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UO moving in the right direction!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Gandie, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Gandie

    Gandie Guest

    First i would like thank the dev. team for publish 56, haven't had so much fun in years EVEN with the lagg!
    And publish 57 seems to be just as good with the new changes that Regine posted in another thread.

    Now why do i think these changes are for the better of the game?
    Simple! It will even out the playing field more and more.
    Since the launch of AoS there have been an elite group of people with UBER items that you could not fight, anyone remeber 4 fc mages or WoD archers? :lick:

    Now everyone can get an uber suit with the new faction items and EM items, np (and imbuing with SA).
    And no! its not hard to get new faction items, join up, kill a friend who joins another faction ONE time and you can wear best faction items.

    Also with the new skill scrolls new players will be able to get few good chars faster, and this will make it easyer to get into the game, as most who plays played it for so many years and allready got many top end chars!
    The changes and events atm, also promotes doing stuff as a team!
    And this is what UO is all about! (factions, champ spawns and so on..)

    For me, this way the game will once again be more skill based, and that way it will differ more from other MMORPGs on the market!

    Great Job! Lets hope you get the SA client right and UO will once again be the best game out there (well it still is)

    (SA client will really need something like UOAM! and macros on mousewheel :scholar:)

  2. ZippyTwitch

    ZippyTwitch Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 5, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Yes move in the right direction. Enable faction fighting on all facets. No point being in factions and hiding in trammel or Ilsh.
  3. Sarphus

    Sarphus Guest

    I agree, we're moving in the right direction. A couple years ago I made an analogy between UO and a large ship. I said how it takes a long time for a large ship to turn around, but once it's moving in the right direction it can move very fast.

    It looks like the large ship is turned around judging by the last 2 publishes (despite their bugs) and the upcoming one. As long as the devs continue to fix bugs as they go, we will continue to go in the right direction and UO is becoming a much more enjoyable game.

    I love how they are making high end suits more attainable. I remember a time when a skilled player could pvp naked and AoS destroyed that. It looks like the next iteration of pvp will not be that people can pvp naked, but at least everyone can get competitive gear.

    I love that they're changing champ spawns to create an incentive to DO spawns even if you do get raided. It's always bothered me that the spawn system favored raiders so disproportionately.

    I also love the idea of scrolls that insta-train skills. That will make it possible to gain taste ID! lol It will also make it easier for people to build tamers.
  4. Gandie

    Gandie Guest

    A guy on our guildboard posted some thoughts about this publish, and as well as i love these changes, i agree with him tha we will need new, well thought, systems in the future for keeping the game stand out and alive!

    He said:

    "Incentives to PvP/PvM in felucca are always welcome...

    Though the idea is not very innovative, they might as well have introduced Alacrity scrolls as part of working the champ spawn.

    In my opinon uo needs new well-thought-out systems, preferebly unique properly designed systems, that no one has done before. Thats what made UO stand out imo. "