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[Magery] Trying To Flesh Out a "Nuke" Mage

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Endal, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Endal

    Endal Journeyman

    Jul 11, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I'm working on a few characters, but my main that I want to get maxed out is going to be what I'm calling my Nuke Mage. My goal with him is to do the most possible spell damage /second and I will be using this almost exclusively as PvE. This is my build thus far:

    Magery 110
    Eval Int 120
    Meditation 100
    Inscription 85 (going to 100)
    Spellweaving (working on the quest still, but it's in the template)

    125 Int
    95 Str
    10 Dex


    I've got a lot of points to bandy around, and I'm up to quite a bit, so long as it is something that can help how well I cast spells. I've been toying with Necromancy, but the -Karma is sort of off-putting to me.

    I've also got a bit of gear together:
    Scrapper's Compendium
    Hat of the Magi
    Pendant of the Magi
    Mana Phasing Orb

    Currently my bonuses are at 100 LRC / 40 LMC / 6 FCR / 3 FC / 15 MR / +40 Mana / +25 Int / 45 SDI
    My SDI with bonuses from skills is something close to 75 (not entirely sure).

    I'm toying with the idea of shelling out the gold for some high-end bracelets... but I'm thinking that might not be worth it (imbued bracelets do almost as well). I've also got an imbued ring and am considering trading it up for a Compassion's Eye for the 20 SDI, but I'm nervous about being able to keep up with the FCR/FC stats. It's all just too much math! hehe.
  2. DJAd

    DJAd Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Most of my mages run FC1, FCR 3, 12 SDI, 15 DCI and the rest in intel bonus on both jewels. I also use the "treasures and trinkets" reading glasses for a bit more SDI and if there is room a pendant of the Magi and either protector of the battle mage or a set of kelp leggings.
  3. Odin of Europa

    Odin of Europa Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 3, 2002
    Likes Received:
    My template is:
    Eval int 120
    Magery 120
    Med 120
    Necro 120
    Spellweaving 120
    Spirit speak 120

    I used to have 100 Inscription but stoned it for Spellweaving and now only use it when I want to craft things. I'm not sure if the SDI bonus from it works for Spellweaving or not.

    Armour I use is:
    Hat of the Magi
    Protector of the Battle Mage
    Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings
    Ranger's Cloak of Augmentation
    Cloak of Death
    Crimson Cincture
    Mana Phasing Orb
    Invasion spellbook

    With crafted gorget, sleeves and gloves, and ring + bracelet it gives me:
    SDI 97 - 102 if I remember to use city trade deal
    LRC 105
    LMC 40
    FCR 8
    FC 1 - I run with protection anyway, think it lowers cap to 0?
    DCI 45
    133 STR / 141 HP
    150 INT / 183 MANA
    69/70/70/66/69 - with protection

    I'm thinking of reworking the armour to fit in the Pendant of the Magi for the extra SDI.

    If you are set on keeping Inscription, I would probably rework the template like this:
    Eval int 120
    Inscription 100
    Magery 110
    Med 120
    Necro 50
    Spellweaving 120
    Spirit speak 100

    Enough Necro to cast wraith form and summon a shadow wisp to help with mana.

    Another template that alot use is:
    Eval int 120
    Focus 120
    Magery 120
    Med 120
    Mysticism 120
    Spellweaving 120

    I don't have much experience with Mysticism, but it seems to have some good spells (RC - strong summon, Cleansing Winds - cure, heal and remove curse, Stone Form - raises resists, Hail storm - strong area damage spell).

    Again, if you're set on keeping Inscription, I would probably rework the template like this, but you're going to need to +skill item's:
    Eval int 120
    Focus 100 (120)
    Inscription 100
    Magery 90 (110)
    Med 110
    Mysticism 110 (120)
    Spellweaving 120

    Some items to help with +skills - swap spellbooks around depending on what spells you're casting:
    Crystalline Ring - +20 Magery & Focus, 20SDI
    Fallen Mystics Spellbook - +10 Mysticism
    Scrapper's Compendium - +10 Magery OR Meditation OR both
    Imbued bracelet - 2x +15 skills

    OR - the 6x 120 Mysticism template above, but drop Med to 20 for 100 Inscription.
  4. krilov

    krilov Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Dunno if it is what u're looking for but i've been playing with something like that, having a lot of fun in pvm: (lots of time passed since the last time i played so can't really remember the right numbers)

    Magery 120
    Eva int 120
    necro 105
    ss 115
    poisoning 80
    music 120
    disco 120
    Then i got some spare points on medit too...all of that ofc is done by a lot of skill bonus.

    Imo, the +10sdi by iscript is not so o.p.; therefore i just soulstoned it...and whenever i want to craft something i restore it.
    Spellwev. is cool..really but...you are already doing lots of dmg tnx to slayer books +eva int and the magery spells are casted a lot faster.Moreover, according to the lowest resist u can switch between lots of different spells. WOd 's cool but just for the last shots and then it does chaos dmg.Well, ofc you will get more other cool spells too..like curing/healing skill or like pixies..but...magery spells or undead animations cover that thing more than good if not surpassing it...i mean..a skeletal dragon is a skeletal dragon...and u can get 3 of them (if u got necro and ss ofc XD) For istance i used to run just 65sw before deciding the root of poisoning. It was nice...but i found to have more fun with poisoning XD

    Well disco sounds logical since u wanna max out the dmg u do and if your disco fails for any reason...well keep in mind u got a couple of necro spells that work like disco...corspe skill ...i mean u can reduce flame res and poison res
    There is few medit...but...necro covers that gap more more than good. (forms &C. :p)
    Well then i wanted to try out poisoning.U know....i've been always a fan of "xxx started to spasm...blabalabl" .....so...hell yea i want do it! having 120 magery, u need just 80 poisoning for being able to cast lethal. ( evil omen from necro..helps again here too )
    Even if u wont cast lethal...the deadly poison is more than good for dealing some nice dot dmg. A thing like rend just dies like a rabbit with that poison spam. FOr fun i took it down using just disco,poison fields.. poison strike...LOL funny to see.
    Ofc lots of mobs are immune to poison...but ehi...u're not just a poisoner ye?! XD the downside is...casters will love your poison...but here 's the funny ;) easy play is not for me ^^