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United Sosarian Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League Round 3 Results!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. The sea winds blew in brisk and cold, chilling the odd assembly of naked people standing on the docks in Serpent's Hold yesterday evening. Strange as it was to see a huddled group standing there without a scrap of clothing, they were there for good reason - Round 3 of the USA Alliance Naked Dungeon Run!

    This weekly, league-style event was now in it's third, penultimate round. With Broli's dominating wins in the first two weeks back to back, this was his chance to tighten his grip on the lead. But just as it was his opportunity to secure that position, so it was still just as possible for someone else to seize a win and put themselves neck and neck with him going into the final round next week.

    After the rules had been read and reviewed, a gate was opened to usher the competitors into the dark, steamy depths of the reviled Fire Dungeon.

    Unfortunately, the location just happened to be already occupied by a wandering lich lord and his retinue of other liches. This caught many by complete surprise! Tancred tried to fend off the undead from the naked, unarmed competitors but, of all things, was only armed with a repond blade himself.

    Pre-race mayhem

    Order was soon restored with the help of Malia and Lox, but again the undead threatened to attack. As this was supposed to be a naked race and not a naked slaughter, the race was quickly begun in earnest after a quick check of the racers.

    After a countdown and then the start signal, the competitors shot forth, scrambling over the craggy ground and past leering undead swarms. They raced past oozing pools of lava, geysers and flows of the molten rock and even by a den of twisted red mages.

    The spectators gathered on the docks waited in the chilly sea winds until, one by one, the racers found the exit to Serpent's Hold, each passing through the lips of the Earth running frantically, as much in a rush to win the race as to escape certain death at the hands and claws of the subterranean denizens.

    Racing to sunlight and safety

    Streaming into the cold, ocean air from the steaming depths of the Fire Dungeon, in order to place for league points, were:

    Broli - 5 points
    Claggart - 4 points
    Phoenix - 3 points
    Lyra Sleviana - 2 points
    James Von Krieg - 1 point

    Broli had, once again, managed to edge all others out and claim victory!

    After a few minutes, there was growing uneasiness about how some of the remaining competitors had not yet emerged. Worse than death in Sosaria is being trapped or lost! Eventually all the competitors either made it or were guided to the surface by Lox and Gretchen.

    250,000 gold pieces were awarded to Broli for winning first place. Claggart won 75,000 gold for second and Lady Phoenix garnered 50,000 for third.

    A rather eventful evening, given the difficulty of the dungeon course coupled with deaths even before the race bega, even of the race host himself!

    Join us next Monday, Feb 23, for the fourth and *final* round of the USA Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League. The final winner of the month will be announced and receive a 1,000,000 gold pieces grand prize!(Specific dungeon and race start time to be announced this week)

    Special thanks to Malia, Lox and Gretchen for their assistance with the race!

    Current standings:
    Broli (RoT) ------------------------- 15pts
    Lyra Sleviana ($CG$) --------------- 7pts
    Phoenix (DWxC) -------------------- 6pts
    Claggart (RBG) --------------------- 4pts
    James V. Krieg (RBG) --------------- 4pts
    Jeff (REGS) ------------------------ 3pts
    Tancred Redstar (*V*) ------------- 2pts
    Drifter (RBG) ----------------------- 1pts
  2. claggart

    claggart Guest

    not sure about the word "cleanse" about the whereabouts of my special purpose, but guess its better than UO managed care. :D

    fun fun, thnaks
  3. D.Blackmoore

    D.Blackmoore Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Thanks for hosting Gyldenfeld! Anyone have any suggestions as to next months league?
  4. claggart

    claggart Guest

    cat herding *runs*