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Discussion in 'The Hooded Crow Inn [Fiction]' started by Paytience Fawn, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Docked just off the beach, the Magincian Gypsy sat silently atop the incoming waves. Perched on the stern, her mempo in hand Paytience gazed out into the endless blue that confronted her. Her cloak lay across the railing along next to her, her arms crossed over the bare wood beside it. Her hands clasped there was a subtelty in her dark brown eyes that belied the storm beneath. Restless had always been a companion of sorts and tonight was no different.

    Her feet were took an uneasy alliance to stillness. The quickness with which she had moved her hand to the hilt of her kryss every time the boat rocked was clear indication that not only her feet were on edge. Footsteps behind her had her once more reaching for the blaze of green. Ears alert she heard no slice in the air indicating a weapon had been drawn and so she did not turn around. As the figure crossed halfway, Patience lifted her head and moved her hand off the weapon.

    “You're way to careless with your actions.”

    “How do you figure?”

    Turning round, Paytience dropped her hands to the rail and regarded the woman with a raised eyebrow. “Do you like putting yourself in bad situations? Or are you honestly stupid enough not to see it coming?”

    Crossing her arms over her chest the blacksmith countered evenly though her skin bristled beneath the leather armor signifying that the gypsy had hit a nerve. “I'm not the one looking for the adrenaline kick in the bottom of some goddess forgotten dungeon.”

    “No, you're just the one incapable of thinking of anyone but yourself.” Paytience kept her tone calm save for the iced edge in which she drove it home.

    “Anyone but my.... Who the hell do you think you are?”

    “I *think* I'm one of the few people who don't give a damn about your island.”

    “Then why are you here?” She growled, unable to contain the rising disgust building in her throat.

    “Just good business. And it will continue to be that way. I have acquired another Galleon.”

    “Wasn't the one enough? Your fleet is many things, not the least of which is large.”

    Crossing the distance between them with a casual step, Paytience waited until she was within a few inches before she spoke again. And when she did her voice was low and heated.

    “And as such it's going to need my attention. I meant what I said. I don't give a damn about Magincia and I give even less of a damn about Britannia. From now on.. If you need something shipped that the reptile won't take care of then by all means reach me. Your politics are not my concern.” Brushing past Lynne she began her walk to the side, headed for the ramp.

    “Obviously he took the best of you with him.” Stopping dead in her movements it was instantaneous as Paytience grabbed for the dagger hidden in her boot and sent it hurtling across the ship. With a snap the verite blade embedded itself in the wood beside Lynne's head. Backtracking she pushed herself against the smith, her coffee eyes deadly against the light green. Lynne's hand crackled and snapped as well, the whirl of blue energy encompassed in her palm.

    “Speak of him again and none of them.. including your Precious Dragon and Tarrant will be able to stop me from peeling the muscle in ribbons from your bones.”

    Casual and slow Lynne watched Paytience disembark. Curling her fingers back into her palm the blue hissed as it was extinguished. Her eyes darted to the Dusk where Christopher stood awaiting orders. Tightening her lips she turned and took Paytience place on the stern of the Gypsy.