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UOAuction Item List

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by UOAuctions, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Nice list of items for auction this afternoon! Before I list everything just wanna remind everyone, millions in gold given away at each auction so remember to grab a seat and stay there!!

    Peerless ingrediants
    clothing bless deed
    +25 stat
    RARE glacial pants
    Charger of the fallen
    sash of might, brit zoo member sash and gypsy headress
    120 archery
    4 white nets
    full happy holidays bag {fruit cake}
    bag of minor arties
    ethy unicorn
    white hair dye
    random bows
    3 potted plants
    120 fencing
    aggy hammer
    ethy horse
    26 SOT's random
    120 healing
    16 115 powerscrolls
    hooded shroud of shadows
    plain dress made with trasher cloth
    guild deed
    balanced xbow hci 21, ssi 35, di 40
    2 swamp tiles, 1 lava tile, 1 slime statue
    2 jade char statue makers
    demon skull
    evil idol head
    event items
    120 spirit speak
    25 stat
    most knowledge person {replica}
    dark grey vet robe
    4 soul stone frags
    150k horned leather
    2 agapite hammers
    2 rubble tape
    commodity deed box {vet}
    beehive {spring cleaning}
    10 antient Sos's
    glacial gift box
    3 dark knight rewards
    black guard faction horse, anyone can ride.. not obtainable any longer

    Auction will start at 4pm EST!!! :popcorn: