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UOAuction List Is Up!!!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by UOAuctions, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Auction begins at 5pm EST. Gates will be provided at luna starting 30 minutes before auction.

    If you have items to turn in PLEASE get in touch with one of us before the auction begins. We will not be accepting items once we have begun.

    13 Random 120 Scrolls
    25k Empty Bottles
    Full Set of Slayer Books
    25k of Each Reg
    Full Set of Tokuno Dyes
    2 Soulstone Frags
    Hooded Shroud of Shadows
    2 Heritage Tokens
    2 "A guild deed' Deeds
    Bag of 4 Doom arties [Taskmaster, Ring of Vile, Jackels Collar and Aegis shield]
    Blade of the Righteous
    666 Diamond Weddingband [blessed]
    Mace and Shield Reading Glasses
    Hooded Shroud of Shadows
    Inquisitor's Resolution
    Melissa's Cloak
    11th anniversary complete set of bod books
    Full Set of Virtue Armor
    Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard Boots [Replica]
    120 Archery Powerscroll
    Primer of Dmg Removal Tally
    Folded Steel Reading Glasses
    Crystalline Ring
    +25 Stat Scroll
    Slime Statue
    Orc Chief Helm [Replica]
    Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard Sash [Replica]
    Charger of the Fallen
    9 Random SOT's
    +25 Stat Scroll
    Totem of the Void
    Bag of SOT's, 120 Vet Scroll and old school statue

    All items will be in exact order...:thumbsup: