting to 'really' have fun too! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/disgust.gif
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Right, Kalias. You want an essay? Fine

    You are an arrogant, hypocritical braggart who has so far only managed to shred any hope of support you might have had so far.

    While your idea of posting your adventures on your website would have received support from most members of the community (including LuT), your mockery of an episode, not to mention your arrogant and bitter postings on this board and actions in-game have completely failed to draw anything but emnity.

    Your 'postings' on this board are complete nonsense and I seriously wonder if anyone but you could find all the meaning behind them. We don't all live in that twisted little head of yours, you know.

    Despite the fact that I rarely every become involved in flame wars, I just feel annoyed and frustrated that you still manage to keep your 'holier than thou' attidute and bloody-minded self-righteousness while you wallow in the mud slinging petty insults. You really made yourself look stupid with your 'boyz' comment.

    In any case, the petty abuse and childish behaivour you've displayed here just shows that if we could put all the scamming griefers into one entity, you'd still be beneath him. I also find it ironic that Jackson will be far more famous than you ever can hope to be. Not to mention more people like him. Heh.
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <center> [​IMG] [​IMG]
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ciba, those smileys are starting to disturb me. Really. Stop. Please?
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