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Upcoming changes to the Land Auction System

Discussion in 'Albion Online General Discussion' started by Stratics News, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Stratics News

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    Jan 14, 2011
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    Hey everyone.

    There has been several ongoing discussions on the monopolization of the city plots and we appreciate all of your feedback on this topic. After evaluating the situation, we plan to make a set of changes in Oberon Patch #4 to address this. You can expect the patch to in the following days before the upcoming auction cycle.

    The main change is that we are moving to a so called "blind" auction system, meaning that players won't see each others' bids until the winner is determined. The eventual price paid by the winner is the same as before, namely the bid of the second highest bidder plus 1 silver. The 2x bid advantage of the current owner stays in place.

    This system should make it much easier to break monopolies, as you can attack a plot with a bid without the current owner knowing which one it is. Hence, somebody who owns multiple plots can no longer selectively defend those that get attacked by a bid, but would have to blindly defend all of them - a much much harder undertaking.

    Below is a breakdown of the changes in detail:

    Land auctions will use a "blind auction" system, as follows:
    • During the auction phase of the land auction, the highest bid is no longer visible to everyone - instead, bidders can only see their own bids.
    • 24 hours before the end of the auction cycle, bidding ends, and the winning bid and player are shown in the Real Estate UI. At this point, any funds blocked until then are released and all confirmation mails are sent. This phase replaces the current "Owners Only" bidding phase.
    • The winning bid of the previous auction is visible at all times.
    • Players will no longer receive in-game mails related to changes in the highest bidder during the auction phase.
    • The Real Estate UI has been updated to reflect these changes.
    - Evoque

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