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UM with all these rewards and...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by RavenWinterHawk, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. With all these rewards
    And all this stuff to turn in

    How about adding Phase 4?

    Im thinking a gold sink. A prize wheel. Something to remove gold from the economy. I mean its great we have a means to reduce lockdowns but lets take another level.

    Here is the idea.

    To mark the conclusion of the EVENT. (What ever it maybe be) A massive castle is going to be constructed on each shard. Every single piece needs a donation. The castle will represent something about the future of the game.

    Each player can buy a piece of the castle. A brick. A chair. Curtains. The cost gold. They are meant to be donations so they are expensive. If you buy a brick. You get an item. A replica (item) donated by (your name) tag. So you purchase/donate gold to the construction of the building and get an item.

    You could have like 100 donation levels etc.

    Just a thought.
  2. athlon

    athlon Guest

    IMO, they could put another useful item out there that is useable, but not uber.

    For example, how about earings - which is a slot we all have available.

    The earings could give something useful. Like maybe a random 5% resist. Or all resists that are random from 1% to 3% intensity. Or maybe invis with 100 charges and a charge is used up every 10 seconds (arcane gem recharges 10 charges?). Or the earings give you a random mod like 10% HCI, 10% DCI, or 10% SSI?

    Now, it is not UBER, but is definately useable since it is an open slot.

    And you could charge 2 or 5 million gold for it, and everyone would be after it. Yet is not UBER. I think its a GREAT gold sink.
  3. Usefull and it wears out. 100 charges. Ive posted about items that you use up.
    Good idea.