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EM Event Until the Pieces Fit 3-21-2015 @ 7 PM PST

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WildStar, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. WildStar

    WildStar UO Baja News Reporter
    Reporter Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor BRPA

    May 12, 2008
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    From UltimaOnlineBaja on Facebook - posted 3-15-2015 at 10:48 AM

    Until the Pieces Fit

    The Ancient Monk watched as the shadowy form of the wraith floated silently by. It seemed to be wandering aimlessly,as if in search of something or someone. If it were possible for a soulless wraith to show sadness, this one surely did.

    The Wraith showed no impulse to attack anyone who came with in its reach, as a normal wraith would have.

    Instead it reached out with it's wispy arm's as to say "help me", to each person who came into the city. Those new to the realm would run in fear, not knowing what or why the the ghostly figure was following them. The wraith would follow them as they ran from the city, only turning
    back once they had crossed the bridge.

    The Ancient Monk turned slowly and made his way to the moongate, his heart truly saddened by what he had witnessed. He must find a way to help the loss soul, and soon. If not, it would be too late.

    The Wraith bore little resemblance to the once vibrant, cheerful little Hag he had been watching grow up over the years. From the time he and the other monks had found the child, after her parents untimely death, he had watched over her, even when she was unaware of his watchful eye.

    Her past was suppose to be kept hidden from her until the time she matured and had grown enough in the ways of the Hag to handle what what lay in store. Yet she had found the journal Grizelda had hidden and found out the truth of her parents and her heritage.

    Grindylow had felt a overwhelming urge to find out what had happened to her parents and who she really was. Finding out that her Father was Naga, who were shape shifters, and her mother human and she their offspring, had stunned Grindylow. Not only was she half Naga, but at her fathers death,
    she was also the next in line for ruling over the Naga Clan Folk. Others in the Naga Clan, had not been so pleased that Grindylow had returned. They had not known that there had been a child, as her Father and Mother had hidden Grindy at the time they were attacked and killed led by The Prophet.

    The Citizens of Sosoria had followed Grindylow as she searched out the camp where her parents had lived and had been assaulted by her Aunt, the reigning Naga Queen, whom the Prophet controlled. Short work had been made of the Naga army and the Queen had fallen in death. Grindylow had left shortly afterwards to search out her Naga kin, only to be captured by the one called the Old Prophet. He had mind bonded with Grindylow and it was his intentions of ruling the Naga and taking control of the Humans, Elves, and Gargoyles through her as Queen.

    The Ancient Monk had led the citizens to rescue Grindylow from his evil clutches. Score after Score of Naga warriors were dealth with. They has found Grindylow in what seemed to be in a trance, with the Prophet screeching it was too late the bonding was complete. The Naga Army was once more taken down, and only the Prophet remained.

    He assured them that if he was killed, Grindylow would also perish, as their souls were now bound together through the bonding. A Raging fight had ensued, as the Prophet sent waves of spells to kill the citizens that fought bravely to save Grindylow.

    As the Prophet fell in death, the Monk had rushed to release Grindylow. As he made his way to where she stood, she suddenly had vanished and the soulless Wraith appeared where she had once stood.

    What the Prophet had said was true, Grindylow had died when he had. Now this poor Wraith was wandering Britain, searching it seemed for something, anything to once more join the living.

    The Ancient Monk turned as he readied himself to step through the moongate. The Wraith, the soulless form of Grindylow, reached towards him as if in despair. The Ancient Monk spoke softly to the Wraith, " I will find a way to bring you back, I promise you little one". The Monk stepped through the gate uttering the words, "Moonglow"......

    Event: Until the Pieces Fit
    Date: 3/21/15
    Time: 7pm pst
    Meet: West Britain Bank
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