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UOA Macros disappeared! Fix inside ...

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by T_Amon_from_work, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Before ya get yer knickers in a wad, follow these steps to fix the UOA macros.

    The macros are stored for each character on each shard under a specific directory (step 2 below).

    1. Close out UO and UOA
    2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the folder for the macros at:
    C:\Program Files\UOAssist\UOA-Settings\<account>\<shard>
    3. Right-click the specific character folder you want and select COPY from the popup.
    4. Now go one level up and PASTE the copied stuff into that folder - which should be the <account> folder.
    5. Rinse & repeat for any other characters, shards that you need ... BUT the client/UOA should NOT be open at the time.

    I need to copy my LJ/Carpenter - Duffy. His macros are in:
    c:\Program Files\UOAssist\UOA-Settings\<my account>\Lake Austin\Duffy

    I right-click ... \Duffy folder and COPY
    Now, right-click <account> folder and select PASTE

    If you've done this before you will get the standard "replace these files?" prompt ... click ""YES TO ALL" and let 'er rip.

    If you have characters on several shards with the same name, you WILL overlay one setup with the newer one ... "I cannot help you with that" :lick:

    Don't be jumping on Tugsoft for this ... it's a years-long issue caused by EA changing the datastream without notifying Tug. Give the guy a couple days or so and it will be corrected.

    Now, git 'er done and go play! G'day!
  2. And if you don't see the name of the char you are looking for? My 7th char is not listed in that file for some reason I don't see him. :confused:

    I'll just hang on and wait for the fix from Tugsoft.
  3. And you established macros for him/her? That's wierd, but I haven't gone the 7 char route, so am as lost as you I think.
  4. Ya he makes all my potions and have long running macros to do the full kegs. So I was puzzled as to where he was, since I saw him every day when I log in to water plants on him. But today my Macros returned for all the kegs he makes.

    Another thing I noticed, recently I did a named change on two charactors in that same account and their news names were not visible, but still had the old names. Its funny but I just checked again, and #7 is still not listed and the two charactors with name changes are still listed with old names.
  5. Sebrina

    Sebrina Guest

    Thanks T'Amon,

    I just got my other computer back which I intend to use for KR, but I'm setting up Mondain's Legacy right now and transfering some of that info from one computer to another at this very moment.

    This was just the info I needed.
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