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U0A Auction List

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by UOAuctions, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Here is a list for today's auction!

    Remember, if you have any items to turn in, be sure to get them to us by 4pm EST.

    1. Guild deed and rare bank check
    2. Ice blue cu
    3. 10000 rubies weddingband and 10000 emeralds weddingband
    4. 2 violet courage and 2 ember legs
    5. 3 soul stone frags
    6. 6 house deco deeds
    7. hitching post
    8. 2 rubble paintings
    9. 3 heritage tokens
    10. 5 roses *cool names*
    11. rubble fences
    12. 2 pigments of tokuno
    13. 7 com deeds of regs
    14. 7 pigments of tokuno
    15. clothing bless deed
    16. brit guard sash
    17. oak fletching kit
    18. rubble tree
    19. guild deed
    20. assorted house deco
    21. rare europa gold apron
    22. kasa
    23. conjurer's grimoire
    24. 250k horned leather
    25. 2 spring deco tokens
    26. bag of random rubble
    27. 2 potted trees and 5 trinsic roses
    28. animal pheromone
    29. chaos tile, compassion tile and stone ankh
    30. beehive
    31. 5th year jet black robe
    32. 50 of each ingrediant + some
    33. rubble wall pieces
    34. swords of prosperity
    35. 2 soulstone frags
    36. 45 white pearls & 20 ecru citrines
    37. 20 ancient sos's
    38. 250k horned leather
    39. 5th year reward statue dye tub
    40. event drop items
    41. virtue set
    42. 2 6th year marble statue makers
    43. sigil purple spellbook
    44. assorted bows

    List will be updated as items come in!

    Cherokee: 299-130-213
    Spunky: 406-767-021

    Auction Starts at 5pm EST. :cheerleader:
    Gates will be provided at luna bank prior to auction! Come, grab a chair.. BUT make sure to stay in that chair, it could be the lucky one!
  2. truss

    truss Guest

    that rubble tree blows!
  3. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Sir please, keep comments to yourself or refrain from commenting at all, kthx! :)
  4. TheDeacon

    TheDeacon Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 23, 2007
    Likes Received:
    ha paris got pwned....HI GUY
  5. truss

    truss Guest

    yes sir i did! HI GUY