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UO Tailor's Forum FAQ *Last Updated 22-NOV-2001* - made unsticky 1/7/02

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Puppy, Nov 10, 2000.

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  1. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    Moderator Note: Some additional posts were added to this FAQ as 'Notes' to combine into one post. - Ce'Nedra Willow

    Okay, this here's a rough draft of the FAQ, and I'm certainly not claiming to be any kind of expert so feel free to add to, correct, comment on, etc. what I've written. I've tried to address all the usual questions that pop up over and over on the board.

    <font color=red>How to Start a Tailor Character</font color=red>

    If you're starting a pure merchant character you'll do best to design your template with other skills at 50--not because tailoring is easier to raise than, say, blacksmithing, but because it's easier and cheaper to gather wool and make cloth than it is to buy or mine ingots. If you're thinking about a warrior/tailor character, definitely start with 50 tailoring.

    You'll start with a sewing kit and some cloth, but they won't take you far. You need to use some of your newbie money to buy lots of sewing kits because they break after about 50 uses. If you can find exceptional sewing kits (made by tinkers) then snap them up--they'll last easily twice as long as the ones you buy from NPCs.

    Note:Sewing kits are exhausted after 51 uses much like many other tools. However, if you're lucky enough to find one made by a grandmaster tinker, they should last as long as 198 uses.
    - Wolfsbanes

    To get more cloth you'll need to shear sheep. Sheep spawn usually in groups of four or five with a shepherd. Some good places to find sheep are Delucia, Moonglow, Magincia (watch out for giant serpents, though), and the sheep pens in Yew. Double-click your dagger and target the sheep. You will get one fleece which will give you three balls of yarn when spun on a spinning wheel. If you kill the sheep and then shear it you'll get three clumps of fleece but they only spin up into one ball of yarn each--plus they won't stack with fleeces from live sheep.

    Use the balls of yarn on a loom to make your cloth. It takes five balls of yarn to make one bolt of cloth (which gives you 50 yards of cloth). So, for every five sheep you shear you will get three bolts of cloth. Spinning and weaving aren't dependent on tailoring skill.

    Use your dagger on dead animals to get hides. Cows are easy for even the rawest newbie to kill with just a little skill, and they will give you 12 hides. Use scissors on the hides to cut them up into leather, which weighs only one stone each instead of four.

    <font color=red>What to Make When</font color=red>

    The tailoring menu will only give you the option to make an item if you have the skill and resources. Make what's hardest for you (what's at the end of the row). Stratics has a handy list of items tailors can make which includes the skill level required.

    <font color=red>How Many Hides/Cloth Will I Need to GM?</font color=red>

    It varies so much from person to person that there's no point in trying to answer this question except to say "a lot."

    <font color=red>Do I Need to Move Around to Gain?</font color=red>

    No. The 8x8 method doesn't work for tailoring and you can stand in one place all day and tailor and get as many gains as you would moving from place to place. But it does help to switch from making one item to another now and then (say, make five leather sleeves and then three leather gloves), which seems to help gains.

    <font color=red>How Far Will Oilcloths Take Me?</font color=red>

    Oilcloths will take you to 99.6 tailoring, but gains will slow waaay down after you hit about 90 skill. It's much quicker and easier to gather hides and make studded armor instead at that point. But oilcloths should take you through the 80s without slowing down too much. As an example, in the high 80s I was still getting .1 to .3 gains per bolt of cloth used in power hour.

    <font color=red>I Seem to Be Stuck. Help!!</font color=red>

    If you've been tailoring faithfully for a long time and can't seem to get any gains, look at your skills menu to make sure you have some arrows pointed down. Check the "show real" button to make sure the skills you have set down actually have points left to lose. If you've got plenty of points to lose, there are a few things you can try. Some people suggest getting yourself killed. For some reason this seems to reset a counter somewhere and you may start to gain again. There are less drastic solutions, though. Try crossing a server line, make sure you're well fed, and switch from making one item to making another (if you've been making leather armor switch to making cloaks and robes). One thing I've found to be very helpful is to stop tailoring entirely for a few days and work on another skill.

    <font color=red>Where Can I Find a Black Dye Tub?</font color=red>

    For some reason people seem to like walking around with their paperdolls looking like floating heads and hands. Black clothes really do sell. Now that it's safe to lock down a black dye tub in your house (no one can overdye them), they are pretty common on most shards. Just go into houses and look around. They're a nice status symbol that people want to show off.
    Anyone with an account over 12 months old can choose a Black Dye Tub with the new veteran rewards system /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    <font color=red>Are GM Marked Items Better Than Exceptional Items?</font color=red>

    As far as I know, they're the same. But people pay for the GM tag the same way in RL they pay for the Tommy Hilfiger tag. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Note: The long version:

    Despite the fact it is hotly contested and yet to be fully verified, GM items do seem to be slightly better (on average) than exceptional.

    It is thought that the base skill and relative physical statistics have an effect on the overall durability/protection of leather armour. This can be verified by taking 100 GM items and 100 exceptional items (made with 90 skill) and selling both sets to NPC vendors. The GM goods will average a slightly higher price, indicating that the NPCs have evaluated them as higher quality.

    However the chances that any tailor would endevour to piece together suits made of all the best pieces is remote and the effects are so small, that it is highly unlightly that you will ever need to worry about this.

    The short version:

    GM is better but not so as you'd notice.
    - Elof of Europa

    <font color=red>What Does Recycling Leather Mean?</font color=red>

    It means cutting up leather/studded armor you've made to get some leather back. You can do this on clothing items too to get cloth back (you can't cut up death robes or newbie cloths). The higher your tailoring skill the more leather/cloth you'll be able to salvage. When you hit Master Tailor you should be able to usually get half the leather/cloth back that it took to make the item. This saves a lot of time and/or money when you're in the last big pull to GM and don't want to spend money on hides or time on gathering them. But at lower levels it's really not worth it--you'd do much better selling what you make. If your tailoring is less than about 60 you might not get more than one hide or one yard of cloth back, and for some reason sometimes when you only get one hide/cloth back it is neither stackable nor usable.

    <font color=red>Diary of a tailor</font color=red> - thanks to Rainman290

    Here is a list of resources you might wanna get/buy before starting:
    1. Around 30 GM Tinkered Sewing Kits
    2. 15.5K worth of Leather/Hides
    3. 11k worth of Cloth
    You will probably GM with enough supplies left over, but I still practiced tailoring off my PH(Power Hour). So There is what I had to buy to GM tailor. Now off to the skills part. I roughly started around 35 skill points. Tailoring rapidly raises your dex too, just a side note. Here is what i made from 30 on up. I personally suggest you do as much as you can in power hour then stop to save resources.


    35.5 - 42.0 : Skirts (650 Cloth)

    42.0 - 51.8 : Cloaks(1620 Cloth)

    51.8 - 54.0 : Leather Gloves (200 Leather)

    54.0 - 58.0 : Leather Gorgets (310 Leather)

    58.0 - 62.3 : Leather Skirts (420 Leather)

    62.3 - 66.8 : Leather Shorts (1210 Leather)

    66.8 - 70.5 : Robes (2230 Cloth)

    70.5 - 74.6 : Leather Tunic (1625 Leather)

    74.6 - 92.9 : Oil Cloth (5370 Cloth)

    92.9 - 95.8 : Studded Legs (3680 Leather)

    95.8 - 100 : Studded Tunics (9070 Leather)

    <font color=red>Another Very ComprehensiveTailoring Diary</font color=red> - thanks to Daenerys

    **Note** I took note of resources rounded to 10 as I removed piles. I did recycle everything and because I put the scraps back in the pile the numbers shown are off by a few but not much. Also I could have used far fewer resources doing this... the following is an account based on the shortest time working largely outside burst hours.

    <font color=red>* Power or Burst Hours denoted in red with a trailing asterisk</font color=red>

    Day One:

    35.5 - 42.0 | Skirts (650 Cloth)
    <font color=red>42.0 - 51.8 | Cloaks (1620 Cloth) *</font color=red>
    <font color=red>51.8 - 54.0 | Leather Gloves (200 Leather) *</font color=red>
    <font color=red>54.0 - 58.0 | Leather Gorgets (310 Leather) *</font color=red>
    58.0 - 62.3 | Leather Skirts (420 Leather)
    62.3 - 66.8 | Leather Shorts (1210 Leather)
    66.8 - 70.5 | Robes (2230 Cloth)
    70.5 - 71.2 | Leather Tunic (500 Leather)

    Not bad for a days work. Today really pissed me off because I transported 11k leather and got to 68 off part of it when GL dropped and reverted to when i was moving the packhorses. Needless to say, logged on to 0 tailoring and my 8 packhorses gone with no leather that I spent all morning collecting.

    I managed to get 3k more hides and do it over again but this time i did skirts and cloaks to start and save that precious hides for my power hour. The first time i did it i ate up 2k hides making non recycle-able shoes and ... well thats just dumb, spend 4k on the cloth.

    Day Two:

    <font color=red>71.2 - 74.6 | Leather Tunic (1125 Cloth)*</font color=red>
    <font color=red>74.6 - 79.3 | Oil Cloth (300 Cloth)*</font color=red>
    79.3 - 82.8 | Oil Cloth (650 Cloth)

    I like this oil cloth business alot! Cloth is so light and gains are good considering. My friend was working lore on a boat and wanted me to cut bandaids for him... so i set up a macro in UOA to make 50 oilcloths and cut by type 50 times. He supplied the cloth ... i gave him bandaids. Killed 2 birds with one stone and had some company too.

    Day Three:

    82.8 - 92.9 | Oil Cloths (4420 Cloth)
    92.9 - 94.6 | Studded Legs (2120 Leather)

    I got very sadistic today... oilcloths eat so little I just decided to dedicate my 2nd computer to making them all day long and see how it went. I started when the server came up and just began tailoring away.

    Some of you may think thats crazy but ive been playing for a long time and remember when certain skills made this process look like a walk in the park. Some of you know what im talking about... standing in feind room all day dumping mana and active meditating all day ... 10+ hours ... for a whopping .1 gain.

    I also noticed something I found very interesting when I was doing the oil cloth spree. I am beginning to think there is a little variant of the Seige RoT system in the normal shard code (or at least GL). I think this because around every hour on the hour I would gain anywhere from .4 to 1.0 back to back in a matter of minutes... anyone else see anything like this?

    At 92.9 I was about ready to fall asleep having been up all night before... I decided to eat up 2k leather I had in my box, save PH for tommorow and call it quits. (I could have GMed if I would have stayed awake /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Day Four:

    <font color=red>94.6 - 95.8 | Studded Legs (1560 Leather)*</font color=red>
    95.8 - 99.1 | Studded Tunics (7890 Leather)
    <font color=red>99.1 - 100.0 | Studded Tunics (1180 Leather)*</font color=red>

    Well... I spent a few hours in prep for today... gathered about 4k hides and logged on my tailor. After my initial PH was over I tried some oilcloths... an hour went by with no gains and I decided it wasnt worth it. Not long into my outside of power hour gains on tunics i realized i needed more hides so I commissioned some friends to kill the polar bears around ice and bring me hides while another friend loaned me 2k. Steady gains for 4 hours from 95.8 to 99.1. PH Hit and I was GM from 99.1 in under 30 minutes... YAY!

    Overall Observations:

    Oilcloths rule and make useful bandages later!! (Hides are faster though)
    29 GM Tinkered Sewing kits were used
    15,390 Hides used (Approx 500 cows, 100 bulls, and 500 polarbears were ruthlessly slaughtered and dismembered)
    10,995 Cloth used (No sheep were harmed)
    Leather is too damn heavy!
    UO Assist is awesome!
    Gore should have won
    Too much coffee is bad for your nerves.

    <font color=red>And Another Tailoring Diary</font color=red> - thanks to richarddjames

    PH 1 51.9 - 66.8 (14.9%)Guide - 1463 leather
    PH 2 66.9 - 74.6 (7.7%) Leather items - 2293 leather
    PH 3 74.6 - 80.0 (5.4%) Oil cloths - 488 cloth
    PH 4 80.0 - 84.2 (4.2%) Oil cloths - 519 cloth
    PH 5 84.2 - 87.5 (3.3%) Oil cloths - 634 Cloth
    PH 6 87.5 - 90.0 (2.5%) Oil cloths - 542 Cloth
    PH 7 90.0 - 91.0 (1.0%) Oil Cloths - 380 Cloth
    PH 8 91.0 - 91.7 (0.7%) Oil Cloths - 261 Cloth
    PH 9 91.7 - 92.8 (1.1%) Oil Cloths - 559 Cloth.
    PH 10 92.8 - 93.7 (0.9%) Oil Cloths - 650 Cloth
    PH 11 93.7 - 94.2 (0.5%) Oil Cloths - 602 Cloth
    PH 12 94.2 - 94.6 (0.4%) Oil Cloths - 558 Cloth
    PH 13 94.6 - 95.3 (0.7%) Oil Cloths - 598 Cloth
    PH 14 95.3 - 96.1 (0.8%) Oil Cloths - 475 Cloth
    PH 15 96.1 - 96.7 (0.6%) Oil Cloths - 500 Cloth
    PH 16 96.7 - 97.5 (0.8%) Oil Cloths - 938 Cloth
    PH 17 97.5 - 98.0 (0.5%) Oil Cloths - 630 Cloth
    PH 18 98.5 - 99.7 (1.2%) Studded Tunics - 3300 Leather
    PH 19 99.7 - 100 (.3%) Studded Tunics - 1300 Leather

    Total Leather - 8356
    Total Cloth - 8989

    All done in PHs, off peak, in a low player area.

    It seem that Danearys was very lucky with his gains. He gained more than me out of PH than i did in PH, LOL. I was adamant that it wasnt worth trying to do it in a few days and playing outside PH, but it seems you may as well. I used nearly as much resources as his guide anyway. Its very strange (and mildly annoying) that gains vary so much but hey, GM now.

    Harder and slower than Smithing too.

    <font color=red>Leather dye tubs, some facts</font color=red>

    1. Must be 24 months to dye leather with the tub
    2. Anyone can change the color on the tub (any age)
    3. You can use a locked down tub in a house you are not friended to
    4. You can change the color of a locked down tub in a house you are not
    friended to at any age.
    5. When you chop up leather it retains the color.
    6. When you make thigns with colored leather, the color goes back to normal
    colored leather.
    7. You can dye ranger armour
    8. When you use a brand new dye tub on colored leather, it changes the colored
    leather back to original leather color (yes this works on ranger armour as well)
    9. A picture of leather dye tub colours can be found here with thanks to SugarMonkey

    <font color=red>UO assist macro help provided by Zeratul</font color=red>
    Ok this is what you do.
    Get hides or cloth in your bandages. Depending on you skill. Get some sewing kits.

    Hit record.
    Double click sewing kit.
    Pick item from menu.
    Target item (If using cloth target cloth. If leather, no need to target.)

    Stop recording.

    Now you should have this:

    Use item
    Menu selection
    Target Item (if using cloth)

    Now what you need to do is Change use item to use item type.
    Change target item to target item type
    add a pause of 1000 after the menu selection
    If you cant change the item to item type just count your resources.

    If making Oil cloths you can also cut then up into bandages as you go by using this UOA macro:
    Use Item Type (sewing kit)
    menu (oil cloth)
    target item type (cloth)
    pause (1000)
    Use Item (scisors)
    target item type (oil cloth)
    <font color=red> BUT!! </font color=red> A Word or warning.
    You will need to start with a bunch of oil cloths already in your pack if you add this to the macro. What happens is if you dont have a few spare oil cloths and fail to make an oil cloth UOA will then think that your stack of unused cloth is an oil cloth and will cut it up instead... resulting in a LOT of bandages all of a sudden.
    Another way around it is to make a separate macro for cutting the oil cloths and use it periodically to cut up those cloths you have in your pack.

    (thanks to Zeratul for this clarification)

    <font color=red>Hide Collecting</font color=red>

    As previously mentioned Cows are an excellent hide bearing animal. 12 hides doing almost nothing. So what else gives hides? Wheres the best hunting grounds?

    Nearly all animals give hides. Some more than others. Some easier to kill than others. A dire wolf for example gives 7 hides. Unless your a good skilled warrior then you dont stand much chance against these beasts. However cows have 12 hides and an average warrior could kill a cow fairly easy, with little effort.

    Hide Collecting

    Delucia - Delucia offers many places to hunt. Cows and Bulls spawn just inside the town limits if you go directly west from the bank, and just to the side of the healers. Not only is there cows and bulls but plenty Harts and Great Harts, also hide bearing animals. These are just outside town limits, North of the Cow/Bull spawn. Beware of the Orc Camps....

    Artic Island - Full of animals, walrus, white wolves, polar bears and snow lepords. All these spawn all over the island, takes minutes to fill your backpack full of hides. I would stick to walrus as they are fairly easy to kill where as polar bears are a little harder. Beware of Frost Trolls and Orc Camps..

    Barrier Island - Lots of Hart spawn again, with some Bulls and Llama's. Excellent hide collecting spot and not to far from the city. Cross the bridge thats South East of Trinsic and you should find it. Beware of Murderer NPCs.

    Jhelom Bull Pit - Lots of animals still spawning here despite what some people think. Very easy to fill your backpack up again. Go south east from the bank till you come to three teleporters. Step through the one nearest bank and you should end up at Jhelom Bull Pit.

    Despise - Lots of lizards spawning, and again fairly easy to kill. You should make a few gold while your here too, which is always nice. Watch out for too many lizards, who wont be best pleased your slaying there aunties and uncles /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Destard - Strange place to collect hides indeed however, a dragon has 20 hides on its corpse, and if your careful you can collect some hides with relative ease IF your sensible. Watch out for dragons and Wyerns, they wont be happy your there.

    Trinsic Swamps - Lots of spawn here, Aligators and Lizardmen being the key. Again shouldnt take long before you fill up with hides. Go to the maingate of trinsic and head directly north, you should come to some water, walk round the water in an westerly direction then head North East one your round the water. Beware of Serpants and Slimes.

    Fire Island - With Publish 12 animals now spawn on Fire Island. Many hide bearing animals, all fairly easy to kill. Watch for loose dragons, deamons, or wandering monsters from treasure chests.

    <font color=red>VDP List for Leather and Studded Leather</font color=red>

    Leather Cap- 61
    Leather Gloves- 51
    Leather Gorget- 68
    Leather Sleeves- 62
    Leather Leggings-76
    Leather Tunic- 94
    Studded Gloves- 74
    Studded Gorget- 72
    Studded Sleeves- 87
    Studded Leggings- 101
    Studded Tunic- 125

    Once again I'd like to thanks Zeratul for this information /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    <font color=red>Arcane Clothes??</font color=red>

    Arcane clothes are an addition to UO that came out of the "Gargoyle Scenario" As part of this Scenario Power Generators spawned across the lands and with them spawned Golems and Controllers. Loot on Golems and Controllers consisted of an Arcane Gem. These guys now only spawn in Ilshenar.
    * A Tailor can use this Arcane Gem to make some clothing items into Arcane Clothes (double click gem and target item)
    * Items that can be made Arcane are Leather Gloves, Cape, Thigh boots, Robe.
    * To be made arcane these items must be player crafted and of Exceptional Quality.
    * Arcane items have 20 charges if made by Gm tailor, Charges can be used in leiu of reagents to cast magic if out of regs.
    * Arcane items can be recharged by anyone but will have less than the full 20 charges that a GM tailor will provide.
    * When an Arcane Gem is added to an item the new Arcane item essentially replaces that item... Hence Blessed items will lose their blessed status, items of a specific colour will lose that colour and become arcane red &amp; so on.
    * Arcane items can be redyed as per normal clothes once made, but they will not retain the base colour of any cloth they were made out of since they automatically hue the special 'arcane red' when created.

    <font color=red>Current Tailoring Mods :</font color=red> Feenicks
    Blade Swinger

    <font color=red>Good Luck!</font color=red>

    <font color=blue>On windy days and moonless nights,
    Blake wears a suit of shifting lights.
    The tailor now has grown so clever
    he stitches light and dark together.</font color=blue>
    --Nancy Willard
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