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True Color Revealing Glasses

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Father Time, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Father Time

    Father Time Guest

    If you are like me you would perfer to only buy items that where never Dyed. i don't know about you but i believe undyed items are worth more then Dyed items at least as far as a collectors point of view stands. there are many scams going on and one of them is when a player attempts to pass off a dyed item & claims that item is the original color when it is not with these glasses that scam can be stopped. basically all you will have to do is put the glasses on and look at any item and it will reveal the original true color of any item or artifact that way we know if it was dyed or not it will also reveal the true color it originally was before it was dyed if it was dyed at all by comparing any item with and without these glasses.
  2. themaster879

    themaster879 Guest

    Some things can be dyed back to their original color. For example, the Shadow Dancer Leggings can be dyed back using the Tokuno pigment, or using a leather dye tub. The Armor of Fortune can be dyed back also using the Tokuno Pigment. Was there a specific item you was talking about?
  3. Father Time

    Father Time Guest

    Using the tokuna pigments can be very expensive and it uses a use each time you use it so for me that is not an option. as for the items i mention i just meant any item some examples are the lamp post in doom as you probally know there are rare color lamp post but many are dyed to look like a rare color one, there are many artifacts dyed too among other things. also when i go to a vendor and see an item i want to know for sure its the original color and not dyed before i decide to buy it or not thanks for responding.
  4. Time Keeper

    Time Keeper Guest

    Hey nice name seems we have something in common lol. I like this idea alot i no idea how it can be done. i have to admit i am sort of skeptical about the whole white stuffys thing i am not saying they are not legit but i am wondering if players are useing the Tokuna Luna dye to dye them because i have alot of friends in UO and many have numerous accounts and play a number of shards and not one player i know got any White Stuffys bad luck or maybe the luna white dye is the key i have no idea even if it is legit maybe some are dyed.
  5. Father Time

    Father Time Guest

    lol yea thanks i must admit i have been wondering the same thing about the white Stuffy's myself i do not know anyone who got one either thank you for the response.
  6. ummm, have you tried mousing over the item and checking its name??? stop being lazy, if your getting scammed then you deserve it for not checking what you buy. i agree a perfect game would be nice, not having to check stuff but get real.
    also bleach is a quest item for a reason, you can get it over and over and it removes the color from items, enjoy.
  7. Couple things...

    1. What about using Bleach? It's the same as the color remover ToT dye, and much cheaper. It's readily available from a quest you can do once per character. It comes with 10 charges.

    2. Stuffies cannot be dyed.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you don't like dyed items, talk to Emilio the Tortured Artist in Britain. He can set you on a path that will lead to a solution.
  9. Father Time

    Father Time Guest

    I am sorry but mousing over an item and checking its name will not reveal an items true color if its an item that comes in more then one differnt natural color undyed? as for useing bleech that wont help me if the item is a normal color item dyed to look like a rare color one on a vendor selling for a lot because its dyed a rare looking color when i could buy a normal undyed color one for alot cheaper. its not lazy its being cautious i only have around a million gold combined.
  10. Father Time

    Father Time Guest

    i did not know stuffies cannot be dyed thanks for the info.
  11. I don't see the point of this proposal.

    Selling a dyed item as an "original color" item may be a scam, I suppose. But it's one that's so easily overcome by very basic research, and if you're looking for a particular item you should do the research first. Also, if it's an item that you're using as opposed to reselling, the color is likely of secondary importance.

    -Galen's player
  12. Father Time

    Father Time Guest

    to each there own but as some who collects things for the sake of just having them hence a rare collector some of us rare collectors not only want as many rares as we can get but we also want one of each color too of as many rares as we can get. i suppose only another rare collector can truly understand this maybe not every rare collector there are some that dont care what colors they have as long as they have it but i fit in a catorgory where not only do i want one of each color i also want them to be the natural colors so hopfully you can understand now to a point.