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UO Sponsored Tournament

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I spoke to the Pacific Shard EM today. I asked him about pvp tournys....

    He replied he is more than willing to have a tournament and has a arena already deisgned for it. But each shard has a specific ruleset and he would like everyone who is intersted Post a specific Rule Format, Something that everyone can agree one...

    For Example..
    Barons rule would be...
    Only he can disarm and he can run off screen...

    So If we can get a sticky here Flyod.. Everyone share your ideas that you would like in a pvp tournament...

  2. I would like to see the tournament Broken into three Brackets.....

    Pure mage,


    Pure dexxer...

    Pure mage,

    No Pots,
    No Combat Skill
    No Weapon skill
    Must have spell Channeling Lantern
    No Hidding
    No Summons
    No fields
    No Pets
    No NinJia
    No Chiv
    Only Mage spells

    Pure Dexxer...
    No Pots
    No Spells of any kind...
    Disarm is allowed,
    DP is allowed
    Parry is allowed
    No SW
    No Chiv
    No Necro
    No bushido
    No Magery...

    This is how old school dexxer fights were, So you better have Focus on your char and parry :D.... I advise a mace weapon...


    The Open class is for Hybrids..

    Chiv dexxers.
    bushido dexxers
    Necro mages
    Tactics mages
    Hiding mages
    No Archers...
    Ninjia mages...

    No Summons
    No Pets..
    No Fields

    everything else is ok
  3. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    this. but it has to be called thunderdome
  4. thunderdome is a lame name,,

    Kyrite will not enter the tournament just to get more participants
  5. Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm in and I will sticky this as long as the thread remains civil.

    edit: I will do pure mage and possibly open if more entries are needed.
  6. Vandetta

    Vandetta Guest

    why not make it that if it legaly part of the game that you are allowed to use/do it.
    keep brackets for mages and dexxers but after that say that any template/ combos work.
    some templates are built around certain things so to eliminate moves would eliminate players.
    this is purely coming from someone who could NEVER win anyway but just a thought for the post.


    MJ's moonwalking chimp
  7. yup, I agree with bubbles,
    my toon is built around stuff that is not permitted in this tourney, all this pure mage stuff is from years gone by and if ppl want to remain all pure mage and stuff thats cool, but as bubbles said, alot of ppl may have entered but they cannot meet the requirements

    Id love to sit glued to my screen and watch two melee dexxers with 70dci and 120 parry and close woulds go at it until one of them runs out of 250 bandaids

    OMG I just read no ARCHERS lol


    good luck with your 10 year ago tourney, you should call it
    "The good old days of UO brought back to live again, NOT"

    The Thunderdome would have rocked UO if Gemma didnt have to go and get married, that selfish bastage :cursing:

    J/K brah
  8. honestly there are lot of dexxers who will enter a pure dexxer tourney

    if u want to be gimp play in the open class...
  9. mutau

    mutau Guest

    why not have an archer v archer?