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Understanding AEP

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by NeroRathe, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. NeroRathe

    NeroRathe Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 24, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Ming's 1.8 AEP system

    10 Stamina = 10 AGI
    Sword Users: 20 Attack Power / Strength = 1 Crit = 10 AGI
    Dagger Users: 25 Attack Power / Strength = 1 Crit = 11 AGI
    If < +5 to-hit items/talents, 1 to hit = 10 AGI
    If >= +5 to-hit items/talents, 1 to hit = 5 AGI
    1 Dodge = 3 AGI

    An AEP converts everything into agility, a Rogue's base stats, with 1.8 changes I have updated by AEP system to determine the strength of gear by converting everything into agility.

    Yes I am aware there are damage gear / FR gear / Stamina gear for PVE raids. However we are talking about things in general here. If against Ragnaros FR is the most important attribute should we rank 10 FR = 1 Crit? Most Rogues have a standard set and the AEP system is based on the standard set.

    1) 10 Agility = 10 Stamina

    Stamina is king, I am a firm believer a dead rogue's DPS is 0. Stamina allows me to eat Sunken's rupture kite into CB evis with Perdition + Seal Fate 120 and have 30 health left to retaliate and win the fight. Stamina allows me to take an extra hit in AB before the holy light shines on me. Stamina allows me to take an extra hit in a bad pull in BWL. It is every bit as valuable as agility, no more and no less.

    2) Sword Users: 20 Attack Power / Strength = 1 Crit = 10 AGI
    Dagger Users: 25 Attack Power / Strength = 1 Crit = 11 AGI

    20 attack power increase for sinister strikes at 700 attack power

    Assasin's Blade: 101.5 average weapon damage
    (101.5+720*2.4/14+68 ) /(101.5+700*2.4/14+68 ) = +1.18%

    Brutality Blade: 129 average weapon damage
    (119+720*2.4/14+68 ) /(119+700*2.4/14+68 ) = +1.11%

    Rank 14 Sword: 172.5 average weapon damage
    (172.5+720*2.4/14+68 ) /(172.5+700*2.4/14+68 ) = + 0.95%

    25 attack power increase for backstabs at 700 attack power

    Barman Shanker:
    ((73+725*1.7/14)*1.8 + 210) /((73+700*1.7/14)*1.8 + 210) = +1.10%

    Gutgore Ripper: 91 average weapon damage
    ((91+725*1.7/14)*1.8 + 210) /((91+700*1.7/14)*1.8 + 210) = +1.03%

    Rank 14 Dagger: 119 average weapon damage
    ((119+725*1.7/14)*1.8 + 210) /((119+700*1.7/14)*1.8 + 210) = + 0.95%

    Keep in mind attack power still helps our white damage as much as it did in 1.7, and white damage is still a very big part of our overall damage. The white damage increase from attack power increase is significantly bigger than the special damage increase because white damage is not nerfed by the 1.8 change. Of course, attack power doesn't help evis, seal fate and lethality, so it all evens out.

    To get a precise calculation of how much damage 20 attack power adds for you, you have to run the calculation I did above, insert your attack power and weapon damage. For Ming, rank 14 sword and 780 attack power:

    (172.5+800*2.4/14+68 ) /(172.5+780*2.4/14+68 ) = + 0.91% increase in sinister strike damage, clearly, 20 attack power for me is not as good as someone using assasin's blade with 700 attack power. For me, it would take 22 attack power to get 1% damage increase to match the 1% crit.

    Having said that, for the sake of an AEP system, I will use 20 AP = 1 Crit = 10 AGI for sword users, 25 AP = 1 crit = 10 AGI for dagger users, ESPECIALLY considering many dagger users also spec seal fate in which case crit is more important to them than attack power. This is based on an AVERAGE gear range.

    3) < +5 to hit items/talents, 1 to hit = 10 AGI
    >= +5 to hit items/talents, 1 to hit = 5 AGI

    Your first 5 points in +to hit is very, very valuable. Crit does not reduce your miss rate. Having a 95% chance to land specials, each +1% to hit in item improves your overall damage output by 1%. I highly recommend every rogue without the precision talent, try to get +5 to hit from items and you not only save the two talent points in murder, you also increase your damage output by 5%, just as if you are adding 5 crits.

    After having +5 to hit however, each additional +to hit previously only helped when you are against higher level mobs or players with more than 300 defense, in 1.7, it is pretty much worthless. In 1.8 however, additional +to hit helps reduce our default attack miss rate, hence each +to hit increases our white damage by 1%. 1 to hit past +5 equals to 5 AEP is very reasonable.

    4) 1 dodge = 3 agility

    The original AEP system rated dodge at 5 AEP which just didn't make sense. 10 agility gives you 10 attack power (0.5% damage increase), 0.33 crit (0.33% damage increase), for 10 AGI to equal to 1 crit or 20 attack power, 0.66 dodge can't be worth 5 agility.

    Dodge only works against melee damage and does not work when you are stunned. When you don't have evasion up you definitely do not want to eat MS + Melee + Overpower. Overall, I feel 1 dodge = 3 agility is very, very fitting for this attribute. 0.66 dodge from 10 agility would be converted into 2 AEP and it fits perfectly.



  2. NeroRathe

    NeroRathe Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 24, 2000
    Likes Received:
    AEP is something pretty much every rogue should understand, if not subscribe to. It's not an end all, be all for doing damage, and gearing yourself, but if used wisely can be an outstanding GUIDELINE, and give you an idea of what you should be wearing/using.