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Upcoming expansion concepts

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by wtfisit123, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. wtfisit123

    wtfisit123 Guest

    Ever since the theory that there be a total of four expansions to the classic World ofWarcraft (at least what my brother heard from a GM when he was playing), people have been wondering what they are all going to be.

    1. Burning Crusade
    2. Wrath of the Lich King

    3.-------- (unknown)
    4.-------- ''

    I have some ideas for the 3rd and 4th expansions(or some of the conent within them), which may interchange in order of which comes first.


    1. Maelstrom (probably 3rd, could be 4th if they dont use my next idea)
    2. Emerald dream (almost definitely 4th if used at all)
    3. A Third World Tree
    4. Emerald Nightmare
    5. The Titans
    6. The Pantheon
    7. Twisting Nether/Dark Beyond
    8. Malefic/Nether
    9. Sargeras
    10. Eredar/Nathrezim/Dreadlords
    11. Kil'jaeden/Tichondrius the Darkener
    12. Mannoroth the Destructor
    13. Rangnaros the Firelord, Therazane the Stonemother, Al'Akir the Windlord,
    Neptulon the Tidelord/The Old Gods
    14. Well of Eternity

    Yes i was bored one night and read lots of WoW lore, being how i came up with these theories. Some other theories can be found on these links:



    Tell me your concepts, cause now i'm hooked on this one. :mf_prop:
  2. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I love it when people use the "I heard it from a GM".

    GMs are not developers - heck, most of them don't even work in the HQ in Anaheim, they work in Austin probably making $14/hour and answer support questions all day.

    GMs aren't in the know on where the product is heading. So anything said by them should be taken with a grain of salt. They have about as much knowledge as my local gamestop employee.

    I find it funny because earlier this year people are saying that a "GM said" that WotLK would be the final expansion... but that's already been proven false. So I expect the "I heard a GM say there would be 4 expansions" will be proven false as well.
  3. Emerald Dream seems like it would make a great expansion. Adding a centaur or minotaur race would work good with that expansion as well.
  4. Nevyn

    Nevyn Guest

    HQ is in Irvine, actually. And the GMs do work there, although they know less about development than the old UO GMs used to (back when they were in-house, heh). There's no way Blizz would pigeonhole themselves into a given number of expansions, though. They'll milk the cow until it's dry, even when they have a second MMO on the market.

    As to the topic, blues on the official forums have stated that the next expansion won't be what people expect. Given that most of the predictions I've seen mostly center around the Maelstrom or the Emerald Dream, I'd guess they'll focus on either Aspect goings-on, Old gods, or Titans. If Deathwing isn't dealt with in Wrath, I imagine he will be a big part of the subsequent expansion.
  5. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I meant Irvine... just had Anaheim on my mind since I was there for Blizzcon.

    Not all the GMs work there... they have a fairly good size work force in Texas. I would assume the leads and managers and execs are in the Irvine office. Most the ones you meet in the game are probably Austin.
  6. wtfisit123

    wtfisit123 Guest

    well of course they wouldnt set an exact number, that would just be dumb, but an approximate amount is what one of them said, just bringin this topic to attention cause i wanted to see wut concepts people thought of for future expansions
  7. I think as long as WoW is a cash cow, there will be expansions. Blizzard is not going to shoot themselves in the foot by not developing content if people are still hungry for it.