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Trouble logging in and lava cards

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok, since the overnight maint. last week, When I get to the log in screen, the screen goes black, and all that is showing is the blue log in boxes. It flashes, I wait and wait and I finally hit cntrl, alt, del and bring up task manager, shrink it down, and then I can click the log in button. very weird. I have vista. Any ideas on whats going on? Also, this morning got a message that my 3 red lava cards were inventory but they weren't. They disappeared yesterday. Do I worry about this? Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    You do not have to do the task manager, just click on the black part of your screen, that will get you back to desktop but the EAland icon stays in the tray. Then click on the Icon again, the login comes back and is clickable.

    As for your game cards. Mine were gone out of my Inventory too, and then I also had a nice e-mail from the team that they had lost my red card and they replaced it with a newer shinier one. So hold your ducks, I think they are collecting them.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    same here ...it said I had the red cert. back and its not there ...
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I also lost 2 of my red lava certificates and a complete set of orange lava cards without receiving the certificates... What are we supposed to do? Wait until it is sorted out, or report it as a bug, or...? Can anyone help me/us?
  5. pchypie2008

    pchypie2008 Guest

    yea same problem here got a message saying they lost my red certificate card and had replaced it in my inventory with a new one but it isnt there at all wonder if it will show up or is it a bug
  6. Catwoman1966

    Catwoman1966 Guest


    yea same problem here got a message saying they lost my red certificate card and had replaced it in my inventory with a new one but it isnt there at all wonder if it will show up or is it a bug

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yep, exactly the same problem here too.
    I got a message on all 3 of my accounts, saying they had accidently deleted my red certs. but they had been replaced. BUT, guess what?, they haven't been replaced, they have just poofed altogether! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So now I wonder how many more problems have to happen before the dev team give up and just give all EA Land founders and Explorers a fully functioning lava lamp due to all the problems? Cards disappearing, certs disappearing... getting a working lava lamp will have nothing to do with getting the pieces together... it will have to do with the luck of not having the cards deleted on you.
  8. Mine have gone too.My first lava lamp AND the dots all poofed.And i had such a nice email from devs saying they accidently lost them but had replaced.Went into my box and.........nothing.:(
    Btw same with other account of mine and i do pay for both.Hopefully this is just a bug issue.
    Other than that lol i think the devs are doing a great job amid worse adversity.Keep it up i say [​IMG])
  9. Sims2

    Sims2 Guest

    card was not missing make a mistake sorry but i do hope for people's that are missing they get them back [​IMG]
  10. mameloot

    mameloot Guest

    Supposedly we don't have to have the certificates after they've been awarded. So it doesn't matter if the red certificate was deleted. They are going by records of who completed/was awarded a cert, not who is actually holding a cert after the fact.
    The blog says we can delete the certs if we want and we'll still get that level.

    I'm more concerned that I had 4 sets of orange completed, all of which were removed from my lot, but only got 1 certificate &amp; verification letter.

    My 2 red certs were also gone (no letter of explaination) but as stated, this shouldn't matter. Once you've been given a cert, they've got your record (supposedly.)

  11. Sims2

    Sims2 Guest

    oh i did not know that but i will be keeping mine hope they do not get deleted.

    maybe some others might want to keep there's that is the point i think.
  12. mameloot

    mameloot Guest

    I agree, I'd prefer to have my certs to display proudly.
    But we don't have to panic over them disappearing.

    This also means, don't fall for the scam of buying someones certificates.
    If they completed the cert, they'll get the level award, not the person they sell to. So they get the lamp, &amp; your money.

    As I understand it, you should be able to buy someones completed set before it's been collected and traded for a cert. But not the certificate, itself.

  13. i got a message saying that my red lava certificate was accidentally deleted but it was now returned into my inventory. (on all my sims) and with a new look! so i looked and Nope.. not there.. it said with apologies.. the dev team.