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UO Assist for new users

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by The_Traveler, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. The_Traveler

    The_Traveler Guest

    Disclaimer: Neither the Stratics Network nor OSI provide technical support for UO Assist. UO Assist is created and maintained by Tugsoft. You can locate it at http://www.tugsoft.com

    Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way I can get to my explination for this post.

    It seems UO Assist is getting new customers every day. They have questions. Lots of questions.
    What I would like to see is the experienced UO Assist users post their tips/tricks/secrets to making UO Assist work and valuabe here.

    This will provide a central resource for that information. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    If you have a question about UO Assist feel free to post it in this thread, just remember it may take some time for an experienced user to post an answer for you.
    Take the time to read through the thread before posting your question to help keep the thread clutter free and easier to read.

    I hope to ammend this into the FAQ as well.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    First, comfigure UOA to display in the UO titlebar at the top of the screen. I suggest stats in numeric format, regs, weight, potions .... and if you're an archer the arrow/bolt counts. Play with what suits the character best since a Paladin really doesn't need reagents for travel, etc. This is a bit more compact way to see what may be critical to your play.

    Second, if you're doing a carpenter - or just want the lumberjacking - the target relative option is great. Record a macro that takes three or four whacks at a tree. Hit Stop, insert a pause of 1.5 seconds between each iteration (change the pause value to 1500 - 1500 milliseconds). Now right-click each "Target" line in the macro window and change it to target relative.

    What this does is to strike the nearest tree to get logs! If there are some, they will be gotten into your pack, wait 1.5 seconds and strike the tree again, etc. You will get the no more to harvest message when it is dried up. Move to your next spot.

    Corollary to the above: Setup a macro to use your carpentry tool to make boards from the logs. Only one iteration of this is required. Now, chop until you're overweight, hit the second macro for boards and you are a whole bunch lighter - really fast. Just keep plenty of scorps, froes or whatever on hand for making the boards!

    Self-maintaining carpentry:
    Start a character with 50 Tinkering, about 20 Mining and the rest in Carpentry. Use a bit of the gold to get some tinker tools (2 should do for now) and a couple shovels. Go mining for iron ore. Once you have some smelt it into ingots. Use the tinker tools on the ingots to make scorps or froes or whatever for carpentry. At 51 Tinkering, you will be pretty assured of getting *SOMETHING* useful from the ingots. This level of tinkering also allows you to make your own shovels for mining!

    Obviously there are opportunities in this last bit for making more macros! Ummm, mining, tinker shovels, tinker carpentry tools ... you name it.
  3. For crafting, make something. Then start recording a macro and click make last on the crafting menu several, times. Now, any time you wnt to make several of the same item, start your crafting menu, make one of whatever item you want and start the macro.

    For fishing, record 4 macros, one fishing east, one south, west, and north. Have at least 2 poles in your pack and fish about 10 - 20 times per macro by double clicking on a pole in your pack. and targeting the water about 3 tiles away from your char. After recording the macro, right click on each 'Use item' line in the list box to the right side of the macro menu and select 'convert to use item type'. Then right click every target line and select target relative. Last, insert a dela after each target line. Use 8500 (8.5 seconds) if you are never going to use a boat or drop your fish on the ground. Use 9500 to allow for the time needed to drop your fish on the deck of your boar or on the ground.
  4. Trelim

    Trelim Guest

    Per request of The Traveler I am going to write up some tips for you UOAssist users out there.

    First, Under the "Keys" tab there are many usefull built in macros.

    The most usefull one is "Bandage Self" I couldn't live without that on my warriors, or healer/mage. If you have bandages in your backpack it will automatically apply a bandage to yourself.

    There are also ones for the use of Curing, Healing, Refresh and Nightsite potions, for those of you that carry potions I suggest using those, it's much easier than double clicking a potion in your pack.

    Check through the keys tab, there are many other usefull macros to help you out, but those are the most important ones in my mind.

    Oh and if at any time it says "Bandage not found" or "Potion not found" and you know they are there, use the recount resources function, (Default is num lock).

    Now we'll move onto the "Display" tab. (I know i'm not going in order)

    If using the windowed mode for playing, you can have the titlebar display any of the following things.

    Character name
    A stat bar, with 3 different options for showing it, I personally prefer numeric.
    Physical Resist.
    Weight (really helpful)
    Reagents, both Mage and Necromancer (one of the best features of UOAssist I think)
    Tithing points for you paladins.
    Arrow and Bolts
    Potions (Healing and Cure)
    And last is "User"

    Under the "Resources" tab you can set the "User" items, Which can be any stackable item. If you show those they will read as U1 and U2 (User 1 and User 2).

    Now for other things UOAssist can display under that tab.
    Stat/Skill Changes. With this on it shows when you gain in a skill or a stat as a system message.
    Container count. Whenever you open a bag it will tell you how many items are in it. (Again as a system message)
    Warn when overweight, If you go over your weight limit it will tell you in a system message.
    Show spell with powerwords. Now this is a nice one. When you (or someone else) casts a spell it will tell you what it is. Instead of seeing "Corp Por" you will see "Corp Por - Energy Bolt" makes it much easier than memorizing every spells powerwords.

    You can also change what you see yourself as (there is no real benefit to this, but fun to play with), keep in mind only YOU will see this, noone else will, you'll be seen as yourself to everyone else.

    Speech Text Color, This one isn't really that great, but i'll explain it none the less. You can choose what color you see all players text as. Simple as that. Makes it easier for reading your journal. But most players already customize thier text color so theres no real issue there.

    Onto the skills tab. This one will be shorter than the others, I promise /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif.

    This shows all your current skill and stat levels, along with locks.

    You can sort them by 5 different ways.

    Name - Alphabetically.
    Value - The current skill level (Which counts any skill modifiers).
    Change - While useless in my mind it will list skills by how much the value has changed since you logged on.
    Base Skill - Since AoS it's basically the same as Value, aside from the fact you can get Enhanced skill from the use of Jewelry, Mining Gloves, and Ancient smithing hammers.
    Lock - Displays skills by current lock status. Shows in order of, Skills set to raise, skills set to drop and then locked skills.

    Alright now, With UOAssist you can set the status of any skill or stat (Raise, Lower, Lock).

    To do so you have 2 options first, is the Set all skill states button. Click that and you can set every skill to Raise, Lower or Locked.

    Next you can right click on any specific skill and change it.

    Move up will set the skill to raise, move down will set it to lower, Locked will lock it.

    For stats you have to "Toggle" it until you get the right state. Much easier to do in the client itself.

    Well, thats all for today, I'll post some more tomorrow, if needs anything that I have yet to explain done send me a PM and i'll add it with my next post.
  5. Shrinkray

    Shrinkray Guest

    As a new UOA user these tips are REALLY useful. Many thanks, and people please keep 'em coming!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Use Item Type Macros

    "Use item type" macros in UOAssist are very useful, especially when your pack is full of junk, or you've closed it inadvertently.

    This kind of macro lets you "use" any object found in your pack of the type that matches the one in your macro.

    So, select a macro slot you want to record this in and start recording:

    Double click the item you want to use

    Stop recording. You can hit esc to get rid of the target cursor, or just use it. Either way, you only want one line in your macro: Use item.

    Now right click that one line in your macro, and select "Change to Use Item Type".

    Then you need to map a key to play the macro you created. For example, I have set tilde ~ as my "BandageSelf" macro. I set ALT+~ to be my macro: Use Item Type: Bandage. I use that to bandage guildmates. No need to double click any bandages in my pack. I have so many runebooks and other things scattered around, I might miss my stack of bandaids at a critical moment - not good.

    You can create a macro to automatically use a bandaid, strength potion, dagger, bola - anything you would need to use at a time when its not convenient to fumble around in your pack.

    Pickup agent

    You can set a key to use the pickup agent. What it will do is pickup any items on the ground like reagents and arrows. For an archer, this is especially useful to gather arrows you have dropped. No need to pick em up, just stop moving, hit your pickup button and they pop in your pack (if they are reachable).

    For poverty stricken mages needing reagents, you can go to an area that has alot of reagents spawning on the ground and just vaccuum them up with the pickuyp agent!

    Organizer Agent

    If you are like me and wind up with piles and piles of junk in your pack, one way to organize it is to use this agent. To set it up, select a bag (I think you can set up 3) and then add item types to the bag by right clicking the list in UOA and targeting the type of object you want to add.

    If you are dilligent and add all kinds of items to your lists, you can use this as a "loot sorter". I use it to sort potions, reagents and the like. You can change the type on the fly and use it to fill a bag with the 80 platemail gorgets you just made. (If you put the ingots in a bag, the gorgets would be made in there, but you may have forgotten.)

    (more to come..)
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Vendor Agent

    Very useful to set prices beforehand but also to list all the items you have in a bag (have to mark it as vendor bag first and run "count resources" or simply open the bag again to update contents).
    Than use the big button for More Information, with right click in new window choose "update from vendot bag" and you will have all the items listed with their properties.
    VERY useful because you can copy this list anywhere for later reference - to an auction site, any kind of BOD record you may be keeping, upload your BOD list to a specialized site like www.uo-trade.net which allows controlling what LBODs and fitting SBODs you have, etc. No more need to take notes form the screen about all those rings or armour pieces!
    For the main function - pricing goods to be put on vendors - just list and price theminside the bag, once you pass the items to your vendor they will appear priced automatically.
  8. After a good day of hunting I find the "Sell Agent" to be very nice. All you have to do is hit the "Agents" Tab, set a hotbag, and you're set. While hunting, you can drop gems, scrolls, junk weps, or whatever else you can pick up that will give you that extra little bump of gold into the bag. After you've finished hunting, just drop by the appropriate NPCs and "vendor sell" and viola! It will sell everything in the bag that that particiular vendor will buy (you might have to do it twice to get rid of all of it). You can also specify what items to sell, but I haven't bothered with that yet, I just dump all my sell items into the hotbag and go for it. I find it especially useful on my fisherman, when selling gems and scrolls after an SOS run.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pub 22 does not automatically transmit all inner pack data unless the pack is opened. If using UOA and keeping potions, reagents or other resources in an inner pack, do the following once in UO:
    1. with UOA docked, press the NumLock key to force a resource count.
    2. when the count is complete, press NumLock again to set the key to the original state (and force a second pass)
    What this should do is force the server to send the pack data, as UOA opens each inner container looking for items to count.

    This particular little foible has been common for ages - way before Trammel, even. It pops up every so often on large publishes that alter the datastream between you and the server.
  10. Lamech

    Lamech Guest

    I have a few questions. Can you set macros so that you can throw greater explosions? Is there a way to set it up where I can hide or Spirit speak every few seconds while I'm rasing other skills? I have heard people say "don't try to PvP without UOAssist" so what makes it so important in battle besides drinking gh and gc potions?
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    for tossing a Gexp, I doubt you can ... since you need to target somewhere within a REAL short time! 3 seconds or so?

    with a lesser explosion you might want to try it tho ... set a macro up , then change "use item" to "use item type". then see if it works that way at all.

    the problem I see with this is that using the exp pots, there is no visual tally ala gh/gc to tell you that you may be running out!

    <thinks> nope, can't say I know ANYONE who tried gexp tossing ala macro!

    I'd be interested in results, tho!
  12. Alyjax

    Alyjax Guest

    Some questions/problems I am having with UOA I am hoping someone can help me with. First, I do want to say that I started trying this out just a couple of days ago, and find it to be a wonderful program. Not sure how I lived without it this long. Anyway, here are my issues:

    1) Bandage count. There are counts of reagents, arrows, bolts, etc., but no count that I can find for bandages. This would be helpful.

    2) Non-UOA macros. I have a lot of macros set up from before I installed UOA that I now have problems using. Most of them are my paladin spells. Now, they do not seem to happen every time I go to use them. When I need a close wounds, for example, I will sometimes have to hit the button for it several times to get it to work. This is just not acceptable to me. I suspect that the reason may be that I am using some keys that UOA has other macros set up for. Is there anyway to clear them all out so that I can start all over?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. in all the time I used UOA I never saw a bandage count, tho it would be handy! I always carried bandages in the main pack, so a quick click would give me a count ... and keep a few hundred as spares in the bank!

    Mebbe a quick email to Tug to see about incorporating that within the resource handling code?

    2. you're probably right about key conflicts, but the safe way to clear the UO client macros is to select it from within the client and select the delete option.

    WARNING: unsafe way follows:
    Your client macros are in a file in the UO folder tree - called macros.txt. The UO generic one is within the main program folder and is cloned (I believe) to your character folder within the "Desktop" subtree.

    The character-level file can be editted but you need to eliminate all the lines for each macro plus a separator that may be there. Backup the file before attempting this!

    If you want to eliminate ALL character-specific macros, copy the generic one and paste it into the character folder of the Desktop subtree. Again, make a copy ... just in case!

    I believe UOA macros are filed within your registry, so the above stuff should not interfere at all. Good luck!
  14. Alyjax

    Alyjax Guest

    OK, Trelim responded to my questions via PM, and I figured it would be best to share it in case anyone else has similar questions/problems. Thanks Trelim:

    1) Bandages aren't by default displayed, but you can set it to one of the "User" resources. What you need to do is go to the "Resources" tab on UOAssist and set it there, click the box that says either User 1 or User 2 then a targeting cursor will show up in your Ultima Window. Target the Bandages then go back to UOAssist and go under the "Display" tab. Now look for the box that reads "User" and check that, it will show up at the end of the display under "U1" if I remember correctly.

    2) There is most likely a conflicting macro in UOAssist, there is no way to delete them all at once, but find the conflicting one under the "Keys" tab and hit the button "Clear Hotkey".

    I hope that helps, If you wish to post this under the UOAssist help thread feel free to do so.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You can keep a bandage count by going under the resource tab and click on user 1 choose set item, then click on the item you want to keep track of then go back and then hit user 1 again and choose set user text and type in bandages if you like I put aids for mine. Hope that helps a little
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think it's possible to make a throw greater explosion potion macro, but I really have had no success creating the macro. I'll work on it tonight and post the how to if I figure it out.

    Oops, found this in the Alchemist forum.
  17. lady fay

    lady fay Guest

    this is a really good thread to have here. I have a question about uoa. When I 1st got it I never had a problem with it, for the past 3 weeks everytime I use it i get a connection lost or I just time out. Is there a file that I need or something? Please assume that I am a computer dummy when and if u can explain this to me.
  18. Witchblade

    Witchblade Guest

    Ok here is what has helped my mule a lot! You can set your OA bag as a recycle bag also! So I set my bag to organise oil cloth then I set it to unravel, thus cutting all those cloths into bandies! My fighter is happy and I don't waste all that precious cloth! This also works with my t-hunter and all that junk!
  19. Zalix

    Zalix Guest

    Heres a good macro I use..

    For Mage w/healing
    Set one macro for...
    1. use item bandage
    2. Target Self
    3. Meditate

    For Healer w/Hiding
    Same thing but change Med to Hiding

    I have a mage that heals and hides. so handy.

  20. To Arvo

    To Arvo Guest

    Not directly related to using UOAssist but well worth mentioning.
    This is a very useful free program that requires UOAssist to run
    Davinas GGS Timer
    As the name says it lets you know when your next GGS gain is due. it also has a number of additional timer that can be activated from ingame commands like BOD, Pet Bonding, house decay. You can also add your own custom timers in, some ive added is for when you can plant your next thorn (good for the bunny hunters), when you can take another Escort and so on.
    Ive been using it for over 12 months now and find it to be an invaluable tool.
  21. Smirnof

    Smirnof Guest

    wow... I just posted a topic earlier concerning me coming back to the game. Ive been gone about 2-3 years, and UoA still has me in there database. Full version for what I paid loooong ago.. /cheer!
  22. Laerix

    Laerix Guest

    This may not be possible but I'll ask anyway. Is there a way to have UOA divide large stacks of Ore into 1-per or 4-per piles? I'm just starting back in UO and divvying up a 120 pile of small ore into 30 piles of 4 is taking as long as the mining, sadly /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  23. To Arvo

    To Arvo Guest

    Tugsoft has been trying to add this feature but OSI has rejected it to date
  24. MitchC.

    MitchC. Guest

    to be in a guild do you need uoa becoase my frinds said ik would need it for a guild
  25. GragusMortal

    GragusMortal Guest

    only if the guild members require it....

    I have a question though....is there a way to setup a macro to use lockpicking on 20 GM Lockable boxes and then relock them using the same macro?
  26. Rand_Chessie

    Rand_Chessie Guest

    Yes, just record the action of picking the locks and relocking the boxes. You'll have to insert a delay of about 1.5 seconds to ensure you don't get the 'you have to wait to complete another action message' after each pick and lock.

  27. Thanatos

    Thanatos Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Can some one tell me how to set up a macro to 8X8 with UOAssist
  28. Casey

    Casey Guest

    UO Assist will not 8x8 macro for you. The only legal way to do 8x8 is to do it by hand. If you need to learn how to do it by hand you can probably find a guide to 8x8 on the magery forum.
  29. Dra'nath

    Dra'nath Guest

    Quick tip:

    Put your bandage self macro and heal spell/wait for target/target self on keys next to each other on the keyboard. Can hit both simultaneously then. No waiting for targetting cursor to clear to apply bandage after emergency spell heal. Works for bandage/cure spell too.
  30. Gairit

    Gairit Guest

    If you have multiple accounts, will one purchase of UOA work for them all?

  31. sabshaw

    sabshaw Guest

    Hmm sounds like I should go out and get this. LOL Seems to make life easier. Thanks to the ones that took the time to post some of the tricks to the trade. I got one question though for any that know.

    How do you get yourself to turn invisible when you type or anything?? I had one person tell me to turn invis when spell casting and helps keep monsters off ya. I haven't got a clue. LOL well atleast Im honest. H
  32. Thanks for all the info so far, you guys rock! I hate to hear about that ore-moving isn't possible, that's a bummer. A couple other things I've tried to do it get a macro to skin an animal, loot the leather, and cut up the leather with scissors in my bag. The best I could do with that is set a macro to use a dagger and one to use a pair of scissors, and all the sorting/moving stacks I have to do by hand. Is there something else I could do with this? Along the same line, is there a way to auto-loot everything on a corpse? Thanks!
  33. den010

    den010 Guest

    are there any good working links that help with uoassist?
  34. Try recording tossing a lesser explosion. Then convert use item to use item type and convert target to target relative. Now, target relative will target a number of tiles away in a given direction so, if this works, you will have to record several copies tossing potions in different directions. Or, you could convert to last target, and start by tossing the first potion manually. If you target a lifebar on the first toss, this should continue to target the creature/person even if they move around.
  35. You can do a crude 8X8 macro in UOA. You have to find the beginning of the run on your own. Start recording and say "Forward one" 8 times, do whatever you are training and stop recording. You might be able to use UO Rudder or Ctrl-Q to repeat the forward one commands and save a little typing. Insert the delays as needed to stop the "You must wait..." messages. Then, find the beginning of a run and repeat the macro untill the gains run out.
  36. ColdCell

    ColdCell Guest

    Hi, since the SE comes, I have some trouble using UOA.

    I set CTRL + W for Bandage self under Keys, but it wont even click on the bandage.

    And I cant seem to 'Convert to Item type'. I start recording, click on a bandage, then stop it. Then when I right click 'Use Item', it wont let me covert to item type.

    However when I CTRL + W and run the macro 1, for some reason it will bandage myself. I would guess that the 'targetself' is being queued?
  37. Go to the Resources tab and click the Count Resources button, the one that opens all your bags and looks at what you have. After that, your bandage self key should work fine as long as you don't use something that is special to windows (like Alt-F4) that will be intercepted before it gets to UOA.
    If you are carrying any trapped pouches to break para spells, take them out of your pack first, as this will set them all off.
  38. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Here's a UOA macro for those who use a shield/two handed weapon and drink potions.
    First: Make a regular UO macro to disarm like this:

    Arm/Disarm --> left hand
    Pause 20
    Arm/Disarm --> left hand

    Now in UOA, go to macro's and start recording, perform any action, it doesn't matter what it is. You'll see why in second.

    After you've performed your first action click on your potion you wish to use.
    Stop recording your macro.
    Click on the first action you performed and then pick Pause After. Enter 1100, although you can play around with this to find what work the fastest for you without giving you the "You must wait" message.
    Now convert the "Use Item" to "Use Item Type"
    Delete the first line and your UOA macro will look like this:

    Pause 1100
    Use Item Type

    Now go to the Keys menu, select Play Macro 1, or which ever number you made the macro in, assign this macro to what you used for the Disarm/Arm UO macro you just made. Enjoy.
  39. thorshomie

    thorshomie Guest

    Thanks for the tips but i had to post regarding your quote. damn straight, well put nuff said!
  40. Im Free

    Im Free Guest


    Second, if you're doing a carpenter - or just want the lumberjacking - the target relative option is great. Record a macro that takes three or four whacks at a tree. Hit Stop, insert a pause of 1.5 seconds between each iteration (change the pause value to 1500 - 1500 milliseconds). Now right-click each "Target" line in the macro window and change it to target relative.
    &lt;br&gt;What this does is to strike the nearest tree to get logs! If there are some, they will be gotten into your pack, wait 1.5 seconds and strike the tree again, etc. You will get the no more to harvest message when it is dried up. Move to your next spot.
    &lt;br&gt;Corollary to the above: Setup a macro to use your carpentry tool to make boards from the logs. Only one iteration of this is required. Now, chop until you're overweight, hit the second macro for boards and you are a whole bunch lighter - really fast. Just keep plenty of scorps, froes or whatever on hand for making the boards!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    In regards to the 1500 pause...if you want to do this for gaining logs instead of gains change the pause time to 4000. This is just enough time to allow for the formula to work in UO to determine whether or not you get logs. When I set the macro up I did the Use Item/Target 9x as I can hold upto 180 logs max in my pack at once. I then set up the rest and added the create boards to it so I could eliminate the requirement for a second macro. I travel with a Giant Beetle while lumberjacking and once the boards are created I transfer to its pack right after starting the macro back up again. I repeat the macro until there is no more to harvest left.

    You can also use the macro function to create a macro to make your carpentry items. Just do the boards macro as stated above and instead of board use what ever you are creating and repeat it several times...IE you want to create quarterstaves for gains, target it and add a 1500 pause after the menu selection. just make sure you have plenty of boards, planes, saws, etc. Enjoy! [​IMG]
  41. notherpunker

    notherpunker Guest

    I'm having some trouble with a macro. I tried to make one to scribe several scrolls, meditate, and have it wait until my mana refilled before scribing several more scrolls, I tried just putting in a long pause, and using the "insert extras" button to say wait until my mana reaches whatever I wanted before continuing, but in both cases, I imediately stopped meditating after starting. Anyone know a way around this?
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Put the meditation part in the beginning of the macro.
    Use skill: Meditation
    Wait till mana is XX
    and hit the Macro button every time you're done making the scroll batch.

    The first run will be short in the medi-wait part, of course.

    (just recorded something like this, and it works)
  43. What am I doing wrong? My macros do not save. They play once then they are gone.

    Steps I am using (for mining)
    Click Record
    Double click shovel
    Select Target
    Click stop
    Change "use item" to "use item type"
    Change "target" to "target general area (mining)
    Name marcro
    Go to keys page
    assign key to select macro #1
    assign key to play/stop macro
    (pass on both keys to UO)
    go back to miner press the keys assigned for the above and nothing happens?
    Macro doesnt play. And then when pulling up Assist again the macro is not there.
  44. giant

    giant Guest


    What am I doing wrong? My macros do not save. They play once then they are gone.

    Steps I am using (for mining)
    Click Record
    Double click shovel
    Select Target
    Click stop
    Change "use item" to "use item type"
    Change "target" to "target general area (mining)
    Name marcro
    Go to keys page
    assign key to select macro #1
    assign key to play/stop macro
    (pass on both keys to UO)
    go back to miner press the keys assigned for the above and nothing happens?
    Macro doesnt play. And then when pulling up Assist again the macro is not there.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Probably you have to click the "Lock" button after you have stop recording. There's a little button to the right of those macro number number button. Once you finish with all the setting, lock it then it will be there forever.
  45. Zephrosyne

    Zephrosyne Guest

    I am a returning player and I can't get UO Assist to work properly. I cannot get my resources to show up on my display bar. I have the "use title bar for display" checked but only the UO bar is up there, not the UO Assist resources bar. I also did a resource count. It counts resources but won't show them on title bar display. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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    I have a quick question... I'm trying to set macros for my pallys spells... but when i set the first one... everything goes okay... but when i go to set the second one, my first one somehow is getting deleted, but the second one i have works... everytime i set a new one, the previous one deletes... what am i doing wrong?
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    Make sure you have "Reagents - Magic" box checked.
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    Make sure you're using two different macro slots (the buttons labeled #1 thru #16 down at the bottom left of the macro tab page). Also make sure you end recording of one macro before you start recording the second.
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    only if the guild members require it....
    &lt;br&gt;I have a question though....is there a way to setup a macro to use lockpicking on 20 GM Lockable boxes and then relock them using the same macro?

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Something I wrote for THB Stratics [Theresa of Sonoma] I found that pictures often show it better then words trying to explain something greek as UOA to a new person to our world. I hope this helps you and others here.

    If you do not yet have UOA I strongly suggest you get it, this program is the Holy Grail in this game.

    Now when you ready to pick locks at the THB lock pick house come ready to set a macro per set of 20 box, you can set a total of 16 macro in UOA, I would not set over 20 box per macro as you need to set the picking as well as relocking the boxes you opened. Click on record tab of the marco and start picking lock, when all 20 are done then start relocking the boxes using the keys.

    If you have not set the last object macro in UO please do so before you begin, it is really needed when setting the UOA macros


    Once you have the UOA Macro set for the first set of boxes (picking/relocking) you then can edit it to work alot better and work everytime you are near that set of boxes without fell each time you hit the ket to play that macro.

    Here we change the use item to use item type by right clicking on it, this way you can pick locks and not worry about resetting this macro so as you break lockpicks you can continue to train as you add more lockpicks.



    Here we set a pause using the UOA pause between each target, do this thruout the entire macro, once this is done then make sure to padlock (if you have not done so already) this macro so you do not record over it till you ready to.



    You will fine yourself getting faster gains and have a less boring time of picking locks by doing it this way. Remember no more then 20 boxes per macro as there is not enough room to go thru 40 boxes when picking and relocking. Relocking is necessary as you may wish to run thru the same boxes more then once and you also leave then locked for others that will be training.
    Good luck with your training, I hope you GM picking soon if you have not done so.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Hope this helps.
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