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Tweaking the cookie cutter sampire for other things

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Gellor, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    First, I've got your standard cookie cutter sampire template of:
    120 sword
    120 parry
    115 bush (saving my quarters for 120)
    100 anat
    100 tact
    99 necro
    66 chiv

    Resists are 70 across the board in vamp form plus the 45dci :thumbsup: And stats are 129 hp, 160ish stam, and 34 mana.

    For stats, is it a good idea to rely upon potions to cap them out? For example, my current suit gives me 42 dex bonus. A pot would give me 20 dex. Between the two I get 60ish dex bonus. Should I drop my dex down to 90ish and pump the extra 30 points into int? Same question for str.

    My weapon of choice is a radiant scim:
    40 hla
    hsl 38
    hml 55
    di 40

    Right now it is doing what I want on the "low end" "single" creatures I'm fighting. What I'm looking into is mobs and magic using mobs (spawns and the like)

    Is swapping out GM anat for GM resist a good plan? Main concern is mana drain but also the blood oath the undead throw around.

    Is GM resist enough for PvM or is 120 the only way to go? I know in PvP, it is an all or nothing game.

    Not worried about solo champ spawns or the like.

    And a specific spawn question... for undead spawns, am I better off trying to track down a good sampire undead slaying weapon and NOT rely upon enemy of one? From what I recall of EOO, any other creature hits hard if it isn't the EOO creature.
  2. When fighting undead, the common move is to swap Anat for Resist as you've described.

    GM is fine.

    I'd suggest you find a Conjurer's Trinket if you don't already have one so you can use your best sampire wep and have it be an undead slayer because of the talisman. In mob situations, you're best off not using EoO. In some situations you can get away with it, but for the most part it's not a good idea to use it.
  3. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Thanks for the reply connor... always a well thought out reply :D

    I do have the Conjurer trink... I was just curious if getting a samp style undead weapon would be worth the hassle... or if I'm at the damage cap with the conjurer and ~100% DI.
  4. With the Trinket and 100 DI you'll only be at 200%. You'd need EoO to get to 300%.
  5. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Thanks for the heads up on the damage.

    Here is a dumb question for you then. I have a chance to change up my jewelry and gain some skill points. Right now 12 necro and 8 tact. I may get more points from the other jewel ;)

    How would you allocate the 12 "free" points from necro?

    I'm thinking of doing 2 points into tactics to give me 110 tactics and then 10 points into anat/resist(ie my swap skills) so I can have 110 in either.

    Good game plan? Or would you just do 120 into tact? Or would you boost chiv up?
  6. I'd put the points into Chiv to cut down on the casting failures. You'd get more overall damage from succeeding on casting Chiv spells than the couple of points of damage increase you'd get from putting them into tactics or anatomy.