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Turnin items are pathetic...how about the same items from the BR turnin for this cycle!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by mmmbeer05, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. mmmbeer05

    mmmbeer05 Guest

    i was so pumped for this turnin cycle untill i saw the list of items offered.


    of the different turnin cycles we have seen over the past few years this is by far the most anticipated and the biggest letdown.

    I want to see ToT quality items or even perhaps more of the BR turnin items

    come on devs rethink the pile o crap thats about slated to be released!!
  2. I will be the first to disagree with you. I like the new items but the approach they took was weaker than I anticipated.

    I'm one of those people sick of getting arties for rewards and this is just what I was looking forward too. I just thought they would have put more effort into the items than what they did.
  3. Do you only play this game for turn-ins?
    I, for one, had a lot of fun during the events. They could have been more dynamic, that's true, but it was a nice variation.
  4. uo addict

    uo addict Guest

    Post deleted by uo addict
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    Why not add the Tokuno rewards to the list? That should not be too difficult - just make x points equivalent to a Tokuno Minor that you can then trade in. The Tokuno reward system was very popular and the items still have value.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I like that idea but Id still rather have an annual ToT event. that way players have options - this event or that event [​IMG]
  6. kokopelli

    kokopelli Guest

    I like it.
    But I can image a lot ppl that only take part in events for powerfarming and even were buying up a lot of the event items to make some big cash are really screwed, haha.

    Its funny, since the announcement no one spams for buying them up anymore... [​IMG]
  7. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    If i were turning in hard to get items then maybe Id have a problem but, as a stealther can easily obtain 100s of shields and swords without risk i dont have aproblem with these turn in rewards.

    Even in magicina (when I started my new account) My newbi peacer ran around area peacing, looting and, rubblin away all the while scavaging better "loot" armor and weapons to combat his newbiness.

    On the other hand, we have the cursed artis turn in. This while effectively combating the price dispairancies of the real artifacts seems to be a bit much to lose for such a gain. While I do think the doom artis drop rate has been reduced the real arti prices havent been seen to reflect this yet. Maybe this will help? IDK but, a curser orny or AoF or Jackles still seems to be a but much to trade for these items.

    On that note, we have those nocturne ear rings. Now I dont know how many suits I discarded for lack of nightsite on my warriors but this is a GREAT BOON to humans. THANK YOU!

    As for the ophidan items, The value they represent as lock downs is according to their turn in value as that have no value as an item or as a decor(well maybe a rotten dinner table deco) and keeping them was maybe a mistake. But as far as anything that gives us alclarity scrolls has a value I say again thx for these items.

    The Knights suit of armor, Well lots of people are upset about this one. I dont know of anyone that would be willing to wear it into battle but, Its a rare white and its got a norse helm. At one time, Norse helms were the most sought after helms around and full plate is very uncommon all together. While not usfull IMO, it sure had some thought put into it.

    Thx for all the great items !
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not actually upset over the rewards because I honestly wasn't expecting much. I was hoping against hope they would give us back the ToT original dyes, but otherwise I figured there would be a couple of things on par with the ToT majors and the rest deco. I didn't care if there was a turn -in.

    My problem is that like so much else with this game, there is little thought put into it. Who is going to where a shirt with the same old graphic and stupid sayings? As has been pointed out, you can't see it under armor. The earrings and boots should be craftable, not a reward. And why don't the snakeskin boots LOOK like snakeskin? Why couldn't we use the rubble to help rebuild Magincia? etc, etc.

    Meh. They've made it very easy for me to drop back to one account.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I doubt they will give us the original ToT dyes again seeing as how they are now selling them for RL money.
  10. <blockquote><hr>

    Meh. They've made it very easy for me to drop back to one account.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Im already down to 1 acc.. cant get much lower than that [​IMG]

    I agree that they are somewhat thoughtless but wth. Most of those items will probably be obtainable in another fashion through a chain of quests later down the road anyway. So its either free lockdown space now, or save until the end of time.
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