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Turn-in Questions

Discussion in 'UHall' started by JiggleNuts, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. JiggleNuts

    JiggleNuts Guest

    Okay... so I haven't been playing UO for about a year or so, maybe a bit more.

    I've heard about this whole collection thing, clean up Britannia (part two, or whatever) and I know that there is an NPC somewhere to "turn stuff in". I asked about it at Brit West bank and someone showed me the fellow on the north side of the bank, but I went over there and I couldn't get the NPC to do anything. I tried context menu, dropping things onto the NPC, double clicking, moving back and forth, etc. and nothing happened, although I saw people running all around dropping stuff off.

    I also tried asking the people there how to make it work and the guy who answered me was extremely rude. No wonder I haven't played UO in so long.

    Can anyone help me out here? Should I just go away and stop trying to entertain myself with UO?

    *shakes head*
  2. Deb

    Deb Guest

    Say info to the different collectors and they will tell you what they
    will accept. They each accept different items. The collector
    behind the bank accepts the new turn ins...i.e Christmas stuff, minor
    arties, shipwreck items...etc.
    For a complete list...go to the UO.com website, as it will br more
    detailed. Hope this helps some.
  3. Zym Dragon

    Zym Dragon Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Here are the locations of the npc's that accept items from pub 52:

    * Makiko the Samurai
    o Turnins:​
    + Ophidian Journals
    + Ophidian Orders​
    o Zento, Rokuon Cultural Center, 1st Floor ​
    * Lozat the Numismatist
    o Turnins:​
    + Copper Shilling
    + Silver Crown
    + Gold Sovereign​
    o Britain (Trammel), East Britain Bank ​
    * Calaid the Soldier
    o Turnins:​
    + Ophidian Rations
    + Slippery Snake Skins​
    o Britain (Trammel), North guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
    o Siege: Guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank ​
    * Onoe the Soldier
    o Turnins:​
    + Cursed Artifacts
    + Magincia Rubble
    + Planesword
    + Planeshield
    + Staff of Pyros
    + Vorpal Blade
    + Magical Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic)
    + Ophidian Weapons (Power, Vanquishing, Mystic)
    + Berserker’s Scythe
    + Ophidian Berserker’s Bardiche
    + Invalis’s Burchete ​
    o Britain (Trammel), South guard tower at Castle Britannia entrance
    o Siege: Guard tower southwest of West Britain Bank ​
    * Community collection box
    o Located with Onoe the Soldier ​

    Pub 53 information.
    The new npc is located at the artist guild behind the west brit bank.
  4. JiggleNuts

    JiggleNuts Guest

    Thanks... this is very useful information!!
  5. Krista

    Krista Guest

    Drop your items on the npc and they will give you a green deed for each item you turn in. You take the deeds to onoe the soldier, there is a box next to him click on it and you can redeem your points and see the rewards available