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Upcoming Patch: Fixed Bugs List

Discussion in 'Project: Gorgon News' started by Citan, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Citan

    Citan Project: Gorgon Developer

    Oct 23, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Hi guys, been working on a bug-fix update. Didn't quite get it live, but I wanted to get you the list of fixed bugs that will be in it so that you don't feel the need to report these issues. Thanks again for playing! More bug fixes and content are in the works!

    • Joeh referenced Crude Leather for his Leather Party favor, but it was supposed to be (and he actually took) Shoddy Leather. His text is fixed
    • Almost all monsters in the world had the same Autopsy difficulty level (of 10). Different monsters are actually supposed to be fairly different in terms of how hard it is to autopsy them. This has been fixed. It causes a slew of side-effect fixes:
      • Some monsters are now much harder to autopsy
      • Higher-level monsters are now worth much more Pathology XP
      • It's now possible to get beyond level 10 in Anatomy skills
    • Echur now really does teach Mentalism to people who he is Friends with. However his favors are not yet implemented so getting to Friends level can be a pain right now. So to make it easier, he's been temporarily adjusted to really love magic helmets as gifts.
    • Violets could be planted at Gardening 10, but should have required Gardening 15, since that's the skill you need to tend them
    • Many Alchemy potions had stacking effects that really shouldn't stack
    • Bleeding Speed potions stopped poisoning you after you died, but you got to keep the speed
    • Alchemy potions are now uniformly stackable to 5 (most couldn't be stacked)
    • You no longer need a stove or fire pit to create sausage
    • Increased the XP earned from First Aid and Patch Armor skills
    • An adorably tiny bed in a cave was resized
    • It's less likely for an animal-cursed player to mangle lots of words in the same chat line
    • You can now get both Trophy Pigskins and Pig Snouts from skinning pigs. (Pig Snouts were previously unavailable.) Chance of obtaining snouts is 3% per 12 points in Skinning, so you'll never see them until you have at least 12 skill.
    • Sparkly tombstone that could only be accessed by tab-selecting is now selectable with mouse
    • Mushroom Jack now appreciates gifts of mushrooms
    • Mushroom Jack now buys corpse trophies (such as limbs and fangs) as well as mushrooms
    • Sir Coth's Favor Level wasn't being displayed (but was being calculated correctly)
    • NPCs that like flowers have a slightly higher appreciation of flower gifts
    • Kleave has once again taken Rakshasa form, instead of jumbled-up-pile-of-polygons form
    • A certain pair of NPC pants had bugged textures, these are fixed
    • The staff ability Blocking Stance was not wearing off after you got hit. We fixed it, but then found it was boring, so changed it a bit. It now makes you immune to physical damage for 10 seconds, rather than for one hit.
    • The staff ability Redirect was completely unimplemented and did nothing but a few points of damage. It's now been implemented, but not really tested. Probably works though. We're optimists here.
    • The Placeholder Chemistry Vendor was missing dozens of battle chemistry recipes. Well, that must have made it pretty miserable to use...
    #1 Citan, Apr 18, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2013
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