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(Updated) Buying Skwis Faction Gear

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Skwiz, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Skwiz

    Skwiz Guest

    IF you are interested in selling it back, throw it on a vendor.. Looking for

    Folded Steel

    Also looking for 1 or 2 Crystal Rings

    If you dont want to sell them back.. ok

    Also.. I have 4 Pieces of Brooks gear which she never picked up.. prolly cause she doesnt play.. If anyone wants to grab this for her ICQ me..

  2. Førsaken

    Førsaken Guest

    When you guys get more KOC gear, we can start getting your stuff back...you have 24 pieces waiting and Hef said he definitely wants to trade back for what we already have before you guys start selling. So we'll get you cleared away asap.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    *And yes, IF we get any of your stuff present-future, it'll be sold back*
  3. Skwiz

    Skwiz Guest

    I had a few KOC pieces but they went on my vendor.. So i'll have to get back to ya on that one.
  4. Skwiz

    Skwiz Guest

    Also looking for 1 or 2 Crystal Rings..