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Unsure of my template.

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Snakebearer, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Snakebearer

    Snakebearer Guest

    At the moment I'm a classic mage-tamer with spellweaving.

    With gear and the few power scrolls I've found my current stats/skills are now:

    80 STR
    20 DEX
    130 INT

    110 Taming
    110 Lore
    110 Vet
    105 Magery
    100 EI
    100 Meditation
    80 Spellweaving

    This works for me at the moment. Would be nice to get some pointers though. I'm an old player come back. (9 years ago) And I upgraded my account from trial 3 days ago.

    I enjoyed having magery and spellweaving as an alternative when my taming wasn't high enough to use any fun pets. But they are starting to feel redundant now.
    I was thinking of switching EI and weaving for music and disco/peace.
    Personally, I've lead tamed any of the cookie cutter pets so far without honor and peacemaking.. A few uses of Ethereal Visage though.

    The reason I'm thinking of peacemaking is because the times I die, not as few as I wished, I could have been saved by a good use of peacemaking. Usually due to invisibility delay when trying to Not get hit..

    But on top of that, the few people I've talked to keep mentioning discord. Is it really that important for solo play? I don't have any trouple spending 30 seconds longer on one fight..
    But it would be nice to get to the cooler monsters without dying 3 times getting there..

    What I'm after is really just some pointers.. What works for me now that won't work later? The only thing that seems "good" in weaving atm for a tamer is the healing spells.. Or maybe a Word of Death or two?.. Still only just speeding up fights, and not really decisive..?
  2. kitiara-atlantic

    kitiara-atlantic Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    It seems to me that having Spellweaving on your tamer gives you another offensive option, whereas if you swap that for peace or disco, you will be relying on your pet for most of your damage output.

    That said, I love having peace on my tamer. Not only has it often saved me in hairy situations, but it can also help in battle when you peace the monster your pet is attacking. They go down faster when they're not fighting back :)

    I think the same way as you do regarding discord. I don't mind if it takes a few seconds longer to kill a foe. I'd rather have the safety net of peace - it can be very helpful when you need to cut and run.
  3. I see nothing wrong with your template. I would suggest to use some type of jewelry (if you're not already) to increase your spellweaving up to at least 90 - 100. I never got into spell weaving enough to know what's effective in terms of casting, but where you're currently at, you should be fine as an offense-based tamer.

    As Kitiara pointed out, there are other combinations, and I'm also a bard tamer. It depends on what you do the most that reflects the best suited template for the cause. I have several variations of my tamers template stored on soul stones in case I need to switch out real quick.

    Your build though is most relevant to (what I would consider) most peerless groups (but not all) and highend hunting that doesn't involve massive mobs.
  4. Lady Arwen

    Lady Arwen Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Id recommend a bard tamer if you are looking for fewer deaths. My main character is a bard/tamer. Her current template is:
    120 taming
    120 lore
    120 vet
    115 peace
    110 music
    110 magery

    It works very well for me and is by far my favorite tamer template. I also have a regular mage/tamer but I dont like that template as much. Peacing really helps alot and saves alot of deaths for both myself and my pets. I do rely on my pets for most of the damage output since I don't have eval, but I find it worth it to have peacing.