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Unbelievable FUN in Michigan at the Pax irl Meet up!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by imported_Xotche of Meade, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Oh my, we are having too much fun, there should be a UO law against this! We have an impressive turn out from all over the 'countries' here in Detroit! Plenty of pictures and many more stories to come! Stand by folks, we will add them as we get a chance to post!

    Wish you all could be here, Chessy is the best! [​IMG]
  2. TheGwy

    TheGwy Guest

    You know you have issues...............when you NEED to bring a laptop to get your dose of UO while on a TRIP or VACATION !!!
  3. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    well it isn't too bad since they are on a UO trip or vacation

  4. LOL I live here!

    *If you plan it, they will come* [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. hot damn was it ever fun, I can't wait till those with camera get all the pics online!
  6. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    I think the next meet up should be in Las Vegas. I know I would travel there, and maybe some devs would show up and we can get info about the new client in exchange for gambling money

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Let me guess. Xotche has a warehouse nearby where she stores the prizes for future shard Festivals and is willing to take donations for future Festivals. Gareth showed up with his house placement tool, his decorating tool, and millions in virtual gold. Neo is trying to take away Gareth's tools. Neo, go for the gold! Mayor Winfield showed up with a fishing pole and some dead fish. I hope they're still fresh. Ga'kut is trying to kill all the smellie humies. I'm sure there's lots of magical brew floating around. Tancred would make sure of that. Aspirin is your friend.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    cool glad it went down in a good way =D
  9. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    I still say Vegas, cause it would go down in a great way, but we couldn't have a thread on it, because we all know the slogan for that city

    Seriously, glad you all had fun

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Anything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I'm game. When are you hosting the UO Vegas Meet-Up?
  11. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    Well, I will consider hosting something if enough people show an interest, anyone can throw out some suggestions for when. I will see if I can find my list of which hotels have internet (for the junkies) but really people do you want to play uo when you can play slots and other fine games in Vegas

  12. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - In the Realm of "Michigan" at "RenFest" - August 26, 2006

    Ga'kuct Arrested by the High Sheriff !! Orc Ga'kuct bribes jailor with shinies and threats to feed horsie-stew to all of the festival people.... result... all of Chesapeake companions jailed and placed on stage for hanging!!! There was massive confusion in the streets as all attempted to use shinies to further bribe the jailor and executor, but to no avail.

    Ga'kuct was heard yelling, "Gak uwd framid!! deze humies ib tuu smellie fur Gak tu bi ere!!"

    Sentence almost carried out against the companions, but the High Sheriff had mercy on them when several were able to properly sing "itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout" and successfully perform various 'antics' on stage for the entire audience.

    Later, with the survival of the Chesapeake companions, a Pirate ordered them to the archery range to launch an attack against a bear, tree dwarf and deer. Reports from the pirate (after much yelling at the companions) indicated only three of 45 arrows hit the targets and several landed in a nearby tree.

    Thrown out of the archery range, the companions went on to fight against each other in a fighting pit where several companions were dismounted from a wooden rail, fell in bails of hay, and another pirate declared "the best fight of the season!"

    Much more to report later.... including the Death Certificates issued on various Chesapeake companions ... so the murderers of Chesapeake will no longer target these companions. (yes, such real Certificates were issued by the undertaker at the Festival).

    The plans for Sunday include at least a boat trip on the River which may lead to fishing for Big Fish and much throwing of "cardboard" nets into the water.

    From "Michigan", the Chesapeake companions send their "Hail" to all.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I wouldn't even try attempting to touch that with a 10 foot pole!
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sounds hilarious! [​IMG]

    Look! Sebrina made a funny!
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!!! more more [​IMG] I went to paxlairs site only found one, I wanna see more!! [​IMG]
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah, where are those pictures?! I heard there was video, too. Did Ed McManus show up? Did he do his naked PK in a diaper routine? Inquiring minds want to know!
  17. Hold your tar and feathers folks!

    Most of these fine people just got home about 2am this morning by car or were on the airplanes this morning! Sadly I had the lonesome job of depositing said Paxlair companions to the airport [​IMG] I miss them all already!

    It was especially hard to let go of the Orc, after all the mischief he got into, landing in jail and all, then saving the afternoon by using his orcish majix by repairing two cars after a scary accident on our convoy back to the hotel!

    Collectively there must have been about 8 cameras total taking either video or pictures of our weekend. Some of the participants prefer not to have their pictures revealed and we did have 3 minors in our group. Give us a little bit to engage all the photos into a nice composition and then it will be revealed for all of Chessy to visit! [​IMG]

    There is plenty to share about our experiences and the great time we had, I for one am more then happy to help plan next years event soon!
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Chicken Rings, lol
  19. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

  20. Ok Tancred, now that you brought up our Kummar and Paxlair Adventure to White Castle....you need to explain, Chicken Rings! [​IMG]
  21. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    Thank you

  22. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Ok Tancred, now that you brought up our Kummar and Paxlair Adventure to White Castle....you need to explain, Chicken Rings! [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I think you need over 115 animal lore to expain what part of the creature they came from. Good Luck Tancred. At the time, not knowing the answer to that question didnt keep them from being consumed.
  23. So did anyone get any pictures of our 2am munchie treats from White Castle or are we the only folks this side of the Mississippi and north of the Dixie line, who understand what they are?
  24. allan1850

    allan1850 Guest

    Ah the true midnight snacks of champions

  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ithink Tancred should post his Blogs from myspace, they are hilarious [​IMG]

    Or at least post a link to them [​IMG]

    that would surely answer the Cheekin Azzholes mystery :p
  26. Tancred certainly can put in a pretty unique perspective on things! That's why he's so adorable, but we'll let him decide about his blogs.

    That night at White Castles was pretty hillarious and your pictures certainly added the background to our stories now for the Chessy readers to understand.

    Thanks for posting them!