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UO vet passes from cancer

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by merkabah, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. merkabah

    merkabah Guest

    A UO vet died two days ago after a 2-year battle with lung cancer at age 61. Personally he was more than that. He was my dad, my friend and he introduced me to playing Ultima 2 as a young child. We both played UO since the day it was released his account is 98 months. He wanted to play the new quests but his weakness and confusion stop him from being able to understand the keyboard controls anymore. The last time he actually played was about 5-6 months ago. I kept my account just in case he wanted to go on one last adventure. He was a true newbie at heart. Never wore a neon suit or ever wanted to gank anyone or take advantage of anyone in game. He played an old school warrior, but added the paladin skills when they came out. He loved to simply kill liches south of yew all the time when he played. His name was Templar Thadeus and he played on the Lake Superior shard. We always had a connection with the UO population even though we both solo'd most of the time. That's why im posting this here now. I was there during his last breath and I felt a presense in the room that I have never felt before. He always loved to fight monsters and loved adventures. Now his adventures are beyond this game and even beyond this life entirely. He had a life outside UO like we all do and here is a article on him if anyone wants to see.

    Click here to read the article

    I have until december till I have to renew his accout if I do, I would like to see if they have a funeral service within UO or to maybe bury him near the lich spawn south of Yew.

    I'm sad to see this game fall down the way it is now, but I'm so glad to have played alot of good years in the past. Thanks for everything and to tons of great times.

  2. hcjohnson

    hcjohnson Guest

    I wish to offer tribute to this fine warrior and my congratulations to you in having enjoyed his company for all these years. May his memory always comfort you.
  3. Lady Veil

    Lady Veil Guest

    I am sorry for your loss and the loss to the LS community.

    Templar was one of the first people I met on LS way back when. His kindness and willingness to help others in the community will be missed.

    A true Paladin at heart, Templar will be remembered.

    Lady Veil of LS
  4. Brina

    Brina Guest

    I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for your loss. Your father sounds like a great man and I pray that good memories will get you through the tough times.