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Undying Love - Part II - The Hunt

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Mandolin, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    OOC: Creating a new thread per the reqest of many for easier reading. If you're new to this event, please read Chapter One here for background of this event which is taking place in game and scribed here for everyone else by many of the in game contributors. Please contact Otto or Kelmo if you're interested in participating. Everyone is welcome to contribute.. whether that be to support or prevent the Unholy Union from occurring between Katharine of CWS and SpyderBite of VmP!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ummm stupid question, why not just post the details of the event here instead of having people having to asking kelmo or otto?
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Haven't quite finished up the details.. still trying to find a suitable time for everyone... a pain in the butt really considering the main people involved are spread over 3 continents lol
  4. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Haven't quite finished up the details.. still trying to find a suitable time for everyone... a pain in the butt really considering the main people involved are spread over 3 continents lol

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Just to compliment Katharine's own explanation.. this is also an improved event.. so there are no dates or times... the storyline is creating itself by those who wish to participate and create their own role in the plot. These types of events were the lifeblood of Role Players and those in the day.. clear as mud? [​IMG]

    Edit: Contacting somebody to participate is not mandatory. Most of the current participants leaped right in due to their own experience with RP or desire to try it out for the first time. Contacting somebody for guidance or help with RP was directed for those who weren't sure where to start or suggestions on a role to play. Sorry if there was any confusion.

    With that said.. Continue on!!! [​IMG]
  5. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The wolf lie on its haunches in the main room of the tower, awaiting the blind man to awaken from his slumber. He had spent the past hour waiting and thinking. So much to consider during these uneven times.

    Was this Union having a bigger effect on the world and balance between Good and Evil that either he or his fiance had forseen? Folks were suddenly returning to the lands who were once long gone. Friends of past were becoming enemies and those called enemy were supporting the Union. The idea that this ceremony may tip the balance between Evil and Good caused SpyderBite to shiver.

    Looking to the statuette of Mithras on the mantle, he did a double take at the idol. Had it just bowed to him?

    Suddenly he felt a presence in the room and looked upon the wise Otto. Returning to his true form he smiled and bowed to the old man. He withheld the urge to laugh out loud as he noted, ironically, that the man's shirt and pants were on backwards!

    Upon the mantle, behind the two men, the statuette of Mithras began to glow low.. hardly noticible.
  6. Maleeka

    Maleeka Guest

    Maleeka saw the rider approaching her shop as she was leaving and stopped on the steps to greet him. It was Lucrio but she was disturbed by his appearance. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days and his eyes had a haunted look. He greeted me with a weak smile and said he was out hunting. “I know of whom you seek” as he looked at me with surprise. “I was at the Shire 2 nights ago when you explained the task Kelmo had given you.” “Have you seen her?”, he asked wearily. “I have not seen her today”, I replied and was about to invite him in to rest for a while when he spurred his horse and rode off. I heard him mutter “those eyes” as he rode away and wondered what that could mean.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG]he old man's sleep was troubled, but that was normal these days.

    Dreams were the only place where he still had sight, his worldy vision having been long since stripped from him, by cruel demon flame.

    He saw the world, as if from far off, a gleaming gem in the darkness, glorious and peacefully shining there.

    Then, as he had seen so many times before, it was shattered, fragments flying everywhere, each one nearly identical. As he had done so many times before, he wondered "what shape, then, is the world? And why do we not all fall off?"

    But this time, instead of paying attention to the various fragments, he gazed at the place where the original gem had been, expecting to see the fire and light of an explosion there. But, instead, there was the image of a hand - barely visible. As Otto watched, the hand gently and precisely touched each shard, placing it in a very specific place in the heavens. And it seemed that the light from each one would light another, so each fragment became one of the stars in the night sky for it's siblings.

    As Otto stared at this in wonder, he felt something from the direction of the great hand. Not a sense of danger, or the malice he would have from something involved in such a destructive act, but instead - compassion.
    As the hand moved, and finally stopped, one fragment was left. This one was turned at an angle, so that the light of the other shards bypassed it, but even this motion was done with care, and a sense of nurture.

    Finally, as he looked away from the hand, he cast his dream-gaze back to the place where the original gem had stood once more. There, caused by the flickering lights from all the fragments, an image had formed - a perfect image of the original world, encompassing all that had gone to the fragments, as beautiful as it had been before. From the solitary fragment, a dark glow seemed to flicker.

    Otto heard these words, softly, in the void.

    <font color="blue">"All can be redeemed, if they truly choose that path. Heed not the lies of British, and his treacherous avatar, until they, too, seek the light"</font>

    At this, Otto wondered. He looked back at the solitary fragment, and it seemed as if the dark glow from it was creating the night sky in which all the other pieces rested, supporting them, even, and wondered what this meant.

    The voice continued.

    <font color="blue">"Evil does not balance good, and good does not offset evil. This too, is an illusion. Evil deeds can not be washed away by good deeds, and neither can good deeds be undone by evil ones. Look elsewhere for true enlightenment. Balance is a lie."</font>

    "I don't remember wandering into the Yew Abbey" Otto thought "This sounds like something those monks would come up with!"

    <font color="blue">"Evil would have man believe that his paths are limited, and lead only one way." continued the voice. "but men have ever been known to be reluctant to ask directions."</font>

    This was getting silly. Otto tried to pinch himself, but found that his hand had turned into a wheel of cheese. The shock of that was enough to rouse him from his dreams.

    As the old man sat up, wondering why his clothes felt so uncomfortable, he became aware of a presence in the room - no, more than one. And this was not any of the staff, either. Ears accustomed to every footfall in the land, pricked up. Ah.

    "Hello, Night Walker." he said "I have been expecting you for a while. I was overjoyed to find Katharine well, and with the same joy as ever in her voice!
    You have certainly taken your time in replying to my message - it is nigh on half a calendar since I sent it. How may I be of assistance?"

    Not a hint of fear was in his voice, which unsettled the former (?) assassin nearly as much as the old man's questions. This was not what he had expected. Even before his transformation, if he had not wanted to be detected, he was not. Yet here, this old man, freshly risen from sleep, detected him instantly. "Night Walker"? What was that about?

    He took an uneasy step backwards, directly into a beam of light reflecting from the statue nearby...
  8. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    "Hello Otto", said the former Assassin, bowing to his old friend in a flourish of black robes and armor.

    "I seek answers, blind man", smiling; attempting to conceal his fangs. Hiding the incisors had become second nature to the Vampire when speaking with those he did not wish to fear him, "I have waited for you to awaken so that I could show you something and hopefully you'll have some wisdom to share with me on the matter".

    Otto simply arched a brow at the Vampire curiously, a natural instict even for one with no sight.

    SpyderBite strode to the windows, and tossed back long elegant drapes to the now rising sun.

    The blind Knight was without vision, but even he could sense the warmth of the morning sun and the sound of drapes as they were opened, "Spyder!!", he rushed in the direction of the Vampire, but tripped over a chest of garments. Expecting to be ingulfed with the flames of an unholy combustion, instead he heard and smelled nothing but silence and pine. He reached out for the chest in an attempt to get up from the floor. A tingle ran down the man's spine as his hand was taken by another cold taloned hand.

    "Let me help you up, Otto", spoke Spyder's voice, "We have much to discuss".
  9. Kemo/Dras

    Kemo/Dras Guest

    A day or so hast passed and I ponder to what I might be able to do to rectify the evil that has befallen Katherine. By now the transformation is bound to be complete and any chance of rectifying it would most possibly be to her demise. Shalt I smite thy Lord Spyderbite or Katherine? Could it have possibly been lady Katherines idea to become an Immortal and willing chose her fate? Wilt there blood lust be only focused on the wicked or wilt they try to harm thy good man?

    I began sharpening my stakes to fit finey against my well carvin bow. Sitting in my most comfortable chair and waiting for night fall to come to ride my trusty steed against all odds to hunt down Lord Spyderbite. Widdeling away I hast had to of made 25 thousand stakes and mine hands were sore and blistered and still night hadnt fallin. Now becoming exceptionaly tired and pain overcame my hands from such widdilings. I fell asleep in that exceptionaly comfortable chair.

    Dreams of another world of another entity started rivaling through my head like a black plague slaying all of my innocent thoughts. The lord that had now embodied me wanted to free himself and envoke pain and suffering amongst the world once more. Dras Den Enyen a Vampire that shared the same body as me had finaly broken free of holy bonds that made him easily shielded away from having control over my body. His binds now broken fought my mind in an epic struggle, a demonic nightmare that set my brain ablaze. Sights and sounds of an imortalized hell screaming out towards me buring my hands and face. The Grimm necromancer of Dras Den Enyen bound me to my own body shielding me away from control of my own mind using his demonic arts and rituals. My night mare was just the beggining of the epic long nightmare to come. Though I am still concious and can see all that happens to me and my body I have no control over it.

    *Night falls* Now In complete control I shall Feed upon the blood of mine enemies. *Hiss's baring his now elongated kanines* Tis been too long since I have fed on blood of a mortal, I am weak and need to feed. My brain begins to rember about what I was doing before my transformation. I glance over at all the stakes that lay beside my chair, I then stare at them. Hmm Perhaps I can hunt mine own kind with these deadly weapons. *I look at the fine bow now laying on the ground after my horrible night mare* Now becoming extremely weak I walk towards my store of blood, stumbling around i barely get to the chest and fling it open. Grabbing the vile i quickly drink it. Feeling a little more capable of walking I reach for another and another and another. Tiping each one back savoring every sip. I look to the windows of my house seing them open for the worlds light to seep in I quickly begin boarding them up so that when the light shines my body won't be fried during my weakend state.

    After the boards had been put up and my body becoming more at ease with the transformation, I set up my coffin bolt the door and make sure none had seen the alteration take place. I will set out at night fall the next eve to bring death to the world and fullfill my hunger. . . . I might set out to see how lady katherine and lord spyderbite like my new transformation. . . perhaps the young virgin might be able to bare me with some fine blood. . . I close the coffin and begin dreaming of the next nights affair, bolt the coffin securely from the inside and fall into the deepest nightmaric sleep of kemo's life. . .

    -Dras Den Enyen "The blight of the world is in mine hands, no light only darkness fulfills my soul."
  10. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine sat on the front steps of the tower sharpening her blades after the night's activities. Humming to herself she polished her swords until the moon reflected brightly in them, looking up occassionally to see if anyone was about. With a smile she replayed the nights events over in her head....

    Katharine stepped into a gate in Wintermoor after recieving a missive from Spyder that there was an unusual amount of activity in the area that she had seen pretty much dead since her Awakening. Looking around, she found the group near the Temple of Mithras and there upon the steps was Otto retelling instructions or maybe a story, she couldn't be sure. All of a sudden a shout went out over the snowy fields "To Iantown!", so Katharine being the ever curious person she is, says a quick hello to Otto and jumps through the gate, landing in front of the pub...

    Seeing all the YAMA's and WAKA's gathering somewhere near the dueling pit, Katharine left them to their business and slipped into the pub to check the book for a missive from Kelmo. Sadly he still hadn't made a comment to her little note. With a shrug she tossed it back on the bar, and walked outside just in time to see her Maker ride by with his implings. Pulling her sword from it's sheath, Katharine gave a small chuckle and plunged into the battle, hacking from one person to the next working her way to Wrym. Running away as he was want to do in battle, she chased after him, only to be struck down by one of his cronies. Sighing, she wandered back to the Pub to be healed, overhearing something about the Yard and looked up to see another gate open. Curiously she wandered through that one as well, and stepped right in front of Lord Kemo riding by.

    "Hey watch the boots!" she yelled at him, laughing softly.
    "Oh, sorry Kat, didn't see you there." he smiled down at her.
    She chuckled, "Oh yeah make me feel good. And no short jokes!" She stuck her tongue out at him.
    Kemo laughed to himself and looked up, just in time to see a swarm of vampires roll in again.

    Katharine looked up as well, and reached for her bloody sword one more time. Her eyes twinkling, she winked up at Kemo and ran after her Maker once more, bent on his blood. This went on for quite some time, when she thought she was close enough to harm him, he ran off and she fell to another's blade over and over. Slowly the battles became less and less hectic, with only a small outcropping here and there. With a frown of disappointment at not being able to get to her prey, Katharine sat on the steps of the Yard hiding in the shadows. Seems more had showed up while she was preoccupied. Looking over the gathered warriors, she saw her family .. Kush, Goodah, Elijah, and a new one whom she didnt know, as well as Lucrio who looked slightly uncomfortable..

    Amusing herself she taunted the hunter by hiding and stalking him, popping out on occassion to let him know she was still around... until the sun started to creep over the horizion. With a sigh of disappointment, Katharine opened a gate to home...
  11. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Daichi stared out over the scene before him, bodies of his clan, friends and enemies everywhere. Smiling at the sight of the young Yamamotos, Kimi, Ping, Akita and others, bravely fighting despite the odds.. and enjoying themselves. As he proudly watched the Yamamotos fight honorably, he noticed the vampire, Katharine. She looked upon him from across the battlefield and smiled wryly. He didn't know whether she meant to target the Ronin, feed on him, or was simply acknowledging him. With her wicked looking sword, she leaped back in to a nearby frey. Confused, he focused his attention on the field again. He checked his pack and found he'd lost his regeants during his last bout with the Vampire Krystal. He armed himself and with yet another thanks to Ibichi for reviving him he ran out to find his mount and rejoined the battle that raged in front of the establishment called the Yard. Eager to give back the two death robes that Sumatros had handed him, he dashed after the man. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied the vampiress Katharine again chasing after, of all people, her Maker, Wyrm; screaming in battle lust she persued him.

    Daichi almost stopped and dropped his weapon in confusion. What was going on? He knew that upon daybreak he'd report this to his Shogun. The cry of the monster called Krystal broke his attention as she reigned a volley of arrows at the Samurai, and he ran towards the storm of missles towards her!
  12. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    (hit it for a bump! :p ... so people can find it easier)
  13. Hours after the dust had cleared in West Umbra and the bodies of the fallen had been removed from the battlefield five figures sat huddled around a table in the Yamamoto stronghold discussing the nights events and what the future would hold.

    Yasou Wakayama, the Shogun; and Ibichi Wakayama, the High Priestess representing the WAKA clan … Obake Yamamoto, the Red Death; and Shokaku Yamamoto, the demented; and with them sat young Daichi Yamamoto the Samurai in training who due to his valor in battle had been invited by Obake to share of the table.

    “Twas an interesting night it seems,” the Shogun commented.
    “ARR!” Shokaku interjected, “but while we wuz in the fitz yar wuz in the sheets!”
    All gathered snicker … but there are no belly laughs as this was still the Shogun the joked with.
    “Truth be told indeed,” responded the Shogun silencing the snickers. “Many men and women this night proved their valor and their loyalty to myself and this Empire.”
    “Aye this be true Shogun,” stated Obake. “Many rode with us this night from many clans.”
    “In support of our quest and conflicts this evening warriors and wizards from the clans of TnT, I^A, KSS, CWS, and PAX joined with us.” Stated the all-knowing Priestess. “the gathering of clans to hinder our quest were even greater … and while they did not come together as one against us, and oft times fought each other as well as our combined forces, the clans of the evil REV, OTF, ^S^, SAS, CCC, EB2, SICK, VmP, and various others.”

    The Shogun nodded, it had been one brutal night of fighting. Many had been struck down on each side and yet the group continued on their quest despite wave after wave of attacks. Yasou looked at those gathered at the table, each was still drenched in the stench of battle and the blood of others and themselves. Each at the table though seemed still to be carrying the adrenaline of the fight and anxiously awaited his word.

    Obake broke the silence. “My kin would like to do more with our sister clan … and I have some exciting news to share.” All turned to face the Necromancer. “In five short days we will be joined here by my brother.” Shokaku grinned broadly at this news … Yasou and Ibichi however shared a concerned look. Young Daichi watched the reactions and sat in perplexed silence. “Aye tis true, the Admiral Isoraku has set sail for these shores and is but five days out, when he joins with us we will rebuild our imperial navy on these shores.”

    Yasou’s face still twisted in a mask of concern spoke, “We in the Wakayama Clan are well aware of the exploits of Admiral Yamamoto. However when the YAMA fleet stopped being protectors of the seas and became nothing more then criminals engaged in piracy was he not dubbed a new title?”

    Shokaku stood up and practically spit as he cut off the Shogun. “Piracy?? The seaz are a treach’rus place Shogun … to control de seaz you must sometimes engage in forcing your will and putting renegades in their places, eh? Me Admiral, de honorable and admired Isoroku be the finest and most feared commander on the seaz.”

    Yasou gestured for Shokaku to sit down, “I am not trying to assassinate his character SIR … I am well aware that what started out as a navy protecting free trade became a vice grip on commerce enforced by both yourself and your esteemed Admiral. We Wakayama’s are well aware of the skills the Yamamoto’s in regards to seafaring. But if your intentions here are piracy I am doubtful we would partake or support such activity.”

    Obake threw up his hands. “Shogun be realistic … you have your territory which you have now shared with us, and we are grateful. Together we have been successful in the past and I am certain our future endeavors will continue to be fruitful. We have no niche of our own … allow us to build our Imperial Navy and take to the seas. Allow us to collect a bounty on those that pass in waters where our ships pass theirs. Call it a tithe, call it protection, call it taxes, but don’t call it piracy.”

    Ibichi the Priestess looked at the Shogun, it was obvious he was displeased. “Obake, Shokaku, Daichi … I think at this time we will take our leave … we have all had an exciting night and when the Admiral reaches these shores we can again meet to discuss this concept further.

    Obake nodded and the Wakayama’s stood and opened a gate to their village which the crossed into. Obake had not gotten to speak to them of his discussions with some vampires … nor the plans Admiral Isoraku had for Terra Sanctum. He looked over to Daichi and grunted, “You are dismissed boy … get some sleep … Capt. Shok and I need to discuss tactics.” Daichi removed himself from the room and closed the door behind him … filled with more questions then ever before.
  14. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Daichi sat in the large chair crafted in his homeland, letting the warmth of the fire calm him after the hours of battle that had taken place earlier. Afterwards he'd been honored to be invited to a meeting with the Wakayama clan and others of the Yamamotos. There were so many tides turning in these lands. He only wondered how long til everything would finally come in to balance once again. Would it take a single event of great amplitude, or many smaller waves crossing each other across the lands?

    He thought further on the odd actions of Lady Katharine of Wispwood. How much courage does it take to attack a Vampire's own Maker. Did Vampires posess Courage? How severe would be the punishment for such actions? Finally, where was her mate SpyderBite? Rarely had the young Samurai seen the couple leave their tomb alone while he kept watch. Where did the young Cattibrie fit in to this whole puzzle? A young woman, happily residing with the two undead.

    So many questions unanswered...

    He glanced down on the map before him on the ornate table where he had noted events of special signifigance as of late. His attention was drawn to the Shire where little or no word had been heard regarding this Union between the two Vampires. The thought of the Vampires, drew his attention to Homare.. again, silence from the Vampires as well.

    And what of Iantown? They have bravely protected their town over and over again, year after year. Would they attempt to stop the Unholy Union, or support the couple who fight against those of the Embrace?

    It was like a huge tapestry being woven strand by strand.. too many questions at the moment.

    The Ronin stood and headed off to his bedchamber to retire still struggling with the events that were occuring. It was not quite dusk, and the setting sun still shown brightly above the horizon. Usually too early to slumber, he had been through much the past days.

    Daichi stopped suddenly to a sight that left his mouth hanging open. He squinted through the bright orange light of the sun to determine if his eyes were true to him. Outside the Tomb of the vampires, a massive black wolf transformed in a brilliant flash of unnatural light. In its place stood a man in black robes and armor.. he walked up the steps... the sun shining brightly on his back.
  15. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine hissed to herself and threw the book across the room, enjoying the satisfying sound of it slamming against the wall. Planning was much more than she had bargained for, on top of all the other things going on around her. She glared at the book, then sighed walking over to pick it up off the floor. Looking out the window she noticed the sun beginning to rise, and promptly shut the windows to keep out the light. Hoping Spyder found somewhere to sleep for the day, Katharine sat back at her desk and began rechecking what needed to be done. Propping her chin up on her hand, she read over the list, pulling a vial of blood from her pocket as she read, drinking it....
    "Ok, got all this done...and this...and this. Gotta do this and this" she checked off one item after another, mumbling to herself. "Gotta remember to find that tailor, and a chef for the mortals in the crowd. I hardly doubt they would appreciate blood..." she chuckled softly at her ramblings, chewing on the end of her pen, turning to read once more. Picking up missives from all over the land, she read them all.
    Within the hour, the already risen sun was slowly draining her body of energy, even though she was safely tucked in the darkness. Katharine rechecked the writings in front of her with a sigh and set aside her pen, standing up stretching, she walked over to the bed she had placed in the room. Since it was dark she preferred it to being shut up alone. With a sigh she stretched out on the bed and closed her eyes, tomorrow would be another day with even more to do as the "day" drew closer....
    Just as she closed her eyes, unable to keep them open anymore, she could have swore she felt Spyder's presence in the room...
    "Not possible, it's too late for him, silly girl." she mumbled to herself, drifting off to sleep.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG]e was exhausted from the battles of the past few nights, but it was a satisfying tiredness, and it had been so incredibly good to ride out alongside the Knights once more - and furthermore, to know that their numbers were on the increase again.

    Otto had chosen to put aside his smithing hammer that week, in favor of several bags of regents, and made the decision to use the vast magical knowledge he had acquired over the decades, instead of merely passing knowledge on to those who came seeking.

    It had been a satisfying time. To his surprise, he had suffered very few wounds in battle, and had heard his precisely selected spells fell more than one evil-doer. Even now though, he wondered at this, uncertain if it had been luck or skill.

    Still, thoughts for another time. He had awakened, unsure if he was still in a dream. For there was the unmistakable footfall of Spyderbite - and yet, the warmth of the dawn was equally unmistakable. Still, the only other warmth in the room came from the dying embers of the night's fire - not from the destruction of vampiric flesh. And... was there another presence in the room?

    Otto listened carefully, and then spoke.

    "Spyderbite. Well met. Very well met, in fact - for ye have passed the sole test I ever set you."

    The vampire helped the old man to a nearby chair, puzzled. "Test?" he asked.

    "Aye, test. Ye recall the rather long letter I sent ye some time back?"

    Spyder smiled. He had never received a short letter from Otto - on days when both Queen Zen and Otto sent him any correspondence, the postal minion usually spent the next day at the healer's hut, being treated for hernias. It was said of their messenger pigeons that one from either coop could lift a horse, from years of practice delivering their messages!

    "Aye, Otto. I remember. But - a test?"

    "Indeed. As long as the desire for evil was in you, you were unable to cross my threshold. Any attempt to enter would have left you standing without, in a state of confusion, that would last until you withdrew. And yet, here you stand. This means one of two things. Either your heart has reached a decision, or you have found a far mightier mage than any I know, to remove the wards. In either case, let me ask you one question, before we speak of the matters that brought you here."

    "Ask, Otto, ask." replied the black-clad man, his eyes wide with wonder, and his legs suddenly wanting to flee.

    "The question is simple. I know ye were bitten, and became one of Wyrm's unholy horde. That is a matter of public record. So, how is it then, that the wrist that I just grasped, which helped me to my feet, bore a pulse?"

    Spyderbite stared at Otto, his face a picture of disbelief, and slowly raised his fingers to touch his wrist, as the little colour that remained in his vampiric face slowly drained away...
  17. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire Spyderbite, was lost for words.

    It had been many moons since he'd felt his heart beat again. The sensation was almost alien to him, but comforting as well. A touch he had not felt in a very long time. It almost felt like.. nay.. Mithras would not dare touch his soul after so many years of Assasination and of course his bowing to the Damned. Yet, as he sat beside Otto, he couldn't ignore the blood coursing through him again.

    The Vampire stood and paced before the open window, sunlight glinting off his poisoned kryss, "How is this possible, old man!?".

    Otto just stared forward, "Perhaps you should ask yourself that question, Spyder".

    SpyderBite grasped his head, confused, "If this is possible... to walk the daylight, to assist the young, to show mercy and yet feed", he slumped back down in the chair before Otto.

    "Perhaps there's a path to be taken by you that you have not yet discovered?", said Otto.. frustrated that the Vampire hadn't caught on to his point.

    The former Assassin looked upon the wise man, "I still feel the lust, Otto", he ran his hands through his jet black hair, trying to absorb what was going on, "I need to take lives", he said in a strugglin voice, "but, I am incapable of leaving them defensless".

    Otto just regarded the Vampire he'd known for so long.. way beyond when he'd been turned, "You have a heart now, Spyder", he paused, "Follow it".

    "My heart leads me in so many directions", replied the Vampire, "To Katharine first and formost... This Union was to tip the balance and give us power to fight for the Damned. Yet, I feel the touch of Mithras once again, Otto".

    The blind man could feel the Vampire's confusion and the struggle within, "Perhaps you are a tool of both?", he heard his scribe scrambling about in the kitchen, "Go... let us talk of this again soon", placing a hand on the taloned hand of the Vampire, "We'll find you're path eventually. I must consult with the Knights in the meantime".

    Spyder stood, drowning in the thoughts and feelings he was was experiencing, "What am I to do, Otto?".

    "Talk to your wife to be... tell her".

    With that, the Vampire called SpyderBite, leaped in a flourish of black robes into the mid-morning sun and headed home.
  18. After finishing up her chours she looked around happy with the work she had done in such a short time. Being a Daykeeper for 2 wonderful vampires takes alot of work. Always watching her own back and making sure the safty of Lord Spyder and Lady Katharine, not to mention keeping the Tomb clean for visitors. Working all day she can't help but still worry about Lord Spyder and why he hasn't come home yet and when he was standing in the sunlight. Not fully knowing what he was tring to do she still kept it to herself and never told the Lady Katharine. She has far to much to worry about and shouldn't leave her to worry about Lord Spyder and his weird "testing" of the sunlight.

    While thinking to her self she heard something outside, not wanting to go out there she looked out the window and saw Lord Spyderbite not wanting to be seen by him while he was outside she hid in what little shadows there was. After a few moments she couldn't hide no longer and rushed out to see what was taking him so long to come inside. To worried about protecting him, she didn't wonder what was outside let alone who..

    Rushing outside she stoped in shock "Lord Spyderbite, what are you doing outside...in the light?" she asked with a puzzle look on her face. Before letting him answer she rushed him inside tring to hide him from the sun. "What is the matter with you? You stand out in the sun. Do you not want to be married to Lady Katharine? Are you tring to send yourself into a grave? More imporantly, are you tring to scare me to death?" she screamed at him, "You and Lady Katharine are the only family I truely know and I do not want to lose either of you..." she said with a tear starting to roll down her face.

    Before letting Lord Spyderbite answer her many questions she tried to run off only to feel his talons grab her by the wrist and turning her around to face him with a weird look on his face. A mix of sadness and somehow happyness..
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lucrio shivers. It is very cold some nights. "At least I can feel the cold", he mutters to him self. Having dedicated himself to fighting vampires, Lucrio will be damned, before he allows Katherine join their ranks. He ponders all the grievances that the one called Spyder has bought upon the ones he calls friends and family.

    Trying to stalk and dissuade Katherine has been futile. "It is the Spyder. I must find him. If I put an arrow though his heart, then all will be well."

    Lucrio ponders his decision to stop checking in Kelmo. "tis for the best", he decides. "I am being followed and hunted, as I am a hunter. I will not lead them to Kelmo. My last instructions were to stop this unholy union."

    Lucrio shivers in his hiding place. "It's gonna be long, cold night." Wrapping his cloak about him, Lucrio comforts himself. "There will be a reckoning. I will hunt the Spyder."

  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kelmo sits at his desk, reading reports from his "informants". Kelmo sighs, Lucrio is out of control. "Had he just checked in with me..."

    Kelmo reads all the reports again. "Lucrio must be stopped."

    Sadly, Kelmo posts a bounty on Lucrio. "Find Lucrio and bring him home. I will pay 1 million gold pieces for his safe return."
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Miranda basks in the heat of her desert exile home yet she feels shivers of cold up and down her spine at the mere thought of the vile ones that savor human blood called vampires.

    Miranda glances at her crafter tables to recheck the items she has made for someone privately. There upon the copper table lies a wreath of garlic, formed in a circle lying atop the table. Within it a broken shard of glass representing the shard of Siege Perilous. Without the circle of garlic; a statue of a winged woman and a decapitated male figured statue stand side by side yet..outside the circle of protection around the shard.

    Miranda turns her head to the metal table where she labored all day forming a magical bloodwood shaft which held a special arrowhead made of the finest metals then perfect emerald coating coated and dipped in the most fatal of poisons and then coated once more with a special slick lard of Paroxmusus.

    Miranda motioned to her servent to gather the items into a satchel and gave her instructions to take the items carefully to the Phoenix for forging them into one arrow and one small talisman of a wreath of shard protection and vampire destruction, set within them the gleaming eye of travesty.

    "All these items must go to the Phoenix, " Miranda stated to her servent, "for firing and curing, then straight away to find the one who's name I gave ye in secret for he will use these against the vampire Spyderbite and whomever else he deems must perish to save our world from the cold dark ruthless being and this unholy union."

    "Will not the Phoenix destroy me m'lady with her heat whense I try to present these items, as per your instructions to the Phoenix to fire and cure them ? "

    "Nay lass, naught a harm will come to ye, for I hath sent word to the Phoenix whom is mine own faith, and mine own most trusted goddess, that ye will be approaching and your protection is guarenteed .. go now do not tarry."

    "Yes m'lady."

    Miranda sent a small missive to Blind Otto in braile.

    "Dearest Otto,

    Mayhaps the vile one is becoming human again, mayhaps he might even discover he has a heart or a pulse, but I urge ye not to become deceived. A tiger can never change it's stripes, nor a leopard change it's spots. The human Spyderbite was nothing short of a murderous assassin twas all he was tis all he ever can become for he savors in bloodshed if not wallows in it, do not think the monster vampire will change his ways to possibley become fooled or deceived and thus then made a feast of blood, for the man and his betrothed.

    Nary forget one of his contracts was to exterminate our priestess of KSS. . one whom he called Friend and she trusted and believed in *the man* that he was and still she ended up just another victim of his. BE ye wary and pray to all that is holy and virtuous, to protect ye from camelleons, whom 'can change' their spots stripes or colors to deceive innocents and break trusts of mere trusting mortals, but seldom, if ever can they change, their cold ruthless blood thirsting brutal hearts !

    Surely ye know; that the only 'good vampire' is..a decapitated dead vampire, lethally fatally perma stabbed through their brutal heart. And while it may be remotely possible for the dead souled brutal one/s to become saved, it may only be possible if the one is sent to the fires of hell and back to die and to burn and burn and burn again, if ever to become remotely reborn as a humane honest human being,yet I myself would never find it possible to ever trust anyone whom has been, a butcherer, murderer, betrayer of trusts of innocents preying and feeding on human blood, or taking lives for a few gp, so long as I exist in life or in spirit, then I myself shall nary trust the likes of that one. Praise Mithras and the Phoenix ! "

    Sincerly your sister in the Serpents, Miranda

    Miranda attached the missive to her pigeon and set it off straight away.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The pigeon arrived at the snow-covered tower, and alighted on the edge of the coop, brushing against one of the many small levers that lined the structure. Far below, a bell tinkled, and shortly, a young half-elf woman appeared, and took the message from it's leg. The pigeon coo-ed gratefully, relieved of the burden, and went to investigate today's supply of grain.

    Below, as his fingers moved over the message, Otto smiled.

    "Send this reply, please, Beatrice." he said, his smile growing wider.

    To Miranda, sister in the Silver Serpents, and honored friend,

    thank you for your words of concern.

    Aye, it is as you have said. There is venom within Spyderbite's heart, and a trail of darkness behind him. A shadow, you might say.

    But, are shadows not caused by a source of light?
    And, if there is a dark shadow behind him, does that not mean there is a light afore him?

    Spyderbite has free will, of that much I am sure. Every day of his life, he chooses his path, just as you or I do. His will may be weak in some areas, and strong in others, but it certainly exists. He may choose to walk towards that light, or veer away from it. He may choose to hurl himself at it, hoping to destroy it, and be consumed - I am no oracle, I see nothing.

    Aye, his blade struck down our dear Priestess. But, that good lady, it is said, after some time in mourning, did rise, and find new strength, and even forgave him. If my ears have been deceived, I am not aware of it - but several have spoken to me of her words of forgiveness, and knowing her as I do, I do not find it hard to believe.

    The one I would be more suspicious of would be the one who first placed him on that dark path. Spyderbite at least had the courage to hold his own blade.
    The giver of the contract, I believe, has been offered forgiveness and acceptance as well. Is this justice? Who are we to say whether repentance has truly come to a heart, or not?

    I would be a fool to trust an assassin and a vampire utterly. I would be a fool to take any former or present evil-doer at their word. And I hope that I am not a fool. I seek answers, daily. I test the words that are presented to me, and probe them for truth. And a single truth that I have found by doing this is this: There is good in some portion in the heart of every man and woman.

    I will oppose any evil that Spyderbite does with every last breath in my body. I will defend the innocent, as I am sworn. I will put my own self betwixt him and his intended victim, if the opportunity arises. But, with that same strength and determination, I will seek out the light in his darkness, and hope that it can be encouraged to burn brightly enough to overcome his dark.

    He was here earlier. You know of the wards around my tower, to keep evil out. He stood freely in my room, and the sunlight streamed in. I tested the wards after he left - they were intact. That alone would cause me to stay my hand from striking him down.

    This does not remove his past evils. I do not know what can - I do not presume to be so enlightened. I do believe that all evil deeds must be answered for - and if there is good growing in his heart, he will eventually come to that understanding himself. What he chooses to do, I do not know.

    Perhaps he will fling this spark of goodness aside, and fully embrace evil again? I do not know. If he does, I have many a good blade awaiting - but for the moment, I would rather that evil be given the chance to gain another foe, than strike him down while he is wavering.

    We also have our friend Katharine to consider. CWS have long been our allies, and she has oft fought alongside me in the past. If she has found something worthy of attention in Spyderbite, perhaps we should consider that, as well - even though she has fallen under a vampire's curse at present.

    These are just my thoughts. I do not expect you to instantly agree with them, if ever - but mine they are, none the less.

    I also enclose for you some findings of my scribe's - relating to vampires. Lost, old knowledge, that you may find interesting.

    Be safe, and keep thy stake traps ready, regardless of my words!

    Sol Invictus!

    Blind Otto

  23. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine awoke that evening to Spyder sleeping soundly in the chair beside the bed. Wondering what he was still doing asleep at this hour, she shrugged and leaned down to kiss his forehead. Getting dressed in her armor, she hummed quietly to herself so as not to wake him, and then stepped outside breathing in the evening air. Opening a gate, Katharine stepped into Iantown, for one more talk with Kelmo....

    She stealthed into his office, sitting upon his desk with her legs crossed, then spoke to him in a low voice...
    "Hello, Kelmo.." she chuckled as he jumped when she seemed to have appeared out of no where.
    "Katharine! Damn woman you scared me!" he fumed, sitting back in his chair clutching his chest.
    "Oh, I'm sorry" she grinned at him, not feeling the least bit sorry for it. "Didn't mean to scare ya" Katharine chuckled, and looked down at the desk, picking up the bounty slip on Lucrio. "Having a problem with the hunter who can not complete a job?" she smirked.
    "He's out of control. No reports, nothing since I sent him after you." Kelmo sighed again, folding his arms across his chest looking up at her. "What is you want, my dear? Gonna do to me what you did to him?"
    Katharine threw back her head and laughed, grinning at him showing off her fangs. "Only if I have to bossman. Now, " she jumped off the desk, tucking the bounty in her boot, planning to make good use of it. "What I did come here for, since you seem so reluctant to contact me yourself.." she walked around to the front of the desk, placing both hands on it looking directly into his eyes. "Is for you to perform my ceremony. And the way I see it, you can do it because you like me and value our friendship... or I can make you do it which really isn't an option that sits so well with me, but I'll do it get what I want." she smiled softly.
    "And how do you propose to force me do to it if I choose not to, Katharine? By brute force?" Kelmo looked down at the blade at her side with a small nervous smile.
    "No, nothing so .. dramatic." she leaned forward and whispered, "but I have other methods of making you do it." Katharine chuckled as his eyes widened. "Think on it. Either choice makes no difference to me, but the latter will hurt my feelings, and we don't want that do we Kelmo?" With that, she turned and walked out of the room, calling to him over her shoulder. "You have my address, don't forget to write!" she chuckled and opened a gate to home.

    Katharine walked up the front steps of their home and stopped just as she got to the door. Turning she saw a figure hiding nearby. Shaking her head she walked back down the steps...
    "Last warning," she whispered behind him. "I told you to leave my family alone... you seem to not have heard me, dear Luc."
    She watched as he spun around, his eyes widening at the sight of her knowing he had just seen her on the steps.
    Katharine squinted and peered at him, not even bothering to smile, and grabbed him by the throat. "I do not like to repeat myself, dear hunter. So take your business elsewhere or suffer even more for it." She leaned in and whispered to him "I have not fed off of a living creature in many days, unless you want to become a meal you will stay away, and report back to your employer."
    Dropping him to the ground, she pulled the bounty slip from her boot and tossed it on the ground beside him, and walked back to her home. It was time to wake up Spyder....
  24. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    "Good Evening, Daichi", said the voice from within the shadows of the stable.

    The Ronin turned slowly towards the source of the voice, having learned long ago that disclosing one's surprise or alarm was to give the attacker the first blow.

    "I've expected to meet you soon, Vampire", he bowed carefully, eyes never leaving the shadows; hand on the hilt of his scythe.

    SpyderBite strode from the darkness in a flourish of black robes, bowing back to the young Samurai, "I have been watching you as you have watched myself, and my family", He smiled, trying not to reveal his fangs, "You have met our Day Guardian, Cattiebrie", he leaned on against the side of a stall casually, "She speaks higly of you".

    Daichi found himself confused. Was this not the 'SpyderBite or Elg'Cahl' that he'd heard so many horrific tales of? He reserved his judgement for the time being and nodded to the Vampire, "She is kind girl with an good heart. I have not yet witnessed any bite marks on her however. Whatpurpose do you hold her in your service?".

    "She is not in our 'service', young Daichi", he crossed his arms in a display of truce, refusing to draw his weapon, "she stays with us by her own free will, watches after us while we sleep, and in return we do the same for her, care for her and give her anything she needs".

    "Is she to become what you and Katharine have become?", Daichi could see no other purpose for the girl's position in their home.

    Spyder laughed hard, head tossed back, fangs beared, "That is her will, aye", he said trying to catch his breath, "But, not yet. Katharine and I have yet to determine what type of Damned she is to become".

    The Samurai was more confused than ever now, "A Damned is soul is just that, nothing else".

    The former Assassin leaped towards the Ronin in a flash, grabbing his hand and holding it behind his back, paralyzing him. He pushed him against the very stall he had previously been leaning upon, "I have become very powerful in my awareness as of late", he leaned in to the now openly frightened face of the Samurai in training, "You know damned well what I've become, Daichi", he was no longer smiling, and Daichi's eyes widened in terror when he felt the pulse beating in Spyder's hand, "When Katharine and I wed, she will join me. I am quite convinced that this bond will have consequences. Consequences that will shake the world. Bring our once called 'brothers and sisters' to their knees. They will fear us, those Damned and Blessed at the same time.. walking in the sunlight", Spyder let loose of Daichi, and the Ronin slumped to the floor, unable to speak.

    Spyder spun and headed towards the stable entrance, stopping to look over his shoulder to speak once more Daichi who shook visibly on the stable floor, "Speak to no one of this. You are no longer speaking to a slave of the disease, Daichi. Not a simple Vampire without a will. You are looking upon a Maker".

    With that, he vanished into the shadows. Daichi sat frozen and overwhelmed with all that had just occurred. Struggling to get up, he crawled slowly upon his feathered mount and eased it out of it's stall.

    Bolting from the stable he raced towards Maleeka's to speak to her of this. He'd be Damned himself if he was going to keep it to himself. A new breed of Vampire? Nay, he must let her know what was happening as she prepared for the Union.
  25. [​IMG]he small scribe wrote the message out neatly, and made sure it was safely on it's way. She then sniffed the air, her half-elven heritage picking something up.

    "Ugh. You've had a vampire in here! I'll fetch some fresh flowers later, to take the smell away!" she said, wrinkling her nose up.

    Otto smiled, and strolled back to his workshop, whistling. He paused in the doorway, turned, and said "People can be so strange when opportunity knocks. I wonder if Spyderbite will open the door, or run screaming to the nearest locksmith?"

    Leaving a puzzled scribe behind him, he went on his way, still whistling.

    She wandered out to the fields, and picked several bunches of sweet smelling flowers, and was walking back towards the ice fields, and the tower therein, when the thundering of hooves came from over the rise. Deftly, she ducked behind a tree, and watched as the riders came into view.

    A large man, and a young boy, came riding, and stopped in the shade of another tree, nearby. Beatrice did not know them, and any crest they might have borne was covered by their robes.

    "We can not rest long, page, but these horses need to drink. This small pond appears fresh enough. Water the horses, and we will be on our way." the man said, dismounting.

    "Aye, Lord Aurelius." said the lad. Beatrice stifled a gasp. This could not be! She knew the scrolls in the temple of Mithras well - very well. The line of Aurelius had ended when the betrayer, British, slew the last of the line, and seized power, before starting his campaign of false propoganda.

    "The lines betwixt life and death will not stay blurred long. We must do as we can, while we can. There is still time to inform the people of the truth of the damned - but not much time. Not much at all."

    "Aye, milord." the boy said again. He was obviously not going to grow into a man of many words. Beatrice wondered at this, and was just about to make her presence known, when another set of hooves came thundering over the horizon. The man leapt to his saddle, and the boy to his, and they rode off, swords clanging against the ferocious attack of the newcomer. Beatrice had just enough time to see the crest of the vampires on his shield, and a tuft of spiked orange hair beneath the hood, his skin covered and cloaked, to ward off the sun's rays, but still ,the odd puff of smoke from here and there, where cloth was not sufficient.

    Wondering at these many things, and feeling as if she was half in a dream, Beatrice sped back to the tower, casting as many spells of protection as she could remember on her way.
  26. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The couple rode in to Luna while the moon was still bright and high in the evening sky. Looking around, they spied Pollux and nodded at him.

    Taking each others hand they strode through the bank, ignoring the stares of those who frequent the place regularly. A few hid quickly behind the Luna law enforcement at the sight of the unholy couple who seemed unconcerned. They both knew what to expect in this once holy city.. they encouraged it.

    As if they're own thoughts had triggered it, a man rode in to the bank on a Charger and laid in to Katharine with his blade. Spyder, out of sheer instinct, attempted to protect his wife to be, and was struck down by the nearest halberd of the city guard.

    SpyderBite was barely able to look upon Katharine's body, but knew that she'd be whole again soon as her unnatural healing took over to restore her. He noticed Pollux urging them in to the courtyard where the Moongate glowed brightly. With the spirit of Katharine following him, they both made a dash for the gate and found themselves facing Pollux in the city of Zento. He accelerated their healing process and soon the couple were breathing again. Pollux opened a gate for the two Vampires to their home town of Umbra. As he watched them wave to him and run happily through the gate, he noted something different about the former Assassin. Something more or something less, he could not determine. But, something was very different about the man.. something once familiar.


    "He has changed Maleeka", said the young Samurai, Daichi.

    The Crafter only nodded as she sipped her tea.

    "You do not seem surprised", he said, confused.

    A slight smile crossed her face, and she set down her cup, "Spyder confides in me, Daichi", she said as if it were common knowledge, "He tells me of things he dissapointingly will not tell his own bride to be".

    "He walks in the day, woman!", slamming his armored fists on the table and standing, he turned, frustrated, "What kind of powers is the Damned bestowing on these daemons?!".

    Maleeka chuckled lightly, much to the Ronin's chigrin. He turned to face her again, wanting answers.

    "Daichi", she said, gesturing for him to sit back down, "Perhaps this gift is not one delivered by the Damned", her look softened as she noted the confusion on his face, "You look upon them as monsters, with no will of their own. No conscience. I look upon them as people who are cursed. Are the cursed not capable of also receiving a blessing?".

    The Ronin had no answer for her question, "What will this wedding accomplish, Maleeka?", was all he could muster.

    "We shall see, Daichi", she replied, "But, I am keeping hope that it will break their bond with their Maker".

    Daichi's eyes widened at that, "Maleeka", he said, face growing pale, "Spyder said he had already been made a Maker".

    "I don't have much knowledge of these things, but I do not think Spyder is capable of turning innocent souls yet. When or if he and Katharine are capable of doing so, I will not be one to fear those who are turned by the couple", she picked up her cup and tried not to show her concern, "One turned, follows in their Maker's footsteps. Think on that Daichi, before attempting anything rash".

    The Ronin seemed to be creating more questions than answers for himself. He chose to heed the Crafter's words until he had answers to the riddles that were being woven upon the lands.
  27. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine stared out the window with her arms crossed, thinking over everything happening, about her upcoming union with her Chosen, about her family's reluctance to accept anything. With a sigh she turned and looked at the bed and Spyder's sleeping face. She was getting worried about him. He was sleeping more and more late into the night, and seemed to always be home when she awoke. Was he running the risk of burning himself just to get back home? Katharine stepped from the window, walking over to the edge of the bed and sat down next to him, caressing his cheek with her thumb smiling softly. Tilting her head to the side curiously, she noticed he had more color in his face than before. Well maybe he fed before he came home last night. Shrugging off the thought, she leaned forward pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead and went outside in the moonlight, opening a gate for Otto's home.

    Katharine gave a yelp and jumped back over the gate as two horsed riders rode past her. Hissing in their direction, brushed herself off and turned to the steps of Otto's home...
    "Otto!" she yelled. "I need to speak with you. May I come in?" she smiled at him as he stepped to the door.
    "Of course, what is I can help you with dear?" he said in his usual friendly tone.
    "I need you to deliver a missive to the Knights for me...as well as those in the Shire" she pulled a letter from her pocket and placed it in his hands with a sigh.

    <font color="red"> To the Knights of the Silver Serpant and the Citizens of Wispwood Shire,
    Long have we fought together and died together. Long have I valued my close friendship with each and every one of you. This message is hard for me to write, but I feel as if I am left with no choice in the matter. I beg you to accept me as I am now, damned... and I remain so by my own choice. I did not ask for this, but I accept it as my destiny for it has brought me to the one I wish to spend eternity with. If you continue to threaten my Chosen and this new life I have accepted, then you will leave me with but one alternative. One that does not sit well with me. Those who have chosen to support my decision will be safe, but those that choose to ride against myself and my Chosen will fall beneath my blade, even if it means I have to break my oaths as a friend. I will not see him fall while breath remains in my body, especially to those that I consider friends. Heed my words, for these are the last you may ever hear from me. The choice is now in your hands. Accept what I am and who I have Chosen or do not accept anything of me at all. I'm sorry it has come to this... I'm sorry I have to write these words to those I have loved for so long...but I will not see him fall.
    As always,

    [/ QUOTE ]

    "It's very important they understand the significance of the message, Otto. I can't take the animosity between my friends and my Chosen anymore. I'm sorry to put this in your hands Otto, but I trust you to break it as rationally as possible to them all."
    Otto dropped his head a little and gave a sad nod. "I .. understand."
    Katharine sighed again "I will not ride against you, my friend. You have given me all the support I could have asked for in a friend nor will I ride against others who have supported this, but others..." she shrugged her shoulders. "Others have misguided thoughts... Please make them understand, this is my choice. No one else's."

    With that Katharine gave him a quick hug and walked outside, opening a gate back home. Going back to her desk, she sat down placing her head in her hands and let the tears she had kept in for so long flow...
  28. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    It was well past the mid of night before Spyder awoke. As he attempted to dismiss the hunger he felt, he noticed his Chosen sitting in the corner, crying softly in to her hands. Rising silently from the bed, he thought how odd it was that both should enjoy the comfort of the bed as opposed to the coffin's darkness these past weeks. He drew a hand through her hair and knelt to face her.

    "You have sent a letter to the Knights and your Kin?", he whispered in her ear.

    Looking at him with red eyes, he noted that she had been crying for quite some time. Wiping a tear from her cheek, he smiled, "All will be fine, Love. That I promise. The tables have turned in what we thought was an eternity of hiding from our enemies".

    Katharine looked at him, confused, "I know we have many who support us. But there are so many who's blessing I wished for, yet have not received".

    "Come in, Catti.. do not hide in the shadows", said SpyderBite without turning away from Katharine. The young girl walked carefully in to the light of the torch lit room.

    "I did not wish to interrupt you, M'lord", she said.

    He smiled at Katharine, and stood, turning to Cattibrie, he said, "No, no. What I must say, should be heard by you as well. It affects us all".

    Cattiebrie looked upon Katharine, both confused, they turned their look to Spyder.

    The Vampire laughed at the look on Catti's face, "Do not play naive little one.. I have sensed you while I basked in the morning light".

    Katharine gasped, and nearly fell out of the chair, in one deft move, even too quick for one of the Damned, he reached out and steadied her. The Vampiress visibly trembled in his arms, "What.. what are you saying?".

    "M'lady", spoke Cattibrie, "He walks in the day, unharmed".

    Katharine turned to her Chosen, "Is this true? Is this why you sleep so late in to our time to hunt?", her eyes were wide with fear, "Have you turned your back on the Damned".

    Spyder shook his head, "No Love", he held head in his hand, "and the Damned has not turned his back on me either", he ushered Catti to come closer, "I can not be sure, but it seems that another has Blessed me with this anomily.. to compliment those gifts bestowed on me by the Damned".

    "Another?", asked their Day Keeper, "Surely you don't mean Mithras?!".

    Katharine pulled away slightly from SpyderBite, "That is not possible.. not only did you accept the disease from the Damned, you have committed sins against the Temple of Mithras before your turning!".

    SpyderBite shrugged indifferently, "I can't answer that question", he stepped away from his Chosen and stood before the fire, considering, "All I can say is that I haven't felt this presence since attending the Knightings of such friends as Mac and Gilfond".

    Katharine nodded, she rememberd the sensation of magic and comradery during those occasions all too well. There was no mistaking the power of Mithras, joining her Chosen by the fire she put an arm about his shoulder, and offered her hand to Cattibrie. The three stared in to the fire together in contemplation.

    "What are you going to do with this gift?", she said without looking up.

    The Vampire watched the embers of the fire as he answered her, "Share it with you of course".

    Wordlessly the three remained there lost in thought as the moon slowly sank in to the horizon to be greeted by its sister the Sun.
  29. The fires on the ship had been put out, and the attackers repelled but at a terrible cost, four of the elven mages had been killed, and most of the others weak from battle. Four ships had attacked almost out of no where, and terrible was there attack. Fel had slain four before they even got aboard ship, putting an arrow in between their tenacled mouth and dropping them very quickly, but a bow was only good for distance and soon the deck was swarmed with hideous mind-flayers. They fought for a good hour, with the mages getting racked with mindblast spells but soon their courage of the elves pushed the creatures back into the void, and then they lay greek fire to their ships sending them into a firery ball out into space.

    After many hours of deep sleep the remaining two mages had regained their powers and were ready to propell the ship. In a few hours, they had come into orbit of Sosaria, and Fel had begun to fill his small skiff to head to skara, after they landed. Envoking the elvish spells used by many before them, the headed toward the ocean.

    A dolphin was playing by the mystic Serpant Pillars when they begn to glow a bright blue. He had heard talk of this before, but this a first of him actually seeing it happen , after the event he chirpped all of the way home to tell his friends....The elvin ship materialized, by the pillar and the blue glow from the bridgeof the ship and the pillar was a matched hue. For years the elves had rendered the pillars useless to other ships, and had used them for travel in the void, many human scholars from Lord British's courts had failed to correct the problem and hopefully they never became educated enough to do it, both mages on board thought

    Felinious came upon the shore of Skara Brea, and left his skiff, waving goodby to the small crew on board. It was good to be back in these lands, he thought, how he had missed them, and all of his friends here. The banker in skara had not changed much, and was quick to show him to his bank box. After calling forth his shadowy mount, he raced toward The Shire. His thoughts were of the people there and what he had seen in the seeing stones from the ship...

    After over seeing the ruins of his house, that vampires had torn down and scattered his belongs, the fire of hatred burned in him, then his mind went to Katherine, and her poor soul being held captive by the horrible creatures, having who knows what horrible acts done to her. He found a powerful bow,there were elvish runes upon it, cursing the dead that walk that Grot had left him, and tucked that in his pack along with some armour made by Woody, and headed off to Kush's house. The Rangers of Wispwood would be paying the vampires a visit...
  30. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    SpyderBite sat and listened to Maleeka tell the sad tale of her childhood, his hand rested on the grip of his black dagger. It was a very bold move on their part to visit Katharine's home this night. He looked upon his Chosen who's hand also lie on the hilt of her sword, then to Cattibrie, who was mystified with Maleeka's tale. He smiled at the last; so much excitement and wonder in the young.

    Sensing an uneasiness in the room, he turned to see Lloyd of Iantown watching their table. He had not noticed him arrive and that unnerved the Vampire. Acknowledging each other only with a nod, he found Katharine smiling at him, her free hand his, squeezing it and smiling brighter.

    They returned their attention to Maleeka who spoke of horrific acts that had befallen her family. Ghosts of memories, long since gone, haunted SpyderBite as her story captivated those assembled in the Golden Unicorn that eve. As she concluded the tale, she stared directly at the former Assassin, emphasizing her final words. Bowing to the audience, she returned to their table, her eyes never leaving his.

    The four were relieved to here Lloyd's announcement that Lucrio was no longer acting on Kelmo's behalf. There was still a chance to convince the Mayor to perform their upcoming Ceremony without the threat of violence. Lucrio would be dealt with eventually of course. The gold that Kelmo offered meant nothing to him. He only wished to even the score between himself and the Vampire Hunter who saw no difference from on Vampire to another with the exception of names. He was about to learn a valuable lesson, insane or not.

    Looking around the room, he saw so many familiar faces that he hadn't seen in many moons. He stopped when he spied that woman called Magnolia regarding him. Fangs beared at a former Sister of the Damned, her face brightened at the sight of him. Combatants on the field before he was turned, he held much respect for her. He longed to face her in battle again.

    A tug on the sleeve of his robe shook him from his thoughts. Katharine motioned towards the gate she'd opened. He bowed in Magnolia's direction and followed Maleeka, Catti and Katharine through the gate, his hand never leaving the leather grip of his obsidien dagger.
  31. *dusts off old English lit skills, gives it a shot*

    Hector strode across the plains of the Samurai lands, looking for ingredients for his many assorted potions. A herd of gaman grazing nearby looked at him curiously, but found their grass to be more interesting.

    The sun was low in the sky, and he started to think about returning to the inn for the night. He dropped the day's ingredients off at a friend's house, where he often stored such items, and, grasping a firm staff in hand, strode down the road towards the moongate.

    As he neared it, he heard hissing and chattering from the bushes, and red eyes glowed in the twilight. Suddenly, a dozen vampires, all bearing the crest of Wyrm's guild, sprang from the undergrowth, and charged at him, yelling their fanatical slogans, and slavering at the mouth!

    Hector knew that it was pointless running. He would be paralysed by their spells, and felled, before he'd taken another five steps. So, he swung his staff deftly at the lead vampire, catching him smartly between the fangs. With a horrified look, the vampire toppled backwards, clutching at his broken jaw, and impaling his own hand on his cracked fangs. The vampires behind him cascaded into his falling form, and fell about in a heap. Hector seized the chance to sprint towards the gate!

    Two of the vampires regained their footing, and came pounding after him. He flung his staff at their feet, and they fell to the ground again, their fangs tasting turf instead of blood, and leaving small twin furrows in the grass as they skidded along on their faces. Hector smiled, and lunged towards the gate...

    ...only to bounce off a previously unseen form, who had just stepped through.

    The huge, dark form of Wyrm stood before him, a look of confusion on his face, still slightly disoriented from the trip through the gate. Hector wasted no time. From where he had landed on the floor, he reached between the vampire lord's legs, grabbed the back of his robe, and pulled it forwards and up, sending Wyrm sprawling, halfway back into the gate with a howl! Grabbing a keg of holy water from his bag, he smashed it open above the fallen vampire, and Wyrm writhed on the ground, howling in pain and anger.

    Hector stepped into the gate, and concentrated on his destination, pausing only to say these words:

    "Wyrm the fallen, Wyrm who crawls in the mud - your day is done.
    Your power is broken.
    A new master comes - I have seen it in my dreams - and you will fade into memory, like a half-remembered dream.
    Begone, little worm - crawl with the maggots, and writhe on your new, muddy, throne."

    With a last look at the fuming vampire, whose robes were brown with mud, making his tufty orange hair look extremely comical, Hector vanished through the gate, still laughing.

    Wyrm swore vengence, but his pile of vampires were too busy untangling themselves to notice.
  32. Feyre

    Feyre Guest

    everyting in here is to long :&lt;
  33. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine sat on the front steps of the house the next night, instead of working on plans as she should have been, running the entire previous night over in her head. A few of her brothers and sisters of the Shire had been present and seem to accept her presence calmly, until her little story. Granted she had meant to frighten them maybe just a little, but also she meant to make them see that she wasn't afraid of what she had become. Katharine smiled softly remembering that even Spyder had been by her side. Hopefully they would see that she was happy and stop those little vendettas they had. She glanced out over the sand dunes close to the house. Then again, maybe they won't. She sighed. So many things to take in lately. Her husband to be becoming a daywalker, something she knew she could never become. Too much rage kept her from that blessing. Too much of a need for revenge, protection of her new family from those of her other family that saw the need to keep her away from them, and anger at those who claimed they wanted her happiness but scoffed at the idea that she could be happy as she is. Katharine leaned back on the steps on her elbows looking up at the cloudy skies, knowing rain was not far off and releshed the thrill of the storm approaching...

    Stepping through the gate, Katharine stood in front of the tavern once more and walked south. Looking at the home, she wandered among the chests thrown here and there with a small smile. Felinous should really do some cleaning, the place was a mess! She gave a small chuckle and pulled the note from her pocket, placing it on the statue near the small indoor pond and went home to finish up her work...


    <font color="red"> Dearest Fel,
    Welcome home. I heard of your arrival and thought I would come by to wish you a warm welcome, but as you are not here this will have to do. I'm happy to see you home once more. You've probably already heard of my upcoming union, and I ask that you support my decision. I am happy because he makes me happy. Contact me soon, maybe we could catch up. Again, welcome home.

    [/ QUOTE ]
  34. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire, SpyderBite, sat on the green grass of Ilshenar and watched the young Cattibrie train with her sword amongst the herds of Great Harts and Hinds. He took the opportunity of silence to write out a missive that he'd meant to send for days now.



    We have had our differences, in the past before my turning. I do not ask you to forget or forgive. But, there are members of your Order I and Katharine would like in attendence at our Union. We both hope that you'll allow them to attend.

    I speak in confidence to you, as I would Py Lethius were he here, when I say this. We expect that this Ceremony to have some signifigance in the future of our kind... for the better. We can not undo the Curse.. nor do we wish to. We are happy with who we've become. But, the blessing of Mithras can not be ignored either. We may be pawns between the two powers, no one but the highest Priestess in the land could determine. And, sadly, she is not with us for councel. Katharine and I will continue to feed and turn those who wish to accept the Curse and Blessing. But... we shall also fight those of our Kin who farm the land mindlessly seeking to spread misery and pain across these lands. There is a new Vampire arising, Sio...

    So, I make this single request to the Knights. Join us at our Ceremony on Mithras's behalf.. protect it.. guard it.. Help us make this Union take place and allow a powerful new ally walk the land in Daylight and Moonlight to strike down the beasts you've fought for so many turns of the calendar.

    With much respect,


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Checking to make sure Catti was ok, and finding her giggling in delight as she danced among the Hinds in delight with her sword; he rolled up the message to be sent as soon as they returned home.

    "Catt", he called out to the excited youth, "We must return to the Tomb. Katharine will be awakening soon".

    She nodded eagerly and gathered up her belongings for the long ride home under the afternoon sun.
  35. Dropping back in time about an hour before Katherine left the note in Fel's "house"

    Felinious mounted his shadow horse and started to gallop North to Kush's house, but the sight of an old elf on his front lawn was a shock. "Kiron?" Fel asked "Is that you my kindered?"
    "Yes old friend" spoke Kiron of Siron and of the Shire, "I have come to speak to you abotu Kat and to welcome you home."
    Fel thought, well with a mage and two rangers and if ole Grot is home, Kat would be eating in the Unicorn vampire in a few hours. Sure lets talk, spoke Fel

    Felinious expressed his plans to Kiron about his fear for Katehrine and that he wanted to rescue Kiron's love, from the grasps of the vamp. Kiron was fast to quell the "Kat is his love" part very fast. Kiron began explaining to Fel that Kat wanted this, she wanted to marry a vampire, and that she was happy with her decision. Fel fell off of his mount at the last part of the sentance, she was happy kept echoing through his head. Felinious had fought vampires for centuries, in this world The Dark Tower had been the nemisis of the land for a long time, he had seen Ailieve his great friend and once leader of the Shire come under the sway of an vampire, one he hated the most a dark elf one, and she had almot been lost to them, and with that Sosaria had almost been lost to a very powerful demon. He did not want to live through this again, as the The Dark Tower had been thrown down and the orcs and undead to the south had been pressed into their holes and routed by the White Council and had not been seen in great numbers since. But now Katherine wanted to become the very enemy that trouble him the most.

    As much as he tried to explain how the vampires would torment the young lady and put her through a life of pain, and use her to further their goals, Kiron kept saying she wants this, she is happy, and Fel have you never loved before...

    How could one that took a vow to uphold the virtues want to be with a vampire, it struck Fel hard, he had to speak with Katherine, as it seems she was free to roam as she chose with out spiderbyte in tow, being the master over her, so the elf went alone to find her, perhaps he could gleem some information about her mindset that Kiron and others were overlooking...happy he thought, how in the nine hells could that be.

    ooc: had to make a some reaosn for orc, und and DT not being around, yes i know the White coucil had little to do with that...but hey its a story.
  36. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Katharine struggled against the onslaught of Ettins that were close to overcoming her in sheer numbers alone. Her Chosen decided it was time he gave her a hand against the tide of dull-witted beasts. Leaping to all fours, he found himself facing the dirt on his hands and almost fell to his face, his black robes falling over his head.

    What happened? he thought, struggling to move the robes away so that he could see. On his knees, he sat back on his heels and examined his taloned hands which should have been the black paws of the Wolf.

    Katharine risked a glance in his direction, wondering what was taking him so long. Cutting the throat of an Ettin, she yelled over to him, "What are you doing on your knees, Love?", she giggled, as she stuck her sword in to the belly of another one, "You are long past worthy of praying!".

    SpyderBite stood and drew his own blade, still confused, but focused on cutting down the wave of monsters and give Katharine a little breathing room.

    They stood amongst the mountains of corpses which littered the dungeon floor, breathing heavily and visibly worn. Katharine, who's skin was splashed in the blood of a dozen Ettins, leaned on Spyder and smiled up at him.

    "What happened back there?", she chuckled. Her smile turned a look of concern quickly, "What's wrong?".

    He looked at his hands again and turned to his wife to be, his face like stone, "I can not Change".
  37. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine watched as his face became even more impassive during the night's outing and decided it was time to go home. After seeing him tucked safely in bed, she sat down at her desk and pulled out a few books she had collected on animal form. Digging through the dusty old books for hours, she couldn't come up with anything that would make him stop being able to turn into a wolf... but maybe someone else could. Slipping her cloak around her shoulders, she leaned down kissing his forehead, went to check on Catti to make sure she was sleeping safely as well, and opened a gate ...

    Stepping in front of Otto's house, she walked up to the steps and knocked on the door...

    "I'm sorry for the late hour" she said quietly as a sleepy-eyed Otto opened the door. "May I come in?"
    "Of course, of course. Don't worry about the late hour dear, I understand." he chuckled sleepily, and led her to a seat. "What seems to be the problem? I can hear something is bothering you in your voice."
    Katharine retold the tale to Otto, watching his face for any signs of recognition of the problem, but found none.
    "Can you help me find out what's wrong with him?" she asked quietly, a worried expression playing across her face.
    He nodded slowly, probably not knowing what to do any more than she but it was enough to make her relax. She sat back in the chair with a relieved sigh, and smiled at him.
    "Thank you, and thank you again for delivering my message to the Knights and the Citizens... Felinous stopped by my home the other day. We had a lovely conversation, after his little elf-mind wrapped around the idea that I was actually happy.." she laughed softly and told him about Fel's visit.
  38. [​IMG]eatrice sat before her scrying sphere, her hands locked on it's surface after hours of immobility, trying to make sense of what she had seen and heard.

    Why would the old Lord, and defender of Mithras, have been seen in the lands, so many long years after he had not only died, but nearly been removed from memory by Lord British's propaganda?

    She fasted, and she prayed to Mithras, for many a long hour, until finally an image moved within the sphere.

    She saw Mithras, on a hillside, a defeated stag held by the throat below him, sword poised to strike the killing blow. The outline of his face was clear against the clear sky, noble and rugged, and filled with unmistakable power.

    Then the image changed, and another face was there, almost the same. But whereas sky had been behind Mithras, only flame was visible behind this one. A dark malice glowed in those eyes, but apart from that, she would have forgiven any who would have initially thought the two were one and the same.

    A name came to her mind, from her studies. Not Mithras, not Mithras at all. This was Ahriman. Chief amongst the demons.

    As she watched, he seemed to be working on something, similar to a crafter's bench. Before him, several small figures stood on a board, and he was moving them to specific stances and positions, while still making more.

    She wondered at this, terrified that he might sense her watching, but then the scene shifted slightly. It was still the same room, but another view. Another being stood in a darkened archway, watching. Again, a name came to mind. This was Azi Dahaka, the half-demon, half-human follower, and, it was rumored in old texts, the offspring of Ahriman.

    As she watched, he crept up behind the first figure, and took some of the black clay from the workbench, and crept soundlessly back into the darkness.
    Once he was certain he had not been seen, he, too, started making a small figure. Beatrice gasped as she saw the figure take form, for it's features were unmistakable. Spyderbite.

    Spyder was not, as he had begun to believe, blessed by Mithras. The one interfering with his life, his very existance, was certainly opposed to the darkest of evil beings - but not out of a sense of goodness, but out of a lust for power! She was witnessing part of a plot within the Void, with one demonic being planning to overthrow another!

    But, what part did Spyderbite play in this?

    As she tried to find the strength to pull herself away from the sphere, she saw once more that she was mistaken.

    The second being moved away from the room, figure in hand, and met with another demon. This one was covered in scars, and looked impossibly old.
    "I have had enough, Buiti." Azi said. "this eternal war between good and evil is getting neither side anywhere. We fight and fight, we manipulate people, we deceive, we plot - and what do we gain? Ultimately, nothing. I tire of senseless warfare, with no end in sight, and yet our lords will change none of their strategies, or invent new ones. I have long suspected that they fear victory as much as they fear defeat - all they know now, is the endless war."

    The old demon snorted. "What's a demon to do, Azi?" he asked sarcastically. "You have not the power to change anything, and neither do I. The aeons go by, and on we fight. I agree, 'tis the most pointless existance I can conceive - but if there is a way out, it is hidden in the most secret of places."

    "I have a way." smiled Azi Dahaka. "It is quite simple. We have long tried to put evil within good men, and we know that only breeds limited success. Men die, their deeds are undone, and we have to start all over again. But, what if the opposite were done? What would it do to this terribly balanced war, if an evil being such as we, were to find an evil human, and place within him, something good? "

    "HA!" snorted the old bull. "Ye have been inhaling at the smoke stacks too long, my old ally. But, try it, what is there to lose?"

    "Oh, there is much to lose, make no mistake about that. Much indeed. And loss is the way to achievement, in this case."

    Azi Dahaka stroke away cackling, leaving the scarred demon looking puzzled. It picked its nose thoughtfully, and then went to look for something to torture.

    Azi Dahaka sat at his workplace, and slowly began to soak the small black figure in some strange, glowing, white liquid. As he locked his workshop door, deep within the blazing depths he called home, he failed to notice the small hole opening in the air next to the container of liquid. If he had not, he would have seen an old blind man with a defiant look on his face, and a smithing hammer in hand, connecting a tube to the other side of the hole.

    Somewhere in the land, a dark shadow fled from Spyderbite, and he suddenly found himself unable to change form...
  39. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    OCC: Wow.. I'm floored, Bea.. when I'm feeling worthy of following that last addition I'll be back to add more myself. [​IMG]
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Otto listened to Katharine's footsteps leaving, his keen sense of hearing making up for his lack of vision. Few people could hear a vampire's tread, but it had saved him on several occasions.

    He wandered thoughtfully to the small chapel in his tower, and spent a few hours in meditative prayer.

    A small smile appeared in the corner of his mouth, and he rose, and started back towards his workshop. On the way, he heard snoring coming from the library, and went in, expecting that Beatrice had fallen asleep with her head in a book once more.

    She wasn't in one of the comfortable reading chairs, for once, but asleep at the table. Otto felt the small firm orb in front of her, and realised she'd been scrying. Her skin felt clammy to the touch, as well. "Beatrice? Beatrice, wake up. Is all well with thee?" he asked.

    Beatrice leapt up with a shriek, scaring another few years off the old man's life. "The demons! They...they... they're...oh."

    "Calm thyself! You were asleep at the table - I was concerned!!" Otto said, trying to calm her.

    Beatrice composed herself, and told Otto of all she had seen.

    "I feared as much." Otto said "I have been watching them myself - a hint to their presence was left behind when Spyder visited. They could not enter here, but I found certain runic pebbles lying around outside, just beyond our wards. Come, to the workshop."

    There, he showed her what he had been working on. A huge engine, much like that used by the golems, with a glowing tank of energy next to it.

    "They seek to make Spyderbite a pawn - to what ends, I do not know. This energy is what they use - I have managed to syphon much of it off, diminishing their control over him. I hope that, if things get too bad, it may provide some form of defence, or even attack, but what, I do not know yet. Look- through this small portal - is this one of those you saw?"

    Beatrice looked, and saw the creatures from her vision - only far more clearly. Stifling a gasp, she stepped back, and nodded mutely.

    "This is not good." Otto said. "The priests of the land have long suspected an attack from within the Void - and with the increase of the numbers of Void Wanderers in Doom lately, they have grown much more concerned. Would that the Priestess Mjolinaara was about, but her pilgrimage has taken her far from here, at least for now. I must think on these things. Send word to Spyderbite, and Katharine, but do not say too much. We do not know all the facts, and I do not wish to alarm them unduely, especially as their courtship is taking most of their attention at the moment."

    Beatrice penned a short note, and attached it to a pigeon, who objected loudly to being sent out at that late hour, and even more to being dunked in a tub of garlic.

    Far off in the distance, Spyderbite's talons began to soften, and fade, and he found himself craving Minocian stew...
  41. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The former Assassin sat in the light of the dawn contemplating all that was happening. Not just to him, but around him as well.

    He watched the stone workers labor hard on the Temple in preparation for the upcoming Ceremony, carrying stones to and from the ancient structure. One laborer looked up and spotted the Vampire on the balacony and dropped a large rock on his foot in surprise. SpyderBite chuckled to himself as the man hopped around in pain and frustration. Turning in a wake of black robes, he strode back in to his home.

    Cattibrie was preparing her breakfast when he arrived in the kitchen. She smiled uneasily at the Vampire, "Blood M'lord?", her hand on cabinet where they stocked the vials of blood.

    Spyder smiled at the girl, fangs showing. He did not worry about frightening her as he did those he met outside the tomb, "I still feed, Catt", he replied sitting down at the small table where she had set her morning meal, "These changes that are ocurring to me are inconsistent and confuse me.. I shall admit that", he gestured for her to sit down with him. She sat across the table from him, eyes wide in attention as he spoke, "One thing remains steadfast though, my desire to feed. I was a changleling long before I was turned; from birth actually", memories of running about the caverns of the Drow as a hare or rat flickered in head, "To be stripped of that power so suddenly", pausing, looking down, and feeling the loss, "is a bit.. well.. much like losing one's sight in the prime of one's life".

    Cattibrie put down her spoon and put a hand on SpyderBite's shoulder, "Perhaps it was a tradeoff M'lord. One gift for another?".

    The Vampire considered her words for a moment and smiled, sighing, "Nay, Catt. I think I might have jumped to conclusions by naming it a 'gift'. I let my beliefs in the Damned and Mithras cloud my judgement more or less. Assume that they had a hand in this directly somehow", SpyderBite stood as he shared the thoughts he'd been shuffling in his head like deck of cards in a tavern with the young woman, "I don't think I'm changing".

    Turning to face the morning light that spilled in to the kitchen, he was silent for a moment, then whispered more to himself than to Cattibrie, in revelation,

    "I'm evolving".
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A piece of paper quickly curled up in the fire turning into a black curl of ash. The Camhanaich Draoidh paced slowly in her office. One part of that missive had her worried, as worried as she had been in this lifetime at least.

    In her long lifetimes she had fought for both sides of the balance. Her duty to the old gods, all of them, was to preserve the balance. When good had all but decimated evil, she fought for evil. When evil hoardes rampaged across the lands, she fought on the side of right. When the Balance was preserved she slept. But one thing she had always fought, the vampire. Undead were no part of the balance. They were wholly unnatural. The vampire especially so. Feeding off of the life blood of mortals. Never would she call them allies, even if they were the enemy of her enemy.

    Rumor had it the beast Spyderbite had become a daywalker. If this was so he would not be allowed to become a Maker. And he had the audacity to ask for the blessing of Mithras. Shaking her head she walked over to her desk to sign some paperwork. Smiling slightly she placed her stamp upon the deathwarrent. Before it had been personal, now...
  43. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine snatched the poster off the wall, glaring at it. She had come into Wintermoor looking for a Knight to extend her invitation of peace to. Glancing down at the paper in her hand, she saw red! Apparently her little missive wasn't recieved well. No matter. She crumbled up the paper in anger, then uncrumbled it and placed it in her pocket, going off in search of Siofra. They needed to talk...

    Kat walked around Wintermoor, checking houses here and there, but couldn't seem to find the new Regant. Screaming in frustration, she burned an inscription on the temple doors.

    <font color="red"> Revoke your deathwarrant or deal with me! Katharine. </font>

    Opening a gate, she stepped in front of Otto's home, the snow around her feet melting from the anger burning inside her. She walked up to his steps, knocking a little harder than intended on his door and waited.

    "Want to tell me the meaning of Siofra's little problem with my Chosen?" she said roughly, grounding out the words through clentched teeth.
    Otto looked at her tilting his head to the side a little with a curious expression across his face. "Katharine it's freezing, come inside where we can discuss this civilly."
    "I'm not in the mood to be civil with her Otto.."she mumbled, stepping through the doors, grabbing a seat with a sigh. "She's gone too far with me. I've tried to deal with all my friends and family having problems with my Chosen, but this.." she pulled out the poster "is too much. I won't harm anyone else, but you tell Siofra, that by issuing that order she made an enemy out of me. I would go to all 7 levels of hell to protect him, and it seems she wants to drag me to them. Here I thought Mithras was forgiving for the good in people, did she skip that lesson?" Katharine spat out the last words, glaring into the fire behind Otto.
    Otto just shrugged his shoulders sadly. " I don't know what to tell you, Katharine. I have tried to explain things to them, but my words fall upon deaf ears it seems."
    Kat nodded and sighed heavily. "Why does it come to this, dear friend? Why does it come down to a choice between friends and my love? Not really a choice if you ask me. I made my choice when accepted him, now everyone else must learn to live with that choice. At any rate, I need to go show this to him. We will deal with the Lady as we see fit. I'm sorry you must be in the middle of this Otto." She rose, and leaned down giving him a light kiss on the forehead, then simply vanished from his home, hearing him whisper softly behind her..
    "Oh dear, this will not end well. Mithras help guide us all.."

    Katharine walked up the steps of their home, shouting for Spyder scaring little Cattibrie. Tossing the paper at him, she looked up with a sad expression.
    "I've never fed on a Knight.." she smiled widely "think that one's tasty or does her judgement spoil her blood?" Katharine hissed out the words...
  44. (no one seemed to object to my last attempt, so here goes another one!)

    Hector lurked in the bushes on the far western suburbs of Umbra, swatting the occasional pixie that mistook him for some strange kind of bird's nest.
    Something he had seen earlier that day puzzled him, and he hoped to catch another glimpse, to set his mind at ease. But, this bush was not comfortable, and some of the pixies had started to play tricks on him. So far, he had needed to untie his joined bootlaces twice, removed three beautifully hand painted 'kick me' signs from his back, and a pair of antlers from his head, complete with another carefully made sign, which read 'Moose hunting season now open'.

    When he found his gauntlets had gone missing, and reappeared above a nearby bush, freshly painted with faces and clothes on them, and started to fight each other, that was the limit. He was just about to leave, when he saw what he had been waiting for. The figure in black.

    There was no doubt. This was the vampire, Spyderbite. But his hood was down, and the sun was shining down warmly. Yet, there was no rush of flame, no crumbling ashes to mark the passing of a vampire - no ill effects at all.
    His gaze passed to the creature's hands - he wore no gloves, but the claws of the vampire that he had expected to see were not there either.

    Just as Hector was about to conclude that Spyderbite had somehow been cured of the curse of the vampire, one of the young rogues from the nearby town came running down the road. Hector recognised him as a member of a small gang of brigands, who had been terrorising old ladies in the area, and kicking small furry animals.

    Some words were passed between the two - Hector was not near enough to them to hear what - but he could see the expression on Spyderbite's face turn from bemusement to scorn to anger. In an instant, he swung the ruffian around, and bit deep into his throat!

    Dropping the ruffian to the floor, he bellowed "Illigetamate son of a motherless llama! See how YOU like the existance, then!" and strode into a nearby house, dabbing his mouth elegantly with a black handkerchief.

    Hector looked on, aghast. For over two hours, the man lay there. One or two passers by came and went, one of them stopping to inspect the corpse for valuables, but other than that, there he lay. Another man came along, and kicked the body. "Dead as a doornail!" he yelled to a friend, further down the road, and went on his way. Then, the sun started to set.
    Swatting another pixie, who had started to embroider his sleeves together, Hector watched, and waited, although he wasn't sure what for.

    Finally, the man rose. He looked around, confused, and staggered to lean against a nearby house.

    A shadow nearby moved, and Spyderbite stood there, gazing at the man.
    "My first effort as a Maker. Come, you will serve me now." he said to the newly risen man. In the moonlight, Hector could glimpse fangs in the ruffian's mouth.

    "Wot? SERVE? Gerrof! I ain't nobody's serving boy, and you better not fergit it, guv!" said the new vampire.

    Spyderbite was taken aback at this. "What?" he said.

    "You heard me! Shove off! I suppose you think you're funny, biting a bloke, and leavin' 'im ta lie in the street all bloody day? Well, yer not! Now bog off, before I give you a buncha fives right in the kisser!"

    "But... what about the damned?" spluttered Spyderbite, utterly confused by now.

    "Ye can be damned if ye want, just flamin' well PUSH OFF!" yelled the man. "And gimme back my stuff!"

    "I have none of your 'stuff', but..." began Spyderbite, before a blow to the nose sent him sprawling. "Ow."

    "Right! Mebbe ye'll think TWICE before biting a bloke next time, you weirdie flappy git!" said the bite victim, and strode off down the street.

    Hector wondered about this, and, removing the bright pink ribbons from his hair, and returning them to the pixies, he crept through the bushes after the man...

    ... and the next morning, found him fast asleep on a public seat in Umbra, sun streaming over him, with no ill effect.

    Hector approached the man, curious as to what he, and Spyderbite, might be. He was just reaching down to the man, when a voice stopped him.

    "Ere! You leave him be! That's a good bloke, that is! Been up all night helpin' us patch up the community center, and e's earned 'is kip! Leave 'im alone!"

    It was the innkeeper, with a small cart in tow.

    "What?" asked Hector.

    "Like I said - I know he's been a bit of a trouble maker in the past, but last night, this one turned over a new leaf! It's like 'es a new man! He was like a man posessed - just couldn't seem to find enough to do to help us, over at the community center! Fixed things, build a new extension, fed the livestock, read to the old ladies knitting circle, you name it!"

    Hector wandered off to find his own bed, wondering if he was awake or asleep.

    Vampires did not come out in sunlight. A turned victim always obeyed it's maker. Vampires craved blood, not... carpentry! And being helpful? The only way a vampire would 'help' was to 'help' itself to the next pint of blood!

    Scratching his head, he fetched his horse from the stable, and rode off for a town that hopefully didn't have strange vampires near it's inn...
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