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[Updated] DUST 514 - Your thoughts? [PS3 Exclusive]

Discussion in 'EVE General Discussion' started by astonix, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. astonix

    astonix Guest

    Update: Just finished watching the Sony E3 conference and my suspicions were right, DUST 514 is a PS3 Exclusive. It looked, amazing. I did notice something quite peculiar - A weapon from DUST 514 was able to shoot down an EVE online ship. Are the games linked together so much this is possible? That's insane. I think DUST 514 could change gaming forever as it's the first to do something interlinked like this.


    Now for those of you who haven't heard of DUST 514, it is an FPS game which might change the way games are played forever - for better, or worse. It's being made by CCP and their goal is to link the game to EVE. For a trailer of the game, YouTube - ‪DUST 514 Debut Trailer [HD]‬‏

    CCP aims to link the game via the now usable planets in EVE online. Whilst EVE players are up in space, DUST 514 players will be on the planet battling it out. This initially sounds amazingly cool, especially as the EVE players will be able to watch over the battle in a commander view and call in support for the players on the ground.

    However, here's the downfall I can see. Why on earth would I entrust my planetary assets to people I don't even know, and inevitably some could be terrible at the game. I could lose a lot because a couple 12 year olds plan on ruining the game for everyone else and cause the team to lose. I know, and you know this happens. DUST 514, I feel, heavily relies on people being professional and mature which just isn't how it is in games the majority of the time.

    Bar that, it could make for some great gameplay and corporations in EVE could expand to incorporating DUST 514 as well to make sure they have a dedicated team saving their planets as it looks like DUST 514 players can move planet to planet as they wish.

    The DUST 514 players and EVE pilots will also have a centralised communication spot (COSMOS) which will be a great feature as EVE lacks player count relative to other big MMOs. It would also create the feeling of hiring mercenaries to do your dirty work - Taking over planetary assets. I should imagine the COSMOS will include the achievements and rankings of the DUST 514 players so pilots can effectively pick troops. I should imagine this would be a solution to my concern mentioned here.

    A lot still isn't clear yet, so can't yet to find out more. I believe CCP is to announce more on DUST 514 in two days (DUST 514 - From the creators of EVE Online). A blog post will be made for the big announcement as it closely related to EVE online.

    Anyway, what is your opinion on DUST 514. Are you in favour of linking the games? For a list of what is already known about the game, check here, DUST 514: What do we know so far?
  2. Vince

    Vince Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 22, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I don't remember dust514 ever being mentioned as anything other than PS3 exclusive.

    That being said, I find the intended connection to EVE Online very intriguing. The fanfest revealed their intended goal with the "future vision".

    While I don't personally have a PS3, its not a game Im going to be playing. When it comes to FPS, I simply find the PC to be a better platform.

    Looking at the trackrecord of "MMO's" on consoles - the PS3 with PSN and SOE being support teams is an excellent choice. They have a long history of making MMO's and are continuing to do just that.

    The Xbox with the Microsoft team of developers simply don't have the same experience.
  3. astonix

    astonix Guest

    I heard that there may be a release of DUST 514 on PC a year after the release on PS3 so there is still hope yet. Have to agree with you about FPS on PC. It's the only platform it should be played on ever. Same goes for RTS.