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Unique to LS??

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by DerekL, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. DerekL

    DerekL Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 25, 2002
    Likes Received:
    ~Lich spawn~ The Lich spawning at the Cove graveyard is LS unique.

    ~Jhelom 'museum'~ Underneath the Fel Jhelom library is a seer-created museum dedicated to early players of the Shard. (I.E. this is a static UO created building, not a player house.)

    In addition Malas is 'unique' on all shards, there are locked down statues in random locations, the vegetation is located in different locations etc. (I discovered this when I visited other shards to determine what might fit in place of my current Malas house.)

    I have a runebook that Tal helped me make to some of the 'blessed' establishments in Fel. I'll try and remember which chest I stashed it in...
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

  3. Youngblood

    Youngblood Guest

    Well, it's not much of an addition to your list, but the newly added community centers have a little customization on each shard /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif.

  4. Argile_LS

    Argile_LS Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 14, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I think the statues in cove level 3 are unique to LS although I could be wrong.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All great replies, keep 'em coming! Thanks!
  6. Sirideain

    Sirideain Guest

    The camp was Dupre's, not Juo'Nar's, and it was on all shards. There are a number of unique features in the High Council building in Magincia.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have to admit I was a complete Newb when Trinsic was invaded... I ran around in the city, mostly after the invasion "trying" to kill Lich Lords and getting my rear handed to me.. so I'll take anyone's word ont he subject of whos camp it actually was
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm trying to update my original list of things with some of the responses, but I'm hurrying and trying to 'research" things in person to give better descriptions so I'll get to each one (and correcting the 'camp outside of Trinsic' info. etc) when I can. Thanks for the help so far everyone! Lets keep making this list grow, I still didn't get to my 'oddball locations' runebook, so I know there are tons of things left to list! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll do some looking around this week. I know Ive seen other spots, just can't remember where at the moment. Once you get a good list going, give me a hollar, we'll sticky it or something...
  10. Lokie-TC

    Lokie-TC Guest

    Chovexani=Tainted? Hmmmmmmmm...
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Why... missing something? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Mage tower in Fel would be one. I also consider the Orb Museum unique for LS as I have seen nothing like it anywhere.

    Baja has a Lich spawn in Tram in the Cove graveyard so that might disqualify it from being unique to LS. Baja alos has a racetrack where they used to run Thursday night races but it differes in that it is just across the ferry from Skara. They also have a huge Farigrounds with a stage and dueling pit, just north of it. Something like that, each shard should have something similar.
  13. Mithryl Elves

    Mithryl Elves Elves Suck
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 23, 2003
    Likes Received:
    You all suck......How did noone get this....

    I can't believe no one has mentioned Rivendell
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    actually I was halfway through a short description of "our" Rivendell though I wasn't sure what exactly to write as it's not really a player run town any more, more like a collection of blessed houses. I think it's mostly owned by the UOF, right? Wonder if they would ever put any type of pvp events together... I know I've seen them dueling in the old dueling pit there lately...

    Also I was having troubles because there are 'Rivendell's" on other shards, obviously, not exactly the same as on our shard, but player run towns with the same name...

    I added it anyway, along with the Mage Tower (which I honestly DID think of, just hadn't gotten around to it yet... Honest!)
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Are the caves under Buc's Den unique to LS ???
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No, I'd be willing to bet my favorite tricorn cap that they're on all shards /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ya know... I was just making one of the million adjustments to my list and thinking to myself.. "I wonder what information we could have if someone would have kept track of every Seer event back when they were still happening..."

    And I got to thinking... wow. Just plain wow. Who would have thought that a simple game like this could hold the imaginations of so many people and create such a dedicated following to it? There are people that have spent countless hours attempting to preserve and support this game, its fiction, its playerbase, its guilds, etc. I've only spent a few hours making this simple list, but I guess I just wanted to do something for my own little part in supporting this thing we call UO that I've been playing for nearly 5 years now.

    Someone posted a few days ago in this forum about quitting and selling all of his things off at his house. When I stopped by his place he told me something very profound:

    "Seven years... I've played this game for seven years. It lasted longer than my marriage."

    I'm not making any comments about the "downfall of UO cause all the old players are leaving" or anything, because I know there are tons of old players that are staying with the game, and always a decent amount of newer players coming in too. People have always quit UO, joined, come back, or left for good, or whatever- its the way a game like this works... But no matter how you play the game, anyone that has played it for any length of time realizes that it is two things:

    1) only a game
    2) something more than just a game

    It's part of us in a way, like a strange, even twisted, marriage... that we have to pay for... *ponders* not unlike a marriage, hehe.
  18. Mithryl Elves

    Mithryl Elves Elves Suck
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 23, 2003
    Likes Received:
    DUDE u love Tricorns too!

    Their like my favorite thing. Like when i goto doom and the champ dies and the loot fest begins instead of grabbing the rings (like most people do) i go STRAIT fer the tricorns!

    Its sad that i couldnt get someone to change my hat of magi to a tricorn. Id be so so so happy...

    Oh and as for RIV pvp events ive been trying to get everyone to agree to selling their homes by RD where MANY UOF live and moving to Riv. Its true that UOF has alot of the homes and sad that we dont see just how great the place is. We should cherish it and make it the place to be again. Is what id like for sure.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How about the little altar set up beside the waterfall at the lake near Justice Shrine?

  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nice one, I've never even seen that one! *smiles*
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That one must be somewhat new, wasn't there last time I had visited that place.
  22. Coven of One

    Coven of One Guest

    Litha Fire placed in the Yew Town square-Felucca.

    Placed for the Litha Festival (player hosted, slightly GM supported, event), Summer '97.

    The Fire was copied to Trammel when the world split.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's not new, guys, just remote. I ran into that place the very first day I played back in November 1999.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mentioning fire and Yew reminded me of the eternal campfire near Yew . Ill try a find it , I have a rune somewhere , and post coordinates .
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think I know what you're talking about but I have no idea where it is any more... should be a chopped down tree stump, some logs and a campfire, right? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not sure , havent been there in awhile . Tho tree stump sounds about right .
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not sure it's in Felucca also, but what you describe is in Trammel. It's in the northern forest, on the peninsula that juts out toward the east starting just at the southern base of Candlelabra Point. I'll go check the same spot in Felucca and see if it's there as well.

    Edit: If this is what you're talking about, this exists in both Trammel and Felucca. The screenshot was taken in Felucca.

  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it, looks like what I remember. I wonder if it's copied on both facets, if its on other shards... doesn't seem like it would be though
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I must apologize for this *bump* but I feel I've been cheated by a rash f "lock me please" threads and I think this is important to at least some of the LS readers, so here's the bump...

    Please, anyone have any more good unique LS spots for me to add??

  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree ,...... still havent got around to doble checking the location of the " Eternal campfire " maybe tonight .....
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the Brittannian Games checkpoints scattered among the towns in Tram, and the (recently replaced by Sannio) trophy in Moonglow Tram.

    am suprised no one mentioned them :p

    might as well throw in some stuff from Fel Trinsc:

    "Red's Curious Goodds" ; decorated building just to teh west of the southern Counselor's guild

    the bridge in the park next to the meeting hall has a table and flowers set up

    the northern bank has a bit of extra internal decoration

    The Keg and Anchor pub redecorated finely.. not seen much else like it

    and a plaza area decorated just south of the "Sons of the Sea" building near the east docks
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey everyone, I just read an extremely interesting thread in the Atlantic forum where everyone as combining information to compile a huge listof all shard features that were unique to ATL. I think we should do that too!! (not to rip them off, but it's a great idea!)

    I'll start with a few, but I'm at work so I can't really do much until later-

    1. ~The Trees of Fire~ Just outside of Minoc in Felluca to the N/E is a large patch of bright red trees... I don't have any idea where they originated from, but it was probably a seer quest of some sort...
    Trees of Fire

    2. ~Dupre's Camp~ (not unique) I'm not 100% sure if this exists on other shards because it happened on all of the existing shards, but I didn't see it on the ATL list. The camp that the huge force that was ammassed to attack Trinsic so long ago in that well-remembered event.
    Dupre's Camp During the Invasion of Trinsic Event

    3. ~The Yew Race Track~ This was created by a seer, presumably during one of the Yew Wine festivals? It was designed as a race track for horse races, with plenty of room for spectators for the events
    The Yew Racetrack

    4. ~The Cove Cemetary Lich Spawn~ (not unique?) The cemetary east of Cove and South of the Covetous mountains has a resident lich that seems to be unique to Lake Superior, and at one time was a prime hunting spot for newer warriors (I remember hunting and being murdered there many many times way back when *smiles*)

    5. ~The Golden Wall of Rememberance~ This memorial just north of the bank in Occlo was erected to honor the passing of Sir Death, as well as others who have passed on throughout the ages. The memorial is a golden wall with two commemorative plaques and an ankh as well as red and blue cloaks laid upon the ground and colored shrubbery. The first plaque reads: "In loving memory of Sir Death. He will be missed." The second reads: "In loving memory of all who have left both our world and others." There is also a bright flower in the center of the arrangement that reads: "Placed with love from the Counselor staff and the GM staff."
    The Golden Wall of Rememberance

    6. ~The Jhelom Museum~ Underneath the Fel Jhelom library is a seer-created museum dedicated to early players of the Shard. (I.E. this is a static UO created building, not a player house.) There are mroe than a few relics here, mostly from a series of seer events that took place shortly after the discovery of the Lost Lands, and involving an armoy of frost trolls (or something similar).

    7. ~The town of Rivendell~ This was once a well-known player run town that was involved in many events, storylines, and adventures. It still exists today, and is somewhat intact, maintained (I believe) by some members of the UOF, who can often be found in the dueling pits, working out new battle strategies. (Need more info on exact location, I know it's on the coast, sortof North of Skara Brae, right? Haven't been there in a while...)

    8. ~The Lake Superior Mage Tower~ While the idea is not unique to Lake Superior, the tower itself has its own unique decorations, and was the center of many LS-specific events and adventures in its time! It has a variety of decorations, and floats right over the water to the north of the northern mage shop in Moonglow, Felucca.

    9. ~The Magincia High Council Building~ (No real info on this until I goo look at it again myself... I haven't been to many of these places in a long time... hence my preservation attempt!)

    10. ~The Glowing Orb Museum~ The Glowing Orb is possibly the greatest collection of unique Lake Superior historical artifacts in existence! (didn't mention this before because it was specifically player-run) I believe that Lord Gormach Von Leal (sp? or am I totally off on even the character?) Started and ran this great library of LS history, since the inception of Trammel. As far as I know, Lord Gormach has left this world (the character, not the player) and the Glowing Orb is under different management, but with similar goals as to the preservation of LS history. (More info anyone?)

    11. ~The Yew Town Square~ There is a special fire pit called the Litha Fire, placed in the Yew Town square of Felucca. It was placed for the Litha Festival (player hosted, slightly GM supported, event), in the Summer of '97.
    The Fire was copied to Trammel when the world split.

    12. ~The Altar of Justice~ An altar resides beside the waterfall at the lake near the Justice Shrine, complete with a golden scales (which is the symbol of Justice). According to sources, It was placed there for the wedding between Joylah of Yew and Ethan Rywillow, in June of '98. The current site in Felucca was a revamping of a previous wedding decorating on the same spot.
    The Altar of Justice

    13. ~Silk's Tavern~ Long ago, a tavern run by 'Silk' was a popular meeting place for blues and murderers alike, located South of Trinsic. Many people came ot the tavern for drinks and often for the brawls that would inevitably break out! The establishment once had an arena outside it that has since fallen to ruin, but Silk's Tavern still holds an important place in LS history, being involved in numerous seer events, to Lord British himself reportedly visiting the tavern to meet with delegates from both sides of the Trinsic invasion!
    Silk's Tavern

    14. ~Princess Laura Memorial~ There is a small memorial dedicated to a "Princess Laura" one screen west of the Britain crossroads. According to sources, the "laura" in question was supposedly the accountant of a RCoJ (Red Cloaks of Justice) member who he claimed had died. This was apparently a made up story to get the GM to build this memorial (and it worked apparently!)
    Princess Laura Memorial

    15. ~Spider Tree~ Northeast of Minoc in the forest on the wooded peninsula (not far from the Trees of fire) is a small, curious tree of unknown origin, called "spider tree". More Info would be greatly appreciated!
    Spider Tree

    Please add your own, i'd love to possibly make a sticky post or at least make a
    full rune book for public use after a large list is compiled!

    (adding links to all posted images today!)
  33. Lord Keldon

    Lord Keldon Guest

    As for Lord Gormach VonLeal I saw him last about a year ago (maybe a bit more). The last time I saw him he gave me a suit of platemail for my warrior which has since been lost. I can confirm that he has been around as recent. He left UO about 1.5 years ago along with Lord Onyx Ironhoof but they came back to playing UO because they just couldnt get it out of their system. Shortly after this I quit playing (how i lost my suit of armor, it was in my house, it went into the trash bin instead of my pack) for about 6 months and I have not seen either of them since. It is possible they have just removed themselves from the public eye or they might have left all together. I know Onyx's castle no longer belongs to him and it was emptied recently.

    This might help to close up some of the time line and disappearance of the 2 great figureheads of the Lake Superior gaming community.
  34. Coven of One

    Coven of One Guest


    12. ~The Altar of Justice~ An altar resides beside the waterfall at the lake near the Justice Shrine, complete with a golden scales, which is the symbol of Justice. As a guss, I would think that at some point, a Seer event led to a trial here perhaps? I have no solid information besides speculation...

    Not quite. It was placed there for the wedding between Joylah of Yew and Ethan Rywillow, in June of '98. The current site in Felucca was a revamping of a previous wedding decorating on the same spot.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thanks for the info! *updated*
  36. Ndainye

    Ndainye Guest

    You don't have Silks listed. Very old school LS was probably one of the first player run establishments. During the Trinsic Revolt I think in 1998 possibly 1999 Lord British (the real one) met with characters on both sides of the scenerio at Silks Tavern.

    Silks was also initially a safe house during the PK wars an open tavern in which anyone Red or Blue could peacefully enter lay down their arms and have a drink. However if the peace was broken (which it often was) Silks became a bloody battlefield.


    Silks was blessed at the end of it's shard importance, over many protests from some of the community stating that the blessing should not be given to a PK establishment (Silk was a PK and many of her compatriots were as well) no matter if the roots were RP.

    I went looking and found silks is still standing south of Trinsic in Fel. The blessed arena beside the tavern is in shambles since some have placed houses in it and on it.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I play on Great Lakes, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on the Lich spawn. We have the lone lich on GL too.

    Kuan Ti
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    does anyone know how I can post the links to the pictures the *right* way? I've never done it before on Stratics and it surely shows! Help!!

  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I so meant to reply to this last night, guess I got lost and forgot to do it... Sorries!! From the Forum Help section linked in the top of the forum here:
    Substitute the { } with [ ]

    This tag creates a link in your post that others may use. The URL tag the assumes that the text you enclose between the tags is an actual URL. If the url you enter is incorrect the link will fail to work properly.

    There are two ways you may use this command and both are illustrated below.

    Example #1: {url}http://www.stratics.com{/url}

    Output: http://www.stratics.com

    Example #2: {url=http://www.stratics.com}Stratics Network{/url}

    Output: Stratics Network

    The second use is the more popular of the two.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you, Thank you! hehe
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    New Entries added, and more to come soon- along with more pics!!
  42. Ndainye

    Ndainye Guest

    You do know you are attributing the quote in your sig to the wrong character in the movie right?
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yes, but my character ingame is named "Dread Pirate" and the quote fit the character well when I made him (insane pirate type)

  44. wickedEdge

    wickedEdge Guest

    i am pretty sure that no other shard has the artifact "Treachery"

    i wasn't at that scenario, but i guess blackthorn's claw is the cursed bone harvester, Treachery.

    i'm told that on every other shard, it was deleted, except for lake superior.

    it can be found in the Army of Darkness tower, just north of bucs den, felucca.

    sorry i got no screenshot, i actually had one of ME holding it, but my harddrive got fuxx'd
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sir death has another monument along a felucca coast, NE of yew. It used to have a perma dolphin. Small grave site, flowers, and 4 chests. Locked down book in one of them.

    Theres a wood table in fel with a ginsing on it and a table drapery, next to the waterfall coming out of the hidden valley. Dont know if its unique

    *scans memory* OH! Fel, theres an enchated anvil and forge near the waterfall along the mountain near shame...

    Im sure there are more, but thats all I can remember at the moment.

    The eternal campfire is not shard unique. Its on seige too at very least.

    (whoops put one down that was allready on there)
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the other leads though! I'll try to add them as soon as I can (RL moving and house remodeling getting in the way of UO *Gasp*!!)
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1) In Magincia Felucca you will find a building with a sign that just says "Brass Sign", with four banners and a beautiful fountain out front. This is the council building, and as far as I know is unique to LS. During the war of the Gelidum, this building was used heavily. It now holds the treaty of Gelidum on a neon blue "deed" scroll. Inside you can find blinking candlebras, arrest warrents, council members, and a cool monument in the center.

    I know this area is custom on quite a few shards.. For instance, on Sonoma this building belongs to some Engineer and has lots of interesting unique items inside.

    2) Follow the road outside the council building East, take a left on the first road North. At the very end of the road, slightly to the right you will see an L-Shaped Sandstone. The sign now reads "Home of Natalya Svyatoslav." The first thing you will notice upon entering is the custom banners to the left. The second room on the first floor is locked but you can plainly see the custom bookshelves, fires roaring in the small anvils, the large stone bench against the wall, the painting that says "a portrait of my dear mother", some rare books, parchments, a wash basin. Move upstairs and you will see a guildstone for "M", I can only assume by this stone and the secure containers in the house that it is still in use by someone. You will also notice the playing cards, which are locked down on a table that is not craftable. Skull mugs on the bar counter, a hearth with fire in it. In the second room upstairs you can see a custom table with a book on it, and a ton of custom furniture.

    Nun Gyvin of LS
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What I can't beleive is no one mentioned the Keg &amp; Anchor in Fel Trinsic, which was customized years ago by a GM. Where the Trinsic rebellion began. Where Calandryll, Angus, and I discussed the whole thing. Where all the serious RPing went on for a very long time. Ahhh...damn I miss those days. I miss Cal. *sigh* Nice to see the RCoJ are still around, though.

    *laughs wryly* I still have Cal and Bethel's wedding rings in the bank, too. I guess they are rares now, since they say "A Wedding Ring".