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UGLY and the VP

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Ugly Wrinkleflip, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Started this day like any other. Running around trying to figure out waht I was gonna do. I decided to go fight a VP. the first battle went off without a hitch so I ran for some merits and decided to play agin since none of my friends were on yet. The second battle was as smooth as the first. I thought to myself. This is pretty fun. About that time a new sf of mine DUKE came on and said he wanted to fight the VP. So off to fight I went again. And again it was a smooth battle. next thing I know I have run 2 more VP's that went smooth as glass. WITH RANDOMS EVEN. I logged out for dinner and was noticing the VP highs for the day and decided I wanted my name there tomorrow. So after the CFO inihillation I decided to go for it one more time. 6 in a day is pretty cool. Sally decided to accompany me for this battle. The first elevator we had 7 people. Immediately we lost a MR Hollywood that was shopping I guess. Then we lost a 41 newbie. on my side. Sally's side took a loss also and the were doen a toon. We decided to cut our losses and run to retry.

    After getting gags Sally and I headed for the door. There was a few toons hanging around so we waited. After a nice game of "whose elevator is it now!" We got a group od 7 toona AGAIN. And again a MR hollywood bugged out. But that was the only loss. So we go for our 2nd set of cogs. We had 2 toons 65 laff and 41 laff that bought the cog right in the beginning because they would only use sound. They made the other 119 laff angry and he wouldnt tune them up as I lured the cogs and missed. So we lost them. Now we are down to 2 on one side and 4 on the other. We demoloished all the cogs and commenced to attacking the VP. BEating him into submission was not even a challange after doing it 5 times earlier. But I did something new that I have never done before. In the last few hits of the VP i was behind him. When he pushed ontop of me I jumped and was inside. Which made it much easier to get a pie in there. Has that ever happened to anyone. I didnt lose any laff just walked arond in there throwing pies.

    We won nd got a FLIM FLAM for it.

    Any who I just wanted to brag on here just in case I dont make the disney board tomorrow.

    Nite all.
  2. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    I have gotten Top Toon once in the VP category. I think I done 19 in one day.
  3. bibslady

    bibslady Guest

    Ok, this is very cool! I'm a trying this one. One question though; did you have to jump out b4 he went over the back? If so how did you do it?


  4. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    WTG!! I hope you got top toon. They are fun to try. I did it twice. Once I did 18 vps and got my picture in top toons. The second time was with Steveo. We vped all day long, and I mean all day! We got to the 19th vp and I didn't go. I made top toons but didn't need my pic up there again so Steve went without me to get his pic up there. It was nerve wracking to see if we made it the next day. LOL! The only top toon battles I haven't done yet is the CFO. Been top toon on on the the CJ and CEO though. One day I will do a CFO marathon to try to get that one. With Chanty doing her CFOs all the time, competition is bad! LOL!
  5. Bibs, I didn't move. I just stood right in the middle of the door and has he backed over me I jumped straight into the air and the was inside of him. I will definately try it again. I also wonder if it would work when he jumps. I was thinking about running under him when he jumps once and see if I can doo it right from the start of the battle.
  6. It was most likely a glitch that you didnt get hurt. Sorry if you dont get top toon because i know how people go all out just to get on there for one day.
  7. ahh It dont matter if I got top toon. I know how hrd I worked to have fun yesterday. I did run 6 VP's, 4 mints, 7 factories, and 3 CFO's. Added up it amounts to a VERY satisfied toon.

    As for the VP I only lost the initial point from being hit by him. It was like running into him and losing the laff for it. Once inside no Laff points were lost.

    Probably a glitch but I might try it again sometime.