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Trial of "The Great Oceania Keep Scandal" 1/4/2002 8:30pm

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Raptor(Oceania), Mar 26, 2002.

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    LuT Loser Thacqui

    However i'm happy to announce ladies and gentleman

    They are all the same people so don't get confused now...
    it's a scam.. so Jackson can win all the prizes himself
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=blue>Your wish is my command, Thaqui!

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I didn't think you'd appreciate it Kalias. Or understand it.

    It seems to me that you're just trying to throw out meaningless retorts in a silly effort to regain your pride. Just leave it, and leave. No one is impressed, and everyone is annoyed. We really don't need a self-righteous troll at the moment.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Your wish is my command, Thaqui!



    Well, if you're that polite, I shall have to return the favour. This shall be my last post on the... other matter. Actually, I think this thread has served it's purpose - well, it did 3 pages ago. I hope it just gets deleted.
  5. Lol someone thinks that he speaks on behalf of every stratics board member? How arrogant can ya get?? Just because they think they were the only fools that posted the most think the speak for EVERYONE...ahem

    You think I'm that gullible. Alot of people are just sitting back and enjoying the beating that I'm giving LuT and laughing. Don't make me drag out comments i've seen on this board about LuT lol wasn't hard to find a few.

    Oh and like Britannia is a free world for you guys to scam,loot,harrass,decieve, and be braggarts...this board is just as free whether or not you don't want another trolling fool haha hey here comes another.
  6. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    That's right, why have another self righteous troll when you already have me??
    Surely one is enough...
  7. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    Hmmm yeah, you beatup LuT good, I must've missed that bit.

    Post me a link?
  8. Shredmaster

    Shredmaster Guest

    Perhaps you can clear up a few points for me, I'm not the brightest spark afterall.

    If Jackson and Thaqui are the same person, then by your reckoning you and Elton John are the same ?

    Perhaps you could point out to me anyone that backs your views, not that it's the only way to have a valid opinion IE to have backing, but I was just curious if you knew that most if not all of the replies to your current line of abuse, are actually against you.
  9. Please Shred stop reading those soapie magazines...Elton John now indeed.

    Let me repeat -
    Oh and like Britannia is a free world for you guys to scam,loot,harrass,decieve, and be braggarts...this board is just as free for me to post my opinion to the UO Oceania community whether or not you OR anyone wants or doesn't want to hear the words of another trolling fool haha hey here comes another.

    And it's all WORDS, like i care, LOL and I DON'T GIVE a if anyone supports me or not lol AND i'm not the one saying that everyone thinks what I think.

    And pride? Lol I don't give a rats ass about pride in a game, otherwise I would be like 90% of the readers that never post and.......NEVER POST

    yer lol

    everyones been giving LuT recently, rightly deserved too
    all trammie bank sitters

    "where do you eat food then?! on the roof? in the pool?"-Coralle
    Multani fix my sig! it doesn't work...



    cos those LuT guys will be all over your corpse like a leech to a pigs ass


    OMG thats the damn funniest thing I've read in such a long time.

    and..if I haven't said it already

    -That all Lut are PARASITES



    Expect to see more of me
  10. Majestic

    Majestic Guest

    kalias, give it up....

  11. If Seifer wasn't suspended he'd be flaming both of you, your both trammies. He doesn't agree with you Kalis... LuT are very gay but only because they're hella trammies and live in fell and bank sit. The scamming and how they were distrupting the trial was pretty cool and he agrees with that.

    And damn man learn to use ubb code. Your post was the worst thing I've ever had to read.. and I've read some in my time.

    Are you goddamn trammie ****ers too stupid to dress yourselves or something? If a bunch of people decided to cash in on the collective stupidity of you idiots then i say well done.

    You bunch of damn monkeys PLEASE learn how to play.. or forget how to post on these boards. Either way you cease to piss me off.

  12. Damn all joo noobs
    Som gimme som gold or I'll stick joo all
  13. Majestic

    Majestic Guest

    you gotta love the demographic UO apeals too
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Lol someone thinks that he speaks on behalf of every stratics board member?


    i wouldn't be suprised if it were true


    How arrogant can ya get??


    why you asking us? you set the pinnicle of arrogance....


    Alot of people are just sitting back and enjoying the beating that I'm giving LuT and laughing


    and many more are laughing at your stupidity


    this board is just as free


    wrong, UO doesn't have a perma-language filter, whereas stratics does

    as maj showed summed up, you lose n00b.
  15. John_Locke

    John_Locke Guest

    Hey I found this thread it was the last thread on the board

  16. Majestic

    Majestic Guest

  17. Damien_oce

    Damien_oce Guest

    if you do not apologise for bringing back such an old thread and fight
    i will shoot you in the face untill you die!!! [email protected] !!!1111
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    tee hee, what a trip down memory lane

    vkr never got their keep back, and no ones heard from kalias for a long time!
  19. Lady_Magica

    Lady_Magica Guest

    someones going to get a warning for this..............
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Kalis still owes me a chess game, the bast

    but he wont play me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    and he was broke out the r/l attacks against me at WBB
  21. John_Locke

    John_Locke Guest

    Tried to see if this broke the rules and conditions but got this instead
    Warning: Failed opening '/php-bin/uo/includes/boardrules.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /www1/boards/rules/uo_roc.php on line 77
  22. Tancred

    Tancred Guest

    So there are no board rules at the moment?
    &lt;evil rubbing of hands&gt;

  23. BIadron

    BIadron Guest

    wow use kno bowt hypa tex marke up langwidge?
    i iz don sum of dat
    butt dey iz *** out rong... me got angri n' kiked sum1.. i hed goto madneys cownsellin 4 a weke /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  24. Ches Dragon

    Ches Dragon Guest

    I know HTML and how to set up PHP and the like,
    But as if Id help Bladron..
    And by the way I beat you in my match of wits at WBB. I came up on top of Jackson.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    r o f l

    no you didn't

    we started joking about how you were silly to lose your castle, you took it personally and went off at us

    we told you to stfu and you had a cry

    now shut up and sod off, noone cares if you lost your castle
  26. Majestic

    Majestic Guest

    i care....

    no wait, thats a lie... that would be wrong now.
  27. _Klayton_

    _Klayton_ Guest

    i think this should be re-trailed
  28. Lady_Magica

    Lady_Magica Guest

    ur joking right......

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